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Hot Stove Show, November 8th

Nov 8, 2012|

Kirk Minihane, Alex Speier and Ian Browne are in on the hot Stove Show this week. They talk to Mike HAzen and Rob Bradford from the GM Meetings and take some phone calls on some potential moves that fans would like to see the Red Sox attempt to make.

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Let's talk show. Turkmen and Al XP year rob Bradford is in Indian Wells sort of did about India Thailand has been interpreted in the industry. California filling in for him is our -- Ian -- from LB dot com in good evening. Good to be here pre pregnancy Bradford slacking again -- you are not merely filling him with all that's that's a promise if it is a pretty easy oh my god. -- I did see impact a snorkel and flipper. Steve the Washington Diet -- yeah his mistake is that Palm Springs in the deserts of ethnic and robbed by the way working out there despite what you guys. Couple hours ago a industry source told -- the Red Sox have shown. Quote strong interest in the possibility of signing right hander Hiroki Kuroda. And you know I figured it we have Mike he's massage -- -- ten minutes for the first time answered the figure listen has been a million rumors -- lasted 48 hours on the names. What's that you two guys hurting your way and it's -- it's realistic unrealistic one of these things just it's close out. During this whole you know -- in his -- start record right now I mean it sounds like this is something guys as some -- Of course they've tried to acquire him multiple times before both in at the trade deadline in 2011 and then last offseason and it just didn't have the money to do it. It's your role reversal they have more available cash -- the Yankees though. It could get interesting at -- decides. If he's open to playing summer besides New York it is the kind of thing with Kuroda where you know it's one year. In areas and qualifying offer thirteen threes that kind of thing were you don't need a second year congress I was given one year and just you know -- You know at his age I don't think -- essar -- second year. Unit that you won here so -- -- Aetna 6070 amend my -- him. Is that they are getting familiar to lace you know we've seen this happen before we get a guy any kind of by hi any he had that he had a really good year last year. -- in New York -- you know you you wonderfully he's going to be able to have that same year again as you said at 37 years ago. Scott I think I am doing these ESP and things usually me vomit Alex is you know loved one of these hideous fact -- fiction story alliger. Fact ever won his interest in Torii Hunter because it's a short term deal even though he's an older player whose skills should be in decline. If you may have to lock up a guy who produced that much as preferred but say two years then you you make a run at him that doesn't mean you necessarily end up with him but it. Your interest is there a concern though guys let's just say both of those guys it now in the offseason you have committed with say I'm 35 million dollars potentially for this year. 23 guys who were 3730 years old. The meaning hunter were teasing her chart as long as you're not blocking guys who would be up and the fact of the matter is the Red Sox have. Guys who are promising but who are not Major League ready so. These would be the bridges the Albion bridges. I mean Torii -- enemy is. Exactly the kind of guy in here right now anybody's been around him respect however that contagious personality. It always has a smile as phase would embrace this market. Clear forgot who was taken if there's risk there if you get all of those guys who -- you know obviously the injury risk. Has accelerated but all of them have very good track record of remaining healthy. Even past the point where most guys don't is -- situation and I suspect last season about this other some similarity there in older guy. Giving that kind of money -- can look at the Mike Cameron parallel I think that's -- -- it's -- that you would say at the time with Cameron. The finances were probably more the concern now yes more flexibility. They definitely have more flexibility hunter has a better track record of health and does much federal aid group -- your lecture to a very good although Cameron had been a pretty good producer in Milwaukee in the coming years before he signs that you're absolutely right. There instances in which those kinds of deals blow up in your face. But there are also instances in which seven year 142. Million dollar -- to open based. In those are tougher great Torii about it the better player that that might mean Sizemore. Bank account intrigued by that because I think that you like that and they can be pretty low risk there. February let's face these are really into at a place of that we can negotiate for a big deal is obviously. Comfortable in Boston the he might get revived in the park and we don't know -- he just guys trying to heart of the big market who had a bad run of the head injuries and other commanders who can maybe still -- life and as bad as Sizemore I'm not not too crazy about just. Is is a guy just can't say helping at all. I look at pay though and I know you know he's a popular player ever -- in the media really like him that's kind of the bye -- get the idea that they moves back to Boston though Alex and all of a sudden suddenly gets healthy. I think is not realistic thing though when you look at it don't mean rule but what kind of finances are really talk. Not much it's it is it was described to me by one industry evaluate or someone -- -- lot New York as being the ultimate buy low deal keep heat in this is by as someone who said. Did his struggles in New York where entirely psychological. Did you know that he just became uncomfortable with the place it still looks like there's likeness bat that's what this guy said now I've also heard other contraband in you know I've heard other. -- opinions to that. What interesting factor when interesting factoid. Day and Grady Sizemore best friends mourn each other's weddings and districts. As an athlete Jason Bay -- a little better at that 300 intense foot. While playing left field in front of that than it -- concussions were running into things Citi Field no more fences no heart wire fences. First base in the right now we'd all agree I think that whoever the first faces of the Red Sox is not currently in the organization. So he's you don't like -- Gomez fans you know I like scenes like these guys even your favorite and and not a big fan -- -- and then didn't see a whole lot of upside of that. Of all the -- I mean you see reports today now via the -- he had some of the people has while the Red Sox are interested may pursue image that's seems to need to be to kind of gather at Sox might want to avoid if they're going to be what they say they're going to be mean you get a guy and his mid thirties coming -- -- a career kind of year yeah I mean. First of all thirty I hate the word interested at this time of year yeah terrific cause for that. -- I think that's the sad thing is I approved this massive -- over all these guys have been so yeah. Does it work like this. Those. Lot of people do but you know I think there. Some us like to wait till there's a little more substance before to saying but it exists and -- -- thing has announced a system on the free agent market. -- -- express interest in and every other guys out there there's no reason not to express interest in -- having said that though. Is the the -- interest we did. Yes I mean he's he's Clinton is clearly the best first -- out there on the markets -- very the first base market is awful this here. And you know he's the one guy kind of stands out to had a really good you know last year offensively and defense that was so yeah I think it's absolutely legitimate precisely. -- -- -- Bit of interest is legitimate the cost is going to be. But there's very good chance because ends up being prohibitive for a guy who would be 33 to 35 over the course of what might be a three year can't equate April 10 days territories -- got -- Twice and my three dollars and twice in nine days three no socks and and it ought to talk bravest and -- yeah Casey Kotchman and that that did not work well but what kind of a kind of money were looking for the -- is a guy who again you know gold gloves came off really good -- -- -- was in the high eight -- for the -- He's gonna get paid. There is and he should because there's a scarcity of guys who can who have legitimate power and can get on base. Worth more than a crap. And and who can play good defense he combines a lot of a lot of skills they've lend itself to scarcity -- first base where there just is -- lot on the market apple. Interest but caution why didn't the Rangers gave him a qualifying offer. Now I'd like Napoli because he can catch and complete first and this is just kill the Red Sox. -- the last two years Surrey united have to be careful about don't for the kind of like Crawford off for the guys just as he kills you all the time you know all of a sudden it doesn't moderates to. The face anymore balls right look at -- he plays I mean he is unbelievable at Fenway Park his numbers here are boffo and one other weird thing about him he played a great hitters park last year. But it. His broad numbers -- she better his road numbers there's road splits were still really good like made it hundreds OP yes. Whereas his you know his home splits were terrible which is weird because. A guy playing in in Texas should do very well now we talked about -- or -- any of the starting pitchers sort of at that level right around the job done through these these -- -- rumors you've seen in the past couple of -- that makes cents this team is it plausible scenario. Polling -- electors as Dan Haren are c.s haven't. And back issue but I think he has by far. The biggest upside of all the guys out there are -- take -- out consistently you know -- it's not. -- fit fit for this market here but I have some pause about. About -- keeping if it I think -- the idea why is Southern California why why -- the angels treatment is having been a small market. Just so different playing the I -- there it's it's a different it's a totally dependent tolerated yields -- watching the -- guacamole and sunsets and you know. Perfect it just it. That they they're not they're not -- Johnny Damon before he came here ever was like well he's laid back I'm. I'm just saying like the guy has pitched on the post and -- to restrict establishment election California you are embarrassed and established pattern of successful treatment of them as well I. I think that the idea that we would now obviously. You have to have a considerable amount of confidence in you know you would have to have Allard Baird the guy who is as GM the guy who drafted him in Kansas City. It is now in the Red Sox front office would have to have him saying he'd be OK here. But I mean I remember having this conversation with -- a couple of years ago at the all star game and he said. You know what I think -- -- my -- for a could pitch in just about anywhere wasn't I wasn't always -- isn't it but with Greg you're talking about. I mean what would you guys be had to guess right now huge money. I -- -- be caught by what is it 5121 that's my points are not talking about two for 26 -- about 120 million dollar and asked this question that's five million -- him go along with Betsy. Massive investment charm I just you know I mean I think that and I think the preponderance of evidence they've militants against them signing Greinke. For partly for the reasons that -- -- up for the reasons that you're talking about Kirk. I just think that we shouldn't be so quick to dismiss him. We heard a lot about the Red Sox and Greinke which always makes me a little -- just. Reminds me a little bit of the -- stuff for a like no way -- sign him and they signed -- that is our program. -- it's in our about it he'd take pictures if such as this one has to deal with all the media. And coming up to a kind of talk from all the time just wonder how are on a couple of situation again especially feet and after about starter. Well that's the thing I mean you know he's one in six with -- 574 ERA in Maine he's got notes it is. It's different in Kansas City it is even different than Anaheim have been out there you turn around as thirty people -- people in his us. There's another station there's Internet in the act I can understand now. It kind of collapse on -- -- that that's an apple Crawford. Yeah that's that's a fair point the idea of him you know it was the first month size does make it different. -- -- -- Red Sox general manager would join us next is that correct jokes yes it is welcome in my isn't Red Sox assistant to -- joins us -- except this break on the hot stove hot stove show in 937 WEEI Turkmen and Alex -- Ian Brown in for rob Bradford. And joining us now on the AT&T hotline is the assistant general manager. For the Boston Red Sox Mike -- Mike it's -- and Alex spear in Iran how are you this evening. I'm not too much I don't I don't wanna pick as you know I'm following the stuff on Twitter all day online of the trade stuff like he's you know was a fan. And when when I see these analyst -- I. Just some completely ludicrous junk -- NC colleagues that gets. Always always always -- help rapper. The other guys they know they they work hard to do its job that I I would like Iraq for another direction. That's fair that's fair well I will say that Bradford. Today. Among some other guys should it be fair reporting your last couple of hours your your team as strong interest in Kuroda. I'm wondering if that is -- that interest him in the past we know what what is your feelings of him as a pitcher he has. Yeah I mean I don't wanna talk to create and obviously you know we have we have universe created out there right now -- certainly everybody's -- needs some players that would be of interest I don't think that's any secret on the court you'll certainly we got a look at ways to enhance our rotation corner infield or outfield. You know what does that mean it -- first base. You know all the guys that are out there were connecting where we're talking agents. Obviously talking -- you don't treat her well beyond the beyond the natural create intranet so no everybody and player right now the nature of the beast than you know then. -- in -- way out here it would everybody and you know you have until the court for the next month so. Can you speak specifically about courtesy picture what you see from just just as a pitcher. Yeah and -- good pitcher earlier got -- -- all 220 in the American League uses. Is. There's there is interest in pitcher from -- he got off he -- ought to make up the pitch that division. You know we saw that unfortunately -- -- got quite a bit this year. So Mike doing with the kind of broader universe that you alluded to about of starting pitchers given. The performance of the starting rotation last year and the fact that you guys are pretty comfortable with for the guys -- -- bringing back four guys for the spots. For that fifth starter can you afford a so called like buy low guy. Maybe someone who's trying to rebuild his value due to injury or diminish performance or you need to identify someone with greater performance certainty around -- irritation. All I mean I think anybody would want greater certainty around our rotation you know to the matter caught at European dollar or or acquisition caught the -- court. You know the by Lowe's opened were always looking out we're always looking to take risks on those guys. I think. You know guys are scouting out delicate jobs like in -- excellent got out. I will continue to do those -- but -- you work on Oprah I think. Thought you shoot brought siding got to shoot for the guy that's gonna make an impact in the rotation first and and you got to re you know recent site. If you don't end up where you wanna be necessarily at the little guys. And and maybe be able go to another direction. You work all the brought to saint aren't just because so many conversations are going. You know -- happening -- the market -- -- ducks aren't that -- -- market changes and you know you need to be readied. In order to make a deal or or at play on somebody to make sure that those things don't go away on it without without you get the chance -- Participate but I think you know person -- year -- Richard prior occasion brought up on airborne -- Last year seemed somewhat extraordinary ended at the end of the freeagent cycle there was a Kuroda available on a one year deal there was an Edwin Jackson available on a when your deal. Do you think that that's that that's that I can be replicated year over year was that just you know luck of the -- -- offered you know preceding the 2012 season. I think they'll think don't -- got throat going to be out there now it may not be you know you look back to the Arctic Arctic and out the the -- -- out -- all run on a one year deal. You know little early out there I think that it differing degrees river current and out. But again you know your your your -- both sides -- -- market. But I do think -- got early going to be out there. Mike Garrett you know -- -- it intriguing guys in the outfield market is restoring honor and I and I and I and actually get into specific players but does well that's used. Yemeni pause and a guy like that with his track Greg with his days just based on the stance against tablet with Mike Cameron you know about three years ago when he -- You know kick it in the specifics that you're that you allude to -- -- guerrilla let's say that every player individual every situation is independent. You know it's it's. Fooled -- I think to make. Connection to god that nothing to do with each other. Just because they play a certain position or there there are relatively same age you know the -- little more variable the door to each and every one of these guys. You know there -- pedigree where they come from the former track injury history all the things that you have the way. When you're making the decision one you know one you can't go into it. You know Macon maybe you know you're helping one year at an adult and work out exactly how you wanna do and say okay from now on -- write off -- that. You know type player whether the -- rather be no -- they get right left position -- such a thing you all your -- you open minded and examine every. Every situation and. And the other thing Mike Young as you can pursuing outfielders here -- -- -- of the fact that you know you have. Rank you -- you know Branson and Jackie Bradley junior and in just then you know not not blocking those guys want wants they're ready to be kind of full time player story. Yeah I mean that we certainly have got -- we really believe in coming up. But there it you know can't stop from going out -- in 2013. Team as good as possible while also. You know keeping old -- always in the back your mind when they're when they're entering into deal or we're talking about trades. But you know we we have to be available. That are making the trip out thirteen -- better as well you can not a long term future. Red Sox assistant general manager Mike Hazen joins us Mike is -- say Palm Springs what town -- -- specifically. I don't know -- somewhere in the middle or Indian Wells -- I mean there's no difference between Indian Wells Palm Springs itself some. -- true or not dried off court earlier -- out -- the temperature. Robert around nine theory each day I think somewhat similar to what caught up in the northeast. Yeah yeah the life of wife and kids back here. That that's right by the way out of Iraq retro look -- it not a pretty -- I. Want. Last you know -- there's plenty of middle Brooks trade talk I do wonder I understand. Untouchable is is it is a tricky word but is it the point now where you could not envision a scenario where he got moved it all for anybody. It would be extremely -- for the -- you know you look very good player. I think what he did this year showed the ability to play in our market -- team. It's all extremely well he told a lot of challenges. Unfortunate yeah and get hurt into the job he's -- That got the pretty pretty important for our player -- So look anything can happen. But I would probably say I don't stop. With regards to the areas -- -- need you identified them you know of them you know first base the two outfield corners -- such you know starting pitcher. Is there any sense of whether you're more likely to acquire first baseman via trade or free agent at this point is that seems like a particularly tricky market I mean how does that. For that first base market compare to the supply dynamic -- the supply and demand dynamics of like starting pitching in the outfield at this point. Extremely challenging course out right now and not not just in general -- trying to -- -- are you gotten any answers. But you know also. You know the market shapes -- you know that GM -- sort of the starting point of the conversation -- -- just wrapped up the season. Just starting to look -- next year. You know starting you know hey what are you going to be what do we want. You know it started out there talking eighteen. You know by the winner beating you ought to have a much more solidified market terms of where things are going you know they'll be got a job earlier over the next couple weeks that is going to be got -- Just hold out at me again -- repeating myself but you know you play on all fronts you know you. You're dealing with the free agent market parking accessing that watching where the market move and you're using values ordered determine you know. What are going to be entry you know what the dollar start getting beyond reasonable. You start looking at other avenues to acquire and then on the on the other parts you know you get in that situation via trade where. The player become unreasonable and start looking appropriate that -- gotta you gotta walk down that that parallel path. At all times don't very early in terms of shipping markets and look like. You know even two weeks. So let's (%expletive) -- and apparel hypothetical path because I know you -- hypotheticals. When you have a first I need -- first base so in a hypothetical scenario. You know if Adrian given where the franchise is now if you had a chance to essentially repeat the Adrian Gonzales deal sending a few of your top prospects. For an established star caliber first baseman you do it. -- -- -- Yeah I'll -- the roster is now. Don't think you know it aren't -- right now you know I think looking at where we are today -- where we were. Few years ago we're a different place. You know I think I'm not see that we did it and looking for what we -- -- -- bill. For the next you know 35710. Years you know we're going to be relying on on those young players to mop and and be part of that court future not thought they were not gloat yet the star player to do it all went down the pot. You know at the time off that it adult -- what what we've felt like we should do the cart. It's it's. Impossible say that that situation gonna present itself again and who goes in the attic and backed out -- -- through that particular players. Underneath that player going to be you know certainly we need to continue to enhance our rotation. Starting pitching that you know somebody come in and -- for that position. First they interpret starting pitcher. You know -- its -- bankruptcy -- the points are given what we're trying to build from -- pitching -- support and you know that that's. Sort child in that regard that hypothetical or a million ways but -- at the time beating adult still won't need to make. -- a different look slightly different plate and we work. Mike how hard is it to gauge nowhere Iglesias and hardware that right now kind of what you away you can count on them for you know next season. Yep pretty tough I think among all of the end of the season. Certainly it would have been a much -- dynamic walking into the offseason that noble got a 300 in September. Didn't do that. We got to trust what our scouts what are what our player all the guys what their orbit history tell us. I know it's specially what Margaret chase with a -- Group offered substantial what was seen from a -- at the airport you know caught more than ever caught this year. -- -- -- This year I think probably. And ended up. No pun intended catching up -- them at the end of the seat and but you know it is that it's talked. No looking out from streets that perspective and then. You know just completely say -- this is the way we're all. But at the same time like it's that we have to go back in and trust the valuation the -- -- that would -- Personality than make up the work ethic. And believe that you know it is a slightly different situation you know looked through the system fairly quickly. And you know we definitely believe in god sent to potential and think that he's gonna -- that the potential while it may be a little longer timeframe. But he -- a chance to impact the game right now on again I think it comes back to trusting. You know those in your system scout player development are. Talk about the -- with these guys every day and really really try to separate performance that saw. It's a number I mean -- -- -- -- I'm not saying guys are gonna show up and be rookie of the year PP. But you know had we taken the snapshot of that at the conversation you'll be into 2006. What car racial and Pedroia you know we try to remind ourselves that a little bit to make sure that we. Proper respect not to say that we don't hear what we saw September and some way shape or but we also -- that. Well a glacier is adding next you have no excuses because when I'm reading you guys in Ireland thirteen hitting coach is right. Is that right for every death and everybody. Was out or is -- gonna be doing coaches on the team if there is you guys close to -- you know naming them it's the series candidates in the next. They'll -- a question for John I think theoretically that's their that's the move that would talked about internally. I'll still try to put the pieces out together we have edited yet that would identify we haven't started interviewing. That group look. Guys yet we should be working double in the next couple weeks. Hope we are hoping wrapped up fairly quickly after that -- -- -- place you know the big bulk of the staff have been put together which I think these bed truck given. The time spent last off the putting out together a -- November and ended December. He'll focus this year it. Much quicker this year to the personnel side I think in the pulpit that on first and now what you know occupying a lot. Greater percent of -- That -- can only help. But that that probably direction we're going from hitting -- airport but no specific well we will start to emerge here in the next week and it. By Mike here's watching you tonight negative Lotta Lotta stuff that you get a couple of free hours without the without the pool drinking hand. Funny by candy lob her Abraham Bradford. In there you know and their bathing suits my drummer Roger on the -- -- watch and enjoy that site and they get back to work. That that I can't say is that the -- at the pumps for peaceful. Or I think you rather see brown and spirit that order went out there note that if it's a portability and drawing from Toronto coach has drawn from. -- question. Yeah option. In it -- that you wouldn't oh. -- -- Season. Microphone. Yeah upside down Mike I live on the -- -- pass the microphone to -- -- lieutenant reach around behind my back in. I'd be all cool ones. Helping on penalty on relive that yeah I don't know attitude he's. They are important to your -- right after through but and camaraderie and everybody or pretend to not know actually hit it. And that's one thing those guys at this camaraderie on the Lam no doubt about it all right thanks a lot. I enjoyed cocktail hour out there yeah. My -- and Red Sox assistant general manager kind enough to join us we come back -- take your calls if you want talking money trade rumors bunny freeagent stuff. 61777979376177797. 937 your calls for the 6177797937. It's a hot stove show cartman hand Alex beer in hammer out here. For rob Bradford who's. Either eight by the pool as Mike Hazen told us -- be taking pictures and Scott Boris. -- -- -- -- -- Can you do both -- Depends on of course is if -- is going to -- exposed I was on with Bob Maloney yesterday played Boris but it's. While I disagree guys' knowledge and what did you mean union you know on the McDowell well I mean by everything you. That -- nice guy -- -- Alex that you're even fit for the Southern California market Porter from what I understand how to do these phone calls people wanna talk treat people of this stuff people get horny. Sports tortilla but the stuff. -- support me with with a belt. LA itself first -- what's going on. They've gotten going on that technical problem I dislike talk about or to conduct. I'd -- you know he's a real entry options especially. Equity loss chic or you're deal. I think the court and you have to start -- two -- 26 million. -- that you offered the 37 year old. -- come -- acute injury. I think at the start there with impact that it he's gonna play above average outfield. It also be in the lineup every day also I'm also want you guys think about. A -- -- type of war or maybe even outfielder and somewhat Juan Pierre who's gonna probably cost you one year not a veteran minimum and it's just I really want to be more aggressive so when you -- on the bottom line up. And how mobile that double leadoff guy who called it. Oh jumpin on a couple of those so first of all the starting thanks so it just outline -- thank you for the call up to 26 that's what Beltran signed for -- last year. The other interest is in so that might be a little high value though. Bill I think honestly the bidding could be significant enough that it could end up getting their because he has a decent track record of health. But I don't think that that I mean on a short term deal. She would I would do that that also raise the question why on earth didn't the angels mixed tenement qualifying offer to get the draft pick -- -- strange yeah out as for Juan Pierre. As a corner outfielder -- he's relegated solely to left field which diminishes his value considerably. I know I see I see too much diminution in his game I don't think he's -- he's a valuable every player. In the AL east and Scott putts that I doubt that ultimately react. Similar diminution dimmed with the continuation diminution. Who's -- to diminish again exactly how much. How much of a factors Farrell in terms of the person files. Obviously more maybe the doubt that what kind of -- you imagine no evidence at. Significant because yes it's a great relationship with. You know my case and and and Brandon and he was assessed in my case and box -- Quite a few specimens as a lot of respect there they really trust his knowledge is about -- I think there's going to be a lot of synergy there. And between -- on the front office and and let's not forget the reason why Jon Lester is still with the Boston Red Sox is because they listen to John roll. They -- he's always had considerable input in personal decisions even when he was pitching coach that's not going to go down now but he managed to get five Aires tomorrow so -- Now in general all the books as the video was still better than Johan Santana last year I was watching it very fair point. Market New Hampshire. -- -- think that my colleagues. I was and it hit here. Germany -- on and that he was playing and keep an -- prospects around. I can't think of any of that they -- guys that are out there a big free agent who like. Really war and again. Past couple years I hated Sox have been pretty -- Not so likable it had to eat fat cat overpaid underperforming player is. Rather see them and that our come up like new Pedroia is not apple bombs -- Lester is you know two bit system will be into the job. Well I think you know I think what what Mike talked about was you know in the answer to middle Brooks and I do think that I'm sure that -- be resistant to do that. I just exiting the good players -- has a lot to -- like a billion electable and just big I these guys. Yeah update seed they see the best Red Sox teams is having been like it was 20072008. Teams where he had just a ton of young talent coming out and read it really done a good job of holding on to guys. From roughly you know 2005. Through. That time and that really helped them to build their best teams in terms of depth in terms of upside in terms of performance predictability 'cause those are guys should be healthy and improving as they get to the majors so I do think that they've. Redoubled you know they've they've redoubled their commitment to maximizing the depth of their -- -- -- wants to talk about Jason Bay. The -- Go to a couple of questions for you is. I want to know our Jason Bay. I wanna know what they'll change -- about Jason Bay what -- projections are. -- upcoming year and whether or not we can take into account. And fully being healthy from post concert center. I think this the -- you can't fully expect anything and I gonna have to. I think a flier and a and I don't think the costs can be very much here so. You know why not if your team and he's up to the lineup card and get somebody like that especially in a market resorted -- Margaret Bryant. -- -- so you don't -- and -- Jason -- being a starting left deliberately can take a chance and am the one of the guys competing for that spot this -- I think it's worth a shot there's no question that. You would imagine and recent interview I think forget it was with that -- in the year the Bill James going to be larger role he regrets that -- role is diminished stories -- -- Men and novellus you're confusing at verbs and tie and announce your what's -- what's the diminution right now. Sort of of smoke apology -- -- -- it builds a threat achievements are gonna slap preservation of the bag him but but when it blowing you look at James. And he wop -- James we part of this organization I don't think Bill James Zagreb reading and went outside. Without site. And he out as a guy I wonder how large is rule is gonna be here diseases inference can be all of this organization. I think that he's going to be a part of a lot more conversations than he might why I was out of the mix I just think that there was I think that there was a certain degree of comfort level with the front office dynamics in which. He was in Lawrence reveled in being in the middle of it in the Fenway offices. And she just kind of got crowded out of the conversation with. You know feel having kind of his trusted voices. And I think that part of what the Red Sox are going through is that they've decided they need to think about getting different voices involved which is why they hired Eddie -- In which is why they wanna welcome Bill James back to the -- just -- kind of -- a gadfly or is someone to stimulate ideas rated challenge that thinking. Of that might become stale. The threats are further tests in your 20032004. When Theo was countless into a lot of different dads is Philip Joyce -- Bill James. See they did they don't wider pool or guys like -- guys like walker a law are done Ortiz and those guys serve you know. Well Bill Miller guys like pets -- IO BP. You know guys on the cheek and it seems a bit coming gone with -- -- maybe it's because -- they created it it's hard do gap there aren't that many of those guys out there because the industry values on base -- and right now bright let's get Jason we have time. For Brit -- that Jason now bar Europe. They get them on its own to stick quickly. When the CD -- mariners would ever treated Felix cities and these awful moments. And the Hampshire house trading at it. You wanna trade entire 25 man roster for -- what his ideas -- at the Mariners more pain in the paper and and anywhere bid they're paying him right now why would the disease experts is at least his Ellsbury right for -- against. They treat us just say make patriot Ellsbury goes Seattle has a great year with -- today. Grasso mean I'm just keep books and -- I don't see -- it's it's not happening Felix isn't going anywhere but. I just received as tweet from Mike Cameron saying I still played a lot of broken so be careful. Plus I was a base -- center fielder in my days or more miles on the body. They're pulling all -- capsules let's just well I think he thought might tweet about. In so I just wanna say you know wasn't denigrating him like he. You know he tried really hard to played I'd die you know religious values and work it is just it didn't work out because he had that much mileage on the -- 6177797937617779. 7937. Lots -- calls -- ever for a couple more as we continue on putts though shall not -- 37. -- -- show in 937 WEEI Turkmen and Alex beer brown -- field and what's the word Alex. Well I'm hoping that the word is Bradford not poolside downsize it. It was like I. Am I'm in the middle of -- -- I -- aren't really any. I'd be in the middle of it like every over they notified as an. Blank I -- he's been amazing. And again and again I could have said not a not a Palin are now Bradford is basically right now. Joining us in the AT&T hotline is wall Pip him back. Wally are you. -- out here -- now. Now we talked to Mike is rob and he said and and then listen it's not like you're spending company money but the idea that your lounging by the pool all day. Is Mike -- until he saw you today is I think encouraging news for people who want to baseball. Well Alex you know play music for. As our group at guard or it was just hockey that would that would not poolside and take pictures of them accused Miley Cyrus. Well you -- play. Well if you really -- little blue sport -- already gotten what's with any any big updates from the Boris summit. No lobby had good I've got to go break away from that also invited you don't be shocked to find out that it. He thinks that having a premier closer comments he made one of the most important and baseball. As a bit quicker and media -- -- Rafael Soriano the market's failure -- the thought that. Same thing you're with a -- -- we all know that was one of the things -- in the winter -- you look forward to the -- one time Scott Boras in February like Basra. Was he wearing blue jeans. Blue sports -- Always uniform. Rob I'm curious one thing that we've heard almost nothing about with regards to the Red Sox Ian and I and and Kirk -- sometimes referred to. We're talking at the beginning there's been so little conversation about Zack Greinke with -- date -- with relationship to the Red Sox you rule out any red -- interest in Greinke. They have an idea idea because I would rule out in -- in the I think what you'll find it is and we've gone back. Every single year the CC sabathia AJ Burnett you're gonna eat it couldn't keep you lay out the the -- -- Contacted their representatives. And art are believed to -- it is through that was everybody. With Greinke I could still be you have for a lot of reasons that I heard guys talk about. The mentality and not being fit this market the -- that commitment for years that you talk about a guy. Contrast to -- the lack of ditch or lack of where they were here about PP it's create Greinke. -- open and I got -- -- paddle ball. Because the qualifying offer but where -- wait until Dark Knight to -- -- all our offers an -- there. Rob with Carty report earlier that the Red Sox advocates strong interest he said. Isn't strong enough to be willing to go more than one year you think. That's a tricky 100 got so big that the gamble and in thirtieth there aren't sixty million that you target out to people on thirteen point three right. Yeah I didn't think that that's their preferences that may be overpay on about one year a little bit instead of taking the gamble would view it is even though he's been really really jet. I nodded and contrasting dynamic I think because -- -- -- first I'm just saying. The Red Sox might have the upper hand on the accused because of the payroll constraints to a certain extent college years. You know -- it's still has yet you don't wanna be a lot and something earlier because of what their payroll that. Probably a bit of the planet does any truth to these says these rumors with the Indians first. As I think it was John Palmer OC mentioned that they're looking at -- and Masterson is there is substance there you know what sort of the -- -- Oil cooking equipment you know -- -- museum was by the -- right next. Because -- out. BartPE. Kind of downplayed the rumors and said you know these rumors have come up. Over the course here and -- respect in the bill I don't think that they've. It is part of legitimate being trapped in after him into the little bit different because you're talking about -- bright -- contract. But about how these other realm of possibility that they talked about something like this because it. What what threats like the it makes sense internal affairs. Rob banks go back to doing what you don't pitches abort Oregon tonight we have for tomorrow -- -- any force report. I think Garrett figured figured this Kuroda actually Gary talks right now that you that the bullpen coach -- -- Josh -- -- Joshua Tree. All of us tomorrow will be yeah about it. Thank you rob Bradford joins us kind of the join us and Ian Browne spectacular work and welcoming him literally any time. Abby had a different well all right got to fill in two disk player it's got tickets that you don't microphone right might not be able to hold that's true that's true that's an upgrade Alex thank you Mike -- As -- your manager we thank him. I NFL Thursday football colts jaguars up next 937 W yet.

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