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Paul Pierce Postgame Presser

Nov 8, 2012|

Paul Pierce spoke to the media in the locker room after the Celtics win at the Garden tonight.

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You know when Clinton back to back -- kind of -- tendencies. -- on sterile or Charlie good accomplishment. You know this is the Susan good testimony in the season -- they're trying to come together. Offense is still coming together we wanna play better offensively -- calls for the with the where do inspired moment. In large part. Because. All of us and we just so -- know he's -- and he's asked them. They're good score we you have to go to war he's -- you know guys often times this can be bigger to them yes we asked personal moment he could do both. We listened to a lot of everything he can handle and to play off the ball and he's Gartner guys and -- he's -- he's our sixth man leader Vincent. And socialize and yes. It. So we don't we do we know we have guys are capable it was just above. In this together still. -- serve our office is definitely behind our defense this as far as our chemistry. And I think that's called karma that we had so many weapons you know guys look pretty comfortable with the system that we implemented. It would have been rumored. The you know I think the key was him he just didn't think you know he's just not their players Hartsock you know sometimes he gets -- Situation is -- -- in the games that are planned on his instincts and hopefully get a good job of that mine and -- he missed a crucial baskets -- got the ball over on the wing and he's him think twice and he -- a blame Oprah went to the basket program basically -- forced -- that's the brand we like. -- it will cost really change the game for some of the tide and actually came in there and then once -- I think he played golf for five straight minutes and it was to leave the lights X ray just what is your energy defensively and offensively you know there's going to be nights. There's some guys -- -- and -- nice when guys get the call then maybe -- on -- when they get caught about it is that you know an example tonight. Apparently -- Let's all dispose of some re right there when the -- when you are trapping relief. Comes on the pulse of what are days when you get a guy who has the going gets in the missiles on Israel to play like that moss Sloan was -- Toomey announced it was you know snuff it out. But -- the aggression and artifice by which. --

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