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Howard Simon, WGR Buffalo, gives a Bills perspective before Sunday's game

Nov 8, 2012|

Howard Simon joins Mut and Merloni and helps preview the Patriots Bills game. Simon talks about the Bills running backs and passing game.

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Butler got a three point seven WEEI buffalo and New England on Thursday -- leading up until patriots game day we check in. With the other side this case it's the bills in our body Howard Simon WGR sister station does mornings in buffalo joins us on the -- the hotline Hauer bought a little Oreo. I don't to Bieber is what this one out and -- right now we started the show I said both supremely confident that there's no shot the bills couldn't hear it. And when it starts because going into the week for how -- people. I Buffalo's number two team in the division I saw -- up 21 to seven enact team and then get blown out the last Q what the hell's happened since that won -- seven league at evaporated. Whole bunch of different things quarterback is in good coaches and good defense is horrible coordinator -- know what to do it it's pretty. How long is this segment. Go to the net the snow's coming serving as good. Not enough but it was great going to be in the sixties to -- -- here. The big match and other. Turning point tipping point in the -- it was that somewhere that third quarter in that game guys I mean that it did not -- -- a blown up by the jets' opening day. You know figure closely bounced back to be a couple of bad football in Kansas City Cleveland and you know there in that third quarter against the patriotism look good and all of a sudden everything fell apart and since then they get they get trashed by the miners. But the Arizona which is a good -- for them but now that doesn't look as good as the cardinals lost five straight. I don't know how they lost the home -- the tenancy. And you know another common opera fairly depressing loss against Houston and legacy it's not not one thing. The run defense is that like it was last year the secondary pretty young and they're they're prone to giving up some big pass plays. But you know Bryant back to play has regressed. And now for some reason that these last Sunday against Houston. -- to their strength that run offense and decided not to use and so coaching has come under fire in the last few games very strange decisions play called. Game plan execution from changing. Now what -- Mario Williams -- -- does have three sacks the last three games but. Going into the year or the expectations of what he could do this this for this defense and now obvious look and edit what's the reality of what he's really done that his defense. The expectations were you know whether it was if it's just that line probably double digit sacks with the expectations were that Marla Marla Marla adoption got a big contract market continue. Would would take this defense of -- The fraud and make it one of the best they've had to. The simpler really -- brutal -- -- -- about the barrio foods that he's far from it. But you know the thinking was. Kyle Williams very good side. What shall dart blasters and rookie showed a lot of promise and now you've figured they had these guys on the edge Mario Williams and Mark Anderson. Who you gonna double team pick your poison and the other is that the feeling was they had. Four really strong components across the front of that defense and that that would that would spur of the defense that better days. That would help the offense because last year didn't have a defense that can help would football games but our Roland go off to a slow start because the pass -- hasn't been as consistent. Marketers have got hurt in the New England game and now might have to get the second surgery. So it's it's been a big -- while I don't look at this Mario Williams. He maintained he was injured apparently had a ligament there is riskier procedure. When they -- in the bye week he looked better against Houston. It looked dominant know what compared to what he had been through the first part of the season. He looked like he played a better game against detected so who -- that maybe it was the injured biggest game will go up now. Howard Simon WGR and buffalo helping -- -- the Buffalo Bills that the guy that I can't seem to wrap my head around Fitzpatrick powered unit in the contract last year November 4. Us since that day two days later played that first game with a new contract when he five touchdowns. 24 interceptions. Fair to say that he is not it is and yet. Lived up to the dollars the bills invest in them. Yeah I have -- -- -- I think the number of reasons and I think last year we work I don't believing hoping that it was injury related he took up. Pretty big hit the game against the record last year from London Fletcher. By most accounts it looks like he played with broken -- the rest of the season. I think it's a combination of that I think it's also the league catching up to what Fitzpatrick in this offense was doing. For the first half of last season. And quite optimistic indicted it might be what we what was going to be a plus -- now turned into a minus that was bringing -- a quarterback coach put in the David Lee. He completely broke down to tax which -- look at every single throw he's ever made. Because they wanted to improve the mechanic whose accuracy has always been a problem and it felt having some guy in here work with him improve his mechanics would improve the accuracy. And the built haven't said that but were all wondering expand the media quite -- we we think. The -- so much going on in his head in an attempt to correct his mechanics they're just messed up instead of east. Just over thinking almost like over a larger golf shot of some of the major golf -- and he's just his game has regressed he's he's -- lesbian the last -- You know what it does any talk at all when you have guys like Spiller and you have guys that Freddy Jackson on the same team and you have assets on your team what you need to improve any thought at all league buzz up there they're they're get rid of one of these guys may be just move forward just one of them. I doubt it would be Spiller I think it would be rejection he's the older of the two. The waste or has come on we're talking that you would be you know can't begin to say before the trade deadline. Look at fray and you know maybe trait right -- of assets and then I'm sure it'll probably get in the off season because while I understand the concept behind everybody needs more than one back to get to a football season -- in just a little ball 400 times. I'm clearly he's just dynamic player from the second half the last piece of the beginning of the season the candidate Serena wasn't really I don't think you could accurately judge if he'd just come off an injury suffered against Cleveland probably should have played. Against the -- and but he he rushed back in and that was a big -- but he has turned out to be a tremendous not only running back guys but in the passing game as well. You get in the states he explosive player he -- at the speed to get to the edge like he can you know. Run between the tackles as well he's averaging like. Our security Kerry. Between the tackles. So he turned up to be a tremendous back so so public projection now he is one of the leaders -- that will be very well respected veteran player. Great work ethic and still productive football player but it's something. A lot of fans have been bringing it up -- -- -- on TJ and make a good number one bracket you can each credit trader and fired you know Tashard Choice they're somewhat optimistic. Buddy -- with the always good voter confidence for Chan -- last couple weeks about I think he's a good coordinator did you look what he's done offensively. Howard and Satan coordinate but as a head coach I just -- against teams make the same mistakes they make this they the same issue seemingly every year no matter who. Is -- quarterback -- -- defense when he said coach certain things happen is this. If let's say they go another three and five here in the second half or two win six and it's 567 wins to sit for Chan -- in buffalo. Lot depends which I appeal to want to do that Ralph Wilson's call -- -- it you're right about buddy buddy was not without its last Friday. And took caller. Questions from callers who get the bill to make plastic you fired Chan Gailey. The -- made a right good point but I would say this is a reason to keep chance. He basically said this is what the -- do every three years they fired their coach to energize the fan base and start over and it does make any sense so he doesn't want to fire the coach he doesn't wanna start over again. But that doesn't mean that's not a good enough reason to keep the guy. And I think you bring up a few points you know I I guess that I think that they had to turn a lot. On daily here because of its practical and backwards. Last week against Houston he gets his -- let's just put a grip on the ball six times -- -- -- at a 57 offense it's more. The last time that -- bills running back Medicare in the game last week was eight and a half minutes left in the third quarter was five point game at that point so. It's very -- I think. He does not get involved in the defense. He says he will not make it you -- -- -- -- changes and he does not get involved because they want that defense. And how you know at some point -- -- they had -- he didn't responsible for every aspect of the team not just the -- So I think he's losing a lot of parents here but I'm -- rambled. He's back buddy -- want to back he'll be back about Ralph Wilson to that the body next I don't want to miss my head coach and I at this point they don't think that would happen. Parliament that first out him in the first game -- -- strip when he won seven interest. Challenge and when the patriots to run the football and run they did I mean and it just there was never an adjustment -- simple at some point. And say well would you want Tom Brady beatable at some point you gotta go here. And get out of that nick colored diamond try to stop all that or try to stop relief that never happened you expected different game plan for the bills. Think I would hope -- at another point you brought up which like our Monday show the next day and I think that's another thing. You do that's frustrating about Chan Gailey because. You're watching it while watching it laughing and same thing. -- they went into the game plan OK you can have a game plan saying we're not gonna let Brady beat us. So let's go to nickel packages trying to take away the past you know rushed for guys played a nickel defense try to take that it way. But at some point when you're getting dashed and written -- -- that are running all over the pledged to judge -- British you have to get the little people on the field. At some point you've got to try something different you -- you know maybe great picture apart. If you go back to based defense would get crushed anyway you know what in the game completely turned. So I would expect something different but that is one of the frustration they did the same thing against the jets. In the opener they came out with their defense to plan. -- that are really good game plan short -- get the ball out of Sanchez who can't Seth. The bills were so often covered and they never changed they stayed with the same concept the entire football game medical people not so. I would hope to see something different but -- the inability to adjust. And react. And react accordingly inside games is another thing that's -- that's great about coaching staff. -- thirty seconds our final score bills patriots on Sunday. Scoreboard go to triple digit. You'd like it to you pick whatever you -- sure bill would never run the school -- -- yeah. Have burned out I would say I don't think they'll get 62 but. Thirty he'd sides. Fourteen. Outside and here morning's WGR buffalo Howard great stuff is always appreciate the time we'll talk to you soon. You -- -- and try to edit it well I I Levy ever Buffalo's three replay this now can now on Monday score with the other way with. Howard Simon WGR buffalo joining us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE was speeds up to ten times faster than three GT AT&T. Rethink possible arbor John -- Celtics what -- we'll join us at 1130 Celtics are to win 20. Not a great win last night -- we'll talk about it next.

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