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Hey Terry Bradshaw! Just DON'T GO THERE!

Nov 5, 2012|

Intentional or not, Terry Bradshaw opened mouth and inserted foot on the Fox postgame show yesterday.

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Hold top of the people who met with the IV positive don't be well. I'm glad you're gonna do with -- entirely good. I'm not sure that Terry Bradshaw meant meant any thing. Evil -- Or racist quiet but you just can't go there. You just can't go there when you're talking about a black gets you can't go there. Hear her ministry. I did -- who -- right right well. Think the alarm went off within a -- formidable would have to shop that was the problem. Just you you can't. It -- His Keiko I do I do it well like at bill like Terry Bradshaw Famer Reggie Bush chasing -- -- -- that makes sense. And it doesn't well apparently it's being written offer is. You know what Jimmie Johnson joked because Johnson orange chicken whatever but you have to do. We talked about as I tell you what I do have a Jeremy Lin and the the -- to be warmer it was one of those cliches that people use all the time and you don't necessarily. Think about it may -- should but you don't think about it and correlated with a nascent -- here. This one to me. Is old school just -- gold. Says Michael Sheldon years ago. You didn't mean. But you just don't go. Not the worst -- mean our guys have done -- just don't go to the worst one. Rick Perry. River during the games I don't know Russell I don't Bill Russell -- at that watermelon Ingraham Bill Russell did say anything. The rest of the approach that I ever -- like -- -- is that he's just an actor Zeljko -- -- have make it's that they -- would you. And you can justify it they can argue they can sit there and now why should I be able to -- you just -- gold. That's all. I don't think Terry meant anything evil by I don't know I don't know -- -- I -- -- a -- -- who has no idea what I'm gonna sit there and then. Because there's a difference between going on -- a racist rant. Where you know what's in the individuals are in their head. As opposed to. A slippage of the tongue where you simply did not pay attention. Yeah. Anyway that's dongle -- -- -- can't -- looking at this Jimy. -- --

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