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The Tim Tebow debate rages on? Why? Oh... Skip Bayless

Nov 7, 2012|

We listen in as a less than lucid Bill Romanowski and Skip Bayless try and tell Stephen A Smith that the Jets with Tebow under center are Super Bowl contenders. We think Romo might be high on something.

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I. -- I'd -- this is this is up and Stephen basement. His tendency to go into little dog whistle from time. With bill rove announced always get concerned -- on the microphone. From a Bill Romanowski vision of -- -- What time did you catch -- giants. Know where you know you never know others you know on a diet that day or what's gone. So the debate hopefully about. Empty. They should put that team on his back thank you and let. Him ride them right to the -- yes that's how strong iTunes on your debt scenic New Year's comparable has a I saw him take over. Take over for Kyle -- last year a team that was decimated did not believe in what did he do. He brought say he brought inspiration he brought hard work he brought. Win the to the Denver Broncos. And guess why it took him to a playoff -- -- -- first victory against stopped Pittsburgh. And then had a tough game in so doing and in doing it started every game this year from the start. Would they be Super Bowl contender they would be in that in Iran and because they went -- there -- the toughest part of their season on the first half. Guess what the easier part of their season we've -- enough sound right and now you didn't put you thought that they put the team on his back right now up. I like to. Seattle going in the Seattle I liked Saint Louis -- it's going to be a tough one. Please just go right down Arizona Jacksonville Tennessee San Diego buffalo stop those are winnable games right they could be in it. Get in position these speechless as any innate speaks in returns fire let let me explain to you about this man. This man was Tim -- before Tim Tebow. This man was that tee ball up defenses up and Royce is he went up fourteen and one. It will lead in large market is man. The 49 with the Eagles the Broncos the raiders. Before you are -- -- the playoffs the played in five Super Bowls and once -- them everywhere you went. Great not good things great things apple hardware declares a fiscal I don't I did the defense just got a good players and -- are not all the offense but the defense was gonna Disney had a little -- -- -- like -- random tangible factor. He is a force of competitive nature just -- tell Tebow wins. It's it's almost on definable but it's an it factor and that's what you said that when people have -- what I'm glad I did not -- the strain of bird it's contagious. He made plays T ball -- explain this. -- One more thing. He wants to be great to have heard Stephen thanks -- -- -- elaborate -- and he will out work in the but ill while nobody else has made out in the bars and fingers that I can Finland. Don't know whatever they. What I want I don't know I guess what it's -- he is not that. He's focuses on beaten the best football player he can -- hot and I came at the gate I think -- -- give you up. All of you try to defuse it hit you this or not. It's brought me out on how to. I don't want to stay. How all people it's it's just it just got to go out I know. Lay -- right on the -- a ball yet. About. Real what he's -- predictably sympathetic to look like both. What brought up at shortstop we don't want to put all -- can do with the wrought -- thought it. Though he had not quite as next week that's what. What that is that's wind at the W. Our problem at all what other melt off okay. Notable opponent and a -- note to our great football expert. Peter W you go to guy out there are several elements to winning football games and it isn't just about one player and it just about want with the took. Look at this do right here how many games with the awful last year both pool they'll -- one how many total retailer. I don't know about all the -- -- -- guys. I didn't know that when I think attempt light oil pool was very very bold pick to get away I don't know its gay and it -- a sudden all I. Or don't hurt himself where I -- Then you enjoy ourself in eagle putt up and let me go to -- at a regular -- yeah. And you're not this career cannot when he got auto go you not doing this to when he got to or don't you're not in the way we do mr. -- in the iceman probably five hours with him who Tampa blunt and you know last run I could see right rowand really and -- I saw was purity. What income. I don't think this straight out of the permanent -- here. -- Yeah. I get this straight. That Bob ballots went Tim Tebow and the football bought out. I'd kick you in terms of what to believe saw it is an adamant they simply didn't give might do fifteen minutes than anybody. And I known better than in the off stop. Bill are ridiculous. First the first of when you say. Oozing out of your -- that's a pretty strong magnet bed yet she you know losing just -- -- -- something that just. I'd probably five hours with him ample supply and you know what I can see right the world -- and alls I saw waste purity. Up head out the -- all thought -- lord. I think. That's pretty -- a first of all that this whole Tebow playing in I don't know if you're even defend. It's not gonna change the jets fortune one on how much and they should play him because inches is not has not taken so maybe. You'd try to keep on. And let anybody that really truly believes that if you. What we're finding out right now is exactly what Stephen -- -- and that is he might have made great play and a great series late in the game. But for three quarters he forced his team his defense this offer out there were three and out there were constantly feel in what was seen this year. With a legitimate big time quarterback Denver right now it's five and three I wanted to prediction for you right now what are they won't run the table. They've run the table they are gonna be thirteen in three and they're gonna have very high seed in the AFC in you don't want is their defense is good. And their defense was exposed last year because. He ball was three and out constantly they never got to rest they never got an opportunity you're reorganized on the sidelines. And the defense showing right now. They can get the job done that still rusty there's still -- passion for the defense -- terrific pass rushers in Elvis on one side and Miller on the other side. And they have themselves right now not back later in the year. They may have themselves the comeback player in the MVP in the same guy on throws -- he -- with people's fault last year -- Denver was better. Then what we saw today and Tebow got. Most of the credit they like their defense -- I think their defense is better. That a lot of people think I've done pretty damn good is good defense I think it's pretty good poker pretty -- I'm not saying it's. It's well what's Chicago -- efforts but there is -- New England. I don't care what the numbers are what makes it's great. -- look at the -- -- -- -- difference I think it's potentially better than knowing -- yes as you and your point right goes -- and they get. No way they're gonna give up on the morneau Michael because they football tomorrow and they gave up 24 now okay they give up 24 allegedly -- Diego they give I don't they'd give up 24 San Diego. Couple weeks ago right what do they don't the second half what they give up the second half. An excellent Peyton Manning with the war targeted -- I tell you. That defense was much better than what people everybody thought it was all team it was all people applauded what are not already -- Still there are -- you think of cheap right now. Is the quarterback of the jets and at all or is it. I think you make the change its edges is not taken it if you're -- -- last. Maybe they wouldn't say no I'm not it to -- -- mark but the whole modeled on the spot it'd be more emphatic give -- that again and I -- Eight. Love. It to drop out of out of. Do that we can do that was to -- he do that we're almost in many times in. You know I think by Ramon your general -- if you want to -- a little TV showed an animated and I. You can really personally I take it personal. And forced Romanowski to appeal a cup before it goes on TV today for a dramatic make any difference now but it's -- Is making zero cents even you would have to admit yet he's liberal guy. Zero cents or five hours. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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