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Rajon Rondo, Celtics PG, on his leadership role on the team

Nov 8, 2012|

Rajon Rondo joins Mut and Merloni to discuss the Celtics slow start to the season and his new leadership role on the team.

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And joining us now live from health point is the point cart of the Boston Celtics Rajon Rondo over John Mike and -- -- -- you. Drag has been appreciate taken a few minutes first and foremost icu -- weed out the picture. A help and out of pressure algebra class and misses a holdings class of Burke high -- available for for tutoring for Celtic fans who need help -- their algebra homework mr. No not a -- were at the moment -- what brought that on he just walked in there high school in Dorchester. I said din of memorable day before. Not -- Parker refurbishing the courts and I was downtown and in the downtown area in the next day. A -- of free time as far as in the morning and I wanted to get out and get to some public schools. Unannounced and -- -- open you know suppressing people. I can figure out that equation that's for sure I your head coach was on the radio this morning said it's delay it work in progress through four games to -- would you agree with that for -- Definitely. We know we have a long way to go but. You know we -- know when a street Goran now so you know hopefully we get tears and I give buried today in and we are here practice right now trying to get better. So popular talk about this is your team you're a leader now maturing. Talk about that process because when you walk on this team and you've got these superstars in front view -- -- -- some like that Jake was just the natural progression of a point guard asleep. On for me is as a -- progression Obama think AG Amaro has gotten bigger since since we won the championship so. -- and issues and it is my team this year on the leader leader this year but it obviously the past obvious I think I've been a leader and and China. -- -- My leadership expanded a ground expand easier and no this year against a set out some. You know as wanna go out there -- continue to play or my -- each and every day. How much of that too is such -- said the you know the guys like ray and guys like Paul and KG recognizing you taken a game to the next level and you know what. Now this kid is ready you know maybe maybe not saying that early in your career. Well obviously those minutes when it's when when when when they first got here so I'm 26 announce my seven year in the league in. National ashes on the Big Three and I had -- mean. At the start -- season docks over us and you know it's over they gave me the keys lashes so. -- it's either grows as a player and as a leader on this team and be more consistent every day on and off the court. He said he got those keys -- this past offseason all your teammates talking about it -- John these offseason workouts is -- in LA came back September -- the scrimmage is. The you've talked about how important was that Peter spearheaded and make sure your guys work -- learning each other over this offseason. Well we have some -- different different doesn't listing you know us only three -- as some team that's going to change and so. No we have twelve this brand new to the system and I think you know for us again early start. Is to get in early into the worked -- so you know wanted to get to -- surely would. Courtney -- you know Jeffrey's column back offer his injuries same as Chris Wilcox and so. -- -- -- key parts seeing a lot of teams have been get the -- for years now but this team is completely different from last year and he isn't in the past so. One again at least a month early. And their -- thing was just trying to get these guys out of Waltham. And go to a different city we don't upon Kevin. And their little pick -- where the flag football and a sound a little bit of fun. You're -- both the next level for Rajon Rondo and how he can improve Regis only things the unique but it looked at this year and just jump shots alone -- mere fourteen point six shooting 54% jump shots a ticket to the basket three for four from three point land three for four from the line last night. Was that an effort for you to be -- more consistent with your jump shot and gaining confidence in the. I'm has taken a more this year and now I'm not. I'm not passed and as much as forest pass them assess when -- Massa would take that have sent. On thing and Obama's efforts in the Boston. You know always taken -- pass the -- -- one of my teammates so. I've been doing a practice and I think you know the -- some practice mr. -- trying to consistently -- -- taken over senate practice. Martinez have been doing a great job mixing them going over going under the picks so. China be game like situations and and this give better. How much is it still working on your for the mechanics of the jump shot as opposed to maybe just just affect conference wise. Are you confident he can make -- it violence and my my form. Or this is. Haven't amassed that when I -- -- issues -- you know -- more consistently you know in the past. She may do want to -- just a gaming. Is targeted rhythm he she went to Jeff says despite the Ritalin so. A missing 67 age of just a game in you know obviously. You know there's been an anomaly this year and up and take a lot more so thank you suppose apart repetition. That you get a rhythm the issue went to jumps so and charming constant when they go on -- issue what jumps are across on this and make. Because in the process in a month it was news has been pretty do so have on this one after pretty much are trying to make the next we will make an excellent. We talked -- teammate Jason Terry last week and besides telling us that you won the the sprint to the elevator. In the team race to the elevator he also said that he came in and right away I hate the lakers he says I hate the Miami Heat. That same mentality we have gulp against rivals like that where John is very hate between rivals like the heat -- like by the LA lakers. Well face a strong word but I -- my team you know we don't like anyone you know as the sides to Gartner and win and we're not trying to be Franzen advantage think KG shows -- best you know replaced with a lot of intensity in. Yes and of president and the corn assignments in a severe ones and it's were compete and there's no friends on the court you know use a phrase -- you play against a founding member and your mother used to lure them into Peter. So is this this is some artists compete you know we love to win I'm very competitive anything I wanna do -- a win and so. I'm not sound of the France. I don't talk -- a lot of -- Nazis and so washed -- -- from one -- try to be different you know among friends and my teammates. On normal great teammates and if the Obama team may not -- less about how much that trickles down from from KG -- such as insider view. -- this has been with me from day one complicates the obviously. Teases you see it every day with him and with a guy like that future -- Famer again this one have you -- these games. Goes out to pizza -- is this is contagious and nothing is due for a young gas and some though you know gas. You know a lot of guys find they say it out and have a like KG and to be -- -- SS prior Tuesday in the codes. Now he's so competitive you know he has no friends out there on a court of jobs that same when your teammate. He's the best team in the world. You finally got a chance of Jason Terry last night nuclear wait for the low high five and got see the jet in person what that look like at the guard. Is this is good thing hopefully we say allow for more of an answer we will Dick Dick combo of a meat hook and over -- -- us as a matter of time you know guested in terrorism or would regain a lot of great looks this is anonymous and make him and then we will. How difficult is we have so much depth at that guard position you're you're a guy like Terry has his night last night Courtney -- still trying to find. And his rhythm -- job and try to get these guys don't. Well a lot and do we know is but the -- hand you know I can make the shots form the in believe phenomenon never look any in my team is -- Garza also. As far as rotation that's Dutch we're about this is. You know when I'm not there on the -- -- -- -- team is better and easier for them to to get the best -- that they can get possibly in. You know us on the -- says that assessed going enough. Were you trying to joke row elevated you really think if you lined up against you -- able to be human race. Well and back down by the but this depends on the disks in my gave me an indicted on my given and afforded them. Like I tell your coach and asked the question today who's faster LeBron Allred John and he. He kind of wavered man I got -- did you fastest guy the Celtics. But this is what he said earlier today was asked who's faster or John or LeBron James was Hussein bolt that your game was that one of course. And this year but he also do you remember. Two years ago we came into our locker room and him around the -- -- a discussion about who was the fastest. And so we we've got the one. That we should move cover -- put the symbol that drivel. Oh yeah I definitely and -- journal. And Barbosa. -- got flyers up and on the court says see he's a great the super has a thing Barbosa its -- the best practice every day as far as quickness. It's not as these courtroom proposal. You know I never play it would -- -- -- -- yards against a while has been glow when against Barbosa he's pretty fast as a your game now -- w.s defender coming up people regarded as one of their defenders in the game. If you take a lot of chances defensively. Is doc talked about that maybe try to stay within yourself defensively. Well actually. That a couple of years ago. -- give them all the time for him but as of late and that's going to be as I've been more silent fans of the Avant. You know been legally stimulus. Because they about it you know the -- to segments we've seen as -- honest there from the Baltimore. Fog and into the ball list of the -- -- -- and of them agreed so it's just I'm still work in progress announced the announcement. Whatever the team needs me to do -- this stuff -- so much and -- must this do. I to answer the question you LeBron know dribbling -- bastard on the court and and me. I'd ask you -- -- in -- that little. -- I ask you about -- believe -- alone backwards I'd be embarrassed him. -- job thanks stick a few minutes at a practice appreciate the time got congrats to win last night we'll talk to throughout the year. Good to Rajon Rondo Celtics point guard joining us from a health point -- conversation. With MarShon any Jonas might -- practice good to talk to will do this get a break come back Jack McMullen. -- at noon here on Sports Radio.

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