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A truly free-form Friday with Dennis and Callahan

Nov 9, 2012|

John and Gerry start off the show by looking for some storylines in this winter's GM meetings, including the uncertainty over what will happen with Daisuke Matsuzaka and John Lackey this offseason. Speaking of Lackey, how big a factor is tipping and dealing with people for players in sports, and who's the worst at it?

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-- has been a slow week sports wise. Would be an understatement. Lots goal -- Celtics played get out of uses a bad win that week it was an at bat. But today. Today we have good news. Breaking news and the locked out and did not know announced that that -- closer together -- -- -- start. Inside. Yeah a former NHL players' initials BLB yeah initials LB if it Larry Bird now and he thinks today that is the next day yeah that is the day to celebrate don't we can yes so there's good news -- -- I don't think he compared the new issue durable and meant. I'm in -- the dark place right now what what -- but the -- of -- -- here. Let I won't bullpen coach Gary tuck will return for his seventh season -- There it's all the way things are turning its goggle its. Always darkest just before dawn is actually in here -- ago this is what it's starting to be like when you -- anything that needs to go right for the patriots will go right for the patriot yes it's now fall and play for the -- yet it's now happening for the rights they got. The single greatest catching instructor in baseball history to stick around even out demand well last no more 69 losses 60 god where am I Tuesday maybe it's not laugh with that. -- Aunt and we didn't think could be lost bomb McCord that -- would tell nick sees. -- find a good guys like both god and you know and guys that. Great reputations they suffered. In this purge in on the golf but not the great Gary tuck and eyes and for. On balance it switches which as a stain to be sure. I should say this for later -- is just I'm going to give -- the funniest thing you've ever heard in your life. And say you know we'll do that after the break Campbell was all right this is this is hysterical. How do you know that Asians are the -- salute. Positively it's obvious individuals in the world party know we're going to liars. Sheets disingenuous. To think like one person who was worse than these agents in my entire life John turning. -- -- I talked to our people and as. A threat to get out the three people now if it's. -- -- think the third one soul we found out I definitely. Am on the list are earlier this. Scott -- -- Red Sox notebook Boston -- morning. According to agent Scott Boris. Multiple teams have expressed interest in right hander we -- Dice-K -- to -- it up and I. I. Are you kidding me. If the next line includes a list in that list includes the reds saw -- -- it now does he give any names and jobs. I know that's gonna come -- that's that's come in the next shoe to drop in this you know this hot pursuit. Who once gave great free agent pitchers on the market is going to be the Red Sox. Are thinking of bringing them back not want a guy that went one and seven with an 868 the other -- I thought they are cranking down that you know he pitched through it. Cricket has an action -- did -- -- six weeks after weeks six and a half weeks. With the crick in his neck he well it's probably -- that it was a and I don't think he was fully healed when he came Mexican economy credit he -- -- through the pain. -- so Gary tuck is back. Daisuke may be battle yet again go after -- be back and they're not even thinking. About Clinton John Lackey go bullet but no -- Q do -- of that Menendez and there are reluctant to deal John Lackey I did hear that who -- -- with that figure whose line who's in your -- -- picture -- accident there won't be any passed balls next year. I think the status you're gonna dump all I would be reluctant. John Lackey. Said there I said it on the record marked a I would be reluctant and why if you do. Google like seventeen and nine. About a 2.2 BR that's OK you've got to talk and work here is just knock out it. You are right the first time you said he's not a guy says I -- this week and play David wells' absence along those lines senate to. He said Cameron -- yes including F yes it yes my practice and play. Well as well that's wells yet. If that's what to make it could find it somewhere deep in our guys. He gives a home run as an Angel turns around you know all we -- the -- watch it does take diesel oil -- arms and somebody makes a bad play. What's the -- -- ridiculous. I'd hate the right don't care breeder in need of -- -- to a division. I hate -- complaints -- -- the guy but he's not a good tempered you know he's on unbelievable. -- have felt that. Accounts for some yes Richard -- is -- love we said the the the real test of a somebody's personality and they really are. Would be how they treat people yes and waiters waitresses in the janitors and. How they treat the little people when no one's look and always look at and that's the test of character select he's got something illegal from. The bartenders at. The place in spring training many simple touch and I. But he wasn't a good tipper he was on bowl and we watched the only 100 bucks two -- two Beers -- hundred bucks and they were indeed jumping around I five in each other when he left. And he was by himself. And they said he occasionally would could see a rookie -- young players in the restaurants they've put his bill on my tab while that is pretty quite critical I don't hate Lackey just. On -- here I think they should keep. Was seems to be not in Atlanta this is the consensus among people he's going be better next year having just because a he's been gone for so long and be -- -- -- came back a lot of help here. You know maybe he'll be decent there and start for the happens you probably made the list the guys who come back and Tommy John better better than before. It beyond that -- you're gonna do -- a break for the year he pitched orally because he was pitching and tremendous brain heart quicken and gotten hold on the ice they would of left it all month before that. He didn't say a word about it. When he was getting criticized the agency I understand my elbows and and by a thread here never said a word about it not -- ass -- stood there and took it. Was -- horrible yeah he was was he was the certainly yes he was but he never complain never used it as an excuse have you ever heard of. Teammate say a bad thing no -- don't -- teammate yeah he made other pitchers -- -- maybe it's -- but the chicken. Hit -- home quickly up the beer but -- the teammates like me young pitchers look up to a managers like come. And I think he is a good guy in the clubhouse -- in if you're thinking of -- got to purge they -- to get rid of Beckett. Obviously Valentine to get a lot of guys but. Is it necessary to get -- lack. I don't think so -- changed the move you back it's important to keep Lackey in and take a shot with him but to further your point. If his team actually like him he must be really something special in the clubhouse and in the dugout and wherever he get on the plane. Because isn't he the one guy on the team that shows up his teammates to make a badly behind him yeah yeah I don't like that down I think probably apologize afterwards. No it's personality -- remember I played the Lackey like. Now I will never I never allow anyone -- a bad word about Bob Lebow not even knew my presence because. I went out -- Lobo a thousand times that -- sports final and on NAFTA with. He never let anyone -- Or anything mean he would he would come in just the pay. The pick up the check would go after -- -- -- And -- was on the show Shaughnessy Ryan wherever -- McMullen and would go to that place. Supposed is behind it right right around the corner from here and would go over there. And he would be hustled around maybe have some work -- have to get home he'd come over just takes credit card paper that you pay for it and was like we were importance now. Believe he would never let anyone -- so that is to me can gloat like cone of tristate killing spree. -- -- -- was the opposite that Boston media oh what it would this some legendary all yeah yeah yeah who topple us. That there's a guy in this is the greatest -- -- this does this about a half a dozen great cheap stories. There's a guy wasn't I didn't see it but somebody we know start somebody very reliable start he goes. Into a store. -- Christie's settlement some eleven is neighborhood. Any accept paper and he reads so a random house goes them. Buys a gallon of milk them and and and the got working the register politicizing. It makes you see that -- he does this every day. He comes in reads the globe with -- and puts him back on the shelf in the that is that is true that is true that is pretty sick. We took it back golfing. And and we re think prearranged. All -- these parts level. And the cart girl -- hot summer day. And you know no you missed the whole points trinity he took a school he was -- PR guy. Yes he had left channel four -- honor and became a PR guy asked if he could take us. We paid for a cells he wasn't at that whatever the the the the reds on we got there and think whatever big deals like the time 4050 bucks. And then we play so we were his -- -- his guests and and when the cart OK round it is a halfway house. He didn't say why would you guys like he let us work whatever we wanted Newport and he says them. Which is -- computer equipment during those. A dollar fifty it's as though Gatorade useless ones 75. He said. Water -- dollars one -- and and you know what -- the other guy with -- my friend Todd -- it -- kennel club -- In very generous with -- money and so he pay for itself and then he went and paid for area. Eight. -- to hit some balls and it was like five bucks a bucket. And -- looks around and -- until the bucket and -- behind him and advise the guy wouldn't. Reciprocate with a bucket of balls after he paid like fifty bucks was -- -- But that was the funniest part when he easily be priced out the coach and get out of water it was a PR guy supposed to be raised their oh we waited he was done in the and we McHale maker. The that the patriots. We're 75 cents which was the difference between the lines and the water. He took them you wouldn't want you to Gatorade at box 75 but that that's a figure this mystery this is true and I notices going from -- tangent. After it was one -- you weren't there. The guy -- and this PR guy yet he comes in he has like 23 Beers. We had chicken wings and couple of things at that restaurant around the corner which believes in 99. From that place great restaurant and he comes in. And he pulls for adult. He truly randomly pick the ones up off the ground laughed and walked here's a silver lining in that guy's personality. Like most of us he doesn't care what other people think that's a good point at all. You have to -- you have to be wired in such a weird way. To embarrass yourself and people talk about you tell the story fifteen years later yet about except he tried to get us to go again and we allow. It's like I want to take you guys golfing again and we just laugh in his face and he was one of these local PR agency yes. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Funny he has to walk right -- drops the current I've noticed a trip. But he's not like that that -- -- about your -- yes yes yes I think about it. -- -- Kansas tobacco alcohol involved but he's not a sick oh well guys went -- with but you know what it was fun because. You know cost us -- fifty -- we had sort of the talk over reverend collapse and mocked and ridiculed the guy who negotiated. And rankings and that -- -- networker -- UAE. Generous -- try to beat the -- I try to be somebody spent some time in the service industry I think that you have to appreciate those folks yet I mean. You know if you doing lousy job I'm going to give you great to now. He'd do good job you know what do you do so at the celebrity and everything dilemma that the other day that the to a lousy job. What do you do well I've -- this one's well now I don't mean extreme where I know you went back and fire -- with a final. An incredible development to find -- I'm not saying they were just awful I knew you know they spit in your food and say in the didn't care in the service wasn't good. I don't normally it's 20% that you think when he. Would he do in the service kinda sucked -- Yeah that's when I was instantly you know it's sexist it's. Just like -- echo. Quick meal with your wife or -- minutes fifty bucks. The difference of 1520. Is you know 750. Or ten -- yet. So different that two -- making a statement. I know not liking -- -- what is the state and you do when the service that -- I and a bullet on this unit and coaching some penny -- something -- access to set my two cents my -- -- -- to say that read on the check rate on the thing a little. Older plastic old -- their two cents. And you still do the fifteen in the total of the total -- -- -- -- Tuesday that no we yeah. The and that's -- in -- I am eight notoriously. Generous -- 20/20 five sometimes 30% not because about kind hearted guy because you're afraid of everything about it -- all radio stations that -- after the cents -- anyone today. 6177757937. It is a patriot Friday. Rob Ninkovich in the 7 o'clock hour Mike Lombardi NFL network. 820 I believe. Rob Bradford is gonna wake up early -- in Indian Wells California. And join us to talk some baseball in the 9 o'clock hour. 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