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Monday, November 5th Whiner Line

Nov 5, 2012|

Tiger-beat teen dream Tom Brady interview time!

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My view as an excuse views expressed and expressed the -- like -- aren't buying ET TE Chris Cox -- -- -- -- And Morris and now you know you weren't here alive. People always look guys you like you're winding up which in both things. And the bottom line every morning on the sand is they probably only have one life you had a goal and and snow did -- us again. You know when my passport I don't know forty. It's not you know what you want afforded a 42 are very limited on the things that. You got to hear WEEI. Lol are you near lying. I got to come in every year to -- the Sunday in just click here to announce. But I don't think I've given myself and more money went over the. Dial 6177793535. An -- into the -- break and contact. Four day weekend I am the problem when -- -- To go on there and whiner line I didn't take a martyr in the things here. And the most what have we hit the Moses -- guys they can name -- and now. NB a lot of movement before ball. -- -- -- To follow -- -- the WB yeah. Right now. I never ask you something that I don't think over the old. Whiner line. I. Love I was dealing with somebody with some mental issues. It was it was. Someone crazy and I'm not gonna drive myself privacy and you know -- now what's gonna happen. But he's gonna respond again. Hear from Bob it has to feel like you're like who like Ortiz said he can't help us and helped him Mikey -- tonight. Hello. -- we ever gonna hear Bob Mikey why are you guys don't go out. I. My guess is that Bobby probably as a deal were not supposed to ripped him that's why he could say something about Ortiz. And you know didn't have to worry about Padilla. Repercussions I would think I feel like. And responding. You finalized but it's it's DW I live it's available in Europe and android Blackberry device brought to you by AT&T. AT&T -- LTE was speeds up to -- Faster three GA AT&T. Rethink some -- -- -- wants -- tax faster. -- And let's go get him. I did it yes I could do helped win. It's about being. -- You know in the timeframe and. Not this your body. Not this paragraph 2014. It. -- -- what have you bought the papers. I guess -- on the right because I thought I'd -- and I record won't bat an outbreak hit. -- You don't have to worry about -- It. -- good note board would portable but I could act bowl. I don't quite accurate. I'd rather have gotten it. It. And that message. The Italian and ask god to help the paper. So David -- Two year deal with the Red Sox are that it be -- is that dot com yeah guys Carnoy and David Ortiz. And that message was -- -- like it was very alert or may enjoy it a lot of fond. -- good show Thursday night -- Them. I would have thought man. So what and my dad was critical game. They're -- up seven -- hot (%expletive) those go to the traffic and every one haven't got there on your. Graham Bono school. One -- but sensibility that down the field. Not as a favorite you have a good bet that -- down. The got a little or no way. -- so hot you know recognize that. Want to know what's good about the -- -- -- -- And them we appeal to constantly and that -- it wouldn't work if we did that -- you know used a little. 22 -- -- his name now just wouldn't work out -- -- 8000 does well channel seven and does well internationally Croatia and we've seen pictures check out this Elliot Williams connection the anchor chicks dig him. -- -- Except you think that might have been Photoshop now I don't. -- -- well I don't look at one and no I just I doubt he's slipped in some else western Austria has so much like Croatian -- -- one of his -- games he played Croatia. It was just a look around Italy saw an ugly girl. And he had to look for a long time before it's on elements are all flocked into this a dean Roger with her -- Red carpet we had about -- comment and -- are made -- don't yesterday. You can't don't -- You know. If there. And that's. But yet your points well taken. But the people who were calling up didn't understand and that's why had to keep on saying I just compels -- to -- Don't the big deal about and that black people like strikes again I don't understand. Other people out and I -- that offended everytime something. And I couldn't -- -- great stroke I'd be I'd be crazy and. Just go to reduce interest and -- that I miss them yes -- courses shell. Yes did -- wouldn't catch up. Asked. It was John innocence -- don't believe it is -- it. They have just. I picked -- on the radio -- Oh -- dumb -- and they don't win. I don't jump waist and met a hundred and a conversation that you are really -- that is always showed up and a Taylor power fried chicken yes I love I -- -- is great just talking about it's great restraint right now. Well it's. And that hope has made his comment about page you know pocket that he can bring them. All of these bags -- we have been quite as bad side. President Bush looked more like -- expected paid a popular prize. Us what to talk to you really -- -- -- how you talk Thatcher am I the Mikey. Mikey. I don't like Roger -- us so let's unleash all the way let's say calls tomorrow night. With a line using his normal voice you know the different. Well. Not probably wouldn't you -- probably be as well maybe how babies are now. But you know my man right there because it's always been consistent enough thank you Pickens lives -- in June and is it Chester boy I don't I never buried there there's no variation -- always consistent but it does bring up a good point just imagine the controversy last year. If an African American Red Sox player -- been evolve with the chicken scandal. My god. If that was what got to know we wouldn't have been just lucky could. Donna -- just I don't understand -- -- what used to started. I apologize you can. Is that the new commercial for Britain but what -- abroad game. One that worried that the I couldn't -- yeah -- barber shop I don't is that people make me. What brought a little bit more but it actually making quite. Yeah I didn't like -- Mikey was really done posting humanize I don't discourage most -- -- -- maturity to be used to have his own barbershop in his own house that when did -- agent brought down in Akron and we're gonna be some afflicts 65 grand. I or should I don't think he's just drives up randomly to know the old neighborhood barbershop now. I'll go yes I don't Barbara you know really anyway I don't I haven't got all -- ahead of me I'll wait object and sisters to sell your speech at the. Once again. It's a great -- guy who really -- Maloney were not exactly sure why he keeps on going to rip on him any way -- It's very nice city that the red -- -- do about it at all you know. They hit up the -- that -- of defense. But -- -- it would -- that -- they're collecting. Wanted to have put them by and that people really regret that I went out to the -- One of the government I think everybody wants at a library wanna know is. And probably all of all of literally at the all expect Obama -- body. -- -- or Arlen Specter. If you lose to answer these questions -- -- -- They'll look you can ask those questions. Fighters. Used machine used in. It's it's it's. Jobs it's fortunately it fuels all in these sort through the war -- victory parade. -- ought to give us we will all fail and bad news. It's really good to me hey you recommend racks and -- -- stunt lefties they'll always -- Even -- our team's -- rings I know that's what I hope will follow. Being. It's that worked for -- -- -- it sound like pitino a little bit yes. I expected to -- saying it's. Maybe it is. Is not candidacy and I don't me a -- running day wound at Kennedy died sourced to almost alone there and the rest of my line. Is there but it was that it will furniture we can -- the dollar amount and I don't know Mike you must know now as Kraft now as later in the -- why he doesn't know. And 81 card. Morning it all out war analysts will. Long. And I'm gonna oh yeah I on this. Week did yeah. And -- -- to black and suddenly I. Do now. Oh. President devoted. It was a temporary thing today isn't this even admitted that he sucks to -- that influence a public hopes that texting and -- That -- what it what did you say 373737. Goals that's pretty impressive. Out hey -- very impressive one thing I want from accordion man when discussing this. I want him just -- accordion. Is that I is an -- line want him to do it. Over the phone go back in time old school. -- technology at this advanced technologies over the phone with an accord and cold that's my request accordion man. They wanted to break the bad guys have got all watched it. On both sides have all of quote he's the greatest -- put a lot of our -- is what got good grades do you have ballad tracks. Ballots. The unbelievable. Let's talk about and Brady are also ready but that's a bad thing -- -- I'd -- -- David Halberstam line about Ernie Adams. He's Belichick's -- it. Tiger beat magazine and prevent edit and -- and that we have you with -- but think about the mental. You can. Bob what did. -- -- if that's what it is called -- what -- Well you know apple out yeah. -- yeah how much becoming so I. And Mexico -- -- it was calendar style Boston and -- -- because all of -- different but your daughter is the byways the other as a kid did that and one year they did that during the final week and that I was extremely interest died. I didn't I didn't hear this -- this morning but they want they were -- delivered to the paper today and found that the Jews I was pregnant I saw the picture of this in the -- asked question. Usually finalized barred by AT&T AT&T forgy LTE speeds up -- ten times faster than its three GAT and T rethink possible.

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