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David Ortiz with the Big Show

Nov 5, 2012|

We speak with a very candid David Ortiz after the announcement of signing a two year deal with the Red Sox. David was very open about the negotiation process, and even more about when it came to the comments Bobby Valentine made about him 'shutting it down' on national tv. David claims Bobby tried to tell him it was the media twisting his comments, something Ortiz would not accept.

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I just promised David Ortiz signs two year deal he's just at a press conference conference over Fenway Park. And he joins us live at Fenway out right now cloud or white Michael -- is Steve DeOssie I don't big -- congratulations. That's we're doing all right it would door okay. Really sharp -- the start by asking -- 'cause you brought the point up and was it just him when he said it was very painful to go through. The losing season last year you know you're back here you -- the guy and you know there's an awful lot of work to be done. In the off season have you talked to bet if you talked to the organization do you feel assured. It's gonna be able to go into the right direction so that it's not painful for you next season. Well I think. I think his. It's something that is -- to whistle. It's not I mean there's there's there's a lot of things that you gotta put together two Wimbledon games. But. In our situation and I think. One thing that Murton are and any organization not only us everybody deceive you see pretty much every organization approaching -- preaching. Because good -- will hole often is now. And we had to -- pitching we just need to people William. Maybe had a couple guys. -- reasonable -- -- as a some stutter. But. Once we had dialect and I think. The Bristol we're gonna we'll -- Inca. Hey David did you did you ever seriously consider leaving Boston and we saw the report that Texas was interested in you did you. Really think about going to the Rangers are there any other things. Well you know the -- but the point where. Common -- I wasn't really able to talk to anyone. But. I mean if you look at the market this offseason. It's not going to be the -- power hitters out there. And the couple that you might have on there you and how to approach and we are on the million dollars deals and stuff like that so. I won't be surprised. I was in the I was surprises fixer or anyone else come to me we know for. This offseason what. The one thing that I can really tell you the front offices band they approached me nearly ended in him. They give me an idea elbow that things that they. One and that they were looking forward. To do and that you mean the only does I have is that it was gonna come by as the Red Sox. And that's all I was thinking about. A David your discussion over in Durham contracts. The negotiation pattern do they give any indication of further plans as being the first part of the puzzle that indication of of what they might wanna do be on this to sort of team. Well we haven't really talked about it. Then being really BC of oh. Signing Dunn. Signing me in a pitchers approaching tomorrow it has put us on why we're gonna feed on it -- there always has questioned the west just to. Make sure it enough on the same page they got they're gonna be part of that decision for this year. Are in. They're good that's one thing that I'm most concerned about. But there is a good decision so -- was good about asking questions and then making sure that we are comfortable with. Did it rambled for. David does the Bobby -- question the appearance on cost the show you were asked that question -- kind of took the high road. I'm reading some quotes from ESPN. Deport days that you gave them and you know this has happened in the past where. It gets lost in the translation so you tell me whether. You said that's number three after he went talking about Bobby V on national TV to say what he said he sent me a text message trying to tell me that it was media. Trying to change things I did not respond to the message and I said to myself. This guy must have some mental issues or needs medicine or something I said I'm dealing with someone crazy. And I'm not going to drive myself crazy so it is better if I leave it alone. Did I lose something in the translation or is that it. Well some -- I say so -- you know with the -- Make in the world it is being funny thing. Thought this through the -- I'm in the mean Moody's and mythical menaces the following day. I never -- where. -- It's it's like. You know I mean I mean it's something that it doesn't make any sense to me. Somebody -- a national television because you know he really unity and it takes a -- mean really. Basically told me that it was you guys trying to twist things. And I'd like to hold on wait a minute I was watching the show. The media another not a Buddhist it was you talk and then everybody listening to so why it's -- to tell me that the media was trying to -- his desire. So once I want to read MS so well you know what I'm not even gonna make any comments on this because that's what you -- never heard from a a lot of guys supposed to mean that's to me. Then -- was say in it and it was because. Was in the home -- I judge you -- not that bad sometimes. I gotta ask you this though you should hear you seemed to have his back that can't be said by a lot of the players in that clubhouse this past year. Did your crew chief that he would go in and try to do something like this when you're sitting there ready to negotiate for our contract when you had his back all year. It was ridiculous he was a few words. He was on been done aspect of the cycle I wasn't expecting any of this. And but you know what I though I I was token. To a lot of people off the -- isn't and that's him. -- say things. You know prepare for. It I saw that during the season and and -- so why. I decided to have his back big time to new season pumped up and I respect that any manager that we. He was to stop the controversy in between him and players. Because he wouldn't go and face and in the Uga and when you guys -- was. And that's with a about what he's the world there wouldn't know. So. That was when they were these games in and right to stop those players that were mad -- him. I'll be mad -- him -- Tuesday. List right now to. Do things that we. No control over. But it was hard though it was hard because he would you go back and forth with things. We were out of it. Is that why you watch the show -- you expecting him to say something else that I unpredictable is that why you're watching. Well some of the guys. Called me and told me about it. I don't even know -- was going to be not so. But. I -- On a wash it in him and I was -- you know. I change I and its union to -- that we ought to switch. Davis congratulations and welcome back we'll talk to dorm room. Hi guys that thank you -- -- -- David Ortiz right here on the big show signs a new two year deal with the Red Sox interest and stuff right there concerning Bobby easily.

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