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Tuesday, November 6th Whiner Line

Nov 6, 2012|

Erection Day! Obama you're so fine, you blow my mind, hey Obama!

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Abuse excuse views expressed. Breast blew my mind these -- like ET TE Chris Cox didn't. -- -- -- -- -- -- And now you know you want your time. So as provided under Florida law. I have decided to contest this inaccurate and incomplete count. In order to ensure the greatest possible credibility for the outcome and now ignoring votes means ignoring democracy itself. And if we ignore the votes of thousands in Florida in this collection how can you. Or any Americans have confidence that you're broad. Will not be ignored in the future elections but WEEI. -- you're -- and not recount after recount after recount after recount after recount as some have charged. Put a single full and accurate count. We haven't had that yet diet 7793530. Fives in many ways the active voting. Then having that vote counted is more important. Than who wins the majority of the votes that are cast. -- your lives and this would be over long thin except for those efforts to block the process at every turn and now and the end. And one of God's unforeseen paths this election may point us all to you common ground. WUPI. -- you're alive. About him out of the best thing that ever happened goers or her 25 million bucks right now he's become the person climate change your right. He takes the Earth's temperature -- every day every says a national and every idea -- The mom and don't forget in this industry and sticks at the barometer right in the San Andreas Fault. The initiative and creating -- Internet. -- stop it gets you invented the -- still write -- obviously somebody else -- that we get the Michael I have to ask you the question inquiring minds want to know. -- -- -- -- No question street -- -- questions very. Allowing him. -- doctors to prescribe. Marijuana for those who have medical conditions did you vote on the shelf for psych consult with a friend of mine who is a doctor doctor cool -- And he told me that it's perfectly okay to legalize -- medicinal marijuana use. He said look I'd just if you drink tequila. And you are you more dangerous after you've had some tequila than you are when you -- -- absolutely I mean people don't. There's smoke pot and Oklahoma you know. Punch their dog years. Run over people and drive a hundred miles an hour. Meticulous legal and it shouldn't be a New Yorkers are now what we're -- what he's talking. And right now I'm saying to you admit I don't know why do you which it shouldn't be -- I don't -- what it was yesterday yes -- voted yes and the reason I have -- -- you know yes I know -- We saw like. All -- -- in my eyes get off the end it's all -- -- -- You know not you did not vote yes today. Because of medical reasons you think like most other upon it tell them you're you're one step closer to legalizing. Don't want it all yanks stick shift around Mikey would want to vote no we can't have a little higher did you guys vote vote yet of the world agreement rod Campbell -- -- yes for you try to help you law Mike I'm worried about your petition for one of those licenses to -- this. My car trial -- -- god doesn't. You know that car washes and at 3 o'clock in morning has to come back aren't you try to get like. -- -- got to find a way get we'd. Hero line inspired by -- -- hometown hero gold medalist race is taking a quick break any types faster on the -- now. Not yet. From the is on drugs tonight from the Kellogg's -- -- gymnastics champions to meet fans and sign autographs this will be Thursday from five to 6 PM -- at the AT&T store at 349 Washington street downtown crossing. Don't miss your chance to meet in person. -- vote she's lovely just the AT&T store downtown crossing this Thursday -- gold medal winning. Alan -- AT&T -- she's always she has no chance of looking like Bruce -- thirty years. She's close to the greets you looks you in the of those you know. As a guy the end and I got -- event in -- a looked in my news. -- guys while Moscow or you wanted to. Well aren't easy right this is part of my campaign to prevent minorities from voting you you're you're not gonna have already voted voted operation that you are likely part of male couples here too frail. I must exit polls are still -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I thought. -- call my cat and that LA gear because in and out of rehab. No that was a Ted Williams. That's right Ted Williams room for him this had its voting at a -- now not on the uphill -- until -- study found the settlers and Robertson NEC and is he notes that I thought it was gonna be great -- But abrupt like David Bob. That -- what they're always there ought to be good over there. And at least Bieber fever relics beavers three horror and. If you guys happen to see rob Bradford was not -- shortly after the U visibility. Thought as the -- went -- like this down our. And good match. That was -- Ortiz camera shot -- just got to the metal bats carrots while he apologized to him because he. -- to answer any the question here in -- That. I think it could have been. If -- don't. Know that it happened. -- -- -- -- -- you cook it department that has yet. Because -- -- I said it would file was built. That boat and have been bought off. And that it's a good campaign slogan I like argues it next time I run wolf what. No I -- David Ortiz back but I didn't think he was worth two years at thirty million get thirty million out of the incentives. Always incentives are all he has to do now is not have a problems with a sense and that's the senate. And the. Authorities you're fine point that billion dollar pension and you can't have the opportunity to about the former manager. -- Obama bit the bullet went back. But you've got knocked it up stairs in your -- -- -- -- And it's nice response was obviously a little fish out of that that Ortiz cars and greatest ancient history of baseball. These guys would want to let you know about -- -- you feel good moment iPad but it probably could get is why don't -- on the computer I found out. -- much more -- club per week provisionable where accordion and why it. Accordion and get back on the phone a lot. Was not a fraud which he got he got the first part right accordion and get back to the -- get back to the basics. Get on that according and working over the phone. And hold on this this is -- usually from -- Because a lot of artists start. Unplugged and ages -- worked your way up it would look who's tickled guitar or. Accordion and it worked their way up and at other members of the band and bring it course and anything else. And sometimes they bring to synthesize the chance of that that's out and now he's trying to move on but here's an hour and a half yeah. Sister Victoria or ideology or you're you Bruce Springsteen thing about it. It's the equivalent of springs things on the road is great write a classic. And it darkness on the yet to town where it too little greedy and give act to what is supposed to be brother. I watched darkness on the challenges wrenched ankle but Chris Christie. Mr. Stevens is what -- -- -- -- have no argument has. No idea of course it was. But apart is at least ten. But which sort of good. -- that this bill that -- -- met secretly recorded a net. I well I heard Michael I was yesterday and I'd have to agree it's time to go back -- motto. It's that brown note we are well vital. There's nothing wrong by the way to going back to your roots and as early as you know as you can go back and big hazard you have to ignore technology night. Graciously did want to come and go back to being a real rapper about this and be correct because you just -- Common knowledge of common costs two words -- -- head. On the eleventh. -- -- Once again proving every single guy who released Maloney were not exactly sure -- really isn't going to rip on him any way the. My wife yesterday you guys suggested that I could call will go directly yeah I'd like to bet but. I hope you guys have called side yet not so well I don't have probably by the by the women don't want to. I. -- -- so there are correct and I'll let you know. I called Lou challenged self aware -- like we do have -- region we. But it would the court well obviously. It would not good. All of these -- -- quote unquote would. That be enough idea that we wore out by Al. And we did have that -- really attack those yeah. Don't want to do that he'll let it. Government security but a girl but me I called -- -- officer pursued for me. As. A a military -- and you tell me all accurately hit home runs in the Detroit -- -- stadium is there is such an episode a couple of. Then go you've heard about. Then bill. You the all of those. Programs. On the bill. But Morton down there. How are out of this bill perhaps you've heard about the tech are both. -- -- Go to meetings you know maybe you got a lot of that is confidence you know perhaps -- heard a lot of burden that now it. That they know. And I think. It was a new low or setting a -- shows to hit anybody out there this startup. The and here. You know. -- -- -- there there -- available of course you know his you know and then come at us. Nobody could be a candidate with people you know we -- what has been overplayed -- -- And this and that and that's -- But he goes and. Hey it might go only. You know you can call you know Europe and become an act so know all about my lord knows that -- picking up forward you know. You have preferred these days Michael only durable -- ball ball. You know but I felt a little different because -- think. Boot up your leg of this is due respect. Like the first part of your browser you know pretty good voice you did you dollars -- -- call them. Out -- let's -- -- your action is done. And by. You know it's Columbine now I don't that's a real that's -- received from there weren't totally don't wanna know. If we want to know he's been -- willing to -- yes workers to that would -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't know the and I think eventually it worked records -- You vote for shouted back as soon after the north of around picture was born in Hawaii. Always got his own personal controversies going now. Bet they go I've got -- look at global yet can't hit it where you've got an update. I cannot let my kids are all -- quiet like up the eagle I think they're worried. And -- message vote early vote often. That's what I said I. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And what about. More current was an audit that the this venerable. Like this and that they had great land at the bank. And then. -- from older and you know -- cover of GQ right. You just posted one -- it. The cover of Playgirl magazine your permanent. It's a different animals for a really -- -- with a machete know it was a special edition was solitary ones that you can -- This at some -- the station -- What was that this is my package. Now. They did not that I try to start daddy go to church on -- -- big jobs at all. You know what you -- know I am still undecided and I love Obama. But I figured -- big -- And that message. And a big that big bird controversy went -- thank. I don't know about they have on election night I don't have always have a quad cities area. -- quoted by the various -- for seven yes. And message. Maria Shriver could. With the -- all. Of us. Big old sport quality but -- -- -- That play good work quite intrigued voters do. And -- What does that who -- seventy or -- -- big gigantic party it'll be over sixty you know aren't athletics and academics -- decriminalized and not about these. The medical stuff caught. -- about the -- got nothing to do it -- excellence that know what is. Trying to make note here is we're trying to heal people which economy's not in immaculate and -- -- Mikey yeah you get that everybody's better than legalize it tax -- and this is a shame that they don't treat addicted to legalize it it's the hardest thing you literally have to have won't fight disease can. Really yeah it's not how can anybody get those diseases. What do -- call him. I doubt very detailed referred. -- the red outfit but and I collection. And I've come to conclusion that regardless of the outcome well and message. That. The way forward. But. It was. People that we both of them were. And message. -- she is much better -- -- the kidney from the east -- west conference there at all Scott -- -- terrorism and. It's been DL over a vivid -- put -- -- what I did wrong I don't think I'd say I'm afraid that support them when -- -- maybe. They would be able I think that country club and the opponent -- told me. And the impact domestic open. If you've got to play. Opened -- about the Monaco has been. Go yeah well you know what -- you -- it -- imperfect nation of Mitt Romney. If you we can't -- it -- like this kind of the added I have an apartment. I don't hats and your life. And I think he's editor -- citizen of Romney wins tonight as one person I'm worried about their health. That's Chris Matthews. He may literally blow off -- on television if Romney leads to an already. -- mean there aren't done honestly late I would say this. He has blown gasket all read he have a reason to get a medical -- approval to have marijuana and -- -- killed so. Finalized powered by AT&T. Check out -- race reaches a debate. From five to six at the AT&T -- 349 Washington street down. --

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