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Should the Red Sox trade Jacoby Ellsbury?

Nov 7, 2012|

Mut, Merloni, and Kirk Minihane discuss whether trading Jacoby Ellsbury is the right move for the Red Sox.

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For argument sake sales -- free agent having this season's gone after last season was injured. And we came back results productive as he was the year before what what kind of ballpark figure would you be looking for for Ellsbury worry coming -- here's a free agent. I know a lot of guys I don't really talk about values players' fault. Play guitar to bit on Kirk on the other guy -- you we talk about privately. Yeah well I don't do that I reserve that the Taliban leaders myself. -- I'd rather extensive dialogue about it. It's those kind of things or done. Negotiating a player Richard hunt for the whole I'll let everybody we published. Super agent Scott Boris dressing rob Bradford and Alex beer -- On the hot stove show Thursday night 7 o'clock right here and I mean you -- seven you are -- going -- right that's right Miller did you the one that asked the question well rob and Alex. It was -- happier than god forbid. Don't come on I mean just don't come on it's fine. Alison Scott Boris yap for twelve minutes now. -- answer questions. Why would elevenths and others are on tomorrow night show. Addressing the aces it's got to be sponsored by us and again be allowed them to ask questions. During that conversation that's a strange story. That's a strange story it turns and Ellsbury though you asked the one question that -- every once ask themselves what would you Colby -- -- Be -- how do you evaluate players. Who is gone from. Didn't play too MVP candidate to. Kind of sort of played. Was nowhere near the player was before. The possible guy to figure out yeah you know is if you're the Red Sox you're knocking them a lot of money he has an earned it and he's not gonna settle for OK contract because Scott bourses station. I was forced to trade at this point who wrote to her a barrel this morning Silverman. Had a story about Barry and he's right I mean right now is far more likely the red suction would trade him -- get -- decent back and sign him again so yes I mean I think you're sort of at that point. Now and he writes that and I agree with so when he wrote that this morning since then Ken Rosenthal reporting the Red Sox are inclined. Are disinclined to trade Ellsbury -- the value is is low right now wouldn't be. Or that but what what are the options here the realistic options now as he gets sent -- -- ready to embark on this GM meeting thing. I keep Ellsbury for half a year in trade him. I keep Ellsbury for an entire year and get a sandwich pick when he walks away all right trade him out as they want it. Your guys wanna put in the fact that they re signing to -- that's an impossibility that Jacoby Ellsbury -- sides of the Boston. I don't think he does unless -- yum. Was out there and justice. Is what he was when he showed appear last year at the end of the year up he goes on eight to eighty with four you know with 678 home runs the -- runs and and then also in the price tag comes down with Scottish Celtic and we get a bigger deal somewhere else I don't. I don't see it coming back but. -- -- -- -- -- His value is solo right now. When you talk but it's impossible for the Red Sox to sign this guy is also possible fourteen to two how do you value him in a trade. All this talk about you know Ellsbury for Anderson Texas right is that a pro for coming up you -- if I'm Texas. Why would I do that agreement with Ellsbury isn't a bad year -- -- -- over Sanders in his first three years in the league start when a global output infielder to talk about it all star shortstop. It is extremely. Extremely consistent. Player you know. They're not in Canada not 300 hitter with thirty bombs but they talk about an extremely consistent hitter you penetrate four. An extremely inconsistent guy who don't even -- could be a home run. Or it could be cynical and we traded interest for this guy -- back on the DL again or he's just the united he would with seven home runs. It's it's an appeal but it's not -- we thought and now we're forced to give the big contract. It illustrates a light of of trading Elvis theaters I gotta give Ellsbury long term view that I just lost interest for. -- stricker Ellsbury has a great year next year. But he did last year is he goes out in the desert 2011 but I next year for Red Sox plays all your 2013. As a season pretty close at 2011. -- -- is going to be looking at it insane amount of money. Now the Red Sox are gonna say are we gonna give a 17880. Million dollars to this guy. We're so let them. -- as a caught an average year. Is that the concern that the guy you've talked to Scott -- still gonna find some clients somewhere to overpay -- there's been in your mind with an average year for to go. How do you define and out that's my point I mean my point is that his average his first two years is it again to 95 with eight home runs in the 340. Just say OS's face to ninety 1670. Steals 35 bases and so BP is 350. -- a huge agenda -- from gym pump money somewhere. And it's not worth it's not going to be here -- you're looking at a guy was had one year it's worth that money in his career you get six or seven years at fifteen sixteenths. And -- not a lot of people here Boston they've brought it up before boarding the people of a round baseball. I got a guy here now -- at 280 with nine the real one with with eight -- 71 with four. 321 with 32. We the people of the public think about that year -- -- that a guy going up there at the jokes you know -- to sit around baseball that doubt is in there with everybody. That year was absolutely ridiculous. I don't know. If just like you can't put a dollar figure. You you don't know what type of player he is you don't you can put a dollar figure got a contract which again and you can't put a value on him in a trade. So unless some some some team out there -- looked at a more like he was in 2011 is willing to give Buick great deal you do the deal. If someone's gonna sit and say you know what -- to a consistent but I'll give you play Ericsson why. And you not happy body don't do it just because it's his final year in a -- -- -- playing -- Goodyear from Jacoby hopefully what's riskier right trading him now. And maybe getting something back that. You -- -- full value or let them play out the year I think that he. Did the trade partner what you get back is obviously. The most important thing year but the but the big picture asked to be cherry -- Addressing this to be just openly biscuits out the opening telling players that they -- involved in trade talks. Affect Ellsbury -- is the agent it's a free agent walk year for him he's got to come in and I think he's gonna actually -- next you -- an average year. I Boris gets his guys are ready for years like this when you're on the costs. So whatever -- didn't does whether such a -- or not. I think he's get a -- and call any potential trade partner and making glare and the obvious matter what Rosenthal reporting today. This guys available you have to openly shopped him beginning today. What does make sense how do you look at you bring him back he plays well next year in the team's not contending. The MAB chairman deadline to get as much as you can you take the risk -- us and right now is straight guy was forty cents on the dollar. -- even get seventy cents on the dollar and we bring him back and it's certainly understand that reasoning why there is of the report might be true. 6177797937. The current text your -- we just let him play -- we might actually like the transition. Of the team. -- that that's that's being very hopeful and it's going against the Scott -- track record as far as I can tell there's one Boras client chaired Weaver. Who took when he called a hometown discount. But instead of testing the free agent market -- it going and see what the best. Offer was out there he took a pretty good deal because he want to stay in LA. Given what we know about -- Perry what happened here with the team and the fans and is don't teammates and it the injury stuff. He's taken that deal. What -- did from here or -- we -- from LA want to stay with the angels. Don discounts not going to be either so when a text -- says let it play out here like might like the transition. What are the chances. That you can get him every reasonable deal I got that out of all the things trader for -- that it -- up be up to snuff wait till the deadline next year and decide. That's the worst option let him out the year with the hope that maybe maybe Scott Boris with the second online baseball that sides take a stand off with a check out the -- Probably trading at the deadline. -- listen if there are. Where they were last year and if -- you know even the deadlock between if you're if you're a couple of games out you -- Jacoby Ellsbury the -- Two wild cards you're 34 games out. But the -- argument that this organization would treat Jacoby may be an opportunity with our games over 500 in your 45 games while card. I'm -- -- that -- here I am trying to decide if they can't trade Jacoby at the Braves have a great season Lester gets -- last year. You know Alicia fifteen games out via the Boston right so instead -- the boss threats. You've got some flexibility -- Jacoby. What you do with Google their trade for somebody. And try to make a run Monica's funny annually this idea that you know it is funny years you gotta get some before he walks vote. If that's the case. You know. It will be seen saint paying the following year but they don't Jon Lester. Dubious final year in year after that what it's Dustin Pedroia. Sometimes you just let the players play this thing out and go to free agency and either try to sign if you if you want them if not let go. The way to the. I do wonder organizationally though. Verdict come new idea that listen unless something crazy happens we're doing this we're not doing matter we you know -- potentially 150 million dollars in Jacoby Ellsbury. If he is a good year next year really Goodyear have to imagine the answer and has no. Right now for them. And go against the need to discipline idea with -- to be and I thought it was somewhat undisciplined to guarantee David Ortiz a second year. Going 250 million bucks for Jacoby Ellsbury. That would be off the charts. On disappointment they talked about lash at the deadline at Texas I mean they did talk about Ellsbury in the deal to -- targeted unprecedented. This idea -- movement in the that he was talked about the depth of the Rangers. 6177797937. Your phone number 61777979837. Michael Solomon writes about it today. Yeah I think about trade Jacoby Ellsbury that he is the one -- that gives you an option to reshape this roster. Will go down that road as -- Red Sox fan it's on your phone call that.

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