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How will the 2nd half of the Patriots schedule play out?

Nov 7, 2012|

We go through the remainder of the Patriots 2012 schedule and break down how we think they'll fare in their final 8 games.

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Mitigated some of -- -- patriots in the second half of the season look at that some of the teams in the AFC in which you throw out your two cents. Lot easier road for the patriots in the AFC than some of the teams -- gonna have in the NFC we'll get into that the next. -- -- direct outcome I'm wondering chicken you can Eragon magic Alcoa now. In -- technical fabric elderly affect your right now poker we can move on. It's -- it took it is obvious -- and not it's not Paula dean's recipe. So right. Aren't arm. Of the local -- and he just oh. And maybe. It wouldn't of got lost -- assembled missile -- right down street that's true. And it unbelievable there's a particular play -- battle. It probably is good abetted that when you said it's better it's much better and that it would have them -- that it wouldn't -- got lost posted -- -- trading you to a salt pepper whistle to have a whole different. For the sprinkler there. You running at you watch and far too much and I think what they did -- that you wouldn't it be being reported to deep into the oil. -- a little too long the oil yet he's he's been around for a year you're not alone I think oil dispersant is well today. Laws about I don't gently it's still a few hours asked if -- were here a quick review tiger nobody I went askew is that -- earlier kind of and say anything and -- I was thinking about it during the break you were worried about you check and I want you weren't in Ottawa noted you're right you're all excited about the election he got ejected Eurostat -- it. Now. You said you don't think the Broncos lose again executed in a room why would you say that about the Broncos not the patriot. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Vs CN -- it's a home. At Kansas City. The law clearly. Vs Tampa Bay. At Oakland. -- At Baltimore. Note your top game right that one is not a real that's their toughest game of the tough game it entered it depends on the health of of ball and got two more. Vs Kansas City. Excuse me vs Cleveland followed by vs Kansas. -- gonna run it's the only game they they might lose example. That. And get that. I -- I mean I'm not okay are you I'm not surprised everybody scorecard you're right the patriots co wrote the patriots could really have to -- to really tough they have they have they have to. And a lucky they're aggressive they are on the road they're probably not favorites -- -- one of the theaters here for Houston as ever just go back to back. Nationally televised games. -- at -- it. And the only other thing I would say that. That that is a slight issue with them is -- got two games. -- against mind -- around Europe. And they could possibly lose the one but. You know pick at Denver's -- yeah that's pretty that's a pretty output researchers are just make this pick up. Now he's now that the obvious tough game Baltimore but there's another tough game in there for the it's not I don't I don't know I'm back -- and restaurant here at camp -- -- As the top one. They're playing better -- out a great -- predicted run at all and just remedies may be your second. Comeback player of the year he might be number two on that list as I've told you Randy must not finishing in the honoraria for Randy finished in the top end. -- -- But that's that's fairly easy schedule for Europe for Tampa that activity -- Michael you know. Thanks for their work for our own forum room. So that's it's purely even schedule lead the patriots on the and unify the moment three. They're home games of the toughest games on the -- Yeah Houston Sanford -- ever since Miami. That you got buffalo coming up this week -- -- I think you believe they're going to be buffalo you're admittedly Indianapolis in although I think they probably don't and that's -- -- you know what that Indianapolis the patriots playing Indianapolis. Now like. Denver playing -- that's a tough. Masonic impossible game you expect the wind you're at home but that's today that the good. Cricket team. I can't believe him about the colts are good team there could team with a with a quarterback. Of -- if you -- if you are looking right now that's what the best thing go for the patriots right now I think we all believe the shaking is the secondary is that. The they're probably going to get and how much is putting to leap into the equation. But they normally do get better in the second half of the season. They never did great. -- certainly in the last three years but they do get better make fewer mistakes and forced more turnovers in the sent them so let's -- history -- recent history. If you think you're gonna get a little bit that. And the other one they have -- playing and yeah. So when you look at Baltimore six and -- they have issues right now. You know they have they have injury problems Houston a seven and one they're going into Chicago this weekend it probably got to come out of -- seven and do you think so yeah I love I I really love Chicago and around Houston I think their defense right now. This defense that Chicago's playing right now. For not only forces turnovers but -- score. So it takes all of the pressure off from Jay -- not gonna continue to do this I don't know. But right now they're defense is put points up abort and -- is not dealing with -- an awful lot of pressure. -- they are I mean I but I think Houston is a good team and and give Chicago credit for a -- that's where the coach. -- to go to the ball like that and strip the ball away that's what they do they've done it it's nothing they're great at it every airplane there there are scoring this year. But since Lovie Smith has been this is this is what they do defensively. -- got -- to the Super Bowl in 2006 but what that says. Like a lot of times they're turnovers come from. Really sloppy. Scene right there -- a game they played Dallas. Tony Romo was a -- was on the same page with Dez Bryant. Tony throw the ball right through Chicago quarterback property designate -- lost so that's that's one and we hear of Monty told congress that she got -- listening on eight just sloppy and add that we don't get bad football went -- to go in -- -- you're playing a good team like Houston. I'd be very surprised if if the bears are able to treat the Texans the way the tour she'll say I -- it already treated that the cowboys in the way they treated the tightened down and I think offenses of sloppy because the day before she'd be sloppy in the way they play the ball hawking. The one question market have still was Chicago is is account. Because everything can be going along fine and you think everything is moved and it suddenly he goes out of his mind it's a stupid -- but look at it in the AFC. You've got Baltimore with injuries you've got Pittsburgh now that his injuries and still looks shaky there offensive line elected chase you know as delusional -- -- -- they're they're they're marking it up and it winning. Their finding a way to win and that's because they're well coached. And you know Roethlisberger makes stuff happen and it didn't -- and it would depend on at that players it would different running backs they've found a way of of running for good depth. -- so Indianapolis. Is still probably a year away from. And Denver's team I worry about because I told by the defensively. -- pretty damn good right now there are up plus sixty. In the differential. They've got terrific quarterback -- right now may -- the best quarterback in the us which you don't know if they keep working at it though maybe they'll be as good as the patriots defense and work to do you know we're in north of sarcastic 175. Point -- -- and the good thing -- you hopeful the F on four point NFC street and your local theater so you don't have to worry. Until you go to the Super Bowl but you can see they're loaded with -- teams. Okay that would be a problem right now the patriots point via the conference that the giants at at six and three course they lost feel like Chicago seven and went green today. At six and three Atlanta and eight no San Francisco at six and two and gets the teams that are. Tampa Bay Seattle Minnesota I don't know what the other teams are in the NFC -- affiliate. And Dallas and Washington on the show what their direction that's a pretty distraught for copper stronger at a conference so you have to go through that. So in the patriots -- a a top to -- get a -- vacant. I watch out for Denver because Denver right now in the same position. They're five and three. -- to me have a better shot of running the table and the patriots to. I'm it would happen what would happen and no that's never happened and what would happen if the patriots played them. Well you tell me that. They played -- of the play them already. They beat them. You know. He confronted. -- market. -- him out -- -- I don't I don't welcome welcome back it up a couple lives on 77797937. Era calls.

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