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D&C react to David Ortiz re-signing and his comments on Bobby Valentine

Nov 6, 2012|

John and Gerry give their take on the return of Ortiz and his reaction to Bobby Valentine’s comments about him. They also touch on last night’s Monday Night Football game between the Eagles and Saints.

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Hound dog yes exactly Peta supporter yeah. Supremely gifted athlete. Under achieving quarterback but I think there's one thing you cannot disagree with. He is one tough -- of will be. I watched that last night and have you ever seen and I talk about. Was Aaron Rodgers got sacked eight times like this right I mean this is direct it's that these are all shots on the skis to tell you still tough. And that's that's a problem Miami at Wiki does man who would contact you never adds. And how to slide when he runs let alone -- they thought he doesn't have the chance to run and as bad as he may is a quarterback his offensive line is worse it was like snap the ball. Was like -- jailbreak -- couldn't believe it gruden couldn't believe it. This guy stood no chance back there I think they gave problem and in the but some line as the amount into Ehrlich. I I I I don't think you let him off the hook for this. Obviously he didn't have a chance but he sucks and they know it and they and they know their plan for whatever for enough. That's the problem they have their offensive line needs to have a reason to band together and protect their guy. And they like about a pitcher court elected -- -- and -- and they don't care and get killed like guys and longest yard when they find out. It -- rentals it is in the -- -- the game and just let him and just let me yeah right Letterman and that that's the -- they feel we're not gonna win. He stinks is a quarterback what's the point so I like me sub conscious of them subliminal whenever a latent. But. Their effort is not their benefits of lines because they know they're quarterback's not worth it to. First of all they force substitutes in for starters out for substitutions -- there that place up plays a role and yet but their. They're they're better to begin -- so what you're telling me years. The Eagles. Offensive line is taking the same approach. The Mike Shanahan is getting like help with this year it's all over see -- next year correct correct I mean is emotional game and you have to be. All in -- not all well I'll I'll say this. Much well a lot some of what happened last night was his fault but when your first when you -- the ball on the shotgun and your first step is a start back it up. And retreating. Because you see one or two in some cases three guys coming clean and you. You have no chance to succeed in the -- there's no chance to by the way shouldn't Belichick look at this and say we. It's like this minute Mark Sanchez kind of look around a little yeah well blew a little bit or get off -- spot have to take away what's on the field he's only looking this way because which Jason from the outside. Would that be helpful to the patriot and I. I am sure this is too fundamental to the simple minded for Belichick. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He's not a good decision maker. He's not quick and and he thinks still at this point script thanks gets approved I can take it I can handle -- tough guy. Which is the wrong attitude you hope if you Mike Shanahan. You hope that RG -- -- -- -- if four or -- you know interpret on our Bruce area and -- and hope Andrew Luck. Never wants to prove how tough he has taken Haiti business that if. Andy Reid continues to insist. Excuse me that Michael Vick is going to be a starting quarterback going forward. What do you think the chances are Michael Vick survives all sixteen regular season games what's less than zero yeah. -- -- night good night and it doesn't matter I mean there's -- don't know we're going nowhere there he's he's gotten in Britain a man was a mistake to begin with. You know he's he's he's not a good quarterback and you know you've invested and community. You had people picking -- -- -- the Super Bowl two years ago all right called them the dream to a dream team and you have this guy. The 28 ranked rated quarterback in the NFL. At this point in his career he's -- know how to play the position and I I still think he doesn't mean he's 32 years old. Obviously had little hiatus there Padilla is Atlanta days and is this Philadelphia days but. Do you ever get the sense even whether was an address or not that he's gonna lead his team to who suitable to hold. You mentioned the longest yard or maybe on purpose you got some story about his brother to reading. Mussina -- sure did and that's so right Soledad eight untreatable -- we'll just open the door what you get killed right. Tickets are good well I. Think it that deeply like the -- -- -- back. You would think to be fighting for job but it's not intentional and that's where it. Comparison along -- gardens and but they know they're going nowhere. This is the defeatist attitude that's the problem that's the hardest thing for football coach. His -- on the precipice keep these guys. You know conveyed all that way -- going -- wet anyway they're not mean Philadelphia. Is embossed right now this coach is done done and they all know. And Elmo it's why they would they planned for got talent on the team look when you look at due to additional -- -- you said but Maclin and then. Stomach was McCoy health and -- nobody's in a good game. -- because I was just all of what was -- can be healed up he killed and and pummeled and you don't that notion was cut. That's the worst people well one of the worst defense is in the NFL yes they beat him. Look like a jailbreak you'll likely throw the doors about betrayal of open and they run off the island. Was there a day if there is such a thing in the National Football League 88 comparable sat in that group. -- -- Brady kind of gets spun around by the -- you know -- slides down and doesn't really get -- says no big deal there any of those last night I think the worst of the -- this one was them on the called helmet to helmet yes. Like -- -- -- -- terrible call element was that not call it sympathy call. If that were replacement -- say boy these guys are idiots you know we don't go back to that. The Home -- when you work you idiot and that's a real ref who made a call helmet helmet when almost in agreement and it was a big call mean it was a costly call -- -- could hear the helmet to helmet here say that area before they went to the re right he says yeah you could hear the helmet to helmet and they showed it and that was like six inches -- three when a rough game. The worst defense in the NFL statistic total defense New Orleans is the work yes and they just ate him. When dinner it was easy for us and it just just just rushed the passer if everybody ran it back in a company could do about it. We have heard something yesterday that I think we already knew and try to make my segue here. Is it a surprise to anybody that at least one member of the Boston red sauce and probably 25 of them. Big -- former manager has mental issues deeds of medicine which if you are a well he needs medication and he's crazy. Let an embarrassing -- say you know is there -- that you written about our. -- -- It sounds crazy yeah it's like mental issues it's some medicine which is what David Ortiz. Said yesterday after his press conference about Bobby Valentine. Now we've discussed this obviously before we Ortiz is a columnist I know Ortiz. News. Godlike in his it could say and do nothing wrong and that. I think we should get on the and we get the tainted vitamins does not believe them out if I -- believe you're all tainted vitamins and bye bye to supplemental mine. No question no question but. Was what bothered about that said that. A lot of stupid things settle a stupid things but I still don't think it was that bad. He was maybe X. Didn't work correctly. But. The best -- could work but the point was I think he was trying to say if -- contention. You know David money come back. And -- contention is that would not be the case listen whether whether you think there was a shred of accuracy or veracity to it or not. There are a couple of things -- head coaches in football and managers in baseball. Cannot say about their team even if it's a 100% true. Mike Shanahan is getting the crap. Kicked out of him in Washington. Because he had the audacity to does say. We have digress did such a four way in the season the we are now starting to. I guess self scout or reevaluate for next year which then translated into his players and you heard Rodney Harrison go nuts on this Sunday night. And you heard Tony Dungy go nuts on the Saturday night. That a Sunday night that is something a head coach of the National Football League simply cannot stay in the same vein. I don't think unless it's some sort of Manny Ramirez sleep in the bat on your shoulder for three straight strikes from Mariano Rivera. And say this guy quit on his team because that wasn't in his best interest to go forward with you believe it or not it's soap and a manager and a coach cannot say. True but he did a -- too crazy. Well I mean he was done when he said that's true it wasn't in the manage anymore. I mean you won't discourage him. From saying crazy thing must import no I love it MRI wanna hear more that's his feeling that David would've could've come back we were contention. That's his feeling and that's not saying these equipment -- -- -- -- said. Whatever however interpreted. So we don't know exactly Davis was in Spanish yes we should play in anyway. And -- and I just get out of -- and into the bathroom and -- -- do it ahead of some of the Bosnia that it actually forgot that that. That's because he's you know he works school when it gets scared to see kids you know -- smoke weed and just go to the idea -- fun yeah. David said stopping me from playing was the decision of the doctors of management of the manager and meet the team doctor recommend that I stop playing to not make the situation worse. For the tendon so what you're doing here they get to begin a -- by Bobby Valentine he did it at the beginning of the season with Kevin Youkilis. And he dated at the end of the season -- David Ortiz. I don't know if it's just me I. I pick a couple of other people say those kinds of things about one person he left out of the mix -- take a dostum George doesn't play with any heart that we about the worst it's true. Mean you say you can't criticize ago one of its true. What -- he thinks David could've would've come back. There -- contention he didn't it cost and they didn't have a big bad in the middle lineup I don't think it's that scathing first reform would tell you you don't do that as a manager but what if it's true he's not the manager anymore he's just trying to he was when he said it. -- it wasn't. -- are fired yeah who would cost so much and when you are being asked what went wrong if you honestly believe. David shot -- that was one of the problems that it was that important that good. You know he seldom did nine the first nine games. If you OK but the fact that you're probably not gonna get a -- another manager's job and maybe you're trying to audition yet again for ESP and by saying not controversial things but notable things and things that are -- the -- go ahead and do it if he has any hope of wanted to be a manager again. It would Terry Francona does you don't say anything. You go up there on ESPN as well I don't really know what's going I would much else I read -- Francona is book to come up before you say that and maybe he'll know he's got a good job he's in Cleveland the long term deal. But I have a feeling that he might have some disable one or two. Players won't be about Ortiz is that it is often that's a that's a bad -- thing -- Because this Mother Teresa you have said this before and it's great point great example this case -- young athletes. Won a seat. How and why to be nice to the media to be nice to fans to be nice to people. See how would pays dividends in -- long -- look at the culprit the reaction. To this two year. 26 to thirty million dollar deal a one you know give -- -- 37 year old DH just got look at the reaction like it. And and we never stop ask. Why they did this do that and how do they -- got -- from one year I'm convinced with help like that it was done in the past. And but they didn't because that they love David -- fan club -- the media loves David on its merits the deal. To me is still put it on its merits it makes no sense you here's has been Sharpton we have. You know which quote memory about why he Yemen two year deal. Well and so long it was an end to the hole when you have right funny right here yes but we play but don't. Whenever. That was David. The end of the year in New York didn't. You know I think he expressed some things from art to me -- to Larry. And as we looked at it we felt like you know as the guy who's. You know there's never a question about whether he was gonna. You know show up every day ready to play and perform and so let's be as we move through that got got a leftovers are talking. We create until like the right thing to do it. Cousins is a two part. Comment from him there was never any question who's gonna come to play every day he was not Clinton when he had a tough decision because he couldn't play it right. That's one of the problems when you. Would but it wasn't just choices -- point if he could be out there -- telling you he's a gamer and he could be up there he would be out there he was unable to do well I don't blame him I mean out of the race young guys were up it was not worth risking your health. But he wasn't quite. When charges talking about no question to be out there every day. There is a question when you're 373839. He joked about -- I was thinking just today. When your big guy you know in year coming off an Achilles injury that kept -- 40. Eleven weeks. There's a question I -- so there's no question is gonna show operative. There it is there's a big I think she's talking about his will and his attitude and his desire to play not his ability to play platform paying him for his well yes it will and desire and his and his attitude toward getting up there on the field now the second half of the quote deals with a two year. What the future of the deal believe. Case was. Get to a second year in the that is just a matter of trying to find a way. To make it work. But he said before this is the bench during -- sound like this. That injury that might go boy long sound -- -- that it is yeah. He says I think there's some real benefit in committing to a two year deal in this case because we're trying to build something and we want David to be part of and we don't need to have that conversation again at the end of next year correct. -- -- if they could shop for other general manager you're supposed to -- make Smart decisions of context -- the guys every year. Why not what's the benefit -- get that benefit that doing homework on Friday adopted to a Sunday night. But it's like doing that if you don't have to does make sense like well maybe the -- gonna symington you know another -- so I'll just do now that she does re. What is what is the benefit. The benefit as the Davis locked up long -- you don't want to be distracted by having this conversation again David would be happy and rewarding him being the face of the franchise and the public relations ambassador for the Boston -- we. It just -- eyes and minds of -- of Red Sox -- yeah I don't write the distraction which brings out the -- and -- -- -- -- I was gonna start the first and the distraction exit the best and and the rest of that which got you in trouble first place and the national. You know it's a wonderful guy but back to my point. Young players I don't know -- tension over there Ryan this year. No -- sees Cody Ross is quoting now go to Russ has gone yet Cody -- -- He's being helpful nights you you know we should do if you see. Journalists and talk show host at the master you mug. Stop him yet and yet when he can like. Not that it's right -- what is your what is your single -- it's not that hard not that hard it's just easy and -- -- recognize it is the -- rank and it will pay off and it'll payoff and this is it just paid off with a thirty million dollar and -- The other and that's spectrum was your pal Jim Rice who was a fine fine baseball player but -- everybody with one or two exceptions the wrong way. And got criticized he. Quite a bit right when he was 35 quite a bit he was 35 he was done and what he was -- nobody can make -- they didn't care right and there was no sympathy -- whatsoever 6177797937. New text line by the way as well hope you're paying attention. 37937. To clear 37937. Fault lines open fifteen sorry.

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