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Chris Wilcox Postgame Presser

Nov 8, 2012|

Chris Wilcox spoke to the media in the locker room after the Celtics win at the Garden tonight.

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Well we all the rules on this team there we -- there have been written a million homes going to be called you know sources have -- break -- As we go so well winning games by reason in his -- and just. No sir so I was when I've been just put you on the great things that. Executed -- got a solid race when you get that opportunity. Not it's -- government. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So -- just gorgeous work or have been doing over -- aluminum is called you know I'll be right in rotation being in talking Boozer who called whom you don't. Stunned if you know we'll have more -- my -- open. -- -- -- Alternative very dirty -- on consumer world wanna be you know I mean good you know. I mean great things -- just having known him as motivation for me to keep going keep going so you know as a -- -- to -- stay rehearsal. Have to do -- to feel like. You know this. -- collaboration. Few mr. Clinton's period. Did definitely you know every day we in the -- we -- give them against each other so I was Caribbean right the right term -- you know -- When you tailored assume you think the ball's not coming to you is complete so is discussed or written on this who disturb brain imaging you know. Tonight we can pull it out so. Season chicken has. A lot of different combinations -- obviously it's. Easy -- -- -- going through this bill. Yeah definitely I mean all our bigs are different enemies are no more role on this team I got to come brain injured on the floor. To play defense so we know from -- -- spoke -- -- so -- that's what it is you know but how many folks on defense at -- not just try to do everything that came to sort of be. -- -- -- Differently than he used to mean after the game you. I'm definitely you know you. Do you miss being so let the game and different things -- -- you know and assumed that on this would be in favor and -- -- -- -- get a win and -- doing everything in the right way and score another Grumman and let me give. -- --

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