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Doc Rivers Postgame Presser

Nov 8, 2012|

Doc Rivers spoke to the media in the locker room after the Celtics win at the Garden tonight.

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Now. And it talked to him that you know just normal talk. Yeah more than legitimate. Go to college everything. Will once again. Right now that's the tag team we are -- that. Playing great -- it's -- to win a game. Like that. We've -- -- like that you knew coming into this night no matter who play and play team back to ancient. -- three days do you that would be tough day. But we meant so -- I thought. We're playing for the first five minutes great and then we went back to. Or whatever it's I thought energy was terrible at the Chris Wilcox Jack saved the game four's signal and what is effort and I thought she didn't do anything or. It was great effort and I thought that leadership later everybody else. Into doing you know Kevin -- -- exclude him because he always -- Rightward. We got to get more guys that the -- order better. I don't care about whales. Here you've played well. Because that's just human you know you can make shots happens. But we have that we just have to play better focus. And -- It. Yeah. -- read -- and you know it's funny we left -- and because integrity. Let me be the first in his career at that -- about Jason -- But he was terrific but the ball pressure. To do a lot of good things defensively. And when he does that with his shot he more or yours yours is. All the mines so there was really good to see him. He's he's do -- you know all this that they're concerned. It. The one was. The guys are limited to one. And I told him that was executions because. He forces decide and that way you can go as quick as we wanted them ago. But I think it was 34 seconds or whatever so we felt like let's go to one here as quick iso form. And I don't you quit so the first from the -- one. That was bad execution again obviously the pin down for Paul it's supposed to be. All we want that elbow that is -- -- -- -- could have thrown -- and jet was coming off two weeks. Odds are on the made up his mind to it to go for fun with that. But I like execution. -- Okay. I don't know -- You know. You know we we should honestly you know and that's not -- morning I want whenever. The two best players are -- and so to me we should have won again. But the fact that it still close. That there were some calls -- can guarding the way. -- overall we kept our composure. That's always a good. They were born. Yeah. It was good you know. October 2000 at the beginning and again. That's I was so frustrated. Early in whatever surf and got the ball we're going. When -- took time out to remind our guys to go it's. You know we're going we're trying to played cat and mouse trap game which guys and engage in good -- did college. That this lady and so when we talked about a -- Thomas we came around did it. Armed forces tunnel turn overs and a mean. Grading on the curve. Yeah I've always allow us the but I still want. Us for more into the day. You know. We're not gonna play -- -- excuse is that the category. Guys -- you know the one play words -- tight curls and dolby mobile. Through about -- has not been playing together. That's gonna continue to have reform. But I just wanna see it all with -- effort every day that it concluded that some guys -- some guys are. Yeah. In those sooner road NBA and that we lost today if you expect tight you know tonight. Again back to back games I don't mind that -- game should you should win the game and we did so I'll take that. I just think you know when that ready to be a great team at all yet we can still be better now and that's what I'm telling us. It's history. Of our brand employee. Whore -- -- physical. And Nestle -- you know from everyday. Between him and Jerry. Chris Wilcox. We need that type effort every single you know. And and guards again and applied in danger played great and I assume that tomorrow. -- tomorrow. And bring the victim. That's the team that's -- it -- assess. It. Finding them right. -- It's it's a process. You know that's what it is. A lot of it still is that they're still involved and it's hard playing ball and try to unlock them so that just won't work. -- Yeah. Someone. Yeah I think he's hoping someone. Brandon chairman -- got a lot of other guys one more of our guys unless you want our guys -- where we're troubled. You know this year. I'm hoping. Certainly one of our guys are often get somebody else to pick it up no runs scored more this year too so that -- --

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