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Kevin Garnett Postgame Presser

Nov 8, 2012|

KG spoke to the media in the locker room after the Celtics win at the Garden tonight.

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I think we can improve obviously. We of course of became. You can you know. Who -- -- you can approve what goes to game off strong. Become the content. Try to give back their second after -- work. Again on the Americans understand this upon -- moment consistent. No one here great to you know good to me and -- Consistent real was some of those. Those boundaries things that makes us secrets anymore particulars. So we have -- do you think there's. Until we. -- before. Still working and real. -- played great -- and he was a great minutes. You know -- and just knows more on this story Norman joining. This inspirational. To me comes from everybody here to see someone's gonna get a chance at north -- they love. Who do passionately. Is moving. And as I had a great night was able to help -- -- but it turned him around. It. And played and played -- usual authority increases in energy and they've been aggressive. You know stress enough in overtime in the fourth quarter I'll put their energy dictated a lot of -- the swings in. And to a revision to grab momentum and pushed -- and another effect. Those guys play developments tonight you know Brinkley it's. I was very proud. It's almost all the right. So Jason Terry. Most mostly so you have some moments weapon was great city came in and out -- long. There's some small things and he was trying to get a little symbol both you and the dog from -- For those wheels -- it's. You know part responsible wanted to see. You know veterans who've been in the thick -- how to win and in overtime and extra minutes. You want to -- Do small things communicate. Rotate and what what rotations. Doing possibly. -- like that. You know your plan and also in his react in -- -- in two. Because a north looks -- of these towns -- you know we're working process. And will be just. We've.

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