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Ross Tucker, former Patriots OL, previewing the Patriots second half

Nov 7, 2012|

Ross Tucker joins Mut, Lou, and Kirk to talk about his experience with Pats OL coach Scarnecchia, as well as which teams he thinks have the best shot at competing for the AFC and NFC title games. Tucker says that the Pats new DB Talib won’t necessarily fix all their secondary problems.

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-- season NFL. Look back look for -- got a three point seven WEEI Kirk went ahead with us as well Ross Tucker. Here -- everywhere including. How watchman NBC sports here money NFL radio. And he joins us on the AT&T hotline AT&T four GL TE was speeds up to ten times faster than three G to AT&T. Rethink possible. Ross Michael and Kirk Dario. A couple of -- traveling goes. We talk with you a lot about this patriots team heading into the year they sit at five and three. Any major surprises as you view the patriots -- called a couple their games in the radio this year. Are really earlier I think my biggest surprise -- -- dispute that didn't close out a couple games in that state. They lost a couple close games you know that Seattle won quite jumps out here -- -- -- one of the Baltimore what does it always surprised me that much but. Ultimately I know their record at the end of the year. I'm not quite as flashy that it's been. It's the reaching here but I think they're good as ever president they're better and they are now they run the ball better than they have in years. Where her lawyer gives them. A better deep threat that it had a couple of years another option in the passing game and they'll run defensive front seven is better than. In several years that Billups and Richard on the back end. I think goes well look a little bit better when they get Steve Gregory and Patrick Chung back but ultimately. I -- a better team and they were the last couple years. Ross when he concerns coming year firm -- correctly as it was mine and a lot of patriots fans. Was this offensive line and it just comes to prove that Dante Scarnecchia ethnic. You start questioning what he can do with an offensive line -- mix and matching makes you look like before this offensive line's been outstanding. Earlier political and that means Beirut that group. Really struggled in the pre season. And I thought that they would have some struggles in more along without protection. Throughout the year and -- done something that -- those guys pull it helps the most is really cute things one. Greedy for the most part it's the ball at -- -- so quickly. And number two it on the ball so effectively. That really enabled you know don't Wear down the defense not only is the third it's less spot in the that you can change our course set. You know me so much of the at all with the -- kittens in the air time because it kicked the same and then -- the same thing I'll figure out. The appeal -- time not your hands down in going to quarterback. And it just to enable these guys to change things -- I think they've gotten better before. They got it's harder here are those that report guys at nine. Offensive line coaches in the NFL. And I didn't always. Terror for his motivational tactics. I didn't always agree with some of his techniques sports teams productive Scarnecchia was clearly to me. The best golfer -- like coach I have to keep gets the most. As a healthy given I don't know what they say America's I don't know. Well how does he -- motivational tactics as he just. Breaking down how does he motivate them. Military background. So he was in the Marines though water boarding. -- -- no -- footage. It's a lot of screaming and yelling at a lot of negative reinforcement -- school you know the guys. Grew up with -- you know -- school coaches try to use that well it shouldn't get the FO level. And it's weird because I know deep down he really cared for his guy. He loves -- guys but. So slight you sure you -- much -- by yelling at your 41 of those separately. You know if you're sure that you're not yelling at you at all or -- you. They've got a real problem that he doesn't care. You -- -- telling -- -- because he really thinks you can -- itself saying it you really want to target. Do -- good teams right now in the AFC Ross. You still look at Houston -- -- high ranked him as Houston still a class threw -- pick one team right now as I come out of there. He going used to -- going to England Denver Baltimore. Good question you know I I right now I would say Houston. But then again it's hard -- got to put your daughter by 49 player and audit. I wouldn't I wouldn't go to you that I go to New England probably just because I -- -- believes. That they can win those two or three playoff games in a row and get there when I hear that -- I still feel like it AFC title game against -- that in the Steelers are against -- Brady. I'm sure that -- -- I think it seemed -- debt until they like at about airs on the at a seaside. The bird -- -- yes. But -- importantly with -- Atlanta. So -- torture. Because you -- you do it you haven't seen one of those quarterbacks to go out against one of those other quarterbacks. When it matters the most I would think guys right now there's only ten teams. That have -- shot what sort of -- all we're talking. -- -- I think it's pretty much the same. That we thought for the year starter I mean it's it's -- good leaders. In each conference. You know Great -- -- -- and then it's. The second team is yeah it's in North Carolina Pittsburgh Steelers. And the second team in the north which right now Rebecca. I cannot foresee any other team -- that's what we do. -- getting -- I appreciate your game from making any sort of run the ball into the upper we do they are. That we're gonna go to all about 200 went. We're talking -- -- your -- on Twitter at Ross talker NFL. Did the acquisition of Aqib Talib bump the patriots up I -- Houston there how much that change the Patriots defense Ross. Well -- repeats. Playing at a high level and he's eligible play. And I think it helps that because it's that the guys that really is that outfit. The cover people you know -- one but I -- you -- protect our plus. You know those that -- reclamation projects that -- pregnant they got nothing. Other Haynesworth. And characters until last year. One everybody and their brother was rushing to praise them or so undoubtedly give them any credit for this were there to get any other. But so I actually see it. You'll only see some of these rookie quarterbacks -- come in the league and -- -- they did immediately in a Cam Newton last team with the struggles this year RG three. Interlocking as a few other guys -- Russell Wilson is at. When you look at and does that mean at the college game is that we give the credit to some of the -- -- running in college. I you know what I think it's even earlier than that. And as you guys know I I have the company brokered recording dot com where I you know it's cool video equipment mask all the time. -- -- -- -- they're -- your calendars using Coke break. And at the high school level for a few more people these guys. Somebody -- school quarterbacks -- 63. Iron and regards our minority -- job. Mean these parents called me a limit them that I haven't done that and though it's like and that -- at least several separate. Gravel road bicycle after I was it's -- these things started. And it becomes bigger and bigger and bigger and it's basically ego it's great for BP is wide receivers. Has increased. Everybody's performance in the passing game -- all. Since the midnight it's really incredible to watch. These guys go to college storybook starters true freshmen. They're much more prepared than they ever work. They're used to running well offensive. Changing protection re import large receivers are important -- in Sudbury. I think that trickled into the college is there a better -- and -- -- better in the NFL -- that entered look at -- guys in every reporter thirty yards. Who brought our -- receiving two guys like why don't and if I regret that they exactly. You know the most well known guys in the league and we're -- there -- elaborate -- 12143. 63. According. Converted all six of those I get the -- -- therapy that in the NFL in the Miami Dolphins -- it is a prodigy. It's pitchers the talk about it now and a lot people log onto your website go big recruiting dot com Ross wrote we appreciate the time today. Appreciate your thoughts in -- second apple talking down the road. Ross Tucker joining us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE was speeds at ten times faster than three GT AT&T. Out rethink possible and will be another. Round this right -- -- Barkley USC the united geno Smith the West Virginia. And if you tie yourself to a geno Smith specifically. Actual -- the -- -- -- mural the Google crazy about geno Smith a month ago and it came against the Texas -- a Saturday night but it's a very college offense can he do what. The Redskins have done. Implement some of that pistol you know for my RV three and let him beat his helmets and try to make him April quarterback of the crop coming through again. I mean you know Barkley nineteen Smith yep decline in Kansas State I mean you've got another crop of two -- three other quarterback Derek. -- rookies. And Agassi the former high levels. We've seen this year from -- is that you know we know this all the time without a quarterback you are dead if the colts have won five games last -- -- the sixth or seventh pick. The -- nowhere right now absolutely no war. Yes that that that's the greatest ever doesn't protecting in history. If you're close there's a guy you're in love with your tank it is. It's amazing what they were able to do right you -- Peyton Manning for all those years you have one. Awful awful season that you get the next Peyton Manning did you have any could be right back in the playoffs in -- get here thirty years. That kind of quarterback put the -- Here the teams had done that I can think and correct me -- wrong. Us separate Cisco was able to do it up when Montana young Packers Packers are able to do it Favre into Rogers that worked out pretty well you just mentioned the colts. To go Peyton Manning one really bad year I think -- right they tanked the hell out of it. Season to a lesser extent to a much lesser extent. The patriots have been lucky like that a blitzer is not as good as those guys you categorize -- came in 93 Super Bowl and you know he was a franchise level kind of quarterback in the pages have had that. Say for one year Brady was hurt. Since 1993. At least you know you have a guy quarterback is no doubts about its tough. To do in the teams have done it had been a look at the that success and I'm sure Belichick in the back of his wife's thinking OK when Brady. Decides who won maybe maybe Belichick was on that point -- and crafts are thinking about it which say utterly at the next guy the falcons with one year Joey Harrington. From victim of Matt -- and smaller extent that I say as far as quarterback -- and you have. For years charger stewards say you know they went to breeze live a -- of a break and then right to rivers so I mean you know. That's -- -- the most franchises don't have their teams are still looking for quarterbacks I mean it's a good dolphins have their guy now on they look after marine. -- -- to draft another one right they mightn't first round they had that great stretch they went from. A blitz and it not -- Eric crowd -- luck and outlook I think about the UCLA quarterback fifth who dated up Playboy model UCLA and -- and -- -- yes you're out there any gimmick now they're telling the whole abominable I had a bad stretch then that they've been they've been like that. Anyone figure from Derek Anderson last forty years. Which is like its backing of the Brady the conversation yesterday we had about Belichick being overrated I meet people apply in many players are looking at Brady. In this league you're not a good coach -- have good quarterback they are actually tied together no -- a genius with a Chad Pennington. Back there you know thrown fifteen touchdown or fourteen -- went eleven to five Matt Cassel. What -- that you know. A different conversation nick and Eric in your phone call 617779. 7937. That's a football thing to talk about and we made some bad bad bad bad bad I did. NFL predictions start the chance to reset here at the midway point at some point this hour your calls next.

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