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Matt Chatham, Patriots LB, on the Talib acquisition and the Pats

Nov 6, 2012|

Chatham makes his weekly appearance and discusses the Patriots coming off the bye week and his thoughts on new CB Talib.

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Our 200 Tuesday we'll talk to. Tour level from red -- a new Red Sox bench coach the 1 o'clock hour. Matt Chatham EC is -- report all locked and loaded today in The Herald every Tuesday every Friday. You get Matt's take on the patriots are you'll see here -- on -- NFL Sundays here. I'm not to three point seven WE yeah I'm match Adam Jones on the eighteenth the -- AT&T forgy LPG. With speeds up to ten times faster than three -- AT&T. Rethink possible. Is it possible we'll put into words Matt how much from a physical standpoint the bye week. -- just a football player how much better you feel out what you get back after couple days off. I think he appreciated but while more you get all of its. I think. You know -- -- it's the -- thing of course your body's not gonna like the time off but. You know mentally which is great and you know you the same place in the same. Basis football the weird thing in the an -- sort of communal thing demeanor in there with one another -- for Obama today for a lot of times during the week so. The -- couldn't support. Never bad deal. -- -- -- -- What's your breakdown of this one. Ball well. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah I don't know -- interlocking go after him. -- I don't know about the deal ultimately to view metals also. You know I I think it was probably a savvy move -- I think the consensus others that they overpaid. Bought I think the patriots are sort of in that luxury driving -- we're you know they've got. The players and the people here that they think they can -- -- and maybe sometimes a little more aggressive when you know it's sort of within your grasp it some tweaking. You know we spoke about the little bit on. -- under this week with the -- Chris and I both we we got into you know there's a reason discuss available I think you know others probably that. The sort of do you -- things -- worked with the optical stuff but I don't think that make trade currencies and for those reasons it had. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And Seattle now but there's a reason that -- team -- three -- four and a campus would be in one week beginning back what. Reportedly would be a better cover where. But didn't -- flattery and so I think. You know -- -- that report commends your I did read an article at camp in Oakland election watches film you know but that he's had a couple rough -- of them in actual football field. From early in the season with a matchup with I believe it was Mario Manningham and does fine and suffered so -- -- had enough. And upon illusions we're just literally would concern the pitcher for the women not. Looking. Asked for his hand in marriage yet it's as more of -- of overload judgment on how he will be on the football field so in the event that all of those things come of the play that more of the offseason conversation here. Have a long term relationship with regard to a ticket is it deserved a longer looked worried that on the on field and I think the biggest thing to bring them. But I questioned experience so maybe that that in and of itself well. And let's stay out of fuel for second if he comes in and he's the guy that you're Greg Bedard has written about right and he's like you -- -- missed taping -- you'll watch and we comes in here -- any. You go to that quarterback has to be physical man up on a guy and be consistent. With it. Will -- change the Patriots defense -- they add that piece of their secondary. Indian business defense changing at all over the course next eight games. Well. Again I haven't seen -- -- -- rat and -- -- -- always third party -- you know but. That the government consistent on the field so. It's drafting a player who's been intense the battlefield with a moment and -- the -- spew more consistent I hope that the answer I guess just more from a a schematic thing I think -- long and we it and we we talked about all the little with the sun on -- Sunday but. It's it's worth mentioning that the body types that just went down and I are struggling balance. Probably the closest thing to that kind of body that they have on the trying to sort of Emeka. -- analogy there between their playing ability to experience certain you know obviously. We've been more productive over -- -- for your crew wherever this. Bought had they rule we were sort of missing now Longley an aggressive. Guys who can jam I think we did you watch the film won one valid critique of the patriots before and actually other. At some -- publicized last week rammed him with the were little more physical on the outside but there's just a little too much. You -- entry in the that the back into the secondary so if this is a got a little whirlpool with about a much covered up people in the -- 111. What he's he's he's someone who can. He'll find whoever does that wanna partner in slowed his advance into the the secondary especially -- that we'll have to be part of that if there. -- especially when the the idea that you never want someone just building or secondary so dating guys -- or -- -- -- these advances as much as. Much of the factors in the comparable -- situation but still the the pitchers if it is going to be. He should be able to open that regard but I don't in my in my best explanation is that he's not you know -- in just a stalwart -- it was available. -- pictures teams lost three games now by a total of four points. Is it still kind of shaky had some frustration the second half in -- some on patriot like mistakes that lead to those types of losses or you think -- right the -- I think directorship I think. For the most part some left behind us I think there's you know we're having conversations through four weeks ago -- -- with a map but I I think that. Last week with a broadly positive step and see a lot of the problem sort of manifest itself in prior weeks the kind of put together. In all phases I think the one -- the that that needs to show more and -- be surprising that a lot of focuses on the the Pacific that are applicable law oversold its specialty group in my view and obviously I'm going to be. A little more hyper focus on -- but. Just pushed -- group but it's time for themselves open distinguish and so will be released. You can get away with being OK but not terribly powerful and first -- the season when you know under the Clinton touched. Well I think this -- the time of year were just sort of needle drop -- -- yardage and so. You know I think people -- Patrick Gavin do we know when is as. It was surprising that -- them I'm not on the world's. We stepped out but the you know these three years ago -- leading. The return -- return guy in patriots history of the deal the cable guy back there which just have to give them space so we have been committed for people to them. They have an opportunity to get some. More socially are determined factions opposed to a little cooler and the kick return game other than that one -- wire that was the touchdown -- the the jets the in my view would not happen to have them and for public had mental error by but in Europe they have an overload -- order alongside -- on the government to do it. -- -- underside which makes no sense of wood got Miller that took took great advantage of it got great guard and you know according made a great run guys recognized blocked well. It was to implement the mystical -- happening throughout I think there. Productivity and there is probably good enough so it's it's something that will be -- all the key technical side. I think -- mix of the affordable but you've got a team -- public and. We're talking to Matt Chatham the chatter report Tuesdays and Fridays and Harold NFL Sundays here on 937 WE DI as you go back and watching these games Matt. From game one to your game eight what did you see from Chandler Jones did you see a guy that progressed and is learning. -- on the fly as a rookie on a defense of line. Well. What state is the guide. To a lot the first -- -- You know obviously one of the okay developers -- in new movies. He's starting at a countered him in there and you know that the normal progression of the power structure you generally see a comment and just. You know dip and replicates actual players doing -- and try to beat people up close of the -- -- pretty -- we want. So you know I think he's. The one thing I've been impressed with these handled pretty heavy workload for a player reps and it. The work a little bit now which I think of the Smart thing and I I would put this across the board. Third they're trying to work from other people and ship channel or her profession but I think any pastor who would tell you. You know use -- Eighty plays a -- structures sixty players wherever it is. Is is not you're not only getting home to report I'm game and you know for pressures or possibly facts so. Being able to sort of manager personnel and get you know a guy -- -- -- are currently 9095%. Of the visibility on accomplishes great Arctic. You know integrating this just in France with a little bit digging. You know. I think Cunningham -- about the inside rule the three technique and political -- occasionally rotated him in their first series. Allowing Ninkovich did do his Russians but the also. Last week the rams game it was it was a buck a little bit which is. But down linemen that drops out of there occasionally -- mix things up but you know I Chandler obviously they're there they're the biggest athletic. Guy on the he's very good and continues to get better. What if it's good that I think they're dip in the I mean the last -- policies. Some critical injury at some point they always have that happen. Somewhere in you know the would be -- with. Which should appoint anyone but I think the idea that they keep the stable rolling it always helps power structures and you know -- because. -- that the AFC playoff picture right now Tony weeks into it but you know he get the colts and that that final play wild card spot and try to figure out. Other teams outside looking in right now that can make their run Miami may be San Diego -- Cincinnati of the net. Any surprises in the second at the as the playoff picture changing your mind. I just you know it I think Indies team that it's it's a pretty cool story with a chip MacDonald stopped and you know hopefully you coming back and -- help please -- -- rookie quarterback and a great job and I think it -- much anything to it shined the light on. You know the importance of leadership them and how bereft of talent Lester group must have been to go from a good team just because you have that many don't want it. Just pull off the map and then and then rebounds as yours so a -- clearly had some issues. Beyond whatever else was going on but. Because of just overall element -- it's it's cool people watch me it's going to be interest in here we have last week -- -- -- -- on paper. People are you game tape of the -- in the -- -- kind of knock out Hoover wants don't. What they run sort of a little maybe 34 with with small group. -- -- interest they bought you know reaction to the judge just crush on the map and it seems they're going to be wrong committed first. -- -- -- -- a global problem so -- you know how old or able sustained in December. I think that's yet to be seen and that sort of the patriots on the -- well. So beyond that group Ohio would probably look at. The third singles semi sort of a team that I I think are eager to make a move they were -- offering -- last year. And -- with -- Young quarterback it was looking at the -- and a lot of talent. Gershon and some guys like that but we're gonna make -- but didn't they surprised me in with. You know I I'm thinking that if you're gonna. Pick a team to make that move Lou -- vehicle maybe just because the division so weak that might be some. Pick up some some grounder went in early November December and also to look -- tonight at seven. What I don't see any particular team and they're -- scare me on the back in the make the move put in front of the. Not last one for me they polled the folks at sporting news poll NFL players here at the deadline and asked him -- their most. The most overrated coach in league Wallace I'm curious to -- watched a lot of -- Matt. Was the most overrated coach in the National Football League in your mind. Operated -- yes. While. I did not feel article. We are good you'll -- again one of the top picks weren't get a fresh take like. Perez. The most overrated well. I just who is that the doing the rating in the first the first. Players players the players vote. Well and could evolve they couldn't vote for the role coach got to put your foot and a fire here. The couple almost bothered -- the most overrated Walcott was highly rated I mean who who the people -- for the cuter little obstacle to project. They want underrated out of those -- it. It's funny how Tom Coughlin been treated over the years together dinner lose -- agreement and the ones who -- So he's probably someone that if you -- giants manager for Tom Coughlin. You probably why the heck is my coach not ultimately Gordon coach -- line you're always -- so. And while he was the third is underrated Paul he was the third most underrated coach. Yeah I would think you would probably get the -- there for behind Kubiak and we'll be acting like a federal who. Who over. Maybe -- like Marvin -- cigars. You know look the look to a place and I -- -- coach a distress they -- -- -- has been in the -- I'm Michael. Well okay. You know I didn't wreck it's a different style I think he's an amazing. Because the court and I guess he's he's brought him -- championships so. Our topic is there anyone out there who think he's. That would rate and -- -- -- more people back on how mature I would put in the audience. But I took great -- -- -- you know I also the movement more -- and I think he's. He's a good coach -- went to keep the job for you know the longer longer tenured oh and you wouldn't keep you long -- -- advancement of the well selecting. Do little more this year but acknowledged as a coach but maybe maybe you could. Considerable. Marvin Lewis if he did get a vote it was only a single vote and I immediately -- that's what it's probably that's only Jessica's outside the box opinion. And we're gonna talk about it but we get -- full view but Belichick number two. -- Out over to coach the NFL according to 2903. Players voted him number two. You know what that is that's that's probably a lot of news on the other teams who get sick of you know you're going to figure in the or -- in the headlines in the this is I think there's some people that. Begrudge other people's success at times so maybe you'll part of here in the patriot and every year and they're always and they're always the -- in the Super Bowl again. Maybe that's just the function of you know there they're overrated. I've ever archive of the poll more rated kip kip the night receivable championships it would go to five. Within folders so. Our product possibly operated. All fame coach -- -- public. And that's we'll try to figure out coming up -- Matt Chatham to get him today in the -- talking about the patriots secondary when he saw some improvement. -- against the rams in London he got another one of fraud and you'll hear from a leading into the our bills game. On Sunday Matt great stuff as always appreciate travel pocket next week -- very -- of the best match at a on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE was speeds up to ten times faster than three G. AT&T rethink possible as mentioned 103 players pulled from 27 teams. On everything you wanna know in the annual mid season players poll by the folks at sporting news there releasing. So all the results here this week and they've done the coach's side of first and we just sort of let the cat -- a bag but the top two most overrated coach in terms of votes received. Rex Ryan number one. Bill Belichick number 21. Of those right we'll talk about it ninety cents.

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