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Brandon Bass postgame with Grande and Max

Nov 7, 2012|

Brandon Bass spoke with Sean Grande & Cedric Maxwell live from the locker room right after the Celtics beat the Wizards at the Garden tonight

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Job thank you with -- and start tonight -- boy did they ever friends Brandon Bass eleven point seven rebounds Celtics survived the wizards in overtime 100 to 94. -- joining us from the locker received at the game was sort of it was sort of a slow lackadaisical game what did you see from the bench at the start and when you were on the floor. -- temple changed late in the game. And I mean with the it was a grind game he had -- hold -- down but. You know look we try to do is bring about any you can -- on the phone Nokia. If -- you guys -- found your rhythm wolf while -- that every time you find your rhythm. You count poke yourself yeah I can't buy it -- the basketball although we've got eleven point lead -- out everything cattle without. Yeah I mean you know you have nine by example we definitely could go down kernel that you know wanna be in terms you can. When you now are things here on the floor look at that he would gate areas and -- more positively if the guys around you last year segments of the senior. Is this just a matter of time practices and continuity as impatient as -- people maybe. With it is you know maneuvering no new that macho thing and you know and we thank you. -- who come from and they. Well you know what that. The period on. Watch you get on it yeah I'll answer. You had at UIQ. What you -- Cuba there is it too don't you. You know you know played -- work ethic and you know and I think like I like that if we go -- Is it do you ever in the context of the games haven't we -- so there was this real. He is in its eighteenth year now at 36 years old are still so nobody bullets when the -- four. -- amended. I mean he was you know given the career is normally only -- -- in the game. Man. Both in a statement. Hall of -- What tell us what they apple Warwick dot -- you know. Late negate try to call time out in the official did it with tropical to miss them about second call. If he would turn called. I think you attribute that you know you can do that. Very Smart man new York and he's on overnight after election night Brandon -- has -- dubious political as ever won a -- point seven rebounds off the transport portly back to do it is gradually thing.

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