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Dustin Pedroia: To be a team leader means having your teammates backs under any circumstances

Nov 6, 2012|

Dustin Pedroia speaks in depth to the media for the first time since the less than spectacular 2012 Red Sox season ended, and it's with Michael Holley and Glenn Ordway. Dustin speaks on his relationship with Bobby Valentine, his defense of Kevin Youkilis, his position as a team leader, how the Sox will bounce back, and the rumors that he may be changing agents.

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Our number -- here on Election Day in America. We'll get back to the phone calls just a couple of minutes. You heard from David Ortiz yesterday. Today we -- would Dustin Pedroia who probably is just the sick of the political ads in the robocalls so he figured it spent a little quality time with aspect here and he joins us live a full month. What's a big guy -- you know. Gary dark are eager to get by. So I'm eager to vote or are -- -- -- bombings and then you vote 34. Well you're right when he -- 29. You know -- a couple times. -- -- I actually had again. Over that on those that I voted a couple times is that your only supposed to vote once he had no idea I know about a dozen things you're talking about how many times in his life -- -- voted none are starting about this year in a tournament today. Our only -- so I just yeah reject guys who want it catches you forget you're doing some illegal. In our pay out at. Ortiz told bush yesterday it was. You know in retrospect the whole season for him wished us was just ugly -- For you how do you walk away from something like that you've been in situations with winning teams. Good teams how difficult was it for you and how difficult was it when it when it ended in your eagle. Yeah I mean it was -- you know those -- -- you know we had. It dealt with a lot of stuff the whole year now you know we didn't play well. -- -- -- -- trade a lot of our. You know keep pieces -- in laughter. You know in play very well. I think looking back I have time -- about a -- -- -- -- -- not play again and look back on -- baton from. And I am having its awful that you know we play it's about but you know I think it's in -- in -- better me as a political Florida at a better organizational forwards so. You know -- it was it was awful going through but -- I think I think in the end you know we're gonna for a turn everything around and make sure that that the -- -- proud -- -- -- and down with a forward. You know we grew up during -- a lot of organs into the right away. You know I sit here many times you're in a season from may of roughly may have 2007. Until April of 2012. Your average Red Sox fan had nothing but love for -- Pretoria nothing negative to say about about him but then you made those comments. After. Bobby V rip your clothes and he says now we do things around here. And suddenly we start to get calls about -- George he's a malcontent Pedroia. Is trying to keep the manager parties trying to run the organization. Where were you aware of those comments from from fans and if so what did you think about it. We it's hard to get aware of it you know during the year in and it was -- some you know what it. Looking back on an -- and think about -- -- setting and and the way everything went down and calm. You know yeah I regret I -- -- that an -- now way but I'm proud and to a point where. It ought to be a team leader you need to have your teammates -- under any circumstances. And that you -- in Ireland you know memorex certain you know it was struggle chopper relays -- so I'm wondering what's going to -- stated it. And release them at all that stops and our cities and find. I -- so like. You know you know bodies comics you've got I didn't talk to -- after he said it's I didn't know what mattered meant that comment toward the year but. I'm probably remember when a -- cabinet talk time and everyone has -- -- the Major -- that wanted to go down. Those that aren't you need your teammates need you need everybody in profits in the sense they leads you to stick by us. And I felt like -- was -- kind of thrown into a corner by himself and an end and you know when when that went top dog comes down on it -- -- You know I felt like you needed someone to be there for him. To have it back and without question came out wrong like -- it's it's sound it you know probably the first one outside and it sounded like. You know I feel like I'm high and -- and I don't try to runner -- and that's. If everybody knows that's that's not the case you know I just wanted to make sure that everyone knew I was here for Uga are all team there for you. And we need in a Thabeet who year's first accomplish our goals and and kicking and -- down I didn't feel. Not elect -- news either form and and everybody else was. Needed to be their fourth to -- I'm a little bit more vocal and and immediate comes to me after. You know certain things happening and I was right there and I was the one or economic -- back in our I would rather. You know how people call and say you know whatever however they feel that for me to walk in -- do it to work. I have to look at expect Kevin Youkilis and app and look at me and say hey man you have my back when I need him most. And and took -- -- -- proud that I sent out because. You know you note now that. You know are under any circumstances bought it back and -- that goes girl watching it that long ago we go play. -- 185. Games throughout the year. You know -- trying to get to the post season and spring training and everything and we have one goal that's to be elastic standings so. You know I I don't I'm a firm believer and nothing can stand between the -- -- -- article about that it took a circle. Now it's interesting because when you say it that way. I don't see how a lot of people can disputed on the other hand you're right the way it came out didn't come out that way but it was not. Real -- I'm not I'm not an English major let's let's. I would say I'm Eric on the state and our academic counselor for all -- rights that are put out a line in the area. What gives you you know because Bobby was real popular at that time and it all week we saw our huge shift. In which people suddenly were were taking his side and they were they were turning and you but I came down to. Is what you said the line. We don't do things like that year the public was already a little disturbed at what happened in September of 2000 in eleven. And they were basically thinking that the players. Even though they weren't crazy about Bobby as a manager they thought the players were the ones who were running the asylum at the time. -- -- -- Yet completely are are in the but I understand I mean or not. And that's not the case and ended when your plane and and and that environment and -- its profit you know it. Event that they were playing at 10:10 o'clock in the morning -- had eight -- interview -- in the morning. And we don't know what the polls is around you know the area commander in Iraq -- you know there's there's talk about their senate to put you try to block on our end and and don't and on on the game and you know -- your face and which turned to go to ball games so. You don't really know and when -- I that comment was terrible there was there was I shouldn't shouldn't -- so that's not the way we do say that I I meant by saying you know I. You know public. You know him calling him -- like that I would much rather. Bobby call you can do -- office and tell. You know one on one and then have. You know come on ESPN that they have the answer questions and David answer questions and everybody have to answer questions about it that's more more that's something we have to worry about -- playing the race that -- What is different I mean David talked about him yesterday and David had some strong things to say because you know he made a comment about David here recently on the on the -- constitution. And in -- it a Bobby would come all of us every Wednesday and -- with things he would would say bring up the brought that story volunteered that story. About Wilma works we know about the did did know about it. He brought it up how difficult was that for all of you guys -- David said. Yesterday -- thought it was tough -- the next day media would be at his locker asking him about something that Bobby said. Publicly to -- the day before how difficult was that. I mean you know what's desert -- -- after awhile I got me personally I got a plan where. I I I -- -- -- secretariat are wanted to go out there play baseball play hard game. And if we won gains you know Bobbie wouldn't you know it it wouldn't. Does the -- that stuff like that were wouldn't wouldn't matter sent -- all we're winning ball games it would be talking about you know how good. You know box on the ball or -- on Lester on -- or her on the -- you know they you know when you're playing well. You know the but things like that they they necessarily that it kind of brushed -- aside and and that's what I kind of concentrate on that play in the game. And and not worry about all the distractions and trying to so when the ballgame that day and think -- I'm not worried. You know it's about to -- it to soak. You know long before the media -- inherent -- Marty in Martina Hingis right for the games are kind of -- block out. When did you know he wasn't gonna come back as a manager and what was your your last conversation with -- like Bobby and talking about these. Oh on Mohammed Ali you know what's got you -- Indian Bobbie we. You know we we talked well in our meeting with some after apple. You know why I made those comments and and and you know the other at a team meeting when and -- -- talked on the and have expressed heartfelt he expressed you know think about me and and and we were great and I you know -- -- that throughout the year but in your last week in the year. I'd broken. One of my fingers and not. You know of the -- that I didn't play kind of sat me down and said. You know its home at some some great things sent and I really appreciate -- how to get better how to be a better leader and really appreciate it and you know he he caps on the -- -- I don't know -- be back next year. You know I hope I am hoping it was another trial would do a lot of things differently. And about to dissent there and you know what's so -- -- and and you know got a last art you know art sports summit and after after. You know they've written decision -- I I I texted Bobby and and and -- thank you for the year and in -- sorry that we didn't. You know -- circles that aren't quite as our child and I appreciated but potentially set to -- that -- make it better player. It had a great start your career doesn't in terms of individually and how -- teams have done. I'm guessing this is the worst team you've been on in your life you go back to Arizona State you guys weren't bad. -- you're bad your rookie year here. I don't know what teams -- record high school. I had at how do you get back to winning the what does this team need to do. To win in your opinion. To get back to playing good baseball you know on pitching and defense and obviously saw that picture in the world certain products and they. And the timely hit or not that's what they didn't. You know that's that's what went. Well. You opposite. Here's my three year old as proper France it's probably country are -- behind. Non owner I would look up there it is a I mean kids. I didn't I know I know he -- and the man at all and it's got over. But no I think pitching and defense is it's it's cute and and play in the game right away you know and and make -- double play may not letting. Our team be beat ourselves and you know he's seen -- in -- seven and we had obviously we had we had a really good offense and and we ran the bases well but our pitching Tiger Woods. Was unbelievable and if you can't pitch well and play good defense and he got a good chance of a -- what remote chance. Part of the game becomes frustrating you're out there playing in the field a lot of other guys playing and feelings scoring runs. Which pitching isn't there you wanna be a team player you can't go and point fingers you. -- -- bureau on the same team yet if pitching doesn't work in that league right now look at the two teams that were there at the San Francisco Detroit great pitching. How do you want. Yeah. Yeah I'm not so that you don't count you mean John Dunlap earlier in the aircraft hit some bad breaks in the eighties saw. But you know broken -- it's -- and then you know that frustrates -- mean he makes about it's they you know they did in the -- -- -- -- so. They kind of spiral we do the same thing offensively upright line out or something -- a couple of balls hard -- -- the passing it out. You know I get frustrated my third at -- tried some different and you know that's not what. In Mexico Lebanese armed satellite and direct the year in and bought both. And threw the ball but -- cable throwing the ball and now. You know that's what that's what we need just in our guys just to settle down because the stuff -- there the guys that we have cute to brought. I thought I mean he -- huge step sport we have the guys are in place to. Ago were not I don't see us as a team that's. You know we're going into next year all that there and I had to compete all we read until we have a team that's gonna compete -- -- and props there. They're Smart Erden and then they're gonna put the right pieces in place trust have a chance to get in the playoffs and and the crop circles does. Not I think that we have we got pieces here that they can do that. -- did you joke how comfortable are you know if you went through management or not when they were looking for a manager. Do you feel comfortable weighing in and saying I liked this guy or did you feel after the criticism that the team that the players taken. The last year and a half about. Being entitled and in spoiled most of did you feel like and I let me stay out of the way and let let these guys make the decision how did you approach. I I didn't say anything America basically I went home and you know I answered -- my -- that I'm on my family and you know I talked have been a lot of time I think -- one time in -- -- now. Surgery -- stuff like that then you know that was basically it you know I think the perception of some of the things are are kind of an -- you know I'm I'm not. You know it went Tito is there ever -- sent -- to close the manager and a private teachers that. And then when the next -- Bobby comes and everyone thought I hated the manager and I'm about -- a cop out so and and -- either of those were were true so I think perception that is a little bit. You know off course -- what -- reality so. Not mean none of the players are towing -- banner saying or horror owners -- India in this starting here this is what's gonna make that's when and that's not the group. We're not like that I'm not I'm not like I don't think anybody else's either so. You know I'm just taken back when where and when not they get ready for spring training whenever whenever I get that letter in the mail that this is reporting date. In argued on a week earlier and get ready to vote for it garlic and won a lot of ball games. Let me ask you about your agent. You're still represented by aces right -- Seth Levinson correct yeah -- -- yesterday yesterday according to a story ever had Major League Baseball Players Association investigation. Of aces cleared the sports agency of any wrong doing in the Melky Cabrera website scandal remember that this story Jeff pass and reported that. On Yahoo!. The union apparently also decided not to investigate. Aces for allegations by the Mitchell report. And by former big league catcher Paul Lo Duca that the that -- the agency to performance enhancing drugs. Today John payment of CBS sports dot com. Claims that MLB will continue to investigate cases. On both wrongdoing where Slobodan to a Duca a case and Mitchell report Yemeni government. I mean yeah I mean I've heard I've heard all about this and having getting phone calls from. Amman. A lot of people senate switch and agencies like pattern and I'm not switching it inspired it have. A great relationship with with not only direct talks that everybody ultimately. In -- stand -- guy at first -- people they've treated me in my channeling great. You know and and and I'm not I'm not leaving on -- there. You know from that that you're that I work with them you know they've been nothing but first class. You know they've negotiated my contract with you know would we -- and an employer when they were here. And tenant and -- have a great relationship. You know so a lot I don't I don't feel like it's not the -- for -- to which agencies when. But that that's such a great upper end and and you know I'm I'm definitely happy with a. I think its interest in the John payment is the guy who has the story today that MLB now is gonna continue. Their investigation. On your agency he has close ties. Discount Boris do you think Scott Boras may be behind any of this stuff. I I don't know I don't think so I mean. You know I know Scott -- he he actually aren't one of our guys out and Paula set out real close friends with since. When I got action play -- -- which now works form so. You know Scott -- a great guy he's he's one of the best agents it's not the best agent out there. You know he's very Smart but it. You know I'm sure like like any any player mentally baseball in -- insert. You know they all have you know their own job to do and and and represent our clients -- it on the most candidate they possibly can so. You know I'm sure that Scott -- I'm not gonna do without. What there's there's stories out there about bases. I'm sure other ages I have heard about it too has anybody tried to recruit you from another agency to try to steal your information. I have got a few phone calls but you know that sit. You know market or in -- if I don't have any announcer. You know they they -- -- -- Hopefully I don't want I don't want happening coach Mike are checked myself -- Vietnam about words on you because we're numbers. -- will be up but what what's happened now and then contact but I you are coveted album I'm on a basis. Doggy dog world as you heard of it is a crazy looking at some of the guys Heath Bell and duke Gonzales to a terrific theories represented. By yet he sizzle amazing work. I it's a great talking with you again good luck in the off season get the body ready get it together don't educated climb over ten foot offenses -- -- -- -- I got the -- my -- -- up we'll we'll talk to you real soon have a good one Arctic air got speculate if they get easy. A Dustin -- radio the village.

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