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John McDonald, Diamondbacks Utility player, on playing for John Farrell

Nov 6, 2012|

Lou's former teammate John McDonald joins the show to talk about what it's like to play for John Farrell.

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What -- our much -- ID three point seven WEE I've been a busy. Couple weeks here for the Boston Red Sox and the lock on always figure one -- -- a guy who's got some ties to a lot of things involved here with the Red Sox had to trade targets the new manager coaching staff. John McDonald. Played a Providence couple years after you cracked up here they show up at baseball team down show those people -- -- -- after a folly teamed up on their Cleveland John McDonald joins us here on the eighteenth the hotline John Mark Luke our U. I'm doing it yet -- We're doing good Mac just the Red Sox have John Farrell now you're with them in Toronto his first year -- there that you -- was in mid late August I believed Arizona. And right you know the situation here embossed missile has been a mess. The last year year and a half whatever might be what was -- -- and bring to this team in your mind. Stability almost you know -- -- that. Had high expectations for players gather your health. That you use this -- that a well out and do their jobs to help players come successfully. I think that's what I like the majority. It is a guy at the top that want to take all the resources than what he had in mind should try to players the -- the best position to be successful. And it never -- To be. About him -- -- that I'll -- -- in Toronto let's you know let's collectively group the guys in the room trying to figure out the best -- -- a -- that's way. They're allowed to go out there and do their jobs. What you want to play a lot. And that's simply app -- -- on the players to go out there or or even on and that's how that's that is echoed that -- are judged. Sometimes shell and their. You know I know John that Arnold as a manager -- all the markets the different Toronto media wise as far as here in Boston. What is he like as a yelled Bobby obvious that everything out to the media I wanna know what the guys like that immediate but yet what he's like privately protect the guy get on the guy would what was John fellow -- Or both you know you mean you have to be yet. I ain't (%expletive) she's -- he's waiting game. -- here from all angles he still learning or talk about that the learning process. A what he's learned over the last last few years and Ronald Buehrle in Boston. He can sit back and until guys. How they get better on behind closed doors in your office. On in the locker room on the bench. I don't incorporate saudis yeah a steady hand that. If you aren't -- if you love the -- states. Post the best. -- actually shown. The key summit that. Protection -- clobbered there. I don't feel like form -- also special Portland in Oregon. Immediately let other people you know there's there's I want players needed to understand swim coach he'd do that. Match you looked that that. -- -- Men at the end of the bench that's the luckily no major combat and -- -- -- I would -- -- good. A job well we talked did to John after he took the job here woody said Dawson in the minutes afterwards he did this -- be a team that attacks offense would be very aggressive. Offensively can you explain if you saw that same sort of attack mode. From John in your year six our five months they're what what does that mean when John Ferrell says he wants to be aggressive with his offense. Well a lot if you don't first their regular looking to have done and what they've stopped in the Anaheim and -- reps that they are on the basis. Column it aggressors in an apartment in aggressive goal burst their. Figure out ways. To capitalize on what the other team is doing an aggressively election -- noticed that they're not relevant gene chuck and a broad stroked her on first current situation take -- -- You know that's -- pushing the envelope. -- double yelling get thrown out at second expert wanna be aggressive try to get the second base and get it and scored this year -- -- that you -- the third base. On to not think -- would not sit back and wait for. Three run homer you know and make things happen in that -- and I'll try to do trial I've forgotten to go steal more bases in. I'll push the envelope you'll want a -- that sit back and relax at all it'll run. On the Arctic out on the old. You know all the Yankees general or host -- you run every going to go out there and pushing the envelope. The aggressive and trying to not just manufacturer. -- -- -- right away breaking double plays on yeah course he decided bond market that if you don't like -- in the second base. -- -- in its third out Munich turned adult lately -- out the second based. Corporate new not to get the talent but the let me know that he's. Not actually you that you didn't do that -- -- in the second base you didn't try to divert that throw let go to the prime until they're based appeal. And and be pure regulatory. And hopefully route you put the ball and right -- In general -- so well prepared and -- great coach in the sense of humor Atticus is something that this organization this team. Could use just a kind of lighten it up seems to be some pretty intense people their that. Yeah he -- you -- so -- levity to gain on over the the preparation. -- you know want to be out on the baseball field preparing guys who weren't applauding. And yet a lot of fun doing and you watch and during batting practice hitting ground ball. On -- -- going good and when your particular when you're already well Burbank actually make all of played yet a lot of public you. If you're not -- mentally into licking now. Italy no one can in -- way that your response. Think they kick yourself in the -- and start getting prepared -- picnic -- prepare for an and it's important. If you look at. I struggled really in the just like -- pro ball in snatched. That's not voters' personality watching it take robot that purpose and wouldn't do that it's an awful lot of fun because she is. Integrated way it ought to be that much more on what to do it with a purpose. It -- it sounds like you know both of these guys you know bring some accountability to their players. The problem that I had early on -- at the end of the season with some things and Omar Vizquel is -- I know you know we've played together with them in Cleveland put together a lot long denied have a lot of respect for him. When you're Omar six up the bulk at a bought an organization you around us and those guys do you know what comes to your mind. I like when the players I'm not -- all. All what we're not there. He said that the lack of credibility some of the young guys were kind of weren't told. When their Macon state. Not all the army as a player element in that locker room I think and better players take more accountability. But what goes on with the younger players in the kitchen aspect of the game a lot of a lot of players respond the players aren't. You can't just sit back and allow everything happened in the course of the game or C and I like you know well people out. They'll wanna help what I wanna help actually makes you -- a lot. A lot of accountability follow and 25 men that are that are in the game. I think that's what ultimately all. The manager and the coaches that they put the pieces in place they'd pick -- initial rupture. The players accountable for their own actions reflect on -- in the same stage and they're the best thing it just sort them out in need to coach him and players need to duke it out of coaching their teammates. Repeat that these players that you want somebody without anesthetic -- example. -- being prepared by running hard all the time you know run all the my heart all the armchair outbreak at a double play out in your goal Bowden and all the guys to bring a dull place and around our first -- the players are bringing. That that all those things don't happen -- it would have to make sure that they don't repeatedly happened. The next collective effort strong guy on the -- manager Eric coach it to everybody that need to be held accountable and now working -- a volatile lacking in our statement. We are talking -- of -- -- utility specialist got that right John McDonald joining us here. You play with a guy that I want the Red Sox that to look at on LP is available but Justin -- the reports were at the end of the year. If your team might be looking around and might tool to trade him can you give us that your report. Unjust and optics I feel like he'd be a great fit in his Red Sox outfield. I think you agree that in any on any team I'd be surprised. If is that went ahead and and shopped at least 25 years old all of he's. Probably a few years away from the product history -- you got -- around 20/20 93031. Started their prime. Point spot but Larry McCain still learn how to get in how long. -- where they don't swing what else can be successful. What helps him get better. I'll watch it over the last year plots. A lot -- a lot of airtime as we hear really clicking in your mind on that the player that he is in the competence that he brings that box. In a lot for the watch. -- you gotta gotta go -- it still he's still -- Stoller and lately I've here's all winter finally looking really fast. You know Google -- -- has been LBJ up there will be more here watching him play young Tampa Bay and and some concerns with him maturity and maybe dogs at -- time to Los at times any of that with with with his brother Justin. I don't I don't -- absolutely -- I don't know how I got it up it up. In the champ got back -- the first -- that accurate picture or you know -- they don't want to operate at a later -- and that -- -- you know Qatar at all in the air on first base and -- sometimes to what ultimately to an injury and yet players that's Smart you know that you probably just me. -- like Iran and it off. Through the infield and you Iran first that you wanted to double. What a critical source they're not afraid that you want to score on everything. He tried it that jumps out. Base in the planet the still growing it still churning but I I don't see a lot of those economic should stay at their crescent. In that capacity which which -- English -- that somebody black. No McEnroe nor the other holes here and it's a team shortstop I've mentioned Steve Andrews name before and Judy drew a connection here in Boston. I want to know the -- comatose and he played an expert at stake here. It's terrific that easy call but I don't really -- that all but let's he's gnome I don't know. Mean spirited. They call it. I think it's later than that much I hate when I got trickery out straight in there because he broke an ankle at the all star break last year I figured out ago. I think to play with a string training ground also ample time alone. Tremendous tremendous and the collateral that ankle injury that. Very bad ankle injury so I didn't get it at that the younger so yeah I think we'll -- top end of the year was. What a better player what I saw it used to working as -- -- ankle trying to figure out how a party compression without. You know re injuring and you know what ever injured but it. It had an injury. Wait until something and it. You're afraid you're gonna pick that back in particular lot step forward a lot steps forward in the last year. The put himself in a position. The place for any community chooses to play for right now is he's not. I don't play with -- -- such a relative. These are very good baseball player that high IQ. That. I think it is tougher challenge and challenged. Get the most out of them. -- you play in the division Sony askew -- -- called the giants the next sort of dynasty. -- John in Major League Baseball. I would like -- but how hot it's they're extremely balanced. Baseball team from a starting pitching to their India would have expected that the Bible and goes out and get out the Balkans what they got about it but every kind of brought somebody in. And knew that it wasn't like you know as a young -- it's shown anyone panic and that doesn't know Italy. Every player that they've brought out of that global and every pitcher. And knew their role in -- about locating it or not there to try to look at why people all of Buster Posey and that backup catcher that that a great integrate -- where we're at that conviction and particular ballpark. Not that important circuit that's in halo still going to be -- place next hearing and ultimately. They're able to keep our put on. -- -- they're just they're so balanced and that they did it they don't need to rely not on the -- -- bought -- they manufacture runs. That that inch -- aren't just talking to prepare or into play again. You know -- so sure it was a beautiful place to spend the summer and you know with with Farrell and lo and Butterfield here this Johnny Mac connection near Boston. I'm the youngest leaving the door open there's a hole at shortstop and just trying to get a fell Friday here in Boston that's all. Enjoy some kind of -- Yeah isn't gonna tell them mega popular right now -- -- -- got to play under 200 gains. A -- on -- game points so. -- it's getting out of the place is shown few. And chaotic you don't want a minute but everyone's concern anyone knows Butterfield concerned that his this now relative closeness to the patriots Foxborough. Is gonna keep his mind off baseball as we so folks the patriots draft class in the summer. That you need to bring back to bring back in ninety start talking about -- -- right now effect is not an untreated. -- Tyrod hasn't been playing again this weekend and police in -- -- a lot on the line that that they give him about their life. Racial over the ballpark Alec cares about at least -- John -- that man enjoyed the off season and Della -- talk to you soon. Not great insight from John McDonald the that writes your beat Chile guy that we guys like to be called salute and play like all the positions. -- joining us on the ATP outlining AT&T forgy LTE was speeds up to ten times faster than three G. AT&T rethink possible we'll talk to new Red Sox and coach toward global 1 o'clock -- back to your phone calls in ninety's.

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