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Rob Bradford talks about the pitching market

Nov 8, 2012|

Kirk, Alex and Ian talk with Rob, who is at the GM Meetings about the pitching market and whether the Red Sox might make any moves to add to their rotation or bullpen.

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Let's go show in 937 WEEI -- men and Alex beer ember on this field and what's the word out. Well I'm hoping that the word is Bradford not poolside downsize it. Listen listen listen. I'm I'm in the middle of a separate Medicare aren't really any. I've in the middle throws it -- into the over they notified as -- Blank I ran he's been amazing. Again and again I -- said not a not a delay in -- now Bradford is basically right now. Joining us in the AT&T hotline is -- Pip him and Wally are you. -- out here to do now. Now we talked to Mike is rob and he said and and -- listen it's not like you're spending company money but the idea that your lounging by the pool all day. Is -- -- until he saw you today is I think encouraging news for people who want to baseball. Well well like you know -- music. As darker red card for it was just hockey that would that would not poolside and take pictures of them accused Miley Cyrus. Well the other way. Well if you really very little blue sport has already got bullets with any any big updates from the Boris summit. Well a lot of guys do that I mechanical break away from that also invited you don't be shocked to find out that it. He thinks that having a premier closer on the he ms. one of the most important -- baseball. -- this equipment be at Bryant as Rafael Soriano on the market failure has taught us. Same thing here it was a -- eating we all know that was one of the -- -- in the winter -- you look forward to the one time Scott Boras in February like Basra. Is he wearing blue jeans. Blue in sports it. Always uniform. Rob I'm curious one thing that we've heard almost nothing about with regards to the Red Sox Ian and I and and Kirk -- sometimes referred to. We're talking at the beginning there's been so little conversation about Zack Greinke with predate -- with relationship to the Red Sox you rule out any red sox' interest in Greinke. They have no idea idea because I would -- trapped in the I think what you find is -- we've gone back. Every single year the CC sabathia AJ Burnett you gotta eat it couldn't keep you lay out this the right side. Contacted their representatives. And -- our -- intimate ties you do that was everybody. Buy it would Greinke I don't build via for a lot of reasons that I heard guys talk about. The mentality and not being fit to this market against the commitment for years that you talk about a guy. Couldn't interrupt you get the lack of -- or lack of where they were hearing about PP it's create Greinke. Got it open -- I think it'd paddle ball. Because the qualifying offer and where they're waiting until -- night to see you would have to call on offers an -- there. Rob with corps he reported earlier that the Red Sox and against strong interest he said. Isn't strong enough to be willing to go more than one year you think. That's a tricky 100 got so big that -- -- gamble and and I think it thirtieth that -- sixty million that you target out to people on thirteen point pretty good right. Yeah I didn't think that that's our preference is to make you overpay on that one year a little bit instead taking the gamble would view it -- even though he's been really really jet. I didn't contrasting dynamic I think because -- -- -- first I'm just saying. The Red Sox might have the upper hand on the accused because of the payroll constraints to a certain extent college years. -- -- it still -- yet you don't wanna be a lot and some think earlier because of what prepare all that. -- bit of the planet does any truth to these says these rumors with the Indians first. As I think it was John Palmer OC mentioned that -- they're looking at hue and Masterson -- there is substance there you know what sort of the poor rob. -- cooking equipment you know Christian community museum -- by the -- right next because it'll ask him. By GE got a downplayed the rumors and said you know these rumors have come up. Over the course of the year and due respect in the bill I didn't think that they've. It is part of legitimate being trapped in after -- -- a little bit different because you're talking about an outbreak type contract. But but I -- other realm of possibility that they've talked about something like this because it. What what threats like the it makes sense internal affairs. Rob banks go back to door to don't pitches abort Oregon tonight we have for tomorrow on -- any force report. I think there are bigger figured this Kuroda actually Gary talks right now that you that the bullpen coach I was Josh -- Joshua Tree. On us tomorrow will be yeah about it. Thank you rob Bradford join us kind of the join us.

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