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David Ortiz responds to Bobby Valentine

Nov 6, 2012|

Mut and Merloni talk about David Ortiz's response to Bobby Valentine about quitting on the team.

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You don't -- -- trade there is an understanding that winning wasn't going to be -- priority you know that we have had to go through. You know just go through this thing and CEO we have so. I just about then did it was. The message was given -- at least to Mateen you know David came back that Ortiz stayed there -- came back after you know spent about six weeks on -- and disable us we thought it was going to be only it week. And you get to its first two times -- drove it a couple of runs we're off to the races and then he realized that it you know this trade meant that we -- not gonna. Run this race we're -- -- finish the race properly and then he decided not play anymore and if they get that time you know loose. It was all downhill from. That was Bobby Valentine former Red Sox manager Bob when Bob Costas. Was that about a month ago or so three weeks ago what -- -- three point seven WE DI 61777979837. The question was. What would David Ortiz respond. You know when -- David Ortiz have his day because he. The pretty quiet about this about surprisingly quiet about this maybe waiting for a deal to get -- signed a two year deal. Yesterday heard his press conference over there at Fenway Park and -- joined let him Michael on the big show and gave his reaction to Bobby Valentine talking about -- Something that it doesn't make any sense to me. Somebody who won a national television because you know he really unity and it takes a -- mean really. Basically told me that it was you guys trying to -- things. And -- like that will hold on wait a minute. I was watching the show. The media and at and at a Buddhist it was you talk and then everybody listening to. So why are you trying to tell me that the media was trying to it was design so once I want to read MS so well you know what. I'm not even gonna make any comments on this because that's what you -- never heard from a a lot of guys approaching me asking me. Than -- -- say in it then it was because. It was a no -- Finally a Red Sox player do what we did for six months. Saying what do you mean Bobby I heard -- -- Wasn't twisting of awards we urge at a press conference at which it said -- your words on Bob Costas who was your words in the post game. We got to do that for 67 or eight months since expertise finally does hear David say that apple would mean the media's blown this thing -- I heard do you. See that that affected they've set I I heard -- senate sergeant self. A lot of these players. All year long we've heard media blowing this up the mean is making this thing a few people got to stop while the negativity. Now -- -- -- you don't really realize that right into the season is over maybe can look back maybe certain things in your career when you retired you sort of look back with. Usually all these reports that come out about the chaos in the toxic -- all the toxic talking on the clubhouse between a head coach in the the manager and as coaches and the players this manager. All that stuff and what players do all your -- that's a bunch or crap. We love this guy gone on has no problem of communication. -- what -- at the end of the year Bobby Valentine even said he and his coach didn't get along. David Ortiz and a big show saying that you know. He's holding meetings early year because a lot of the players are pissed off all the Bobby Hussein. Nobody was talking to the media and the media was coming back to us and we had no clue. Where blind side and all yearlong. You know it and he was personally holding meeting on these guys to -- but forget about how you feel about the manager it's all about us on the field we get a goal but our business be professional. To a season is over the ball that -- the -- -- -- locker room. Will allow the media is great story again. The reality is the most all of that -- strong most of it was true. That's defense mechanism you have as a player trying to calm everything down during the season. Nothing to see here goal weighing but the reality was it was -- In the start to hear it it is if they realize it then a deterrent squash and maybe that look back announcement. Yeah that was absolute cluster bully. Isn't the reality David Ortiz one of the guys that made sure that the players were make NASA uses. Yes some on multiple time modality not to put Davis he gets to be heard this after the season and Ortiz was a guy. That tried to stand up for his teammates screw let's band together that we talked about on the big show host in -- manager. Well publicly behind the scenes -- going to give up manager you would just play baseball. Didn't hurt children he would go and and try to do something like this when New York. So they're ready to negotiate for our contract when UN is back all year. It was ridiculous he was a few words. He was son in Don Specter. The cycle I wasn't expecting any of this and but you know work though. I I was token to a lot of people the word isn't and that's him he say things. You know prepare for. -- I saw that during the season and and the reason why I decided to have his back big time to new season pumped up and I respect that any manager that we. He was to stop the controversy between him and players. Because he wouldn't go -- states and in the U and when you guys don't was in asked about why -- -- the world there wouldn't know so that was when they were these games in in the right to stop those players that were mad at him how we met him. -- -- This to try not to. -- things that we. No control over it but it was hard though it was hard because he would you go. Back and -- with things we were out of it. But it. Well third person their from David Taylor -- a walk in the clubhouse now we didn't -- the big show what he told who what he told ESPN deport days. Yeah you heard a fraction of their and he said -- and he would go back and forth and say different things I'm David speculates on -- on why that would happen. He talked about national TV what so what Bob Costas the text message I did not respond to the message I said to myself. This guy must have some mental issues or needs medicine or something. I -- I'm dealing with someone crazy. I'm not gonna drive myself crazy so it's better if I leave it alone. I got a guy I thought it was going to be more over the top than that and and listening back to what he's and the big shall read this thing over the top item saying it is former managers mental issues. And -- mentioned medication. -- the thought would you want to. I -- I was more atop the net I envision a storm. Of expletives is what I envision that you rather have them so where I want to say it is -- mental issues and needs medication. And -- and rather have just telling you what I harsher I envisioned. That in my in my that's what I thought but as they read this out loud. Really for the first time I listen to what he said the big show -- -- Allowed him I was reading a lot of my cell and -- care about yesterday's are a populist read out allowed yourself time. Mental issues or needs medicine I'm dealing with someone crazy. That is kind of -- it's not the -- and I thought we might get but that's pretty harsh. And based on the what Ortiz saw on the scene the players -- behind the scenes. It's we joked about it during the Kostis thing in the aftermath Indian -- art. We joked that he might be up this that there might be a mental issue with him. They are -- agrees that's by the way Dave Ortiz agrees and I and I'm not saying this to be funny. I think we're gonna find that out in the next couple days weeks months years. The Bobby just lose at -- and -- again. Don't know exactly what it's at a certain people. Yea -- right that's. Not the F bomb that thought we'd get but I call your former manager saying he has. Mental issues. That is pretty bad it's a so -- hardest hit again your jobs are worlds of Bobby. It would Ortiz had about a mental issues. -- gonna bring you Bakken and managing in the bigs. 61777979837. As your phone number Brian's at Hartford lead this offer Iran a Tuesday Bryant. Put up vote total to confront the bright. A couple of a couple of quick points. Number one at a direct -- -- a little bit stronger replace -- -- I think he would fit well with the organization it. Just you know he's a -- I think that he depicted -- they're good fit for ought to number one number two. I pray to god that the Rangers on the direct talks with it. -- -- out period you know that it is it would. Help the quote tremendously. Out of it sucks that -- -- it's funny in back in number and I hope is that they get direct he'll sort uses 75% PR baseball I think David Ortiz and it'd be the next. Portable quote not that he's never replace -- at the next gently as he always at the ballpark. Company young players that had to you know that all the base of the bridge that old player at the. If they only 567525. PR -- baseball Bryant. Yeah well OK maybe it is it that -- he's got to eat. I liked -- David Ortiz beat Jason -- What bigger than that would tech is if you -- the captain of the team. That brought back that it bring them back what they do the game a job -- organization. Open that or is it the jury he looked at it. Straight out of all that straight at the ballpark there's no word yet and I don't think it will lead now Maryland ethnic a lot of it out the tropical. Brian who. Let me ask you this right now -- when this team has the potential hit thirty home runs and driving -- Exactly. You still wanna say 75%. -- 25% baseball. What a -- with that said. Affected he's the only guy in this roster that is potentially at 3900 in the -- Jacoby Ellsbury come back who'd elmo's got one on their. But he's the only guy -- is still Celtics even 5050 isn't it about this guy producing -- a full leader. And it it. And I don't have a let the right and -- create that -- there's other guys out there available. You know Mike Napoli type of player he can't do that. I gripping the diplomatic it definitely the right will I think it dates in light of overpaid a little bit -- I mean. You know you look at respected predicted that all the eagle eagle egg on what. But I mean -- -- -- especially a lot about race and -- that -- and include a look at. Yeah but the price had a right the first spot it's that's all asking people to admit here. Right other slew Red -- fans -- texting in it at six 37937. That there's a 35 point well like I said I don't agree 7525. On a regular theater it's somewhere to. -- 65050 but the second your guaranteed. The first year I completely get to guarantee that next year -- able gonna argue that the ninety games in the killings. They should guaranteed a full year. That's a big injury for a guy his age to come back -- OK I do for a year it's the second year that it is closer 5050 terms of baseball production. And PR and business year to guarantee of that deal by not allowing him. To get out there and at least test the market by not saying you know what David come back to us when that deal is done. I they were so adamant to get him signed up two year note what does that one what is the biggest really the biggest issue boat you're too is it. -- ticket -- eleven they could pay him fifteen his production might -- that that might restrict them obviously we all hopefully feel that it would never restrict them because it's not that much money. What what is to -- eleven million bucks is not means it's obvious he saw it's not -- of money I know what they are eleven million of a hundred million more respect and so. What is the biggest concern. It's investing that money and to guide doesn't perform -- that the Curt Schilling that's tickets are waiting might not perform. That he might not be out there and play at that age and right now that's the -- how long -- we tied the game Achille how long season honestly how long have we had this discussion about David. And they want a one year deals I love that one year deal done motivating Condit camp in shape for four or ass off for four years now for four. Seasons. I've been hearing that David Ortiz is done didn't work and can't continue to produce at his age unit work analysts and business has been no brainer by the way crystal ball. Eventually it is gonna come to an end. You know it is there who say autism be the last David Ortiz is two year deal and no crap. It's gonna be 39. It is gonna come to an end. But for four years we've been talking about. The the production he's not the same guy he can't do it next year he can't do it next year he's a year older he's a DH. Now the Achilles injury huge concern. Doping misses some time it could be an eleven million dollar salary but when he is on the field. He's shown he has not lost it. His last four years have been pretty consistent. East in his last two years of an outstanding. When he is on the field he's worth every penny. Question is can he stay on I understand that's risk visibly a single game 2014. It's gotta keep this team doing one single thing that they wanna do. I'll we'll talk to Matt Chatham top of the hour 11 o'clock with the chat Republican win games Ryan and Eric in all your phone calls on David Ortiz in the Red Sox next.

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