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Thursday, November 8th Whiner Line

Nov 8, 2012|

Double Condoms in LA!

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-- excusing views expressed. Breast blew my mind these aren't buying ETT. -- cautioned. This is discretionary box. -- And now -- -- your time. I don't think you guys. I'm getting sick of hearing you -- is hot hot hot rod yeah. You've got to get real guys running it up after the and then get back doing the job and then again they've done crap idea. I get a guy yet had I had let -- pick -- about hockey. And I get -- back. But WEEI. Whiner line. All of -- guy doesn't like. My bet but I want the world -- important clay -- yeah that's not what the big deal about hot weather -- -- army worried. Dial 7793535. And. Thank -- hang up but one thing that I'll have egg. And a bit of the women that none of the -- we don't get out back and what sort of thought it's okay. One -- line. Well I'm -- probably Beckett got me about it. They've got -- that it was a good crap I'm getting an old guy and now I don't this crap I need back. Not. You one. Thing one nickel back. Number. Number Robert Robert. -- Acknowledge and accept it under senators Clinton and might be listening to her. Sinker guy it was line yet about sport of horse race is how like I've got a -- However they're -- a wash my hair my second point you know he's buying -- and get us -- back. Leeward mark anger I think she's got others -- -- culture and now you know I have a solution that Tom Brady's shoes or social apps section -- -- season's over by anonymous. State. Think about it in advance but suppose it doesn't happen. Why not stop. Try -- -- It doesn't happen in Tokyo aligned trust day to day nine months after Jews February's would -- be some rule would you know you June July August September October November December January February march. Suppose -- comes early. She said. -- a way to fix this problem that's. Oh it's so it's so excited -- -- -- was. That ideally a ten month process. And asked him. -- Visual finalized barred by AT&T WB yeah I live it's available on your -- on your android Blackberry device brought -- you by AT&T NT. AT&T forgy LT EU like Mike Adams as speeds up to ten times faster that's three GAT and T rethink possible. -- -- -- -- It might go you're trying to figure out where you recognize the morning flash point name go -- from. It was grim reading although -- is bingo Bob cartoons from the highlight magazine and doctor profit you remember that one. Cool that attempt to do it takes standard manages a. And let's go back. Don't want to slightly older -- And match. Should apple earlier that month polonium they did flash people my meter -- people how much in the return to guess who won last shifting it shepherd. -- he wanted to -- shepherd keeps it got Vijay get that a couple late to -- western precinct that. That I know what -- -- lot. You actually think that I won't. And that message this content and pizza some news here. People. Hey good communication -- want another walk another thirty contrary. Are flat voice. I can't -- -- go to court. And just -- -- manipulative toward. Terry would like Jerry when love that up by strike Fisher didn't do you know a lot of you -- back to finish over grove. So Europeans may have a lot of Peyton Manning is that talking about another MVP. Paid. -- that -- you can have a bit MVP activate rap that public when he got by one and a lot on your brother got more -- than you do. And message. You know in a statement. I thought it was a cult thing was beyond that beyond that they -- I don't think it is Brady thing it's to protect our beloved Brady got to protect our right. It really great at it a few bright -- well about now. There -- commitment with the -- just how could not have been music. Nobody. Got anything about the people -- -- my -- That is related. Well -- tall and won't go absolutely. -- -- -- -- -- Your way. Well are they doing Cummings. -- Christians had saying cried dated back in that 1971. That's great. Originally he walked. In 1996 now I do once you were once a whole year note -- -- a lot of the Sox being two to zero walks owes me during his career average by the action is about 257. -- don't know much. Picture on the big killer app and it had called hello won't show. And it I -- I don't shoot back -- don't show up. Back with the legal and basically and it. -- They want to correct you but I'd like yeah. You know. -- -- -- -- -- -- And -- that hit a good not bad that's pretty class action. -- Well moon. And I. While hope they're wrong if you Rhode. Okay. -- then opening another in my. Decision. So more. I'm broke -- through yeah. Who hadn't beaten. It's. Luckily -- Can throw them away. They're a lot fueled rerun a bad thing. Eight and those -- That's an accordion man. And the message sort of violations tipped Tennessee in the interview country for interviews from courtside last game yeah I think therein Schwartzel and audit quality knowledge. -- love that lets you watch your thought. Yeah -- Are people have a following she's funny bailed out a little bit he said well united abroad mostly -- over here and maybe you know -- good thing of pride. You know can stay here and don't have to go back just don't sit there and innings over there hockey fans are screaming now. As the audience is something happen with that song today is and listen to on the way and I heard another station. This guy sang it it's like it's ever were. Deceived by Bobby Darren exceeds recently lament its defiance and read them but -- first stroke Tuesday mayor. And I am an anomaly -- what Alex tobacco. Know all. Judge. Analyzed well why is a problem for three or four times. Soledad was that didn't do it today everybody else think that -- with bacon. -- North Korea. Dated. And that -- yes. Laughs it doesn't she is -- It's an wizard and has signs or symptoms like that yes I'll meet those signs -- the chick that was. You know sexually harassed by the -- today. -- -- There it in the Barbie. So. That there are two out of -- That the that there -- -- They get. Get it back -- I did pretty accurate very -- both it. They traded up very prepared to do. Who is that -- it may be back Abbott. And an. Example. Isn't he supposed to be. Tonight. And I'd probably that was -- Sheikh Salem state tonight 8 o'clock. With Peter Gammons really isn't it when we have to do we have to go to. They had Bob Costas interview on a couple of weeks ago now we got Peter -- it's payback Ortiz tonight he comes back edge. Let's all play. -- Had hit the quote well. Picnic area but he put it actually. King and country. It's called that the but apply. Anyway you call it diet. And that meant that you don't play -- -- toward -- it's not a -- Smart enough cash. God. This in part Parole Board college. -- it started at. I. Two arms that. Is allotted don't ever thought. About it and. And I -- Other answers. You know adopted. They have the director said the track when you buy a Blu-ray and yet -- -- -- -- -- -- with the majority if you have found it. -- apart we had to bring up the flop -- -- retirement it's a this guy. All of these -- gets -- crack at all that's correct facts that -- It was thought man and I just thought that the comments are not. Port at the in law spent the last thought. How it's not satisfied wit condoms and -- He ended the production the thought -- vessel off. And message. Double condoms the big deal here and elegant ball in the story. Mikey what which LA counting the porn story comes -- about it. Owe him money list of our knowledge to -- A little -- register they're just requiring their adult film industry's talk to use Robbins yes yeah. That's stupid you received former music you know rob yeah it's -- -- -- I've got to get it before you -- -- can't make sure I do -- I'm okay. And mess up. You're going to have to go to political parties ever -- gave up right at the interior game anywhere else. I'm not Mario. Some of but I say that it says one. They can't do as I have at all. And don't back. -- Of -- patent it helped NASCAR. And that it. Chris that's Chris Rock zone. -- probably about. And now I'm not a professional athletes for the -- I'd get to go -- -- that volume loss. And turn -- what. You know if you don't do sometime around the Coke. The problem is that the time and the timing of the conception. Nine months ago do people. Really couldn't worry about what they're doing in the pocket. Spent much time staying in front pocket. And that message. That was covering the story that people do have calendars are. The best way or how great does have a in the middle war room. That that -- have no doubt that a hot cup. That is why well. The people out there. That really is well I mean it's great on the good -- war but I doubt it back up to vote. -- -- Yeah I wanted to contribute to maybe integrated that helped pollution to really important -- offered up there on the big screen. Well -- -- -- -- you -- watch what's going on the popular at all I don't got that target people. And the price -- This guy that they've got modeling around exhaust there's there's a bit today about Bob Kraft in disguise it from start if they haven't boarding cabs and -- ever. It's like what's big deal about. I don't know it's -- deeply personal. Issue but no way to prevent. Having a trial -- for sixteen days idea that you have to work -- -- what I do. -- -- -- -- And that and it takes a -- What happens what happens if it's not your fault you planned -- -- you took the Florida method. The schedule comes out okay I got to be responsible. We can't do this and they -- your game from 1 o'clock. All 2 o'clock again. Well not let you know. I'm gonna be seeing a change everything. Nobody should Tony should be used double condoms. Just hit. Oh I was wondering -- I knew about I don't know what you want go Kart track -- maybe. And a -- but pup list. Why don't why it's presented by AT&T AT&T forgy LTE she. Zapped him and times special -- three GAT and T rethink possible.

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