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Wednesday, November 11th Whiner Line

Nov 7, 2012|

4 more years! 4 more years until we have to hear the attack ads return! Plus AM goes back to his roots.

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Views excuse views expressed and expressed. My life these cars like these -- TE Chris Cox. That's his discretion exercised. -- and now you want your life. On a whole bunch going on let's let's start with a Savvis because. It's now on diet that I'm gonna be all time. Biggest spill in the history of Sports -- you're right there on the WEEI. Laurel -- line that Matthew I want my -- resistance here because struggled a -- I'm just -- from just -- directors think whoever -- -- -- -- get a kick your -- when -- -- -- dial 6177793535. This thing is all screwed up -- -- -- -- you the -- no one did because -- that -- over here yesterday so I don't know -- -- whiner line this. -- call screen which I never -- is -- -- over here with them trying to move it around wow we have issues here it right here in river and this is costs critic ever been sitting right here that I item you've got me there and now on what -- I don't thank you for coming I don't know I don't have any coffee for a WBE nine not to see that's actually the tragic end the tragedy is it. The Starbucks is now -- whiner line. So all of ballpark we know that -- all -- this critical problem chair apparently fell apart. That. As you want a lineup like you on good morning big and survive and let's -- highly winner of the planet Mikey popularity election that's not getting what you. -- -- Mikey I'm really thankful to win I'm going to be reaching across the aisle you come to work with everybody is really not a lawyer who has that's good news the bad news is you beat me to borrow one vote and how it actually was dale. You should play capitalize internally one line of -- yeah -- -- the better state field last night. Est yeah because Massachusetts. Asks. Oh yeah. Security worked it out to get my feelers out there you just even after the medical conditions out there apparently -- gonna sell access rights and a perfect but I got our current medical conditions. -- cubic. -- start -- -- -- marred by AT&T hometown heroes -- gold medalist Allen here this man is taking a quick break from the Kellogg Stewart gymnastics -- -- -- and sign autographs on Thursday from five to six. That's your game is and -- it -- to -- she signs it ten times faster video aids. Speech department at 349. Washington street downtown crossing bill that gives the person getting signed -- come to the AT&T store downtown crossing this Thursday the gold medal winner Alan -- AT&T rethink it. -- -- -- -- Just don't vote on. Mark McGwire in the duke and coach but a lot and don't. One whole. Matter how good I'll bet you'll. Every hitter what got a -- -- Yes apparently had not left the cardinals on the zone -- progress -- -- not here to talk about the past -- I'm here to talk about the positive he's smaller and not the negative. About this issue -- shrunk but. -- And I'll put it back to back and I'm a bit more and I think he thinking everybody. I don't know I think. Diet that I boy had I don't know I think it's funny. And -- brought it for -- Ryan Houston. I from Houston she also -- all Golan bottom line from Houston while I've heard the name of adjournment name force them. All gone. Busy work group. WE I look forward as a threat and yet I've never -- heard of it. It's a long -- following Houston for fifteen bucks to vigilant so there. That -- during auditions -- Yes I had the air conditioning is the head of a woman auditioning last week. 37 and I felt that number that -- this today about them and teach these auditions and unlawful X axis of my job and I don't want kids to begin. Please tell you kind of near Toronto after that I have to close myself and Astoria -- that's the ultra. Nine. Maybe you should ask everybody -- -- How many goggles and I'm told some nickel -- and finally that's not how you measure texting what do you gulf. All the baby how you measure a a flash first in the morning right. Where you stand -- your head and you put that thing from -- in your mouth and right right are you particularly in the area. Like you're doing a peace sign -- you know again cheerleader. Tonight a bit when that happens I don't know I've never done -- He's. It. Well I got the gold partner did not do not get war -- and it can although not a problem. But. Our our. Way. It's -- economies start this system it calls tells us is -- with us now is that guy who just told his tennis champion Pete we just. Repeat company out to Linux onto another candidate. That is something wrong there really -- -- -- litmus. You got -- in the bottom about would be -- -- -- coming that. I think that -- who could not flat guys. And -- album and I didn't Al average I've got. As a black guy -- they'll bring. Him up going. I haven't and don't give management any ideas please in his -- testing program. -- boy and a candidate that nobody ever get -- in the middle but I that we. I've got it I'd have to figure out why I had a good idea. Israel about the possibility that Brady -- I don't think you'll miss a game but he's already talking. The navy is doing like next week during the Indianapolis game and Charles Tillman started talking about the possibility of -- Houston game because his wife is expecting only asteroids. I only have I saw doctors are always away when their wives have babies and -- and -- has -- played but these guys are soldiers and about a way. In order problem. Pay off. -- I hear I'm wondering yeah. -- partner but pretty. And -- And it's going to start to get that's a black and for treatments would guarantee you know he's rushed. Out. Now what do you what do you think Pilates -- And -- -- -- the last laugh with -- she's the only left -- yes makes him feel confident about themselves. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Heard about all of convertible positive agenda or. Presenting an easy access -- Anderson I was a bad joke by a minority interests take save those varietal is conflicts. -- -- me if I'm gonna look like it because I think it would put an elderly after a long way to go. Back you know. And met. And snow that's the perfect name pressure that it's gonna play the major -- to -- economic. We need to give Dimitri -- that he is a -- -- a bomb blew now that he's comparing him to determine its column this all of the other stuff he says Al gadget lab but you know it was a picture. And. -- So. Successful -- it's. Helped the united Arab. It. It's -- health and let us. -- -- -- -- -- -- Alan Alan. Quote. I don't think back and it now is -- So yeah I think that unless and some other -- Come up with a contact. And that message. Yeah I got the news. The. So there they're beating -- spoke about the spending like seven hours together that's. Artists. And record to win tonight. -- -- -- A boat but yeah phone. I -- Great. Did you. Apparently always the problem and don't. -- -- -- They are because these songs Annie hangs out channels that. Eligible with -- tractors Saturday I thought that was disappoint them where you would give us more. That was when I got it Jacinto. Well I just wanted to tell us I don't -- -- anybody -- that no problem as you ask him on the air. Mike Mike. My husband is OK but left the bridge keeper too long what's happened to -- Graham studio you see the movie alien they don't -- -- I was yeah. -- just came out a strategy map. What. Went down on the wrong word. Reverend -- talk about it doesn't exist. I took my finger off the ball and hold too late August is the legs like the beside the boat. And. -- -- I don't want one. Thought that I'd -- are not you know go watch it except to be at. -- it was like this girl in question. -- she's a she's she's got a job. To -- it. Get little hybrid go back to that will be refused known -- don't jump -- the day before you know -- -- -- hot don't get rid of hybrids -- I had the match. Up. And that message. And I know you'll for the way our troops are just. How unity. That people get political. -- -- -- And that message that like the super tax fiction -- you get on the bottom rate -- I George Soros has a few more than you guys did -- count the votes yesterday which us because I don't know. You can bet I'm. I -- -- -- a big crowd packed packed today I really didn't Obama. And the message. Patients don't lose -- it's. Got to tip for -- -- the. My birth might go or provide call anticipation and have a hard time even. He's. Don't address our business. Crack house where my what he's -- -- appropriate. And that's I want to some people made off in the the election Nate Silver -- -- to get a giggle over at MSNBC got his own show now who who started this first there's talk about this technology. ESPN's started first when -- pushed. It's the screen then. It bounces -- I don't know it's only that continental channels that. When you're working really doubt John King is out today he is Georgia when he's don't politics and NAC and do -- while commercial -- -- he's so good just -- -- -- you'll have to. And don't have this kind of don't you haven't been it would -- it was on me because they've been. And asking us what difference does it -- -- you them. The networks and hold it anyway from a couple weeks well I think we just put down everything that can understand what it was and a bad connection. -- I could understand but I -- that you didn't want to understand that's what is it that -- and people that's what it. I've done it before mark. There's they've been telling them -- credibility came. And I -- big twelve hour. And -- that way -- James. -- less than -- -- Bill James. Was he was he -- I can't I'm jealous of they still provide from a numbers perspective acknowledged it was emotionally. I have a guy isn't about to -- was always in his town he's got he's got. That was the -- that are around. Yeah. -- -- -- -- Disheveled look -- into fuel. Right I don't have never seen it like Cambridge that college Democrats the culturally they always had -- -- Charlie appears to shape. -- -- Boy did that never made cougar don't know how to crunch the numbers that the whole lot of mail electrical. They're read some of whom -- that critical -- games on how to feel -- -- we are mine a little better about that other I don't know. I will be is that -- -- ready to report. From our -- thing that -- that there will continue good -- -- I outweigh its birds and. You know it's all about his delivery and they'll. Cleveland. And that no cold -- you know let a bit -- bit today. You know I've cut back but it really outdated. I don't. Boy oh boy here baby were both. All negative out did box yeah. And Matt Harris was that your guys. That. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Ground. They would -- for forty plus crowd now this is slides. I would I would advise. Single guys out there you're single guy. You can't pick up somebody in the background some really. Release tracked it might like it was the political process at the idea don't forget it's all right so what does the idea probably Democrats yeah at a party depict people don't just yet. This Bill Clinton now the second when it was over the election was offered now it's time apart is our. Lot of thought about I thought when he election was over it was time to get the economy back and can share I think that's the women outnumber them in must have been -- fifteen -- -- unbelievable. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Japan -- Joseph -- -- -- -- -- okay. I'm not edit your body don't tied up. I -- I can bet. Nice inning will. And I -- What do Bobby -- into the -- for four hours that I took a -- 2.0. Tom Brady would get -- -- and it dedicated that Michael Holland. -- -- know it and what -- people. All the noise and don't you know my birth control. He's a romance that. And public fashion and but -- -- Hillary to win a football. See it now I'm all right there. Can't knock down. A. And the rats okay is he when he's like a name that's on living color knows that this agreement I can't think of it. Said it like hundred times last cup I don't song. -- -- -- -- -- So what are went up I was fixing my zipper that was like an election according manna from talking about you gotta you gotta go back to restore says US backed through the road like go get it done -- you know that was. Purity. Hey you can make good -- Kelly freshman. Worship Sunday of fraud Thursday that's tomorrow right from five to justice AT&T store 49 Washington State. Now across.

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