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Doc Rivers pregame Celtics + Wizards at the Garden

Nov 7, 2012|

Doc Rivers spoke with Sean Grande just prior to tonight's Celtics-Wizards game at the Garden

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Felt that I presented by Lexus continues from the garden it is the Celtics and the Washington Wizards once again. Although only hold off on a piece of business is a conversation with the head coach Doc Rivers but he is always by Harvard -- out here -- -- -- Count us. Are -- done just like it is the first time we've. Talked I was not warm but there was -- -- Don't try to reconnect and everybody knows that was you know our authority but that's all right what changed after the first quarter on Saturday night. Well number I thought the first -- Ago on the court. Of we played -- all that more. And it did it a couple of things that we can do it. But we -- it -- -- And we have. -- You said the other -- this team was behind it sort of gradually you know like -- meet its teams behind what's that behind -- -- ultimately I don't -- that it just markets that talked about it yet here it is compact that you bring America the economic -- and I have -- make up something else with you know. Which room is those that are well armored anything it's just that. You know we are behind. In the team that's been together. Basically coastline eight. Ago. It is just these work together -- -- the idea to all. That you you know it consistency in the mine I think that the consists unit trusts. Just the -- where there which. And that's. -- -- That theory mean your would be more behind two weeks if there is you'll be now or some of the issues pocket about dealing with continuity in those beat Phoenix in game out there I think -- Oh you know it's what those things when you have. This many new players -- try to play at the same time. Unique practices games video. You can talk to. Up with the ball. You used use use the word trust Nixon people. Confused when what that means -- tournament tabloid Twitter or in basketball that's what you. Worsening or -- A lot of things you know -- -- is not a negative thing -- guys don't wanna Ross is this they go back habits where they play it. You know -- -- instantly as much off probably more differently in our system. You don't have to -- -- ago. It happens -- -- you have to repeat -- god. You can see you to have. By a lot of our guys because they're worried about bigger guy -- -- don't trust someone get back you know. And that the -- create baskets the other team. You know it's funny first quarters pretty good navigate -- closer especially that trust reliever now. Guys don't want to got to score in the trusted his -- -- scored well. You've always said you'd like -- home and home series like many playoffs or is it harder to beat a team twice and wrote that if they beat them you know in November -- there were definitely a good mates are like. This little different though this straight you play. They'll play in three days and it'll play again for three days. There's it is very similar to play after. It's big night for another Chicago guy last night always reminded your first game the first regular season game you coats and as the go to the Celtics with the election eight years ago. And I always remember you talking about in a phone call you were involved it earlier in the day when things look good democratic candidate that it was John Kerry. Who you're talking to on the phone that thought that the things and and really well at night. The guy's name Barack Obama. -- it would help. Turnout so that was obviously euros. In the great night were. These non ornament in Chicago but it just figured I'd. One -- you're allowed this. Her Karl Rove the I was older you know map a course record but that was -- will be better with -- team in the summer that that the Hokies. In wizards actually WEEI Celtics radio network.

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