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Nov 7, 2012|

D&C are disappointed and open the show by going into Boston's biggest sports disappointments that they've suffered through. Paul Gallant is the latest fill-in as flash boy as he joins the fray.

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Sometimes -- four hours is it just enough time to cram in all the stuff we have to talk about I mean maybe we can ask. But Maloney to give us an hour of their show eleven they would ever got to know guys had a six hour and a we got -- Celtics wizards preview we got to blow over that's tonight at the garden. We can discuss the patriots record after the bye week which should be good. I think be fun would be to revisit the patriots bills game number one the one with a beat them up so bad they didn't quit and cry that's right that was good iron on the forget that it was Ryan Fitzpatrick climate. -- hasn't been a performances. -- They've made them cry. They made him cry right. Bench irritant in Indian Wells is to do list including Al we find out Torii Hunter might be interested to. Places like Detroit or Cleveland these baseball leagues and I know Indian Wells Palm Springs now Miami now Honolulu yeah. -- -- Sounds a lot like my camera it does not like any good clubhouse guy right hander former gold Glover great defender good. Guy in the in the community and suddenly now wants to be here and a lot of friends on the team -- the similarities. To Mike Cameron. One of the UF thick thick of it they wasted sixteen million and Mike Cameron. It's not even on the -- rough estimate made so many mistakes yes. And even -- I know you look at it and you go about it a lot because she can only feel a one page but after that people lose interest what you get down the bottom of the legal pad. Yet like movement of the dice -- of the world and that's fifteen million yeah fifteen and a half million just. Lit on fire and it's again whenever. Hunter was not property qualifying offer by the angels which would pay the -- and a thirteen three. If offered and accepted he just finished off a five year ninety million dollar deal making eight -- million dollars in 2012. 313 817 OPS sixteen home runs in a 116. Home runs and -- 140 get -- forget plays good defense. Yes plays good defense and he's a dear dear friend and he Ortiz. And I don't -- Ortiz is happy enough he got to do more things to make of that. You know what Chris in the because he is so wonderful guy in the famous words of Lou Gorman where would we played Torii Hunter. Right right against Dan Cody Ross is gone. -- trade Ellsbury -- Indian Wells. That's. Possible possibility would not take up and be cool if -- -- it's an offensive dammit. We are available who wants to start up a formal Rome wants him. And winning to -- or -- -- made a deal him and and that's what Billy Beane would. Made up its mind said I want a trade him and this train -- just you know didn't even its. Concern himself -- the fall -- the PRA. Policy and we got. It's Mike's a woman's right it's yet element is this we can we can go well also as a matter if we have time we I don't -- over all the possible. Ellsbury trades. Also we could -- that we could revisit Andy Reid Michael Vick that's always fresh those two guys supporting one another at each other's back here listening. Hum. Practice how about we ask Adam Vinatieri. To compare and contrast the three quarterback FL he's played. Was put more than three the three important ones I'm not guess he likes the mall lock -- Manning and Brady idea that. And we -- visit Georgia reliving the Bobby Valentine to walk it's a good show to. And then of course and National Hockey League labor talks all -- again it's going to be folk do you used to say who's that. All locked up most good morning I don't go on a lot -- -- a lot not gallant. Did you choose or is that my mother to mother had a lot yes you could try that could -- land and my mom wasn't having that a lot yup it's a French. French Canadian -- You could change in Europe big TV star knows Cameron does it. You know you got some guys have stage names TV name's John Dennis is a good one a a -- -- -- -- -- Chet Curtis else. You could make what do you wanna make it -- -- look at Ottawa that's fine. I forget which one is that it's a lot is it like the Mitsubishi -- we actually just one -- a -- mobile. I had a Mitsubishi go and yet we did was honestly but it just because that it might that might up and I got a scare -- about that. That's -- -- doesn't dare compare bear air bear employer -- -- you call your dad -- there. Mark -- that's a little weird yeah that's a little -- okay yeah a -- you have the ocean nickname in high school. Then Havilland high school actually one at the place -- at work now because they thought it was an intern the first day so Michael lectured and turn epic and bartenders all. Ten years old and high schools Dell but they -- call -- bootsy against the first there was there because I have no idea why this afternoon -- thought it was an intern and you know -- big -- he can typically cat present them. To call and bootsy you'd have boots on to -- I did not -- that doesn't work he has to middleman Maurice. -- that that might might -- old rivalries solemn oh yeah -- well mogul mogul and you need to be -- a -- get no I don't get it -- when you take a woman out of date. If you're not get your way you'd need to be mogul -- This elect deferential. And and opening to opt out. -- definition I don't ever use that. I mean. -- of the -- -- -- -- national uncle on us National Anthem it is what is it's an Alley streaming broke. That's not the gallantly. It's is a lot. A lot to -- -- opened the door would have their -- That's different right that's different I know. -- cardinal got a aren't a lot gone to would have -- a lot to pull up in the front of the restaurant in the -- -- if it. Let her off at desperate he did -- -- as a friend and college wanna Dayton and when he picked erupted in. It was like a blind date right down the line via picked her up he was she is not quite -- expecting you. It was -- little -- have a little -- -- went to the restaurant pulled up and says -- parked the car the -- get -- don't want to get wet because he was mogul that the student driver so -- dropped her off and then it changed his mind on the date they go see that they did he go home DG school -- then when he I don't know what to do that he just I think you might want to go home. He went home yeah she said she still standing -- -- table for to be here in a minute and he still you're struggling with his guilt yeah for two exits mean cruel awful thing. I'd go a lot smartly or boldly stylish and dashing. Right -- unflinching in battle let's gallant. No bully or selflessly resolute. Stately or majestic. The -- is a fashionable young man. A man courteous and attentive to women -- that's the one I was thinking a lot. Or a woman's lover or apparel Moore is also big a lot. These parties don't. To say that are you married now -- help you shape yes every day but it's got to be a good looking guy. I mean most of the people with pat in here or are homely. On the radio guys basis for it kind of a theme on the show most of the people who ban on the show since it -- and the home you're -- different look and many -- looks like the type. Blogs and TV -- you respond well armed. Maybe someday my what he has say he has a sit com looked yeah that's the good glance at the wholesome the wholesome and you know look at -- -- -- and by the wild card by the third we'll hear about it like OK -- -- right. That gay guys I would not the goody two shoes probably two issues. We got it does everything bad I don't talk about raids. You get in trouble like -- blood -- It touches of the exit come I would either anxious to look like a sitcom gun yeah a Libya Canadian Mike Holland -- multifamily. He should be a modern felt I'm the however that your mother after you know let you know older and a few more -- my debt. You know we got a lot in common. Agent in Neil Patrick Harris area noting the other again McCain team is -- How immature mind that it looks like the lead candidate that's a bad it is had inundated the -- got lost. I was. I was born it lost I was supporting him yeah 100% to do that I do that yeah. It felt good liberating I was I had the back of the game ago I was really. Psyched to vote for the gay guy and he went down and the global support endorsed -- the globe yeah. So the globe in peace is Republican right. I don't know what that means was that mean I just know peace you know. A nice guy a nice guy and would have done great things. But. Sexual preference takes precedence over everything and I think we need -- gay representatives in Washington. In the got a lot imagine if you want the candidates are disappointed -- today on ice he's gonna go off stumbling me on the ice and I thought I started yeah or else. Was there anybody more disappointed. -- my roommate Brian's date. Who by his description. Is very very happy to see him a nice car. Back in the day like a Mitsubishi Illinois and now that I can Dotson 300 -- Then and it was kind of a blind date and and the fairly good looking guy and he picks her up and she looked like she had 100 yard dash and ninety yard Jim you know -- -- the face -- And did -- get his license like it is well at all. So he pulls up and Z and he's a good looking guys got a lot to. And I'm pictured the restaurant it's raining she gets out she waited for which would that would be about as disappointed as you could possibly be the be stood up like that like them nice car. As -- -- future -- -- wanna date at a nice restaurant sounds like her want to a lifetime movie. Did you think of that would get revenge at the end what you -- or disappointed Gordon dissident voice for woman's solution ornament. What does she look like I said pushy 100 no like -- like a little less bulky side. Stocky. Stocks. Can. Koskie koskie postponed big balls -- that soft all of those things I and -- and lots of disappoint you -- a really nice person now I don't know. And I can't admit that got its. -- well I'm really disappointed most recently I would say or keeps up but no idea when Brady and Wes Welker did not connect on the that was in the that going to be one of those things after the top this -- an -- Yeah a weakened like -- my high school teams. Those rooting for ball undefeated -- -- -- this past week. This past weekend that was a tough one yeah I always think as a kid. When they lost the 75. World's leaders I cry yeah I cried yet so disappointing. And I couldn't sleep I lay in bed and said god why did you let us win one of those deals. It was called it was just seven game opposite feeling from the fiscal run the fiscal mums the big high and yet the next game real downer in the long rain out. Yes 33 days see it was a long -- process in your heart really and and that was when you know before. Boston fans longed for Boston and got so spoiled. That when they know they have lost the console -- next year you know like the patriots. Lose to the giants' season and they said they'll be back in suitable yes XT yeah those days there was a long drought just they just didn't win and win anything I mean. In -- the Bruins won in 170. And 72. But. And then the Red Sox had -- and if you -- this since 1918 no patriots were generally the laughing stock graphics are good -- out. Celtics won in ends the year before against but you know they were expected to win the Red Sox to a special was something they lost 778 yeah. 78 on -- -- -- up yes popped up medals made the catch. I was in school and let us watch films like -- went -- school in the in the weight room. It was like the feeling was. They will never ever win it can't happen won't apps in a painful it was frustrating and it. It's it's so long ago the ping has -- I think is that is more -- more acute pain. The eight you know season that ended with a -- that's up giant -- that's got to be a sense and you know why it's more painful if you're you're younger little younger Paul. I mean -- mean Mo call our Reynolds a lot come would not compare because. Eighteen MO was awesome softness CDS an event every week and an eighteen and -- came. A bad thing a negative -- yes there were eighteen at all and did and didn't win at all you remembered that the it's like the ultimate favorite the ultimate even though the point spread -- -- -- -- the highest it was an undefeated team that it -- ask for much of the year. And when you lose in the super bully them by Woodward's three points. It makes all that just just. Not only worthless but more important and what makes it even worse I was up that school and Syracuse at the time in the frozen cold waste land that is sent to new York and everyone all of a sudden became a giants fan I only had this crappy little patriots jacket that did not keep me warm at all that I had to Wear it every single class war for three months ago crap from everybody not just guys that Eagles fans. Were piling on -- fans prominently that there was no threes. It was real shot and Freud in that one because the patriots and run to score every week they got caught in -- videotape right all that. And then they took the revenge on the lead India's rule people and they became on the bully. And I think the with the giants. And they won before the New York. They were America's team yes yes and people I would be enjoyed that if I were Lebanon you know. Anywhere elsewhere and the Moines Iowa Paducah I would be sand. Oh you know I don't wanna see how voice of that or you know some other team Packers go when AT you know -- and knock them off their. What percentage of the United States was rooting against the patriots. Not complete the season we know the Miami Dolphins were right out today. I'm 170 or so far worse -- -- slightly more than 23 a weasel I don't think I mean I like they are capable team if you weren't around here. They still are patriots. Mean they've won so much -- to -- -- politics. In there when you think about it when you're younger the good behavior. These two teams won't mean cowboys yeah you know yankees Negroponte Pittsburgh so much he was always -- to -- materials. -- write -- -- and Pittsburgh well they aren't capable people. Mean like Chuck -- was eating all of its available people not compared to -- it means job creators yet at LC Greenwood I don't know I think I made some Jack Lambert I love -- he wants I would object well. I love Jack Lambert. I I and I didn't hate LC Greenwood Ernie Holmes and hate them. Think America hated them yeah they were politics. -- them because they want Lynn Swann Dan Jenkins famously wrote a line and -- in this resonated with a lot of people when they. Played the Minnesota Vikings in the Super Bowl. I think the score was sixteen to six and the vikings had like sixteen total yards of offense kicked two field goals. Dan Jenkins wrote about the game and said I knew. The night before that this was going to be an absolute wipe out I visited both hotels that was back in the day when. Media can actually go to the team motel right -- and not have security stop you and he said the Minnesota Vikings hotel was buttoned up. Church. Every door was locked every light was off every -- was -- there was no players to knock them. Is -- to the fourth floor and there in this week. LC Greenwood mean -- green. Jack -- The it was Ernie Holmes and a bunch of the guys sit around drinking gin and tonic black musica -- I -- at that point who's gonna win the game tomorrow. -- there were awesome. They were awesome watched him every week in and I was an -- -- -- were great defense that a lot of personality and even publish as did the cowboys managed to be hated team if you don't don't win -- I don't win it's true that it and people still hate the cowboys even on haven't won since 94. And and even know. They don't have that many cable guys they it the owners of polarizing yes he has fans are able -- -- as well as April it's like with the Eagles. I don't care who's on the Eagles I hate them because their fans are a just and he noxious people we've we -- right with them down and Jacksonville. And yeah I was there. That game and my step dad is an Eagles fan and he was fine but he took into the game and I'm wearing a patriots yours who's your son with this Down syndrome because I was wearing a patriots Jersey go into the game. I swear to god at least three Eagles and ask me what was this moron. Yet they watched him I've watched him with my own allies. Abuse kids costly item just. Seven yell Adam and swear out a -- I lived and -- you know the story on the journal I was speed I was on TV and in Philly and it was an outdoor stage in outdoor set. -- -- my part in Jackson and well my good Princeton and -- In Jacksonville so they come around its affiliate stations and their -- and they surround. And they started you know them on the air and they don't know my last name because. Mike's call on me Jerry. And so -- -- and they start whispers to reach its and they don't that your Jerry's ice -- and and they don't know might and they don't know -- -- known Boston. And I wanted to sing and all he wants an eagle jackets on the Brian -- insurance. That's and what is the next step of the walk in the the -- yes we had to walk across two river on the Britain sent. Cisco war. And I hung out barking in the wild hope that would died down and -- and yet it -- that -- hundreds but I -- though. Maybe twenty minutes later honestly shocked -- -- -- -- And how are they gonna for a moment ago crossed Brazil look and it's like in the movie. -- like Ilia generally Kerry is named try to get out of Turkey ability. What do you know the the midnight express guy. And the escapes. The Turkish provision a look at Beckham went and got the -- river you free number -- patriots fans were over there right. Eagles fans yeah compressed area yeah and it was just so titan which just just awful. Rotten people. -- I don't care who the Eagles have I don't care that the quarterbacks and dog -- You know Brooke probate. I just know that the people who -- forum. -- -- -- Andy Reid won one punt pass and -- -- -- 200 pounds -- -- -- really great job against civil agreeable time 6177797937. The new phone number. 37937. Is the new AT&T -- like Greg Bedard Boston -- -- -- -- football on the 8 o'clock -- Steve Worcester and the rest your phone calls next with Dennis and Callahan.

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