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Danny Ainge with the Big Show

Nov 8, 2012|

We speak with Danny Ainge on a Celtics Thursday and have him break down why the Celtics have gotten off to less than a solid start.

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Jeremy Beck show blood work why Michael -- at six -- 77797937. Walk it back to your phone calls. In a couple of minutes but it's time for our weekly get together with the president of basketball operations. The Boston Celtics gaining brought to you by how unfair tired mr. range you don't. -- and Mike it's good to be with you guys in the studio today it is unbelievable you know you like you lost a few pounds here. Changes the season wearing on you already. Hope I hope that's true. It was it's an ugly last a couple of games isn't a matter -- in your mind of Islam. Of these guys getting to. Figure it all out is this gonna take awhile. Well I hope it does -- take a while I feel like we're. Playing. Very good in stretches. But we're just haven't some ugly stretches and I think the you know all the guys playing together has has not been pretty times. But. You know we've had some good stretches -- getting -- to those -- -- outlast the bad stretches for now until week continue to improve as the season goes along. A couple questions for you Danny won do you think it's a matter of getting the starting lineup right and how many it in your career player executive. Have you seen. Multiple starting lineups and good teams that would save him before the all star break means that four is it five. I don't know I'm not sure that that even matters at all I think starting line -- isn't the key advocates just the whole massive. Who's on the court. Throughout the game I think every -- matters whether it's a six minute matchup for a ten minute matchup I think all of those things are important and how everybody plays but. -- last night you could tell you who doc really felt confident in it was a team that. He rowed with last year who we Jason Terry out there -- very comfortable and confident they played fantastic defense down the stretch. You know but each game it may be a little bit different that may be another guy that has it going but you could see where his confidence lies and so. The other guys that are that the new guys have really got to. Find their way in an earned the trust that team that would give account that is for these guys you so little bit more of it was will -- in the game yesterday talked about. Jason Terry he showed a little bit more. Comfort level with him last night it is that a matter of guys you've got to buy into their roles and you're asking a lot of guys now to have specific roles. Well they have to buy into the roles pressure that's crucial and then the other part of it is. The players and the coaches you know figuring out how to utilize each player's talent. And that that probably takes more time players buying into the roles -- players are buying union. I think the second part outcome. Is this at all surprising treatment is this something that. You can you put the team together. And you bring in our posts new Terry Lee did you say to yourself. That's my take. A few weeks or even first 1520 games of the season before it is the team that I think he can be. Well first of all I think it always takes that. I mean there's there's there's a few exceptions but I think generally it takes awhile to figure out W tedious. And this year's no different than any of the union last year we started out over the three. And I think even by the you know a month and a half into the season nobody thought the team was any -- so. This isn't any different than that and we're not playing as walls were capable of but I do see a lot of good things and see good things that each player. And I also see that. How difficult it is to get every player. Involved. And. That's always challenged -- interesting you mention because if you look at that game last night if doc stayed. With cagey and kept him out there on the four for now 4445. Minutes equal with the including the overtime. You won that game probably by double digits while on the other hand does he not do damage. Down the road Brandon Bass who was here last year part of the rotation may it may be your most consistent player this year so that all part of it to be able to. Maintain the bigger picture so that you don't Wear these guys out. And at times it may be difficult to stay with some of the different rotation just trying from night -- night. Well you know one thing doc is a great job of the last five years it's. Watch the minutes especially if KG and I think this year you know you got to add Paul to that list in -- little bit careful with Paul and and then Rondo is playing it very high level right now and playing hard. And and has a lot of responsibility offensively and defense plea. So yeah you gotta be careful of that I mean he would there's a lot of games to play -- you can't jeopardize the season by chasing. One game -- at the same time that's just the nature of coaches and players I mean he played every game to win it and now. But doc is set a standard with KG and we'll see as the season goes along if he does the same with Paul and Rondo when you put together this. Roster. Were you thinking of how deep the roster could be was there are certain if you play the game you know that you know -- get to the playoffs. You need to what do listing down to a certain rotation. Absolutely. You know we put that we know that we have Avery on the sidelines for the first. Eight weeks of the season so I think that that's. That was part of the plan is to add depth and there would be some guys that wouldn't be able get the opportunities that they were used to in the past. But it was going to be a roster that we would have to get worn down through the regular season and that we would be able to share them share the burden. And -- I think that can still happen I think that our team we have guys that are playing up to their capability and guys that are good players. That aren't really getting a chance to do their thing which we -- element that's the only way there is with the deep roster back. We do have a lot of depth and but it's a fine line for doc he can't play twelve. Guys every night you gotta you gotta -- let people get in a rhythm and you also can't go to. Even five guys at nine EF three or four main offensive focuses its and it's tough. To get involved every game for each. There are -- -- asking you last week about. Jeff Green starting vs coming off the bench and and you -- debunked that notion or guarantees from your perspective there wasn't the issue what do you think is going along with Jeff Green right now what what do you see from him. Positively and negatively. Well I think the the that we haven't really figured out Jeff and wind to use -- for felt an urgency to go to Jeff. I think that chip has had some favorable matchups throughout the course of the game by. At the same time our -- off its sets that are going through Rondo and Paul and KG are working. And there's not really in need to to change what we're doing to go there. And then I think that there's a lot of guys that are you know like he said Brandon has had a good year this year. I think that there's just not that many times we've run a lot of things and sets to try to get Jason Terry go and and I think Jeff Jeff is in inconsistent. In his production. And trying to find his way I think him more than any other player I've just trying to find where he contributes but. What we need to Jeff is mean and you know play that great defense and rebound every night there's going to be nights where he can. It twenty points -- -- the mansion and some nights where his number is it called this match. But I think offensively right now despite being -- knicks find it that way he's he's been fairly Purdue. If when we call this number. But he hasn't been as productive just plain. Off the ball in off of our our stars Boris took the first three or four minutes he looked very aggressive when he came into the game last and -- said to myself man. Maybe this is going to be the night that he breaks out and then he seemed to kind of linger into that. Passive mode again she played too passively there. Well it's a fine line I mean that that's a hard call Glenn I think that he's got to find a way we have to find a way. To get to allow him to contribute more. And to not have to figure that out zone I mean I think that in time he will figured out well off figured out that. At the same time I agree with you he came in and went to the basket a couple times I was sitting right there -- the baseline and he was very aggressive and just went through people. To get to the rim and and then that aggressiveness was losses as other guys were going to and he was out on the perimeter and and you know it's hard to to get get that back but he is mindset coming in off the bench was very good. Now he just has to maintain that and we have to recognize that we have to see point Jeff is aggressive tonight he's feeling it. Tonight let's let's exploit that. We were talking earlier before you came on about Rondo taken some shots made a big shot last night had the final shot of regulation. Then go and but he was that taken with confidence. With Rondo in this jumper this year. Is it just a matter of confidently taking it or do you see any changes in -- technique with a shot. No he really hasn't changed much -- technique what what Rondo is done I think that. This happens with that evolution of a lot of point guards when I was coach Jason Kidd in Phoenix is he would do the same pain where. His whole life he's just been a passer first and issued a second and that's a tough tough call just like we're talking about Jeff Green trying to fit into -- be aggressive -- way to move the ball movement body. Rondo -- pass to issue. And you know he's actually looking to shoot instead of shooting. Because -- everybody is covered there's a big difference in your percentage of the -- to shoot. -- shooting drills in practice. The idea is always that you're shooting not looking to pass and then shoot and so I think that. Rondo does a little bit of that in last night you could see at a certain point in the game -- was halfway through the fourth quarter I think he was actually looking to score with no hesitation. I hate this 92. Rule on with the players have to get out there from the from the tip the ball but if you thought about sending him out earlier to do echo through their normal rituals. Well and our electric stuff like. -- people -- the building early they get something special -- about. It's not to penalize you -- I guess it could be -- -- and it's a -- game -- And it's taking notice I -- players are taking notice of this so. I think it's just assorted -- period in I think that in a few weeks -- we knew it nobody would be talking about you know lower and -- justified by it's it's it's a five or 102 adjustment -- -- the only problem with it into the league and you don't have -- actually could -- -- and in and we can do written. -- But in the old days are gone back to the old days they ever had gained presentation with a shot the lights off in Puyallup mr. maxed out of -- scream at somebody. Don't know any of that stuff is just announces change it out there. That's all it would do right -- we want that stuff peonies you know in Boston was one of the last cities to actually incorporated. They wanted to -- because they wanted to get. All riled up in the game presentation. These little things that these players do with LeBron with a powdery and and KG pounding had a what do. Point of the game presentation at the fans actually wanna say. Yeah so you know I think they can still sealed outages unity -- the speeded up by five seconds it's it's not a big deal I think that. Players will adjust will all figured out sometimes you just revert back to old habits and will move on but we just need to speed that that whole routine up by everybody for between five seconds ignore such such a company earned there. It's the fastest not a hey listen you artists. There's time to place to do have to have a fight bet that certainly has not won a couple almost calls unless they. Yeah I don't care I challenge you and why this says this is not even -- -- at the conversation to get a -- -- but my I would send those tapes are also iron just outrageous but anyway. -- is speaking of officials and not by name like we've talked to you about the -- we talked about the flopping rule now. -- what do you think of it and I know it's early have you seen any effects of this flopping rule that the -- you get it might come back in and hurt you're hurt your team and hurt you financially difficult thing. Well I guess that my concern is is that who's determining whether there flops and so to what -- stand I think it. Flopping has always been part of the game these guys have grown up it's not just an NBA thing it's a college team its high school. Part of the high school game. I think that there -- you know of the European game -- matter -- -- I think they invented it. I think that this whole flopping thing is is I I it's good that they. Try to eliminated but I don't like the fact that there's a lot of -- that goes on in the games that the referees know but they don't have any power to say OK that's technical file. -- or. You know but unfortunately too often the officials get fooled by flopping. And that's the that's the biggest problem. Of all this is you know the flopping has gotten away with that in its embarrassed. Our game. As the show replays and how often at that flopping is effective -- how good players are drawn the attention. And to the play in in getting the call in their favor. That's apparently government able to decipher which is a flop and what is not which Shane Battier does it it's flopping OK when Manu Ginobili does it it's flop. A question of I don't ever write about fat is flopping but you're right it's tough it's tough to get into somebody said what you don't want maybe it's not -- If it is great acting. If if I Europe if I were an official. And there's some of the players that have these crazy reputation. Of floppy. I would never call a call for them and less I was certain -- -- -- just because they have such a great ability of Sonia. The -- is a flop from time to time you go to I tried to ride goers get any benefit you get. -- here's my point which you just sent for Africa about the rule of good we're gonna give you warning we're gonna find you and that's the second time the third time how about don't call. Simple a simple solution. I know fly it's hard it's hard not to call of a flop. Yet because you guys like I've -- I've talked about this before but. My theory on it is that officials. Are so close to the action. And they have to used separate field vision. OK if you watch and -- you see something in your peripheral vision verses like right there in front view you can see. Someone hit and fall but you can't see the whole action agency portions of it. And they see that. That flop that contact inning guy fall. And it's just natural -- calls made all the time that -- field vision. And it's really difficult to see the further back -- are when you when you're sitting up or where this stands it. You can see so much better and it's much more difficult to be -- From the from the stand you're so right of real leaders of both positions that you can't -- them or and we discussed in this earlier today recently officials. I had no lineup they get lost on the that we shouldn't courts and courts. It totally lost it in action but you know the end -- -- -- -- I think gaming and is making good point. Laughed at the officials were to Hewitt. -- the problem but the -- never give up seats for the officials this like ten -- A bald look I give up with a good idea earlier that you suspended from wires from the ceiling. And Joey Crawford out there one of those little Sioux City can hover over the according to team whatever ties on. I love that except bring John Bradley back it up for myself. 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