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Doc on how he handles Rondo: 'All great players need air to be creative'

Nov 8, 2012|

Celtics coach Doc Rivers joins Dennis and Callahan to discuss his squad's inconsistent start to the season and the struggles of Jeff Green and the Celtics bench. He also goes into Rondo's unorthodox approach and how trying to reel him in would limited his potential. They also discuss how vital KG is to this team's success and the lack of options behind him.

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So that is the performance. You've got out of the Celtics when they had three days in the gym to work on all the things into these yeah -- players integrated. In into the system now I believe they play like on the scheduled for I -- I did I -- like five games and seven nights like that the other time in the gym coming up. And you know what they're not -- know -- out and Bradley is missed but. And not hurt. You know yet they're not heard the gonna be right every team's going to be to collect all the teams. I don't know. I'm serious they play out there off tonight today begin the off day. Philadelphia Friday Milwaukee Saturday off Sunday Monday Chicago off Tuesday and Wednesday Utah. A lot on that one. 234. Addresses in Japan and we know they can -- themselves but they usually don't paced themselves in the first week of the year today. It's obviously. Later in the year Paul Pierce next to Jeff Greene might be the biggest concern at this point he played 41. Minutes and you'd say well. That's a lot of minute to keep his minutes down if we scored 27 points and pulled down nine rebounds he was two for twelve from the floor. And scored well ten of his fifteen points. The free throw line. 41 minutes. There -- excellent. Doc Rivers is brought to you by northern bank and trust fifty years ago. A small group of aspiring business -- pooled their resources and her intellect in order to form a different type of bank a local bank. It would dedicate itself to helping it's neighbors achieve their goals. And realize their dreams today that bank they've built northern bank and trust company has grown into a comprehensive full service financial network. While they've grown they've remained true to their slogan come learn firsthand. Why they are neighbors you can trust and also brought to you by -- space and Mercedes-Benz. Joins us on AT&T hotline good morning doc how are you. -- -- and -- very well obviously you liked the win. What did you dislike about last night's game. -- -- -- coming well like Europe. You wanna do better. Not here to go to one of the better now. Am I doing this -- is gonna pick. And now we're just lucky we're working harder and there are -- did you like it slowly we're starting out them better you know last few days. Great start and then we kind of fall back. In Tibet habit that would just you know we got to get out of. We've talked about this and Bill Parcells has famously said if you give a team or player. An excuse to lose more often than not not they will grasp on to that excuse. And I'm wondering if you continue to say this is they work in progress we have nine new guys who were integrating it doesn't that give them some sort of leeway to say. Don't need to be great right now will be greatly Iran. No I don't think probably I've done it every year he took over there we've made changes then it worked pretty well. I don't think that it at all. The year and keep -- it's something we talk about every day you know. The what I did we -- in a locker room -- we understand that we're gonna do better but we wanna win and be better mountain. So the whole word you're doing is something we talked about every day. What -- what do Kevin were to go down for him weaker to -- -- we just needed a break who would Stepan who could step in and do what Kevin does. Well are you -- want to do it that that would limit you know. Tom Brady -- -- went down you know who would who would step then there's nobody like that you would have to do it by committee. And you know so yeah what you would -- -- Kevin besides just play. Would be -- boy and the yen the ability boat everybody on the team accountable. And you know that's tough to replace. You say -- work in progress what what is the top of the list of specifically that you. It's not there yet but you're thinking we'll come along and will be better. -- as Rhodesia -- law and we played pretty good and last night. And the moment there's there miss shots do. And -- complete trust you know we get so many breakdowns. The preemptively. We're more about. A trust issue and some of it is just. Guys who were new just don't do it and that's -- understand that but that. And -- is that numerically evidenced by the fact that day the wizards put on a 144 run in the first half with Kevin Garnett out and a thirteen to five run with Kevin Garnett out in the second half. Yeah I mean it's it's it's. A lot of very good evidence you know and and you know -- sometimes it is more considered approach to watch him damn life. You -- -- its effort. Compared to thank him. It seemed. That there were just not excusing what you need to be back accusing. But when you watch it on film. It had a is that that -- -- Bloomberg. I've taken the game chronologically. I guess this is begin that they invoked the new rule about delay of the game have you ever seen a pregame delay of the game. You know we got one earlier in -- we appreciate you haven't noticed was dealt a basket. You and our god they're going to create it and you know look at the rule. And -- to -- is what the fans say media say when they watched Jeff Green the city. Who has to be more Serbia has to play -- more confidence I'm sure to you that's just too simplistic but does that. Applies that makes sense. I mean if you're viewer that make a lot of sense if you if you -- and yet. Just not gonna ever show you. Intensity even though he may have a cumulative thing you know he's just he's a poker player. He just meg gonna get that out of -- What you wanna get out of great play in you have to play better others no doubt about that he's proven. In stretches that you can really play and play well -- the did that pre season. So far in the regular season he hadn't done that yet. And that's who we need him to do. What's what's the ceiling I mean how he looks -- real athletic he's long he's tall he's fast. I mean how good can he be. You know I don't know. They're really good whatever that -- that -- and religion and I think -- I don't. You know the -- question Georgia is if you -- Vision is the only give you twenty points in the arteries can point tonight. It in him. As far as what we see -- ability was. But you know you have to have the ability and mental and that's what we'll find out if you have a partner and. Well like you -- you know what what they pay you for -- c'mon you're supposed to get that out of my mind to. You know like just couldn't afford -- commitment. You're welcome commitment I tried to. Hey -- about a dozen times per game Rondo does something with the ball that makes my eyes. Pop open wide open. Is it fair to say three part question is it fair to say that he SE rare flair for ball handling argue okay with it. And does he do things in the gym and practice that are even more amazing. You are. The first the second part of today you brought it. The first part of the DoubleTree it would most of the the thing you have to look like. You don't want it on purpose did you know what I'm saying he should. So whoever. And then when his brain is only one. He's just trying to make things happen sometimes and there you vote. You know sometimes they're they look like he's trying to -- sometimes. You may be and you know when I still -- about it just being so. And he can be you know but what you don't want to do with robbed him of his mind you don't wanna take away. The ability to be creative player. And when you're always walking a fine line with that. But it's always -- -- we don't -- all the time. What duplicate. And you know I think you can walk and that I'm pretty well this year. So you're letting the artist create his own palate is out about it. -- you have to every single great player -- Beer. To be creative. So you mind when he bounces the ball off his hand at the start of the game. -- it at that it is -- it did -- ever violate is there ever carrier traveler inning with his antics of the -- and the game some. No but that's not a cure it really know the rules violation. Too bad I'm always surprised when whenever runs up. When he lets all hold when I got -- -- familiar committee. I would probably have a player doing just to stop them from doing it. Right do you agree with those who say sellinger has a high basketball IQ and specifically what exactly does that mean docket this level. Well received. Number one incredible four days. You can keep the game he can keep the game before things happen more alternately right now god because it leaves a little as a rookie. And apparently a little behind. Beat child unprovoked but is just personnel. He doesn't know all the players in the league so he -- know -- Noted in the that's something we watched. Before every -- each -- gonna dark. But alternately you go ahead of the day you know resources -- Screening -- role. You re staying better than guys who were. Played juniors. At -- remark you can tell that he the coach's side you know right you coached by a bit -- -- And you can see that in this place. I assume the last play of regulation where our version on Rondo ran the clock down to about a second and a half was not to play you had designed was not Terry Jason Terry coming off a screen from KG. Well I would go to retirement altered -- with Paul I was hoping they get to switch and we didn't do this with. So -- the governor rookies don't know more in the -- and met with all the defective. You know and I've got another example of Rondo or any players you do. You -- complete option you know all of them wanted -- number two and if you feel like you can pick the guy. Know you have that option and that -- Iran nuclear. Doesn't matter who starts. Coming obviously -- hour. That that you know what's funny. I'm gonna have of course there's always bugged me it doesn't involve you but. Be it from finishes this important -- Related slated to start or who produces. And who is involved and engaged in the -- on a daily basis evolved player. You know I understand the question. Media wise because you know started trying to. But -- while the player that would have been something I would have met worried about. Nobody had played at all that I would work. Does a guy like Jason Terry prefer to come off the bench because he knows against the Jack up more shots and then of -- -- out there with Pearson and the guys. You know we talked about that because she but did you remember to the -- games started. I don't think carriers. I do you think he. -- for so long coming off the bench. I'm assuming he's probably more comfortable doing that. Haven't that I think -- restarted them there wouldn't be a problem with criminal. Safe to say that the second half bench performance has more of what you're looking at the what you've got so for the season doc. Yeah yeah that was great you know when -- and it came from the died and had to play. You know it came from the guided still work on his condition in interest will content I thought. He was terrific and I thought Brandon Bass were terrific condition period. Those are the three but I thought it starter would Wilcox and then I thought Brandon. He plays the way that we need in the play every night -- just. Energy and horror and not worry about making shop brand in the development of creature ignored him. And knowing when you've missed shot. It killed up and the rest of your game I thought early on in the game -- movement and shot you -- you know honestly. That go to Lebanon -- probably thought that. India and other stuff and then all of a sudden you're altering it and and it always when you just keeps playing and out of there with a good luck for Brandon last night. All right time now for the coach's question of the week brought to you by your local Mercedes-Benz dealership and they're complete lineup of 2013 models on the web at -- USA dot com -- -- out I got one more question Q1 and how Argo ends -- We don't know how much time you have left it in and we. I don't -- to go but I am going good night to keep it in the. You must have so you've got to go to the theater did you -- their connections were you you know like Ben Affleck and he sledge desk. Our agreement -- news. -- -- so you went and had to leave them two dollars must've been unbelievable because it was so suspenseful at the end you had to walk out. -- -- -- -- -- -- Did you know what I would say of the movie. Well -- I'm jealous 'cause I've seen already and it's so good. -- you -- -- going to -- we'll talk about next week. And it is it's it's worth gone backed out. Our we've got already all right this week's question is who is faster baseline to baseline Rondo or Barbosa. Who are -- good question number go with Rondo. But that would be an interest in what you know what the liberation -- I like that. Now would it be different if if you have to have the ball with you or just running without the ball. -- went -- the Balkans with the ball and go around yeah. About Rondo vs. LeBron James. -- That's been discussed on our bus Rondo curriculum our depth of the players I think they were -- the round. Was it Hussein was in San bolt that your game was that one court so that was our. And this year but he also do you remember. Two years ago we came into our locker room and him around the garden of discussion about who was the fastest. And so -- we've got the one. That we sit rule preparation put them symbol that -- I know I was gonna say Iran doesn't think he's fasten them bolt the -- as long ball. That really -- in about a very competent do. Hey I heard Jason Terry interviewed and he was talking about the competitive nature of every single one of these guys on the team he says so much so that when we're in the hotel leaving the hotel. We -- to see you can get to the elevator first and they asked him who want this Rondo did of course. You know that would reported -- I can give you did committed win no no you wouldn't. It was the fastest player you've ever seen to be one of those little spud Webb thanks. -- -- -- But I think rather -- that saying -- or even though we met small. I -- think it's thank you and no. All right -- good conversation talk to next week. Doc Rivers -- cal element AT&T hotline AT&T -- LTE doc has brought you by northern bank and trust and called a space also buy a Mercedes-Benz. Text the word the code word sneaker. The 37. 937. In the next ten minutes and you'll be entered to win a pair of Celtic bulls tickets. But the game on January 18 plus a 100 dollars that no gift card courtesy of the Boston Celtics buy tickets now at Celtics dot com. Also brought you by -- space data center provider of the Boston Celtics and sit go to a text sneaker the 37. 937. Right. And -- equipment used to buckled -- the -- -- he probably wouldn't elect then. But he added this can like watched it now it connections on the road some. -- like you know guys like him they have connections connections and things done and then -- probably called conflicts of him and his candidacy. No problem to theater. -- won the election aid and Lou that he had to leave before it was over fifteen dollars -- on the -- but you know what. The election results were gonna change he was in exactly -- -- Money amber. So the -- -- the movie's good it's not that could. -- it was so good he stayed home. Yet just after he left. Was the first -- Setup yet it's not the most the quickest move in -- -- apology it's amazing it's very suspenseful. We know violence though says car chases one chase which is almost silly an adult and actually happen in real life. At the end but you know it is. Texaco and psychological thriller. And you think you know oh that's right it's it's real you don't punt legal and not notice. And the kind of explain at the end why you know no. We -- knows the secret. Weeks ago --

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