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Greg Bedard, Boston Globe, on Pats-Bills and the Pats secondary

Nov 7, 2012|

John and Gerry talk with Greg Bedard about this weekend's matchup with the Bills and whether or not the Bills are the same team that was blown out in their first meeting this season. They also discuss where Aqib Talib will fit in this secondary and how Devin McCourty's days at cornerback may not be numbered.

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-- Mid show. Wednesday. Means one thing and one thing only. We -- up and Greg Bedard from the Boston Globe joins us on the AT&T hotline AT&T -- LTE good morning Greg -- Did you explain to me something that I don't understand how is it that every single member of the New England Patriots who happened to be interviewed yesterday. Had virtually nothing to say about a key to -- how does that happen or is quite a coincidence that there are Freddie might smashed their face with a helmet at that been done before. You know it. It is kind of predict that mean you know they'll check. When -- married yesterday but on Monday spending. You know here's the first time he's -- immediate as they meet this big deadline deal. And he says you know we're just focused on the Buffalo Bills and you know -- deal with that whenever he shows up. Considering we traded for him while he's actually suspended. I mean this is closest competitors in the patriots -- a -- There's not a big deal yet you know when he shows up. I guess we'll talk -- we know how you know just how much they're gonna say. What was the last what was laughable was bill indicated that he didn't know exactly when he was gonna be there and and point of fact doesn't build know exactly what day what hour what minute he's walked into the door. Yeah. Credit here we sure -- we sure somebody's hold the key get the cardinals want to talk to him right. Well I mean he does that agents so in. The you know he's gotten like the middle of the -- force yourself to it's gonna. Suspension worries that a primary value -- that possible but you know he has represented by pop France -- residents. A lot of players in the league. And so off I beat him. I'm sure Todd has talked to the patriots and insurer some messages have been -- laid back and fort. Have you attempted to talk to touch so you could talk to Aqib. I have and he said what term my call which is not that's not unusual for now. -- he kind of it's gotta admit that's part how -- while operates with the media -- I used to deal a lot with him. Document over the dolphins -- yet Ronnie Ronnie brown and other people so. I go back a little bit ways with him but he's not exactly the most media differently. Are you you are great reporter and we we enjoy your stuff -- I'm an attempt. To challenge or is it. Gillick -- gift certificate and I know you know. We come up for the rest of Sharia. Maybe -- go straight you can find out why he punched the cab driver while the cab was on the highway. In the fast lane and he unloaded on him from the backseat we need to know what the cab driver did to deserve that. Your travel. Old -- cars to find that out for you. You think he can do you know. It correctly and that it now you'll you'll you'll game I respect for ever not -- Like it right now but that would be something new you edit. Great piece on Sunday great peace and and a -- referred to in his column and I'm not sure who still thinks. That there is a different the patriots do things differently that they were higher standard higher ethical standard for their people. But you get the sense when you're down there I mean I know and Christian -- thing was a thousand years ago right. And on and that was a long time I was on air with them. When it happened we were on the air or planet with Christian Peter at the time yeah right like it did in fact -- think you -- -- cut that day because he was kind of arrogant. But tell me who down -- still believes the -- is do things differently Greg. The -- I mean you know I bill has no illusions that I liked what is that like you know -- it. About that he says you know Belichick is never put out there and you -- That he thinks he's any different theories doing things differently but you know my dealings with. The -- -- I have got and we've all heard the quotes I mean even last year -- all about it'll look -- a Finley was a special team and things like that. Bigger in particular the other day I was like you know -- Would it would run to the Super Bowl. Probably not from most fans but Tom can just imagine if your properties were there and actually on the team the entire year. Would you have felt a little bit differently about that team. Maybe a lot of people wouldn't. I might have looked at them a little bit differently but you know -- at that time. That that trade I definitely have my reservations about that trade at about that and I wrote that the time. Because I could put Ochoa said there at the risk is definitely worth it -- mean they need to receiver and he hasn't been an amateur probably doesn't love football. And just you know maturity that sharpest foolish in the -- boat ain't worth site had you reservations about. How much see. Really like -- Game of football. Which is in Belichick said Lester tonight after the first hour you think he's worth like football and increases the ball. If we do we didn't think that would traded. On the bill was wrong about that at least I if our murmur correctly bill had -- change were -- that trade he hasn't been able to talk to police. At all so he doesn't know where he's mentally. But. You know I. I was I was against that trade. But and I wasn't against that I thought that the risk was OK with paperwork but I had these reservations as opposed to this one work. You know there's a lot of different factors into it but. Now -- -- to produce industry. Don't get the sense that that philosophy that corporate philosophy of the patriot way is different we're different we only employee character people. As somehow morphed into will maybe they were bad then but now -- going to be good we are going to keep them if they are character people if they act like character people. When they're in the organization. That. Amorphous. Yet I would say that that's true and that I don't even in the even in my piece set in our way as. The patriot way am and I just do think that you know in my dealings with Robert Kraft and jumping craft. -- -- since I've been here. And I get along with -- -- I have no problem would be the way that it runs or say it. Ridiculous -- -- however they want. But. You at all what. Was not. Kid ourselves about what different -- year there trying to him you know -- football games and deal for mead told me you'd. Believe is different than everybody else I mean you know you if you wanna -- group problem child in the one big group okay yeah sure they've done and I'm under no illusions that. You know 53 point helped -- plant for the patriots -- and I. A cover this -- from the dozen years I've been face to -- -- some really nasty characters. But at least they didn't really get I mean and I know they're bad people but at least stated they have a common sense not that. Once cab drivers in the header like -- -- You know the other things that police. Somebody's in his prime Greg ended their Haynesworth was not obviously was done. Ochocinco was not an historic as filthy rich this -- -- right guys 25 playing for his next contract isn't that the difference here. Well I mean I picked I picked differences the patriots are completely desperate about him he needs them. Yet you'd -- you'd think if they were okay. More than I thought they were decent quarterback do you think that they would entertain now bringing this guy in here for. You know what could amount to seven games for fourth round pick of course. What you you you point this out that its high price. Why the high price were other teams in on the bidding -- the team. Syria I seriously doubt that I haven't heard from anybody that they were -- combination of things and you could some -- logic of the patriot because. In I didn't have room to point this out of the gets convoluted when you try to explain in print but. You know -- did the patriots could in theory give a compensatory pick. And then than it once it becomes a free agents signs elsewhere yet won the following. The year complicated formula. It's you know based on how much the contract is for how much he plays for the new team. So you know stay at the base the patriots are gonna pick up an additional seventh round -- -- the Fox News that if they kept them. They could've kept picked up -- sold that was a purer. Some of the reasoning that the -- used but I think you know I think it's kind of ball to. I think the interesting portion of this story has yet to be played out and that'll mean whether he's a good citizen or not let's assume. That he needs them and needs to play well and do it right as much as they need him to go to. Fix what is broken on their football team I think the interesting part of the story Greg as if he plays well. If he keeps his nose clean what happens and they do they invest and investigate whether they wanna go forward but discuss -- three years after that. Yes I think that I think that's extremely he. It's seeing him he got to think that if the patriots are gonna make this work as much as possible on the difference. Mean do that I see between he were -- -- business and is that all paint were quick on the field line here. -- -- -- I thought we also thought the patriots are in the immediately -- Hopefully be back in the future I mean he did give questionable effort on. Running touchdown earlier this year but -- I want sixteen with bill number the only time I ever saw anything where you could say I'm not sure he gave full effort on the he was trying to act for like area. Holding -- -- wasn't that bad but I mean you know he's -- He could apply the player party is good player and you know the patriots are gonna do everything in their power to make this work I mean from. I wouldn't be surprised if spell check takes him under -- personally I wouldn't be surprised if they have someone. With him all the time possibly living with him. So they're gonna make this work in it and when that happens. -- patriot code the Super Bowl. A bomb. But he did have a decision -- they wanna keep going like this debate trust that depict a result in the off season. Which is really the big problem I think he's one of these guys in the building. He's fine. Tex division and how much are they gonna best. Oh sure halfway point MBP would you agree with me that a -- Manning. That these questions. I don't on my fully boredom on board of Pete Manning train. I mean extremely well. Is the highest rated quarterback in NFL and he just got there Greg what do they all get them what they're still working. On their you know their synergy. That. I don't know I think they are I think they're gonna get better but I do you think. I do think that. It'll look look what the patriots. Did Peyton Manning in the Bronx a lot of what that was speakers often split. You know defensively. The Broncos also struggled for good portion of the game and it's not exactly like the patriots -- planned like. The steel curtain or anything like that that time I big first happened BP at this point apple would have to be -- Ryan. I have to be very -- I mean you can't do any better than that I don't think they're going to be there and I'm sure you don't look at them similar idea that. They need to win a playoff game for -- believe anything about that team. I don't care how many games in the regular season games and went but. I think he has to be the MVP right now. I think the AFC championship might be in Denver and the -- got. I think it's the easiest schedule in the NFL -- to one team with a winning record left on the schedule the last eight and I think he's getting better every week. They win that division maybe they -- and up with the best record. Houston or New England is gonna have to go to Denver and and Pete Manning in the AFC championship game. Yet -- get premier rate between. Its severest treatment actions. The Broncos and I think the -- be right there for you know byes and best record. You know the thing is that the you know the Broncos have the fish -- game had. -- of the patriots. They have the tiebreaker. With the head to head matchup commendable how -- with the Texans in the patriots. Would not be surprised with the patriots when McCain so they might have the tiebreaker over both teams so I wouldn't count out. The patriots quite yet even though the second half looks a little bit daunting with the Texans in the forty kind of backed Barack. Com. You know the patriots -- -- note the past two seasons in the second half and well I don't think it's likely this time around I would not count them out at all because I think it's. I think -- offense I think there's going to be a little bit of a problem period again once Hernandez in the Shiancoe come back Josh is gonna have to figure out again. How to use all these guys once he'd -- he'd probably just got to a point with the rams like all right. I know what I'm doing here we feel good man you're gonna have this influx of players and I think it's gonna throw them off temporarily but I think it'll be a minor thing. Before they really get on track -- last month the season. On Sunday when we see the bills will they be the same bills that got their butts kicked 5228. After leading whatever it was 217. And the patriots. I think almost made them quit in that game in buffalo same team. Pretty much. I want support since game. Pretty closely yesterday and -- in a lot of -- the top there at the same issues there I mean they don't have the right. Tackle dependant tackles -- run Dave Wannstedt steam schemes civic. The big. -- -- penetrate too much to get up. The field that move there easily pushed Darius and Williams even though the good players that bad fit for that and I still think the papers and run all Obama they want to meet. The -- obviously are gonna play nickel and dime all the time -- did it last time. Get run over so I think they're gonna play their base more but I mean make. They now have huge problems in the secondary Aaron Williams that -- mr. -- -- was -- good to begin. And then the back a bit who you'd I was going to be back up parents beat the use when I'm injured reserve so you're talking Leo's Mckelvin NASA go about -- back. And you know -- bought that out of quarterback like two years ago now they have the use him I got a rookie fourth round pick Ron Brooks who has -- implanted. He's good at the -- so there're hurting a lot. You know offensively they're gonna do what they do it's just the question is this Patrick hotter than hot and how long the collapse and it will -- the only run the ball because. Spiller Jackson -- -- -- out there to be gators. Would that be good for the patriots who can defend the run pretty well. You would think so I -- over this in the Texans put their base defense hold obvious to bill -- -- to dare them to probable. And they did that but. Fitzpatrick just couldn't really do anything and he wouldn't go down field. You know look this is the -- kill the patriot plot come around yet yet the foreign perceptions but. Still seven plays over twenty yards. You know he made some plays too big in the left a lot of plays on the field. I mean you know look if -- -- was a really good game the patriots are in for one -- and made me yet and none of the season in and a lot. I thought you would know the answer this question based on having Belichick or anybody down there would tell you but do you suspect and according stays at safety when Aqib -- shows up. That. IE I think that the global we're Nancy were strong is problem this week I. You will try to get that -- that -- -- another chance. At safety with Gregory initially. Before -- it's here. Hand. Woolsey I mean does he play -- -- the help the yours the pastors united he he is not guessing as much. And if those things are true then. Maybe it stick with Chordiant quarterback or he has. Contrary to popular opinion he has played pretty well. On this he's an outside of few plays late in games -- apps. But. You know I think I am personally I think long term I think that according Gregory Meeks say it's the sense of safety. And because then according doesn't really -- -- covered very well -- go with the lead and -- Then those two guys -- plus press man coverage and you need to do that on occasion to win in the big games in the big spot. In the NFL I think that gives you your past wanna do that. Is Greg Bedard on football Boston Globe thanks for the chat talk and actually Greg draw the weekend. Greg -- doesn't Callahan on AT&T hotline AT&T four GL TE was speeds up the ten times faster than three GAT and T rethink possible.

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