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Donny Marshall, CSNNE, on the Celtics start to the season

Nov 5, 2012|

Marshall joins Mut and Merloni to discuss the C's start to the season and the emergence of Rajon Rondo has the new leader of the team.

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Consistency is the biggest famous amusement there was going to be ever. Some duplicate this is yours as well as we care. Kevin Garnett talking about the Celtics star one and two they're back home on Wednesday nor'easter coming to town. And so are the Washington Wizards -- Lou 93 point seven WE EIC brick and on the games on Comcast. He is Donny Marshall joining us on the AT&T hotline any big picture. Takeaways dive in these first three games are too early to make any assessment on the Celtics team yet. You know I'm compute side I really am I at Hilton in -- Right -- that Leo last week a group like well we're gonna be okay and I wish I could tell everyone. Yes we're going to be okay but I'm not Seward dot even knows the answers that will mean he has so many weapons so many options. Ali guys when you have to make that decision and you have. Eight and -- -- is not the easiest decision probably by about and would not be easy it is -- -- think that we're seeing right now it's early. -- from from you know my experience. Of playing in and being around it now being you know apart. Broadcasting with Republic's three years now. I think will be fine it's too early to China say. Which what you should go what did -- absolutely I think. With this team and with other core guys and the bench guys ever really shown at that currently consistently. And with the head coach obviously. I don't think -- little or no we should start to. He had done it's almost you talk about depth and depth this nice you know -- year when a couple guys go down but whenever it's healthy it's. It -- we don't root for injuries but it probably study should be an -- man rotation. Well you know -- -- it's a command scientists it and sometimes when you're mad scientist you can -- so I think that's what we're seeing right now. Yeah the main question I've been getting from a lot of people -- basketball equally -- -- -- will be around -- -- coaches you know is it is. I haven't had enough time you know with training camp and act in my answers no you know you goal to Europe now most of what you're dealing -- -- -- is community service doing right into the NBA and the lastly it's about basketball and putting the pieces. Together so I think that trip I don't like those I don't wanna say. I don't say that that trip. You know those hurt the Celtics but it definitely took away from that. The teaching process in and we year we've heard Doc Rivers. Especially -- -- article and it looked. We just don't have enough time to practice and out of -- back at a couple days. Three days between Alaska and Washington now when did it like I think they can figure out -- more -- a lot of video will be will be watched -- And really trying to figure out which pieces worked together. You say pieces working together to meet dot it would surprise me Phishing fraud against Milwaukee's the offensively. -- this team has been how long does that take for new players to grasp. You know dock system as it is in a month as it two months what's a timetable on this defense looking like we think it's gonna walk. You know it it's interesting because it won't talk about is consistent system it's not. You know what I loved -- and I'd love. You know that this step. The sense that it's not a Princeton style offense it's not the triangle off and the debt hole I think this is something -- is is -- really overrated. I want to talk about what doc wants to put on the floor it there's there's no. You don't have to go to Princeton figure out or Harvard figure out what. You have to do. Offensively defensively it's a different story. It's still overrated people they had this system so typical it's just trust it. All based on trust. It's all based on not the first rotation in the second look at third and fourth rotations and people -- -- we got to could be a key players. You need -- you'd have to be a string we've seen this the last spicy isn't it. Org guys are playing decent and one is changing you're in trouble you're dead and hit that one guy is a market that's -- is enter. Now everyone -- -- feel the pressure now you start out about about trouble for your big. I could talk about but like -- and Jason -- had to have an opportunity to step in at five. For KG so that sent them saying. It takes some time more defensively and offensively -- -- can score you can -- the guys -- -- figure out how to trust each other and not so much it. He called it a quote doc river system what more trusting each -- being in the right place at right now. Donna's got -- -- soldier in the starting lineup does it does it speed up the learning curve do you like him. -- starting line. I don't he's not a better the united in the senate so let's start right there when people say anything that -- KG. That that -- did not care for and app because I don't think that he understands. All right now who who who want to ask -- understanding what your. What your principles are what responsibilities are at the spot spot now that being said it's. You know maybe we're gonna see Jason Collins and -- and see. Darko even if you don't like those two guys. Because often you don't need -- to score they come in second unit you need dentists stoppers in the paint so. I'd like you're cylinders energy I like what he does rebounding as -- the worst rebounding team in the league last season. So I liked the fact that he's on the floor can give -- more rebound and get some bulk I don't even care that. He's not an above the require meaning he's not gonna dump on guys. It was not applied to the and to tell you outside is like that begin dumping up in Ethiopia physical presence for you went. When -- he's not again but he's not aid is not an NBA center. More important got this team long term off the bench Jason terrier Jeff Green down. Well. You know I I would -- Jeff Green -- -- Terry has -- along. He's gonna I I can almost guarantee you I was a betting person. I had to invest in something. I would they didn't carry and it is going to -- -- somewhere because you know those are pretty good ever somewhere between thirteen and eighteen point they just aren't really so confident. He won't be below thirteen point he's gonna get an opportunity to play a public start at times. Are you gonna play -- -- -- minutes off the bench and he can score it's only that always tell what that thinks that Jeff Green not oppressors back and they everyone talks how do you. It's so great in the preceding him and he scored so many points he played great gains worth the asking noble thing we've seen this in people not now. Appreciate this so different than the regular season and you you're playing against teams best now it will be think about the. -- -- Green and the one handed dunk that I don't know how he made that thing working was playing against yes you can say -- Jason -- on the floor. We usually play against guys with from the -- You probably won't be playing anymore defeated the -- Jeff Green -- understand and I think he does he's been around long enough but the adult or better and it's a different league now when you get to regular season now that expectations are higher from your team not -- -- -- not immediately upon your image. From -- coaches I think the pressure on him because he's so entertaining or because these spoiled a little bit later in the -- season. They go back to opening -- look at that Miami team we spent a lot of time -- different LeBron James more confident want the one hurdle we need to get over. He's gotten -- he's won his championship you add Rashard Lewis who looked more -- cup years -- last year. And of course free round that team. Looks deep for that team looks better right now it's kind of scared. If you don't hear airplanes accurately they -- -- talked about in the center. I you'd need a big guys come off -- its. Dispelled a LeBron if it is sparse minutes are concerned. He did he explain exactly that your plane that the way they want to play. Open the floor it would open floor you know everyone knows this shooters so not only do you have Mike Miller's in Betty. In the end you also had gains -- adult now you have Allen and Rashard Lewis so now that -- LeBron an opportunity to just. Just go and play I call it organized street ball the it's organized because you have one of the greatest players already did that ever played the game at his side that is he. With Dwyane Wade in the open floor there are. That's open court team last year transition the other what could be better because they have got a -- spot and not just one guy can go out there guy. Are searching for one. Pure shooter to be able to open things -- this CNET for -- so that he had to retool they're not really need bigger. But I don't know if they really have to be with that style of play. Donnie last of -- talked about sellinger it is impact -- mentioned him starting. What does -- for Brandon Bass ms. guys start a lot of games last year now coming off the bench you think he's gonna be okay. So at this mixed message from doctor to start some games other games where bring off the bench. I think physically Brandon -- will be what we've seen is going to be a strong guy he can finish inside. Not going to be high. A high percentage rebounder he will be a big rebounds and Condit and I think he'll have a girl but they rebound the game yeah I think -- never more than that but. Because she jumper so well he's not that close to the basket -- but pretty. Simplifying it. But what I think the the problem that -- apple -- -- Mentally he's a player that needs this deal. You yellows that the panic at that -- stroke and and not meaning that he's -- -- -- think it better than anyone but he's a more sensitive. Player even -- he's big he's strong he's gonna need to competence from doc rebelling eight I know what I'm coming up the bit I don't know how many minutes someone -- -- start pulling him back and -- these. No reason I'm saying it because this sort of experience. -- Orlando and then Gundy didn't want to play him he was a shell of themselves Eagles -- Dallas. He starts to play its incompetence -- the coach now that's a record player and then obviously. What he's done here speaks for itself but I think that -- when that instill more confidence in him whether it's -- coming off the bench. India one of our featured guys. He used to that role or you're going to be a starter don't worry about looking over your shoulder but will -- -- gold someplace you can go back for the I don't think Brandon -- Is one of the one of those players that you can go back important point and in different directions I just don't think a function -- so that work. -- speaker of the sensitive player -- hear everybody say that this is now Rajon Rondo is team is he ready for this emotionally. I'm not so assured in this article yet keep -- he would. -- is one of the best we've seen in a long time offensively. I think the place that keep more apt to. You'd better and and and provincial leadership is on the defense -- -- -- state more -- reached. Because -- we talked about earlier. When you are decent -- down from the start of the late in the point guard you. The pick and roll and now they're guard turned the corner and out guys step up your putting pressure and it. It starts with him on the deep into the economics and -- starts and offensively. They were so many more things and who you know this quote I do. That come with being a leader it's not just about. Scoring and and have a triple doubles is about telling your guys will be in the back. It's about saying play harder role on the floor we need -- retreat defensively -- -- -- -- those -- cases but always believed that way. If you're setting an example and I think that the next step for Rondo could be a leader so greatness is to show he can do. Really. Through his play on defense and not saying you gotta go out there and do my coaches in college that is to grab people's lives talkers and doers and at this point. Any one candidate can talk the -- up this step up to do and Rondell has the ability to do that just so. I Comcast as the game Wednesday wizards at the garden we'll watch and Donny Marshal Gary in the entire crew break it down Donnie thanks so much always appreciate it we'll talk you down the road. Now one of the best Donny Marshall ought Comcast sports net joining us on the eighteenth the hotline AT&T forgy LT. We speeds up to ten times faster than three GT AT&T rethink possible interest thing.

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