Nov 6, 2012|

in an effort to try and win your vote for favorite Big Show host, this ad was bought and paid for by Michael Holley.

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On election days when choosing you were favoring big show host remember this then or wading -- him to get a little aggressive when I put myself in your body right now OK and that's with his email constituents. And I just like men in -- he's unfaithful. Certainly we can look at a couple johnsons and a couple of other guys out there and addict I am. We got to find a way get -- and a little bit freaky what does that golden showers and then before and way useful Pinto console forty I haven't used vibrator and weeks so vote Michael fully as -- -- -- big show host Tom Michael Holland and I approved. This massive. These messages have -- got to pay for play Indian -- of the big show.

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