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WEEI NFL Power Rankings, Week 10

Nov 6, 2012|

Mut, Merloni, and Zarbano discuss the latest edition of the WEEI NFL Power Rankings.

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So what are the colts do in the WEEI dot com power rankings. Put together by Joe's -- big big jump holy crap. This is they'd jump. 25 a week ago. You beat the dolphins. You jumped fifteen. 25 to fifteen. -- just jumped the bunch -- crap. I mean that's that's been populated or -- -- got the -- or edit any president mention any other call me a little bit too low last all listen -- you know Nadal. Rigid at fifteen they beat them they Japan than the Eagles were sixteen you gotta jump ahead of them so on me and I just think that there here's the one that just jump off the page to me I don't miners Jolie's our -- top five to get the falcons' number one. They stayed Texans stated to the niners jumped the three. The Packers are five the bears are at six the pats are 745. Or six rather and and then the Steelers. Arts at its seven ravens Broncos. And ten. In New York Giants previously number three. That's as an emotional response did you have like Eli Manning is a -- quarterback. I do actually have the other -- I got a -- about a month. But if you if you -- his past two weeks in the giants' run game -- their offense has been pathetic and on top of that the Steelers offensive line killed the giants defensive line and -- -- for over a hundred yards. -- still they can have them. -- mean this stuff at the arguments that -- gonna get better and better would have to say though that's the line almost like you know the top ten and you gave. Is that next group of teams like the Seahawks in the cowboys lions and chargers colts Altman's thing. Yeah that that's like the line right there that I think there's ten teams. They're properly -- -- -- has been 910 teams that can win the Super Bowl -- sickest and I think as distinct line I agree I that a giants' as far as rest the teams in Africa that was. -- big takeaways from this one look at this was that the top ten of the ten teams and cash every chance at the halfway point when the super -- mid season awards everywhere Peter king's got is sporting news there's. I'd -- Florida beat the Super Bowl winner. Comes outside this top ten. Now I just look at it from a giant standpoint I at least -- the giants at nine. The neutral site it's still take Eli over brother Peyton. Well it's pretty close. Cowboys have fallen big time I'm looking around. Saints get away and they move a couple of spots but only they're gonna have a -- turn it around he's got the Eagles barely. Last year that top twenty. They stink right now I am looking through these teams. This five the -- games into it and we talked about it earlier with match adamant you know you get the the between the patriots. Right the Steelers or ravens Houston Denver. Right get your five teams in the AFC the AFC I think those a year those -- five teams it been since the other ravens do here -- -- their impressive against Cleveland they have fourth quarter. Need to score some points or fort -- beat Cleveland beats NC if there's still an elite team one of them in New Year's -- I think it's those five teams. And look at the NFC the same thing amiga five get teams there in Atlanta in you get San Fran you get Green Bay Chicago. And the giants. Find me another funny team outside of those top ten teams right now five years T five and Yancy the Q do you think to make a -- Mean the only be what we Detroit get things right to Matthew Stafford. Well you argue defense or pull together the next three teams at 111213. Roland NC team that it would be in the conversation Seahawks and their defense Nady went all the games at home imitate an open they're only gonna get crushed. She make a run in the playoffs for taking a step further here. It'll. Lines disappointed big time now I thought. I don't could be a lot better than they are there still making stupid mistakes. Matt Stafford it's a bunch of picks well that the lied to me as far as talent goes. You know the lions and I still -- the cowboys have a lot of talent but that team is a completeness so. I mean as far as talent outside of those top ten teams but Detroit is still instinct team in Dallas still instinct team put. It was great stories the colts -- mean can you really see them. You know going in the Denver going in a new -- going in the Pittsburgh. With met Andrew Luck in winning a game. Going in Baltimore notable in which said the same thing made about a told -- Even before the week before happened that the saints would go to Seattle. You know and lose a game that -- at Seattle was home but a one adds the -- they lock last year that first round of the playoffs right Seattle Marshawn Lynch so it. I'm just trying to project forward. Teams that could get better. And make that Ron now crazy I think if I hate the cowboys have so much talent. But it's only stupid things in the field. Enjoyment here turnovers penalties missed tackle -- clock management. Is Jason Garrett all of his cut all the sudden become an adequate coach. And make the right decisions on -- they all have some sort of fatal flaw. After ten to express the question on the ATP text line 379237. Where Seattle there -- their eleven. And -- as they would go on the road and lose that first game probably right. But that's the one team because I know that on the football Marshawn Lynch I know they can defend. If Russell Wilson just stays upright. I can see them making it a test and fighting for that spot. At the bottom but the team's eleven on him could you envision winning a match Adams at Cincinnati. Which of would you argue the dolphins. -- attend no I can't help winning a game. I couldn't do that the saints. -- one last night but it deep and still stinks that they'd stayed running a football. The Eagles had to Iran for 530 yards and I think that Seattle case -- or home. All right take about four or won't they be in the cowboys Green Bay New England the Minnesota. I'm Donald -- the Green Bay game but still want their sport a little bit on position I don't think that the gonna get a home game. So there -- it Warner road you know I just deal with their with their of what was there one when it was at Carolina so I'd just. I I don't Seattle go to -- appears the first -- matchup Chicago Seattle. On that Saturday afternoon first of four wild card games host to Chicago and there. Like at Chicago the city when the division I don't get a by. The end ultimately at about. -- for Q forty niners falcons. It's that crazy to think that they might not get a -- the first artists are crazy I guess you're right there a lot -- better than Sampras Cisco up six and two verses 71 but I'm just -- Either way they go to San -- right or Chicago yeah I -- that they -- went. They go to Chicago Jay Cutler is Jay Cutler they run the football in Chicago -- put -- running yards to the bears' defense and could maybe maybe. It's human room I'd include them in the conversation what team can make that Ron I'm Brandon and stowed commenting on -- the power rankings say brand. -- so I don't think in 2001 we looked -- -- which -- dispute them -- anything different about the culture now that there are some special and that the budget he's not that I could. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Outside that top ten. It. Weren't we all know it happened right and understand -- it is doubtful we -- the 2000 yeah. Doesn't want. Me what. The demand just give you my opinion the Kent County will be this year. I appreciate -- And to say -- Other animals have -- an eleven at five they're nimble where they won a division. The halfway point eats at bat by the end of the year -- what got eleven -- five and got to -- and they hosted. They hosted the raiders that year -- days at the halfway point you're right said that rams game Brandon in that start to show you maybe they can be competitive they played a physical game. -- against the rams at Gillette Foxboro whatever was that point. So obviously were just looking at a right now I'm just trying to project forward. I would say about -- any of the teams outside the top ten that have a chance to go on the road when a wild card game I would say Seattle yet they were. Or for that year midway through the beat Atlanta. Beat buffalo by -- -- lost that signal was rams team here in Foxborough their submit five and five round off five victory. Six straight rather 115. Yeah resonating as possible you do tell me me that the Indianapolis can win him AFC. As of right now -- say that they'd know be hard to pick him. So eighties teams doesn't -- your point's well taken that top tens or that line. A demarcation what teams are capable. Avoiding a Super Bowl they can check out that -- power rankings WE yet dot com. The eight it is what it is blog you leave your comments your teams in a bad spot this -- wrong here in 88. All right Derek WEEI dot com just fine the pal rankings welcome back confined to what's on tap big show is at two Sports Radio W yeah.

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