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Rob Ninkovich with D&C, ready to move on from the bye week

Nov 9, 2012|

Patriots linebacker/defensive end Rob Ninkovich talks with Dennis and Callahan about how he spent his bye week and how tapped into football he is during that time. They also discuss the idea of a player having to choose between the birth of a child and having to play on Sunday.

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Welcome back to a patriot Friday. Joining us on the AT&T hotline AT&T -- LT Rob Ninkovich her conversation with Robby is brought to buy all this dental and -- lunch dates good morning rob how are you. What did you accomplish on the bye week. I accomplished after march. -- to relax and know -- applauded effect you're. Someone normal and there are. No -- the current talks will. Do you watch other games like last Sunday exit from the TV and watch a bunch -- NFL football did you wanna clear the mine from the game. Started more games you know what strong. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- All pickle ball. Count red carpet and I watched them watched murder argenbright. Did you watch last night did you watch Andrew Luck and the colts and the Frey did albeit overlooking buffalo if you started focusing on. On on -- You know I -- I didn't and more regular earn a trip struggled airport. -- -- our -- reports of those. -- pay out every number -- the mid term report cards on the New England Patriots and invariably a 100% of the people who'd do this. Give you an a for the first eight games what do you think about that what would you give yourself. But I thought our struggle out there and do my very best. What -- Those first few years back. Or recruit and where there are. Something simpler problem blue army -- You know just trying on recruit every week -- feel like. Her first they can't lower rated. We're there are sick -- are a bit ever so far to record for virtual ball. You think you'd been averaging give yourself a seat. Not like an A minus or B plus. B minus. -- -- -- all day rob you know outside a footballer percent about -- lot of bad stories but professional athletes to -- when you have a say rob. You go a hundred dollar meal what are you -- That's it -- higher. Don't go art that's about -- exceptional service -- Michael hiring people know who you aren't. Well outward pogo. Are up 5% earned by -- -- A much as your current contract. -- are your famous talking millions and millions in the bank Greg come point five -- You know I'm trying to -- Taylor retire -- -- you know. It is so much money list. Rob sometimes people to it because they are known bit they recognize you and I don't want to have bad stories -- about -- -- over him just -- nobody says anything bad about the. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- No you do stiffed the waiter and then signed Mike Vrabel on this a check at the. A -- That you appreciate that too much let. You know I absolutely. It would effect and torture are here. Pay our other discussion this week low was a fostered by something Tom Brady told us on Monday as you know Gisele was very pregnant and due any day. We asked him what happens if you get a phone call or text from your wife. Like half an hour before game time do you go to a hospital or do you stay with -- teammates play the game and then go to the hospital what would you do with that -- help. 1230 on Sunday. Wife calls and says rob I'm in labor at the hospital. -- -- call a thought or about to start. Prepared. Or. Better there are -- article here. Hypothetically if if if it happens Sunday at 1230. A question are you are really don't know because. A trip that grows. Your first trial now would be my first on our children and so on. I mean I I don't know maybe. Little did I answer that one right on. We do feel like -- leave it where would you feel like you're leaving your teammates down if you. Head -- block from ginger closing to a formula left. I think a lot of these other players obviously. Understand that that you know urge you. Part of your life right so there are in their throat. You know our own army part player and to throughout the -- afterward. Was gonna ask you though no one Tom it would never happen the big epidemic born on Tuesday via the bill. Hey you just say you know -- -- -- the duke tomorrow. Right they -- all respect to your contribution of this team it's a different story of Tom Brady just before kick off. Leaves the field and and as somebody else comes into play for Brady what would you and the rest of the team may think about Tom. Taken off. -- -- -- -- -- Wherever -- decided you know. You know we go forward there are -- -- -- or. If if a coach on your team was going to a tough time going through a chemotherapy and everyone and -- and said let's shave are heads. You think everyone has only about 36 of the cold shave their heads in honor chuck -- on this like couple dozen guys. Who refuse. Would you do it and either get room would do and on the patriots. -- your -- -- from Gaza that the prolonged period of Romero for years and years so. Argued against CO RB performer Carter. In the Brady than Brady would do. Sure. -- doesn't he doesn't portray Lincoln easily been in anything in this for said the guys with -- long hair you know like that the dread as a said Bobby covenant with these -- on via. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's -- and blocked it he kept his -- via. They -- rob what concerns you about this buffalo offense Sunday. There are considered the oil weapons are. You know what they're running backs -- you know -- -- Alter. Our. You know -- recorder back obviously. He's here over. Mexico of those pot grows so. Probably at any time that they have a ball and make big plays so good defense we just have to vote there and make sure we. Played great defense you know put some pressure on the quarterback and literally just told -- losses. ABC in the newspaper yet today. Carter are if you get your hands on a Boston Herald check out page three. And there's a sequential set of photographs. Of your teammate Brandon Lloyd jumping over a moving -- looks like it's moving pretty fast Smart Car now he did the offseason. Not during football but there is up in the air in the Smart Car is zooming underneath him. You think bill have a talk with him about this. But there are. Armor I'm that -- so was it optic. Industry. It's extremely dangerous it's legit I mean I don't think this is Photoshop it's he admitted to doing it it was. And Judy you've been our car a little bit that is inspect our next door so we'll actually have looked it looked like you don't or. No no he's in the here in all four photographs he's in the areas in the air and for all the good he's in the air over the top of the rupees in the air landing behind it and in it's it appears to be legitimate. Seems stupid thing to do to -- Party. -- -- when you're hurt yeah he cleared it by a lot are able to ask -- bill talked to a bull -- next questioned at Friday for an awards in trouble for the shall we still spoke to him about it. All right our -- -- your play well talked it is Friday. Are there are conversational Rob Ninkovich has brought to -- alters dental and buy lunch dates DNC still to come Michael party. We took many candidates among. Is what I do it every Friday and when I do yeah -- little Lucy admitted he was cheap. Cheap skate which is findings of a 20% I'm mark Killen but again in. If your professional athlete you're out -- -- you -- I have to say we need money does he make. A little different you know they make a million bucks right but it's not. A hundred million it's not like the other thing is Roger Clemens that he people notes Rob Ninkovich everytime -- -- -- -- -- not always somebody causes big and strong and early. But a -- -- gets mistaken from the people you know a lot of action until somebody myself that night I thought it was a really good spot. -- Michael Oren joins us at eight but got about Bob Brett for talking baseball and -- nine.

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