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Mikey is in Celtics Mode

Nov 7, 2012|

Mikey and Ryder are talking about the Celtics season expectations.

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K two things first of all one year base. One year of its. The left hander that when he went to Avon old farms -- where I went to school pitched a no hitter ones in the shortly yes they did an effect that I was gonna get always. Viewers can anticipate when -- say here. That night meet the day after it's no hitter I went back -- -- forms of school from which I was unceremoniously dumped their roster. My senior year high school. And did a story about one the interest because gas wells pitched very -- forms Mary. I pitched great -- guys -- very similar I heard newer style -- or presence on and I -- -- I could bring in just like key canned one used to be able to why it is that if you the only major -- to make it out there there's somebody rural farms into some hockey players Brian -- -- their he went there. After I went there. The state their sports -- was -- you know kind of on the rise. Yeah well after you used to draw course -- -- understandably is undefeated for Avon old farms is pitcher undefeated. But no one yet this went when all the way over major leagues as severe edited -- no hitter big big thing back in 88. 88 and a run at 87 birdies somewhere in there. And now he's pitching coach for the book your. Boston Red Sox and good for him congratulations that's nice. -- helps turn a moron on this Jason basing I can't believe that any move would consider for half suspected even even Jason -- himself. Would consider. The possibility. Of returning to the Red Sox now -- I'd say that the two reasons first of all. And a hard time with -- they're trying to go he had a Goodyear on nine had a 36 homers. There really give you 921 OPS. 119 RBIs he was seventh in the MVP Browning -- -- however. Says here disagreement -- it's not about medical language related -- -- real negotiations for term for you do -- now. There's anybody of all the bad moves -- Red Sox have made does anybody think for second. That letting him go wasn't a good move why rally -- two's 34. You know -- that he had. It's this year he was the worst he's ever game. The batting average of 165. Why it felt pressure that -- to so many injuries and he probably he can't just look at the numbers because. That ballpark not suited him probably would -- -- better numbers and what do you can look at what 65. But you can look at yet for years it was at 66 million gallons yet a good decision whether it's like you are not -- go form but what. What's your problem if he comes back on say one year deal really cheap dollars is an extra guy wasted time. Why can't execute play. He can't play anymore was Lester who played well all night. I mean it's -- sorry 34 full years since he's been worth. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Of themselves of this guy and this is the Mets were talking about all the Mets make money but Weis is talking about coming back to the Red Sox got -- enjoyed success here it might happen might if it happens up puke on four and my -- Florida double amputee in our shoes and it's -- dollars and they're just trying to they don't have to worry the guy can get back on track and and then we'll go on get a guy that won 65 last year. Might still -- as good Fenway swing I don't mind as an act not a starter Mikey as an extra guy cheap money. When you're dealing -- -- he's back in the familiar confines of Fenway Park and finally. My text machine's broken. I'm getting to win you know the windows logo that's only half. I don't know what happened. Will -- would be broken and I'm sure we can and we in excess of the the general manager -- are underway and we talked at length humanize John the listeners about. Who's on the list who can -- yet. To Britain. Aprilia adds something to this Red Sox attack or their pitching rotation or something. As -- birdies as they would settled in and so any guys that are. You know prime targets for this. Guys he really really do it and in my Jason Bay has put him over here in the category of we don't really want well. You know we don't want America to receive if you're consuming to play everyday at all saying no this is just stay. You know an extra guy wine out of its cheap money resurrect his -- how cheap -- million. Support. Okay you know but I mean they got bigger problems -- and getting a reserve outfielder again they've got to get their regular outfielders they gonna get guys are gonna actually play in light up every day. In those positions it was very early in the mean have you seen a lot of the major signings so far. No but I'd like here's a hawk I'd like to hear -- -- some people who were on the inside. You know maybe tomorrow night on the hot stove show will get some believe will remain well at 7 o'clock viewers that's what I needed some some actual names of people were actually been talked about who can actually play well every name. Just about. Has surfaced and it usually will the Red Sox the Yankees. And right now the Dodgers as well. Well I hope to god that Jason Bay's and not that I hit -- nice guy -- trail BC everybody liked the menus here. You know he did a good job is here but to -- he jumped the way to new York and he might as well flushed himself on the -- at that big deal. But we're not talking about a major this would be a major acquisition I just idiot extras and as part as I mean let's let's get let's get the Torii Hunter talks on. Let's get to Josh Hamilton talks -- let's talk to Mike Napoli. Missed this fight out of the twins would. I'd take out some of -- hours contract offer when it was GM meetings before and that. Not for this type stuff they're talking about trades and drink -- in the drink it drink cola these guys all better spot to see you there in Palm Springs Lester the Milwaukee. Right Warren. -- -- Markets are respected German food will get about an hour to a Celtics basketball I'd like to hear from Celtics fans right now your assessment so far to the Celtics have to do. To to kind of get their at their Mo -- work so that people will look at this opens ago that's who we're open port expecting. A dominant team. In the stick Eastern Conference that's what we're looking for so far we've seen none of that. We all know you know writer and I hardcore Celtics guys right. Yes we we we we live all right but it really -- NBA I'm so far I've seen nothing zero. It is again it's only three games but nonetheless -- -- -- think it's -- it's something. There would make you feel some optimistic. Streaks running three probably well the -- against Washington I hope so this spread is ten. You know I don't think I don't think they're gonna win by more than ten I really don't have it figured they're gonna win but I don't think -- -- Ten ads have lack inherent lack of confidence right now. In the way these guys are yeah these Olympic events that I am a blown about and it's good I hope you're right I hope -- you've been right before. I have been on the wrong before till 23 times I think you're one of the top leaders on the WV EI dot com slash -- the latest hereditary and candidates on a chip and a you know it's almost like now right now of the season half over -- -- like me who's like eight or 910 victories behind. Over over the first eight weeks. It's a three to make some ridiculous random are underdog picks -- hold on a -- to make it. Pick up the ground because you know you see those things if there's fifteen get this fourteen games you know most people pick the same team on 123. Problem. Right yeah because it's not a scratch on a limb yeah I you know we really should do next year of that and ominous suggest this tour WPI dot com people. That we should do the games against the spread. To much better contests. Nearly union picket against at all who's gonna win the game you know separate Cisco -- the -- well let me well it's that easy why you're so behind that well because of some of the you don't miscalculations from early on in the season you know in the drugs. Our phone number 6177797937. About an hour. Shoot the breeze. -- some subjects around with you guys. Patriots second half predictions on the table because the second half begins on Sunday. And I'm very very confident as I was the beginning of the season when a predicted what -- predict fifteen and one. Yep fifteen Y -- 66 wins has changed that to thirteen to 397. For the Red Sox and no I don't know and -- change that -- I've changed the the patriots prediction to thirteen victory. I'm not able to run the table out of necessity. And is another loss or two in their -- They lost you know couple games by three games by four points so the three games they've lost I mean really Odyssey. That's that's where the optimism lies of this team. Is that yes they've lost three games to five victory. That's the fact okay. Also -- fact is that all three of those losses came by a grand total differential of four points so. It'll count has lost absolutely that's why said the five at three but if you look at it as well why it's that's kind of the slimmest margin you can lose three games by. You can take something positive that. I don't know -- it. But you can takes of the pause about as much like Miami Miami could have been a record my -- they actually lost those games so they don't write me. Six -- 77797937. Or text message board is under the numbers six -- 37. 93 says. That's a little bit of -- change. From word to him last week. So let's story telephones and I get some get some -- some yeah liberated before 7 o'clock in the pregame show with the Celtics -- is in a car bring your. First on the planet -- ship. Wall Street the rest are -- an awesome to be first -- -- you all of the effort especially at a gas line in Brooklyn. Well I'm not -- this line winning lottery right now Mikey but yeah I agree. But I just want part what the Celtics is that you want to take. -- some thought about either side just don't want you to jump off the -- yep Mikey our government and most of that he's an earlier diehard Celtics fans closest. The Yahoo! let these guys mesh together blood like -- go on the line up early. Not to say or stay there the -- even bought. I like that a bottom piercing read a little bit of he's so work on a little bit of his Tom -- rather than talking it up with people all these little quote Michelle Obama -- and. Yeah you know -- -- guys they'll leave for what fifteen years I don't know how much work in a new game. Yet his game is his game yeah. I don't think you know pierce Rondo Garnett it's getting the other guys to know there are guys need to work on their game Jeff Green being one problem. There are the tentative 45 guys you could say that appears to skylight and Garnett soup. You know -- have off nights bad night but the game is what it is right now there -- carry these guys because. And it's pierce Rondo Garnett right now and -- they need more contributions it's plain and simple. Yeah I edgy and -- got -- -- either play a little bit better by. At Kabul that shop ironically in the night though pretty pretty much up the. Yeah those of all the Rondo things that was one of the craziest. Obscene put that in the top five definitely. Brian say you're you're still optimistic -- no problem with -- sworn into a crappy start. Oh it's it's so early in my token -- we did credibly we go relax what these guys get cohesive as a unit you know the LH Jason -- -- like. This question is practiced and -- -- -- like I honestly Jason Terry be like that. Can I ask you -- isn't that what the pre season's four. -- preceded them it's -- opted to piped up -- -- -- -- has elect. Are Yemeni army is the pre season for getting your game together and get ready to play together with the guys employed would be for an accountant. I should they be shown us a little better stuff -- receive. Now completely up to young guy that makes them to have people that wanna see how how they do out there and but. I think yeah I I'd think you Brian at their. They're trying to there are definitely trying to find a mix in a match here the right fit of players it's only three games in but I would expect a little better -- they got in early to practice. And then went on a trip overseas to the for the pre season games I think get Terry in -- some of these guys press and a little bit too much there throw over thinking out there. The other couple all the belts the wrong way in these big event McEnroe belt so -- or leave him. And familial that you guys you mentioned well it's it's it's gonna turn out. All right I like your optimism -- right totally agree did or does far haven't. CI SO wanna see something myself I would have had some good looks the vets some open shots -- -- shin splints and Chris in New Hampshire you're next on the. And Mikey page are you don't try to play all year that it secure all the Dale Arnold so -- -- not not knocking -- I think we have -- -- open to bite you guys have your own show it off some. You have a -- only got on the whole station thanks Chris I appreciate that. And what do we need your vote it was a but their houses and you take over the radio station and a -- to stop it in the in the UK and now they -- morning I got tonight. What I don't understand -- all of a sudden and Iran and also went to port. Running this show or run anything but I say a lot but it's been seven years now either in December 15 I think Ryder. Is the seventh anniversary of the plant in my blog so horrible what Iran from -- of course you know with my checkered career Chris. That's a record I've never ever had continuous supply limited to broadcast this at my record my previous record was six years. And it and it clockwork I got to lose jobs so honestly that's that is that is quite a career that I guess what -- -- that bit. I am I I lied to guys who told I want -- -- -- pick on it is not a -- -- -- there right now but not. I love you -- show and might yeah I love the tactic by -- realize that you're the man on that station. I don't care what they expect. Thank you Chris I did set of a lot of emails to that effect but nobody was reading into buying any of it but thanks Iowa as I was -- of -- -- say some kind like data it is on a day like today -- and applying to meet him because I remember that. Yet what he you know what releasing probably say you know Bob Bob bowyer poop in your pants and hang up like some people do that and stuff that there was that will allow idea sometimes they Burris. It's true you know they say they try to say drop F bombs opposites of the course we have the technology. To not have that happen. And then of course we -- of the caller right. And our forensics department. And our private detectives we called private Dicks. And they go out to people's houses that have actually made these kind of calls John him. And sometimes they'd -- They actually take in their own hands to punish the caller right there at their house but it's -- arrested -- you know it is a clerical they ring the door bells over and over again by big -- us getting died ditch we send our forensics department out. The private Dicks they go to the houses they ring the door bells and and hide. And that's annoying you don't wanna get those guys upset and one guy they've they've and he candidate they slapped his PP. John does it Somerville that was named and I'm -- I'm making a white and John what do you think about green progression progression -- surgery. Not much yet. Look at the pre season three games so far looks a little bit lost out yeah especially on the defense bent but I can't. There we have to reserve judgment of that. Out of the goodness of my heart. I you know I know he had brought -- -- big issues last year. The problem is -- that we saw nothing before that from him when he uses Celtic uniform that would even let it leaders disable -- he could just regain what he was. We didn't see -- before and I'm prayed to god. John that he's going to be fine to be the player he was prior to becoming a Celtic eventually we all hope so but. I've seen nothing to that effect so for -- important OK and did you you know have you John. I mean there's some glimpses here and there a couple of times he's been aggressive go to the basket but overall -- looks at the guy that they got from Washington started things but. Again another guy you can add them -- get that big contract and as China you have there's a lot of table for the Celtics management had for him on this deal because they've they've taken a big. That -- the state of big risk. Real and with respect not familiar respecting him and at what he's going to be. But the Celtics know -- sullen Jirga in the start again for the Celtics may be of good some rebounds that -- You're gonna get a rebound. It is going to be at me like ten rebounds -- Erica. A double digit rebound I think at some point this season you'll probably see that. No he gets his mop -- rebounds I can understand that Washington's global bigger they started a month Saturday and squash and get. More scoring off the bench for best.

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