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Brian Billick on the NFL pecking order and having a baby during the season

Nov 8, 2012|

FOX NFL analyst Brian Billick joins D&C to discuss how the NFL hierarchy is shaping up at the halfway point of the season. They also go into the debate over whether NFL players should miss games for the birth of a child.

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Welcome back Brian -- to the Dennis and Callahan program -- fox sports and NFL network analyst Brian Billick you can check -- -- on Twitter at Coach Billick. He's and it will be calling the giants the Bengals game on fox he joins us on the AT&T hotline AT&T -- LT good morning Coach Billick tell -- good morning they haven't toss this around it's a good pitcher with a weird -- right off the top. Tom Brady's wife Gisele is about nine months pregnant and we posed the question to Tom hypothetically. That if you were about to play a game and he got a called his wife was in labor would he stay and play or would -- go and be with his wife we took that a step further as we want to do and talk radio said. Super Bowl situation as opposed to regular season so let me ask you Coach -- if your team is about to -- the Super Bowl in an hour. And you got a phone call or text that says your wife is a labor you stay in coach the game forty go with the -- wife. Well that's that's a no brainer the answered the question. If you go to -- to life by the fact of the matter -- -- -- -- again. And -- Tom Brady -- -- first off -- no problem obviously can't admiral welcome to have a baby conceived means you just don't understand biology your mask it play. But secondly that a happy -- that question right now that's hypothetical and it's not -- -- -- he better say he's gonna go be with that baby but I think we -- know what would happen. Coach or player -- what Super Bowl -- Even if he didn't I got to believe his wife would be to look at up on what -- -- -- you'd hear yeah. What if it's not image she's ready to mirror and go right now what if it's this week and play in buffalo a bad team. Would the coach would Belichick understand we -- say -- would be understandably said listened buffalo Malick and handle I'm going. -- -- -- -- if any coach or default particularly with relation to these -- You can't -- a sense -- priority. You know you're you -- ineffective the player -- coach jumped. You know it step plane that she's gonna have -- this weekend. But I'm going to be there I don't know that you don't have to -- -- -- Short particular that the player down girl Lloyd about what about let's let's talk this through you're gonna pay a price here I mean you're gonna regret this decision and you got to help. Well Charles Tillman might do it Sunday night for the bears against the Texans. Obviously a pretty big game big game and a very important player overall as teammates are lining up behind him that Lovie Smith is lining up behind him. You've got to believe it you know and I Heather gave last week that that bears defense. And what Charles Tillman leading that group and I've been fortunate I've been around some pretty good defense and in my career. It's incredible what they're doing with regard external I've never seen it he. So excuse me it's so well so committed to it and focused on it. In the way that the bears do. I know what -- undefeated that qualifies you even at the halfway point as the best team in football but is Atlanta the best team in football or giving Chicago would be. Well they deserve all these powerful I've got a -- -- -- up there and and and they deserve to be needed to put anybody else there are you not give they would wheel effect as it all the staff in this that the other night it went OK I don't care who you're playing you're an -- -- popular defeat you -- built up the -- If I'm a betting man do I bet on Atlanta right now lapel -- home. Or on the road it's tough they certainly deserve to be there but particularly in the NFC now you know that there's some. Some pretty good football teams there's the Chicago Bears team against the Atlanta Falcons in Atlanta probably pick Atlanta near Chicago. You know I don't know I don't know what I have to see so that they deserve to be there yeah -- the aptly the best -- football. I don't know about that. You have the patriots listed eight and actually get pretty funny line here remember when Wes Welker was benched at the beginning of the season of Beirut Julian adamant that was funny you it's. Is this a fatal flaw this defensive secondary and the second part of the question Brian as does the acquisition of Aqib Talib. Indicate the desperation. Taking this risk to solve what he thinks is wrong with his team. I don't think it's a risk because the team coming to a coach that's in charge is that they're like no other in the lead and in if you can afford to take -- -- -- risk. It would be Bill Belichick and the patriots here's my confirmed with the patriot because there are so many things obviously they're going to be right there. And and can they overcome some of the difficulties but I have reverend talked about it back I'm writing about this next week. If you wanna look at statistics. We're looking at telling number. It's this game has been has now it will be about two things primarily turnovers and explosive. Play it because it's interactive. Not a matter of just getting internal you can't throw the ball over and you can't just get that place you can't give -- -- it's always that in -- -- ratio and when you combine those -- but he sees the turnover differential but I always cut at this point if -- begin their combined. The turnover differential. And the explosive that -- to see where everybody yet if you combine those two numbers. All right -- out the top ten teams currently would be going to play. -- went to twelve they're not bad because obviously -- turnover differential pretty good but they're minus seven in the explosive differential. They've they've given up 37 plays of twenty yards. And only got 25. That if you think that they've they've gotten 36 -- given up 43. It's so deep sense of explosive that the same as the -- who really yet. So the B minus six. Excuse me minus seven. That that's got to change in the dipping into the camp. You know you're back -- -- to play this kind of article okay -- broke records export supply your -- -- took the ball -- but. Giving up big plays is the one part of this equation that you can. And structured defense to say we're not gonna give up big -- -- comes at a cost maybe he'd start run on you maybe -- a corporate 13 down. But if you wanna cut down on those big plays you could do something stop. Does Aqib Talib solve this problem for the patriots -- go a long way toward solving it. He tried to get good players that help. You know and have a good another good -- be on the field can give you a lot of latitude to getting that done. Do you we surprised that thing in the made that deal and put yourself from the coaches your coach and coach. And the guy you're requiring has had a very checkered past. -- you are you worried that the effect he could have off the field on your team do you think it's. Kind of a temporary thing easier for seven games he's got is blamed for contract and we'll have no affect other than what he does on the field. I think the latter particularly you talked about New England look at look at Brandon Marshall leaving Miami I think Brandon Marshall stadium Miami would have been a disaster but he. But he -- Chicago. Public with both Jay Cutler and Jeremy Bates who was who's quarterback coach now. And what they're -- -- Coordinator in Denver. And with a coach like Lovie Smith and offensive coordinator like Mike Tyson have strong personality that look this is we will do business. Here so yeah I again I think -- the circumstances in New England because Bill Belichick has the stability not only a personality. In authority -- not going anywhere. That if this should. Should go the other way efficiently and show that he can't take advantage of the new opportunity that he's going to be a knuckle head off the field again. You know the built -- problems and New York but. They Brian -- you have the giants at the Bengals at 1 PM on fox and as I'm sure you know coach Coughlin called his defense off and he used the term three or four times the other day in front of the media. Out what does that mean to a defense when your head coach tells the world you are soft. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Both -- what she but they were anybody -- -- that Pittsburgh steeler game in the second half they work that's probably a pretty good term they were bushy. Because if you're just ran it down their throat. You know in looking at the game. Much remembered here -- predictable and make -- mistake but. That's what the mine's seventeen last year that got hot at the right time and there's something to -- over the last three years they've started to continue and and not have as good a second half of the season have gotten beaten by some. He did not that ninth game. When you look at New York right now. Likewise part of the problem that they have. At that Eli Manning -- -- planes at about the same weight you have the last three years he's a little over 60%. His touchdown intercept them. That's the ratio is the it's pretty good but like New England part of the problem is they're plus fourteen internal or I -- keep coming back this equation. But there might affect explosive. They've they've got 39 which is pretty good there. New York has always been one of the more explosive team you'll think about -- is how often great defense on the ball right. But they've been pretty exportable the last couple years that's held off a little bit. And they've given up 45. Big plate a twenty or more so like New England. The Achilles heel is the big plate that they're giving up. Always a pleasure talking football with you Brian you have Brian -- fox sports NFL network analyst -- -- -- down the road and enjoy your game I -- 1 PM on fox. To join us on the AT&T hotline AT&T four GL TE was speeds up -- ten times back to the three GAT and T rethink possible Borger phone calls decks with Dennis and Callahan our number three -- number four begins with Doc Rivers.

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