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Jason Terry Postgame Presser

Nov 8, 2012|

Jason Terry spoke to the media in the locker room after the Celtics win at the Garden tonight.

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Got Elmo in the top now none of them be small. Difference to me. He desperately. -- energy level was definitely a lot better. Of the felt a little little little more comfortable. Out there on both ends of the floor. But for me is about making shots and this is golf left -- birdies out there. From deep tonight but. Account you know I'll say this is a process and and for -- -- about playing 48 Minnesota basketball. Tonight we played in spurts completed stretched so that's not going to be good enough force. And so we'll be back at practice tomorrow and in working hard and in building four the next game. I've said that you know you did make a -- shot but the reason he can't it was because he. And people think Jason Terry that's that doesn't really come to mind. On the question on this team. This was about that's what we hang our panel is on the defense in the court and you can see when the gambles on the line and we need to get stops. We turn to it to another level so for us the processing is. Can't we get that level for longer stretches of time we know we can do -- now when it's time to get the win. Can't we do them first second third quarter. That's completed the task force but we will get there is -- ministers -- -- -- -- to us. Well there's this little form for the brilliant opt out for the most part. I'm stuck to our defense assignments and and offensively we were aggressive myself Jeff Green. Brandon Bass that's what we need we need every night from -- now we -- to give it a more consistent. Was this a level of aggression. For the most part I was looking to be on the offensive I didn't have a shot I'll make in the past saw the -- tomorrow in -- -- -- clear here. Is to be aggressive and look for shoppers and you know guys are only -- in this continue to stay on me but has some not be more more comfortable as we played more games. It gave a very important and I finally was there to give its own the night the judges don't come off for nothing I mean we're -- than you won't see no -- that there. But you know we needed a spark we need is an energy. And fans responded well to -- so. Hopefully we keep flying here on Friday and I think success. It. On loved I loved him and I wish it would be like that every minute of the game but I know this is the stuff to do it. Again this one of them the greatest place to play and in the world when our fans bring fans bring that energy like that it only it only helps on both ends of the court.

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