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Rob Bradford from GM Meetings: 50/50 shot of Ellsbury being here next year

Nov 7, 2012|

We speak with WEEI.com's own Rob Bradford from the GM Meetings in California to find out the direction the Red Sox will take with the rest of this off-season.

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Accurate -- -- that the -- just arrived unfortunately we don't break right now so we have to move along. So you've got Taylor will talk with rob Bradford is out of the general manager's meetings and looking forward to a Indian Wells California. To think about the chicken. And then the next break. I think we're talking arrived the next sixty vials and -- after the break I'm a little trust that holds a trust -- that's of this hole right at all. Are all from WEI dot com rob Bradford joins us live at California and California at the general manager meetings as -- go so far too big trades any big deals they've reached. It's it got bad news though what sort. I'll tell you the lobby -- mean you're never bit more electric. And I think yeah I think I'd like all PG a meeting. It's good because you guys are much more accessible to GMC and everybody and you start -- and Italy Italy and Poland towards a lot. But he got where rhetoric now. Although the bastard produces are outside the windows eating chicken right now just looking in -- yemenis. As we try to concentrate on what rob Bradford says -- -- so. -- at the microphone Mossad and call himself worse. K okay rob list does not worry about the producers heard talking about serious baseball business. That likelihood is Jacoby Ellsbury. Being a member of another team and Tony thirteen. I think about -- 2% of -- a cop out. But I did not -- that that's actually hired and I thought you would say why. Why so high is our our they're. Well wolf one is are strong market form right now in two does not have. As many fans in the Red Sox front offices that -- No army that's why it's not a higher percentage because there isn't strong market forum but why -- -- -- -- -- guys that bit. If you're gonna trade -- yells Larry this is gonna going to be good I'm gonna do it in the offseason because if you get into next year. And who value immediately goes down no matter how he does because while eighteen trading forum won't be allowed to get the draft pick if you watch after that. A defensible what you get them right now though doesn't rub I mean you've got something fairly significant now. Well absolutely not like it's because of the the value and let you don't know how he's gonna view once you might you know -- going to body until because what he did two years ago but I take. You're absolutely right his value on face value is chipped it until it right now awful what he did last year that we have now one year chrome. So yeah so -- again I don't think it's 2% because I campaign. If you get into next year particular thought he'd clearly want to -- a problem and how to build crude Jacoby old Perry trade and that's when you're gonna do. Right if you don't trade Jacoby Ellsbury and you look at that there are no significant. Free agents that you're gonna throw an awful lot of money that we think they're gonna throw an awful lot of money yet. -- the trade chips that they have to go and make some of these deals. -- could you look at some of the guys they get the -- system and had a problem reluctant to give up on by the united -- in this one and the Dodgers trade did do. Freedom up a little bit to potentially. Trade a young pitcher a young guy who might be in a proper rotation guys -- to -- his career. And so whereas before if you don't have -- wrote so if you know what's all there is now aren't. As a guy who is your future of that rotation now we have three guys who told me he can deal opt autumn. The good and you're right that it'll have a lot to deal prompt in regards to a Major League roster other than helped -- -- some -- the bite on them. Iran help a thought here we were debating. Before he came on binge Harrington how much power he has vs how much. Power feel had to. Under the under the leadership of Larry Lucchino how could you if you had to compare. Vince -- in general manager in terms of power. Vs Theo Epstein general manager how would you describe. I would I would refer back to the -- replacement -- Sharon and at the end of spring training last year. Where he admitted the title on the line when you took over. How -- interaction -- Larry in the general manager waged. He has the style more on things and then as there were no longer left more so I think bit. This offseason will be different for -- I think it's because because of everything that's happened because. -- -- -- your take a step back as Duncan on the job for another a little bit I don't think it's little pointy. Bill where it can put -- words like it was swift deal it deal I think had quite a bill economy. I don't think arbitrary and I think it -- be a little bit different than last. Is that is that unusual compared to other franchises today and Tampa. And it may may be -- was a bad example. I'm disturbing to some other some other teams. Successful teams San Francisco they just -- at all is that unusual. Based on your reporting what's your observations. Yeah I think it all depends on the personnel these oh what you're talking about the president or even the ownership group to look at. -- in Baltimore. You know or care who put the kibosh on all concentrate. So. You know I'll I think people confused in the red type situation too much -- -- hey you know. Every general manager goes out -- betrayed and and netstat well -- and eat it's just like any organization you have to kind of filter up to. -- -- And but you know I figured the question have to be dealt. How many of those trades have been snuffed out by the president or body ownership group and I think less and less. -- said before I've been blessed but so happened because I think Larry will give that a little bit more free -- this time around. Brian savient has served its tremendous power 'cause of his is -- And four for -- to be able to do right now he may want to he may think he can do it but he wants the job so if you start pitching right now you can have the jump. Yeah we're ready to start bitching about -- just wondering you know compared others well let me ask you this in Europe. Whose deal was that they were -- -- two years could be thirty million dollars. Is that. -- negotiating. Coming up what the terms is that Larry I don't wanna say collectively we get it together but. I know that's not the real world whose deal with. I mean I'd be just couldn't deal but it who have Gillick and I you have to get approval. From the ownership and other origin ownership I have to -- that include Larry Lucchino your ownership opposite were comfortable with the him going two years. And you come to us in terms what terms are. But -- -- -- been negotiating it's clearly good and in the front office but as -- again that it was already patient economic kind of Coker brutal. Did the chain of command a little bit but I don't think the negotiation and I don't perimeters or was. You are all over the deal and -- including breaking down the four million dollar incentives that actually turns out to be. -- health clause dealing with that one particular injury the killings. Being on the disabled list for twenty or fewer fewer games. To me it's an amazing deal for for David Ortiz on the -- along we thought the incentives would have something to do would games played or some other factors and involved and it. So I ask you though he must've started. At a figure north of thirty billion for two years to end up pretty much if he's healthy with the Achilles to get. Thirty million dollars for two years right. Well I think fit it all negotiations the player is always that started in realistic terms of -- and look Scott Boras. Terms that are going to be around it GM meeting here but I think -- -- way I think the Red Sox came up towards -- more than -- came down. I've over the fearful would they fearful of Texas or another team. What were they fearful white. -- all you have to know its all you have to know its in the last 24 hours the red -- came up twice they came up on that Thursday night. And then they came up a little bit more -- attacked and came out on Friday. So. So I took this back at the end of the season that I thought Polanski was going to be different this year to do was going to be. At least one other teams -- a couple of continued presidential press which beat that wasn't the case last year that's what it would Turkey accepted arbitration. So I didn't didn't I am convinced that that was the case and I'm around. It's amazing when you think about two years eighteen was the offer apparently a year ago a year later. Granted he has a terrific first of the season but he missed 72 games. You have question about the Achilles which is included in the deal now with the four million added incentives. Any ends up with a -- deal that was you know almost just let's just have a. You go ahead and and I hear a lot of them all you what percentages that's what people are making -- he's happy. Welcome Pat Toomey maybe a fraction of it was -- it really is still effective this is what the market -- -- that type of hitter and if you don't have that I'd consider. Can you go replaced at target or are you an example Cody Ross took another example of this. It if you weren't -- viable replacements. For -- rod at less than you without you or go to Iraq would have to deal right now. But there's there are viable replacement -- India Turkey even with the injury to a weapon to satisfy what the right side -- we don't execute what you're doing last year. I Dubai that rob this is what I don't buy. The Texas Rangers. We're going to lose a draft pick -- David Ortiz at 37. With an Achilles injury that cost him seventy plus games last year I just don't buy that they say they they've been a Smart team but to me that's just not Smart. All I can tell you -- know for a fact that they were ready. To offer you used to be murdered these two years and I don't know what the dog collar lower didn't you know that's a whole lot of commerce. That's but that's the critical point and what isn't because of pleasure out isn't it. It isn't because it popular I was leverage what is your problem it doesn't make it different absolutely not because because because for a cozy used it. He basically said Warren got something else up here for two years obviously it the it's a phantom number. But it puts fear in the Red Sox position that's why they came up to that number that number to -- is astronomical for David -- well. Well this is what -- -- could have done but I did figure people looking at the other way. It could even look -- taxes contract out there. Because god OK you know -- Texas -- -- the two year deal and we'll see what you have to beat two years twelve year they'll come back and we'll -- that they couldn't. Why did they do what they do that he then that would put him in a free agency why did they do that. The guy that existed one did you come out to risk and I don't think they want to risk any. -- I can I give you want can I give you -- I think they were fearful that David was going to be passed. And that David might -- in spite told a -- -- -- bull Ray Allen and said you know what screw them imitate the Texas. Now for if you're right it was only two years and twelve million he's not gonna do that -- It was close in a bit under few million under he -- -- scroll to the Texas deal. Yeah I know are poorly you're an alcohol played a boat -- open market a bit. Leading into if you go on the open market to your point glad you don't know what's coming out right to kick off certain without. To help bought yourself certainty what is this exclusive period to the -- site had. So they want to take you there and take all the uncertainty out of it at its annual -- What they're gonna do what they can repeat repeat this Hollywood -- -- -- it maybe some other -- here which. So I -- -- shorter -- -- people will pay them a little bit so I don't get into longer Contra. So there's some flexibility when they did they younger players. That they had developer ready to play in a perfectly excited I I think you're ever write -- I just wish they would do something here in the next few days -- And it's that your -- who converted to -- little to do something. I thought it although I loved to chase hello PG and returned about. Getting it back to Botswana on a one -- can't do that. Damn -- Cody Ross steal from a year ago can't go back in in one year and had a real -- Australians himself yet he went on your absolutely. -- rob enjoy Kallis -- stay out of trouble because I heard -- heard some bad reports about two molester. But people all of those we keep on track but I you bet I. Are you ready -- check -- Redford's work at W. You -- dot com quick break -- right -- it.

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