Nov 6, 2012|

in an effort to try and win your vote for favorite Big Show host, this ad was bought and paid for by The Big O.

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On Election Day when choosing your favorite big show host. Remember this is Michael policy claims to care about women. Pay attention to women's. Team but he also apparently legs man -- I like to go the other way he's into wagering gamblers out there. I'm giving this one. Thank me later and he's bad edit the jets are going to be San Francisco he's taken some very unpopular stances are what people guys been disappointed his public. Lot of bumblebee bat of the candidate Jack had a baby outside marriage. Michael -- doesn't -- you're stash your stash is trash in fact. He doesn't Blakey who are tough to vote -- own way as you're -- great big show host on one or blank and I approve this message. These messages have been bought and paid for by Indian -- of the big show.

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