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Mike Hazen, Red Sox Assistant GM

Nov 8, 2012|

Kirk, Alex and Ian Browne talk with Mike, who is at the GM Meetings, about some of the trade rumors that have come out of the meetings regarding the Red Sox. They also talk abouthow quickly talks can go, as the market can change at a moments notice.

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Putts -- showed 937 WEEI Turkmen and Alex beer Ian Brown in for rob Bradford. And joining us now on the AT&T hotline is the assistant general manager. For the Boston Red Sox Mike -- Mike it's -- and Alex spear in -- how are you this evening. I'm not too much I don't I don't wanna pick as you know I'm following the stuff on Twitter all -- on line of the trade stuff like he's you know was a fan. And when when I see these analyst firm I. Just some completely ludicrous junk -- NC colleagues that gets. Always always always want help -- The other guys they. Now they they work hard to do its job but -- I would like -- Bradford in another direction. That's fair that's fair well I will say that Bradford. Today. Among some other guys should it be fair reporting the last couple of hours your your team as strong interest in Kuroda. I'm wondering if that is -- had urged him in the past we know what what is your feelings of him as a pitcher he has. Yeah I mean -- gonna talk about -- -- obviously you know we have we universe created out there right now I mean certainly everybody wherever needs some players that would be of interest I don't think that's any secret on the court you'll certainly we also look at ways to enhance our rotation corner infield or outfield. You know most of the playing -- first base. You know all the guys that are out there were connecting where we're talking the agents. Obviously talking a little traits and they're well beyond the beyond the natural freeagent so no everybody can play right now the nature of the peace and you know and -- in a way out here it would everybody and you know human capital the court -- the next -- so. Can you speak specifically about courtesy picture what you see from just just as a pitcher. Yeah and -- good pitcher earlier got to be -- -- 220 -- the American League uses. Is. There's an interest in pitcher from are you -- thought he got ought to make up -- -- -- -- division -- -- guys. You know we saw that unfortunately -- -- -- this year. So Mike. Dealing with the kind of broader universe that you alluded to about of starting pitchers given. The performance of the starting rotation last year and the fact that you guys are pretty comfortable with four of the guys you that you're bringing back four guys for the spots. For that fifth starter can you afford a so called might buy low guy. May be someone who's trying to rebuild his value due to injury or diminish performance or you need to identify someone with greater performance certainty around -- irritation. All I'm here I think anybody would want greater certainty around the rotation ought to matter caught whether billion dollars or or acquisition caught the trade life. You know the fire -- -- were always looking out we're always looking to take risks but those guys. I think. You know -- or go to abducted jobless data are excellent -- out. And will continue to do those things but. -- you work on all fronts I think. Thought you that you brought -- got to shoot for the guy that's gonna make an impact it would rotation first and -- -- re you know recent site. If you don't know where you wanna be necessarily the little guys. And and maybe he'll go another direction. Work all the brought to the same time and just because so many conversations are ongoing. You know they're happening everyday the market -- forward guys aren't concentrated. Market changes and you know use -- to the year ago. Can make a deal or party didn't play on somebody to make sure that those things don't go away on it without without you get the chance that. Not participate but I think you know person or you know I don't shouldn't prior occasion brought up on their point now. Last year seemed somewhat extraordinary ended at the end of the creation cycle there was a Kuroda available on a one year deal there was an Edwin Jackson available on a one year deal. Do you think that that's that that's that that can be replicated year over year was that just you know luck of the -- -- offered you know preceding the 2012 season. I think they'll think Google got -- and be out there now it may not be you know you look back on street Arctic to our -- out the day that it now been almost a one year deal. You know -- guys are always out there I think that the differing degrees river current and out. But but again you know your your your or both sides of -- market. But I do think go to -- are going to be out there. Mike Garrett you know one -- it's intriguing guys in the out of market is restoring honor and I and I and I and actually get into. Specific players but does unless you. Yemeni pause and a guy like that with his track Greg with his days just based on the experience he does have a with Mike Cameron you know about three years ago when he signs and. You know kick it into specifics stop that you're that you allude to apologize guerrilla let's say that every player individual every situation -- independent. You know it's it's full -- and I think to make. Connection the guys that have nothing to do with each other just because they play a certain position or their their relatively same page. You know the -- more variables that go to each and every one of these guys. You know there have pedigree where they -- -- -- injury history although things that you got the way. When you're making the decision about one you don't want -- you can't go into it. You know make him maybe he'll start helping one year it in the -- and work out exactly how you wanna do and say okay from now on the right off -- this. You know type player whether the -- rather be. -- -- they get right left position no such a thing you all your account you open minded and examine every. Every situation. And the other -- Mike -- as it kind of pursuing out -- here -- my ally of the fact that you know you have. Rank you know lists you know Branson and Jackie Bradley junior and and just then you know not not blocking those guys want wants they're ready to become a full time player story. Yeah I mean that we certainly have guys that we really believe in coming up. But there it you know can't stop us from going -- -- in 2013. Team as -- as possible while also. You know keeping old -- always in the back your mind when -- when they're entering into the older we're talking about -- -- you know we we have to be available. -- are making the 2013. And better as well you -- -- a long term future. Red Sox assistant general manager Mike Hazen joins us Mike is obviously Palm Springs what town has -- specifically. I don't know we're somewhere in the middle Guatemalan Indian Wells. I mean there's no difference between wells Palm Springs itself some. Torture not dry -- court earlier autumn I'll -- the temperature. Around ninety degree each day I think somewhat similar looked all caught up in the northeast. Yeah yeah the life of wife and kids back here. That that's right auto Iraq retro cool but it -- pretty certain. -- Last you know -- there's plenty of middle -- trade talk I do wonder I understand. Untouchable is is it is a tricky word but is it the point now where you cannot envision a scenario where he got moved at all for anybody. It would be extremely counting or removal. You know you look very good player I think what he did this year. -- showed the ability to play in our market arching. It's all extremely well -- a lot of challenges. And fortunate the end get hurt into the central he's. -- got a pretty pretty important for our player. -- look anything can happen. But I would probably say don't help or. With regards to the areas -- -- need you identified them you know of them you know -- space the two outfield corners -- such you know starting pitcher. Is there any sense of whether you're more likely to acquire first baseman via trade or free agent at this point is that seems like a particularly tricky market I mean how does that. For that first base market compare to the supply dynamic -- the supply and demand dynamics of like starting pitching in the outfield at this point. Extremely challenging course out right now and then not not just in general been trying to -- -- and are you gotten any answers. But you know also. You know the market -- it's not the other GM -- is sort of the starting point of the conversations so many came just wrapped up this year -- just starting to look at next year. In -- start you know hey what are you going to be what do we want. You know it started out there talking eighteen. You know by the winner being you ought to have a much more solidified market terms of where things are going you know -- got the -- earlier over the next couple weeks ago we got just. Just pulled out I mean again I hate to repeating myself but you know you played on all fronts you know -- You're dealing with the free agent market content searching out watching where the market move and you're using values sort of determine you know. What are going to be entry in all of the dollar start getting beyond reasonable. You start looking at other avenues to acquire and then on the on the other parts you know you get in that situation via trade where. The player become unreasonable and start with the appropriate and the other. You gotta walk down that that parallel path. At all -- don't very early in terms of -- the market's gonna look like you know even two weeks. So let's plucked -- apparel hypothetical path because I know you -- hypotheticals. When you have -- a need at first base so in a hypothetical scenario. You know if Adrian given where the franchise is now if you had a chance to essentially repeat the Adrian Gonzales deal sending a few of your top prospects. For an established star caliber first baseman you do it. -- -- -- -- Yeah -- the roster is now. Don't think you know it aren't -- right now you know I think. Looking at where we are today. -- is where we were a few years ago we're at different points you know I think coming off the seat and -- we did and looking for what we want it to bill. For the next. You know 35710. Years you know we're going to be relying on on -- young players to mop and and be part of that court future not thought they were not gloat yet the star player do it all -- -- the pot. No time off that -- adult you'll look what we've felt like we should do the cart. It's it's. Impossible say that that situation at present itself again and who goes in the attic from back there at the pump -- through that particular players. Underneath that player going to be you know certainly we need to continue to enhance our rotation. Starting pitching that you know somebody come in and -- for that position. First -- restarting pitchers. You know that's going to be its offer entrusted with the points are given what we're trying to build from a pitching. Airports and you know that that's. Sort child in that regard the hypothetical or a million ways but you know at the time beating adult -- the -- we need to make. -- a different look slightly different plate and work. Mike how hard is it to engage nowhere -- -- some hardware that right now kind of what you what you can count on them for you know next season. Yep pretty help but think about what the end of the season. Certainly it would have been a much -- dynamic walking into the offseason that noble got a 300 in September. Didn't do that. We got to trust what our scouts what are what are player all the guys what their -- history tell us. I know it especially in the -- case -- -- -- offer substantial what was seen from a speech at the airport you know caught more than ever caught this year. -- -- -- This year I think that probably. Ended up. Opponents and that catching up limit in the disputed. But you know its its its talked. No looking out from streets that perspective and then. You know just completely say hey you know that is the way -- -- But at the same time like I said we have to go back in and trust the valuation the timeouts there with a guy. Personality and make -- the work ethic. And believe that you know it is -- slightly different. Situation you know and looked through the system fairly quickly. You know we that we believe -- -- -- potential and think that he's gonna outlaw as a potential well may be a little longer timeframe. But he is the chance to impact the game right now. Again I think it comes back to trusting. You know those in your system -- player development are the talk about these guys that are with these guys every day and really really try to separate performance that saw -- a number I mean. We go back to this I'm not saying -- gonna show up and be rookie year amputees. But you know had we taken the snapshot at this at the conversation you'll be and 2006. What was the conversation like and Pedroia you know we try to remind ourselves that a little bit to make sure that we. Proper respect not to say that we -- -- what we saw September and some way shape -- but we also you to. Well a glacier is -- -- -- who have no excuses because when I'm reading you guys -- entirely thirteen hitting coach is right. Is that right for every -- and everybody. -- does that work is -- gonna be doing coaches on this team if there is you guys close to me you know naming them it's the series candidates in the next. They'll that a question -- John I think theoretically that's -- that's the move that would talked about internally. I'll still try to put the pieces up together weed out and edited yet that would identify we haven't started interviewing. That group. Guys yet we should be -- -- -- in the next couple weeks old we have something wrapped up fairly quickly after that have happened place. You know the big -- of the staff have been put together which is. I think -- -- -- it and the time that laughed -- -- putting stuff together through the end of November and into December. You know focus has shifted. Much quicker this year to -- personnel side think and hope that on the personnel which you occupying a lot greater percent of our. That actually help. But that that probably direction we're going from hitting -- airport but you know the typical we will start to emerge here in the next week attendance. By Mike here's I want to use tonight and they get a lot of -- up -- get a couple of free hours without the without the pool drinking hand. Plenty of eye candy lob her Abraham Bradford. In there you know and their bathing suits my drummer Roger and the -- -- watch and enjoy that -- and they get back to work. That's why I. Suspect is that the -- at the -- for peaceful. Or I think you wrote it around and spirit that always went out there note that if it's a portability and drive from Toronto which is drawn from a -- -- that question. Yeah I'll shoot it. In in you. And it. Nazis there. Microphone. Yeah upside down Mike I live on the -- of the -- pass the microphone to -- -- kind of reach around behind my back in. I'd be all cool and helping on penalty on relive that now yeah accountability due to huge room. I think -- are about right -- yeah but camaraderie and everybody or pretend to not know actually hit it and that's one thing those guys and this camaraderie all the way no doubt about it. All right thanks a lot. Like -- -- cocktail hour out there will go oh. My keys and that Sox assistant general manager kindness to join us.

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