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Torey Lovullo, Red Sox bench coach, on his new role

Nov 6, 2012|

The newest Red Sox bench coach joins Mut and Merloni to talk about the type of baseball John Farrell likes to play and what fans can expect from the 2013 Red Sox.

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Final hour must elude ID three point seven WEE I've spent a lot pal of the baseball today John MacDonald former. Errors on -- back infielder given us -- take on the Red Sox manager John Ferrell played from a 2011 piece of -- former. That's a former as a -- Beckett of Boston bomber -- -- -- in -- -- from the come back. Super utility guy John McDonald and joining us now on the eighteenth the outline AT&T forgy LT. With speeds up to ten times faster than three GAT and T rethink possible is in Toronto now the bench coach -- the Boston Red Sox toward global -- my little Oreo. I'm doing these guys how are you. I'm doing great but he got a confirmed something here before we get -- and talk baseball -- tells I mean our producer Joey all the time. He was the heart and soul that 2006 team. In buffalo oddity in that -- 73 games and always says -- Tim -- if you let him play a little bit more and let -- -- and -- the order you would have been better than five -- over 500 that year. You know the problem that -- and too much and that other one only 74 games I've done what I want -- -- land they would probably done a lot better but I won't say that. And later a few the other bed is my initiation of the AAA it is challenging level and they got a -- At a guy like Lou and I do you mean that seriously believe you help me out quite a bit of it could be our conversation that. He's not a result of the big leagues again so I don't really spend much time with them that he is everybody -- I tell you here in 2010 and it's up at night come back to this organization. After leaving go to Toronto just used your feelings of coming back and be part of the Red Sox organization. -- is our cliche. But I'm I'm part of a Red Sox Nation I'm excited about it. Initially when it was starting to happen. You know it was a surreal feeling I was gonna have the opportunity to combat it. It speaks for itself and the real supplement. Talked about by people outside of it when you're inside the circle in your part of such a great organization. From top to bottom you know ownership all the way to the last. Player on the roster pretty spectacular place. Sure it's been a tough twelve months to say the least I think with the fan base in this organization and not necessarily sure that has to do with talent more about perception. Now how do you guys sort of change that feeling because it is an opportunity kind of a turn things around here. Bill Clinton. I I think. It is we look at it for external it and look at it from a team that was playing against the Boston red not to look like they work. Going through a lot of change that a number of injuries -- a lot of heart soul of their team. With David Ortiz and they were just a different feel walking into Fenway Park play against the red hot and a lot of young politics got exposures -- meaningful baseball. That he's going to be on in the elite so. Moving forward from that we feel like we're gonna already happened and establish younger players that are -- that it was some of the players that have been there. That carried Red Sox for a couple of years it poppy. Dustin Pedroia Jacoby and it should be a really good mixture of guys. And you know -- in moving -- will be one step further noted a lot of free agent market and get some really key acquisitions. It could be a really quick -- I'm not make any promises but. We understand that there's -- tradition and attitude and mindset. And I know in talking with John Kennedy he's going to be moving forward first and foremost in that area and that -- -- -- -- in the meat company. Come in here play against the Boston Red Sox. You better be prepared. In terms of how quickly this came together Torre you know as John gets interview and the thing goes down and in Toronto. Allows this thing to happen did you know right away it be an option here for you to come back in and rejoin John on this Red Sox cap and a bench coach role. You know. Reportedly debate on materialized. At a different pace -- you want to you know everybody has been excellent baseball. Internally you know you want it happened yesterday but you know -- so in -- -- the ball very very slowly the talk was happening at the end of the year. It was a difficult -- for difficult time for everybody within our -- every single day in Toronto and -- John John was was very. Very solid in his approach to two run in the blue -- when it finally did happen. And he -- transition over you know we have talked about. A couple of different things the couples that you'll -- and I'd be interested. You know it was time that the the permission was granted from the probably gave that I can move forward. And you know until it happens in the league agreement has made some of that handshake is done. You don't -- taken for granted but it was thought that we talked about for a few days when we have the opportunity you know. And I couldn't stop thinking about how bad I want -- like that happen when it finally did happen it was pretty special moment. Unlike the situation last year that one of the issues was communication Bobby comes in here and lot of the guys that Terry Francona had are still remaining. You guys already between yourself and Butterfield and John of course Marty. John talked about important it -- in one voice you know and being on the same page. But he better in a situation where maybe you haven't been on the same page how difficult that can be. Yeah well. It is is that this question -- question. First -- -- you're right there there is that there isn't certain comfort level at all -- but that butter myself and John. Initially but it gonna be our job to include let that happen. So we move forward together as a unit now. John now -- connection there's no doubt about from from playing togethers he -- two you know. He's working for him is director of player development -- didn't have been -- dug up. Trying to put them -- member. We have a progression that is pretty special so any hit the hand that can be my job or ideas out out out there out of -- kind of project for -- been in in not not -- so much in the moment like -- happy he's got to make key decisions. Right now. I can fork out a little bit get outside of the moment which. I intend on doing now I'm prepared to have the powers that you are prepared -- out moment where he doesn't agree and prepared to have the ability yet. Communicate on a very professional level we have a pretty special out pretty pretty special. Relationship. You know we did have a couple disagreement we did have a couple situations on -- the first base coach for the problem today is that he's the manager. And there're couple along with the birthday but it took it. I took advantage of some of the freedom that I have rent and about to meet and -- You know there's a chain of command -- you can say what you want how you want and and whatever you want and whatever -- whatever Tony want that to me shake it off and come back. And that was not report absolutely should make sure a lot of communication is wide open at all times. You -- mentioned it yet running into outs we we've heard and and John told us it's a very aggressive team so for your perspectives got a coach first and was was moving guys around. What does that mean what are you view it aggressive offensive baseball team as -- You know it it and I -- -- actually speak -- -- but I just I know his attitude now known as mindset. You want to put pressure on the defense he wants pressurized these bad and we all know. You know any -- liable to make a mistake because he is because somebody's making an aggressive base running decision and popular -- -- his head up to the peak of somebody's seat he might -- golf courses that are. It is put pressure on the -- the make mistakes and not what we're gonna run it out intentionally. Is that we're going to be -- our mindset for the opposition -- game plan board and we know. You know the past two years and we think it the the California the Anaheim angels -- -- can't -- -- Or some other aggressive baseball teams that are on the basis put pressure on you we had to repair work in our pregame strategy. But they have this is what's happening in the coming down the pipe and from -- look upon -- the different mindset. And the attitude of that scene happened may be alchemy and make plays. Garlic take it one step further saying that not only that is being sent field but he put that in his mind from a pitcher's standpoint. That the pitcher feel I got by got to get the ball all play a little bit quicker. I got to be aware of what's going out and constantly you know how the great pick off move -- about it is -- and there's one negative thought. We have the advantage and a strong mind and Lou. From playing and I know you feel that that picture that broke up like that apple is a little up out of the way the wind up in the gap and I noticed that very successful. We have an executive adult pretty well Toronto I do want to say that. You know we we ran as an -- rock very rapidly include second or third in the league and install base percentage. We did a lot of really really good thing but I think the fans that understand what the good got to take a little bit of the bat we're gonna have a mortgage -- and that moment. You know -- have -- play with Omar -- in Cleveland as well as you know in India when I heard some most -- in the year kind of shook my hand that -- -- botanists and lawlessness that. At the same Omar that I remembered got a played every there's just an aging veteran that's not happy he's in there. I asked John this question and he said he that really wasn't the case of some miscommunication what did you see because accountability has been a big topic here in the last twelve months here Red Sox Nation. Yeah you know important point for it come out and in the platform that it did. I think or should have known that he wanted to say something that we can get that much attention that he should've done internally. -- of the great all of you keeping things in Powell. The doors are always open there's another baseball cliche but really isn't true statement John always welcome got to come in there. And in the special thing about John and now when there's a play for the time for somebody come in there. And uses an opportunity get better understand what that they're trying to say. He's not gonna use -- we appreciate that that the war in making sure that you're happy don't sound they'll get better for -- those conversations. Whitley said you know may have had the merit in May not Pluto -- But what I didn't know is that because it stop work relentlessly. On teaching and tutoring. -- -- without without there an all time of the day of the younger players grow and learn there was a lot of early work in the got to balance that. We ought to understand the players need to go -- -- perform functions of the popular beverage and they have to be violated on the developed there. We didn't hesitate to go out work in any any areas that we were charges. On a daily basis when we felt like it was needed when there was construction -- -- be made we will ride on it. So -- -- don't work that out -- not I don't want it I don't want to say anything other than what I can say I know that I thought. Well Martin public opinion was -- accurate. I would say probably not. -- you know you know kind of Ross this team's going to be there's a lot of lot of moves maybe to be made for this team with a young team veteran team. But I wonder like -- -- -- John -- thought -- you know pollen that rain a little bit with that team is nothing better than having you know players. Talked to other players read the message come from a manager that they should police themselves we've got a young team -- at Toronto was it. But we look back you say well I want these guys to understand the game that maybe I should have done more this situation where we expected them to know the game anymore they're capable of that point their career. -- question I think players players is the most powerful explanation -- most powerful screening tool. And I think in the -- -- about you have a number of great candidate that can step up there to get that job done without the message. And then to be reinforced by the coaches -- manager or vice -- the manager to make that statement and -- can be reinforced by a player there's no better. Moment. In no better situation. That you -- you can use. To get that job done you know indicate the truck there were so many young players in the -- -- -- and it. And we lost our leader we lost so -- see that hit me in this. That guy were illegal and their teacher training and reinforce. So what we thought that the dynamic that chemicals changed it was halted for an imbalance and and and might have thrown a ball off a little bit. And then we were a team without without at thirteen without a leader and when that happened we started to lose gains after the trading deadline we fell out of contention quickly there was a law a high degree of frustration. And think -- it spun out of control now is it is that the coaches that job. They control that absolutely I think that we we were kind of we try to monitor that we're trying to push forward trying to do that -- But it just happened so that we -- unable to get back together. Our last one for me obviously it's it's different between teams but it seems to me that baseball the last six or seven years is change in this way that. The way to new CBA works. Lot of younger players get an opportunity early and they they spent a year in double lame born again many -- -- Baltimore now is a good player but a little bit attire and a minor league level. He jumps up does that change all the bench coach when you look around baseball DC a lot of veterans. The normally we get I want her two year deal Lleyton their career are being replaced by younger players in rosters are younger in 20122013. Yeah right on the head there's no doubt about the game it changes transition over the past ten years we've definitely got like Tony La Russa. And Jim -- those special you know -- are there people coaching cowboys. That had an old style and kind of evolved and changed understood what it was it was going -- some of these younger players today. The dynamic inside the -- out is definitely changed. These veterans there there's still -- strong president and those that can teach the game the other players and they're willing to listen. And move forward that we're looking for a young player yet identified the key guys. And are gonna walk in there you don't title so that aryan update because. We've seen in the out. Is that young players walked in with a would it was a nice thought and thought would -- two or three year contract all very well deserved. But they haven't -- it is and they haven't they haven't given the game what they need to and I think that. It goes back to a lot of the old coaching slot he's we've got to respect the game and respect your teammate. And I know that got on the job in the active. Or appreciate the time out or appreciate give -- couple minutes -- breaking down that 06 buffalo roster with Laker and look at all these other guys -- that great insight. I'd -- to gather appreciated kind of. -- new Red Sox spent coached or global joining us on the eighteenth the outline AT&T forgy LTE. We speeds up to ten times faster than three GT AT&T. Rethink possible so a couple of veterans. On that 06 buffalo team. As -- fought it sounds like not a lakers last. I think it and that summer we should have been better Ritson down there any Francisco Ryan Garko. And a few Ryan Garko 7368. Ruble Cabrera. I oats and talking a young history will -- talking a -- I put out on the players on the was his point 7316. I blame the talent that was -- that's not a coach was our fault. 92 break will continue on with your phone calls and a 2 o'clock in the big shows 6177797937. Don't go anywhere.

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