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Tom E Curran asks Tom Brady why he dresses so weird

Nov 7, 2012|

Tom E Curran joins Mut and Lou to break down the Patriots coming off the bye week and what they have in store against Buffalo. He hopes to see some productive changes in moving McCourty to safety and in utilizing Hernandez more off his injury. He also addresses a recent comment he made concerning how Brady chose to dress during the Aerosmith concert on Monday.

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And we've -- They're cute on. It is good at all so. I had no response today. Yeah. The question and the -- -- lead us. Recognized Tommy currency insanity dot com Comcast sports is joining us on the AT&T hotline every time we talked to Tommy attorneys brought to you by heat and Wes Welker or doctors -- course doctor Robert Leonard call 81800. Get here that's 1800. Get here we -- looking to find out -- if he's got a stylist put those close out Tommy look and see if that was -- put those close out what we go for the air. I'm trying to send out exactly. -- those people picked -- debate because it's. Very violent fault. -- look into it if there -- -- ball and he -- should be that'll he sort of felt that explains a lot. This is decent fifth did you see him afterwards that we -- a quick pass health got a question it was back at -- Yet not yet each. You know obviously it's something that looks weird -- absolutely it does I think the good thing that I can help -- -- An actor checked checked up -- but all of you to death like it's who we could -- -- to -- people. Citi common to have that -- -- that he comedy act choices that you don't -- up there before or sweater choices. But yeah sweaters and have a question on -- -- people like -- Sacramento. It's not good to help what you saw it could find. -- good side. Note don't write comment on anybody to quote pick what you what totally. -- -- -- watched television now and it totally separate 1980 and 1980 critical look at an outfit. We embark here in the second half this season we do so not this week but a week from Sunday against the colts with -- Aqib Talib. How much to list changed the defense Tom and your mind adding a quarterback like this for the final seven games. I think it will at a time and change things. Significantly now that's forecast until we see what did speak out and do the patriots sure. According to find out what this becomes into that probably. Letting out and out with the street finalize a regret directive ending -- -- that would result they'll be at peace shape. So what it does because finalized or what kind of player you -- I've spoken to players vote by the patriots. Who are quite it was believed. And coach you probably could say that. Like the actor but he got a stop got the reach a deal with assimilate really well that -- cover that -- I think political a lot out. But -- the fact that according spoke on Wednesday. About the fact that you kinda like placate the bailout payback there. And it correctly that it's the people we put -- a -- to receiver the -- he. Britain's. Nobody Donnie Avery. We're in. -- -- command and they will double double wondered keep our site you -- cold compared -- blame where it. Whether it be -- also denied in court you put up or people Gregory over the opera diva well over the top. You know I don't bills not gonna come out and talk about that safety position in -- accordion whether he stays there he goes back. But in your mind what should they do with him according. I think it should be a debate eutectic qualification. Built -- check. It's -- having covered a broad side. -- -- Caught conversational on the topic of -- forty. At safety and why. -- records -- -- almost bit the notion that. But I think we can all he would accept it. People I think back there would agree to book the last two weeks I think that the patriots. I've knocked it -- -- -- animal hoarding every single app that they'd be. But I think that they're gonna implement them at the state becoming -- About the other safety Patrick Chung is -- in a position where. He might be analysts say part time player but he situational player in my according gets moved back to safety in these final seven games. Going to be in this the other that if you make him you're -- water. A move into that spot because he certainly isn't. What I would Paula appreciate the I think that you know is this blog -- meaning political -- that we get about a block made like an extra linebacker cute little. Nor did not quite -- bit -- an ideal. It's probably -- treat everything. At the -- but he recovered to still quite upbeat look at people -- -- -- to execute a halt and got all caught back up much. We wouldn't I would be having read Arctic. But he is not built that place so it is going to be a big where I felt -- Gregory did not consult or. Previously being entered they've got Wilson was a process I think it's starting to get reps over Gregory. That you would be at opera. So there's a lot about so -- side. I think what you're forty and worry about the rest after that deep -- people believe about albeit it. And Kyle art that is your depth that -- worry about -- -- You are coming in -- year one -- just hyped up Aaron Hernandez the role he can have breakout season he's only been in the four games announced coming off the injury. Up first off do you expect him to be back after the bye week and if so. What changes -- what every bit waiting full UC from Aaron Hernandez that makes this offense so dynamic. It separation. The fact that with one step -- double break. He covers about separate -- and it got that should be going into -- -- people like Barack I mean you get wrapped up a patient. Honor because -- so law. And at temple but of course they got that separation -- quickstep or -- -- about eight people it ought a linebacker that. The separation that he's able to get -- early it is about. It's flexibility you know I don't bit injured but the simple player was in the open field of people -- -- That you would necessarily put it a normal items like Rob Gronkowski you know that we brought to you about the open and have complete outfit brought out to be cute about what did not -- -- feasible alternative that is really what sent an avid apart physically. It. Is flexibility in it explosive -- -- to hear it. I don't know what we that would -- to -- export -- In the we -- the Seattle game. Even take it. But put paid to him that but he caught by the that it gave apple that. You're right other data at that time all -- -- it was sporadic it. Injured ankle and it is what enabled which that it would get up here so you're feeling that a player who. Active and -- that pitted and Google. Go whichever -- it. Ankle app was that -- review what you look like if you'll push up owing to your left lateral league. And it was you don't want what the other you've got have -- the fact that it has mapped out what they're dealing with what they're close and personal player. Dollar terms of Wes Welker and my concern. Hernandez IN SA's talented but the injury thing worries me they're gonna invest in Hernandez and they haven't say okay he's our slot guy. Gronkowski the tight and we can let Wes Welker move on. Are we staring down the barrel the final eight regular season games that Wes Welker and a patriot uniform. I think you keep weight I don't think they've got -- to have an option at the end of it beat it. Am probably. Oh good system. Got to reprint give portrait -- -- out of itself out of ten point five billion. Eleven billion dictate what we would have hated it we can keep a contract with what people. -- that's the patriots getting out to watch. They get -- years but they're getting -- higher salary cap it. I think they can't the capital and it got well a couple that that had equitable. But the rookie contract. About it that you feel like it it you know they can -- about it. Bite at a higher -- but it didn't happen this year. Risks involved with but. What -- guaranteed money now the other aspect is. Do want to let him go if you create at the park. I think -- -- -- that'll help the command. Ten million dollars. Or what here. But he might get. Forty or over -- to let -- -- at least 3536. Humidity -- But for your opportunities -- built bit. The most productive. Player an appellate division. That that the B conceivably you play somewhere else but. You talk about the alternatives that they can't. -- -- look at this game against buffalo and in wheat for May be isn't different thoughts of body and he's still there are still the unknown I think they are what they are at this point however. Picked to -- -- backs are healthy this time around is this could this game get it to -- even. I still think the defense can stop the patriots put how does this game be close I'm sure Bill Belichick try to tell you that today. Well or develop that at every game -- played with buffalo. Want to give the other product that confront. It and some people keep the patriots -- Or you want in buffalo last year upload it back to where the patriots. -- earlier this year but at a future. We a big deficit over keep painting until the last year you'd get that overcame them. So it's really hard to predict how these games will go with the bill you do things on what doubt whether it be in the field goal. Situation oracle. The bill are going to be afraid of the patron. They're going to be different the result and there -- probably a feeling of inevitability. You're matching up with them but they know that they execute against the patriot who beat -- eight people are not a patriot place. Page three of stability in the back at center because that three no doubt about that a lot. -- play and -- people and the secondary. Have collapsed. Not last month for May there's been what it. Ten seasons where Brady and Belichick have been healthy together in the second half of those 106. 604 of them. Have a -- no. Two of those have been seven and one what would be in your mind the the bump in the road that would keep them. In this second half this year from their perspective from having a similar at a date no seven a 12 half. Schedule what would be go to Houston 49ers. -- -- -- -- -- But schedule wise that would be the top of the -- the top of the world will be how to -- the secondary. Call us other come together how well they play into the -- if you believe. My guess is that quote prevent that we saw. So those are the two things really that. That he did it for -- -- have to get better particularly here by. Edit the latter course of the season and the Detroit in the penalty epic. Tom appreciate the time is always good stuff with -- radio their today quick slant Snyder tomorrow this week. On borrowed. -- in which your outfit yet on the bed ready to go I want. It ought to leave it up as -- helping -- that and all Brady that is. I haven't. But maybe I should -- -- -- glass as to where over the next has beat that beach are not revealing anything over there. Make the F I think it's upside down and not -- suit. Tommy courtesy among quick slam it's you'll hear -- mom on the big show on Friday and of course is always brought to you by his and Wes -- -- doctor doctor Robert Leonard call 1800. I get here. A quick break come back at your phone calls and -- 6177797937. Not live on Wednesday.

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