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D&C pick apart some questionable 'performances'

Nov 8, 2012|

John and Gerry open up Thursday's show by going deeper into Diane Sawyer's "performance" during Tuesday's night's news coverage and whether or not she was drinking on the air. They also delve into Wednesday night's Celtics-Wizards game and how the Green really should've wrapped that one up early.

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We're saying Diana is -- that Sawyer chick looks bleak things on this and that's what they were someone get -- or amend the picnic at -- at. The was just happy happy yeah this is actually used the excuse I was hired tired yes my money get to the exact. Excuse is if if that's true if hired this equals that kind of presentation. -- -- is -- everybody in -- it. I remind you you know of -- that you -- your younger days would zero in on. She's not like well wasted at closing time. Right she's not fallen down well now just how to be happy and glowing and kind -- vulnerable amenable. Amid. That's a good we're looking at RNC the -- Haskell he -- -- on the you know. That one with that with the with the Cosmo in each -- and bash. The and she's she looks like a fun girl isn't she Yemen on our. Nigerian problems if you're -- very can hear me right now I have to I have a question I wanted to ask. At what points. President Obama's campaign put an exclamation. Points after -- forward on. It was just forward and that it had an exclamation point we -- they decide that was the right message for them. That is that couples Purdue tries to get. Is that really what she asked about my tax amaze you cry me a bolster US somebody -- and why. Landed there and you put an exclamation. After day date die yet when he -- streak with a exclamation point awful I don't know where did you -- the Catholic high. And we have the mayor of Chicago is standing by Rahm Emanuel out right now. I am. She's she's -- tightly inside is she the type who's gonna really regret this -- -- a laugh and no I think this is a but she's made her own reputation Jupiter cash out. It was just forward and that it had an exclamation point. What's that like 9 o'clock yeah. When the -- on the whole world was waiting teetering on the edge of the hill for Ohio achieve them and actually it was teetering tax valuation Paula. And we were laughing matter but her colleagues like Steffi. He holes he knows the truth he knows a drug she what does it smell right he knows where she was drinking what she was drinking those like green room waiting room just sneak into our office. Last does -- have like a coffee with a simple. But that the focus smells. Real smells. Steffi was probably well upset and offended I mean this was. Serious occasion as the Euro was -- in a -- to prevail and his colleague was not taking orders years. I think this leaves a did you find the quote -- from our our NCA AA semi permanent stain. On the record and I don't know how close she is to retirement I don't have no idea when she's gonna. Hang up and just drink 24 hours -- day but this is this is not something as as supposed to be an esteemed astute. Serious journalists. Allow to happen on arguably. The most important night of the year for television journalism and use that term loosely about there and embarrass yourself albeit belief based on the air. You know the Rome two hours later that oral drug I understand that they were on the air -- just started early you know they were on the air at that point they were on their knees at that point. Two hours later on your knees -- look at. First statement -- stories everywhere it is it's everywhere everywhere is the speculation of Republicans -- Mozart saw a replay unfortunate for -- on Twitter it's wrong on on line you can just click NC drunken Diane Sawyer. So -- there are. Twitter handles drunk Diane Sawyer which is a thousand -- got a thousand ball was in a minute. -- put an exclamation point after a forward Twitter response to drug giants are on Twitter writes I'm not drug. You guys is a drug. That's pretty funny stuff we'll have to see if drug dancers still -- -- obviously the way. Obviously opened up the embarrassment. Short did the ABC respond -- respond. Talking about it's like three people from Emerson college at a closed circuit TV. Channels office court you know respond to awareness network officials declined comment but they Sawyer Powell. Pulled the New York Daily News her behavior. Was due to exhaustion from current covering hurricane sandy. And preparing for election night quote she spent a number of sleepless nights. Preparing and rehearsing. -- close friend told the daily news it just caught up to her. Did -- this brand denies Sawyer -- indulge in alcoholic beverages or any other substance they should go with a sore back in the muscle that actually also relax because it would seem video and he can't deny let me ask you this in the days of rehearsal for -- -- that you've rehearsed the exclamation point question that about the reverse. Put an exclamation. Point on -- -- slow -- Should do. On their slot of slope on -- forward at this was like. The moment rules what he -- who is going to be leaders free world right. They have -- -- forward for most of the campaign with a in the last week the exclamation same slogan minimize MSNBC has by the way. But that is any connection that are in relation or anything but. Was was it to the case of mixed emotions and dockers 'cause he's gave the that is guy who won the election yet but he's concerned. About is that the day after the party. Was a little bit of -- drinker. Sure it went in the used to it's OK -- -- to use spin on your here to make just like that. About five minutes yet you -- -- -- grow -- to tell on that damn hair to look like I'm on a Japanese cartoon here that was a monopoly on Speed Racer that would be all day I don't know what it is now. It's seems Chris panics in those Christmas and it's yet to name look at a house yeah actually do anything to really just put through but a -- this. Friction -- ago notre jail odd knowledge -- I did not see this bank adhered -- and -- it just. You. Fly in here from Houston for two days and you get these two very strange days here he you're trying to he's still trying to figure -- going on here. I'm mostly trying to figure out why the health snowing this well. -- -- We were aware of its nose -- England that November I didn't know that -- October November there. In all of the good thing isn't snow today -- tomorrow whatever and then almost no intellect February yet. It's just seventy on Sunday that's what happened last year we have snow in October never done it again silicon cover sick and hell holes like Syracuse, New York that that's expected entry should be used to this -- now but you go down to Texas and and become global of them don't yeah. Diane Sawyer is that a Texas term yeah Arctic and sources I'm not as thick as you drunk I -- -- -- -- that the drug that's what it's like it's a look athletic as you drunk I am. What do what do what questions he do you have before we get to the Celtics and that thrilling overtime win. We're not elect. Proof that not all overtime games are detaining and you think you see an overtime game it's pretty exciting yeah. It looked like it was played like a neutral site did you notice on the last play of regulation. Rondo pulled Paul Pierce yup. We have nine seconds left to go how did the fall within how to dribble dribble dribble and then I went along pulled a 8888. Day. Rate Rajon Rondo. A law I'm. Ray -- -- The jet came free he looked -- and took the shot. The plight was not supposed to be Rajon -- taken a jump shot at the end regulation I mean it's broken down nicely and Terry comes around and he's wide open and -- Rondo looked adamant that there. And issued since I've wasted nine seconds a half seconds with nine seconds people all pitchers Phil plays at the end of regulation in the NBA are always just complete disasters. Especially recently I can't remember one world order that diagram in them in fact that part of his his his basketball acumen reputation is that there's nobody coming out of a timeout. Who needs a -- a bucket. That does it better diagram to better the Doc Rivers I think he did it was a little slow developing. They ran a couple of screens and and and Jason Terry came up in and set a screen went back -- on the baseline rubbed his guy off. Kevin Garnett out -- -- the guy in the face to get him free he got free for -- rocketed past the ball it was a well designed play on Robert just said I won a couple of minutes ago at this as well in an overtime win. Yeah I get that east. Competent now needs in a leadership role now but yet it's not your shot that's Terry's. But he he he made a bucket but I like that they had just tied up but I mean he's gonna make that shot what's gonna make that shot that that I wanted to work. Just that was one of the worst winds I can remember in in recent years one of the worst wins your home. Playing the GDP team about winless in those players are sitting on this is one of did to try to win the played late. This is a winless team was to win those teams. And they -- and yeah you be tomorrow on the road to come home. You know you're supposed to have some electricity three days of practice three days three president's practice getting ready. And -- just disjointed. In -- disorganized they don't look good doc. Admitted as much -- that we didn't look good they don't look good I mean I know it's. News it was in 78 more games in these things change in veteran teams know when the turn on and turn -- That anyone walked out of that arena feeling good now about the Celtics now. Mean obviously they're the bet on the lakers right now but there. They're not in Miami's lead the best game was lost mine was that's where they play the masters -- last night I don't know pictures. You know. You know we we should obviously you know and that's not -- one -- I want whenever. The two best players are -- and so to me we should have won again. But the fact that it still close. They're there were some calls can guarding the way. -- overall we kept our composure. That's always a good. I hate to invoke. The philosophy. Of the tuna Bill Parcells for the one million time on the show. But it seems to -- the longer dot talks about. We are jelling we have nine new guys this is going to take time this is a work in progress. The more he says that. The more you give them an excuse to not jail. And not get together to not be on the same page would he need to say about this point and talk to doctor in final five. We have too much talent we've invested too much energy we have we have too good of a core. -- to play the depleted wizards and go to overtime against this is unacceptable it's time for the -- the start. The bench I asked him wait a little bit in the second until the end it was not till the end and Wilcox had was okay Brandon Bass was pretty bad until the end of the game via. And they were still outscored 5341. By the Washington was right and -- Garnett was out I mean they were just hopeless defensively Garnett was making play after play and I mean he really expecting him to go out there for 35 -- tonight. Now know. That's me right that's not gonna last you look at it and you say what if he does come up blamed -- -- limping when it's. One of these moments when these weeks when these days -- -- here's what look like -- either tired or injured at this point yeah yeah he does and and some of twelve from the floor Courtney Lee looks terrible well. Jeff Green Ray Allen looks missed. Very much missed Jeff Green. You could say it takes time to gel would you say that about every team to they have. More turnover than most teams Olympics are they -- would say you have nine new guys -- -- of what was -- what's their excuse. -- the wizards is. Gary Washburn points out they're starting in nineteen year old that shooting guard in journeyman point guard. A senator who was never looked up to his potential and an undersized power forward. And they made the Celtics swept for the second time in four games. I said the other day the Celtics -- be 31 when we convene this morning. And it should be. The two would tube and let it be to it feels like you know own for feels like a real work in progress. And you say nine new guys what I mean put the -- it's there right this -- is there. Rondo is there passes there I mean that's. 45 starters. And the other guys -- -- -- and -- did you play. 617779793792. Time -- -- lines are open the answer to the question is. Just say no. One of the question where we -- back.

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