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Chuck Pagano makes inspirational speech to Colts

Nov 5, 2012|

Mut and Merloni talk about Chuck Pagano's inspirational post game speech to his team following the win against the Dolphins.

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Let's get this out of the way off the top. You have a special relationship but many of our textures on the AT&T text line. -- to make sure we let people know right off the top of the show there is a brand new text number at the station you've listened to station a week and you've heard it. I want people to know 379. -- 37. Is the way out -- to get you -- I don't -- XP some second -- I don't want a little bit concerned that some of the idea of the products to -- get a text view battle out there every single hour about every single thing you say. I have the old number and stat I wanna -- the know that is now 37937. I went out -- -- Sent to people out there please. You we've we've formed relationship now here over the course of time. Don't leave me hanging in its 37937. -- number down yeah all right let's go pick it up. -- -- And ignited attic -- half the export -- -- -- go to extent to another show on -- text right here -- 3797. My pay attention to show -- to export that might go okay. It and juke -- patriots finally -- red zone yesterday was so nice. Listen I don't get me wrong actually it was miserable as you know picker to play -- -- just. Just relax and just sort of it was just. Let's races there this weekend right there was no real football that was just -- -- guy or gambling weekend but whatever you wanted to -- about the patriots excellence on the -- or should it be similar time tour. As a former a former gambling. That's got quoted at 1 o'clock sat out mean it's got Hanson. Couch till about 6630. A five and half hours -- you don't know patriots not low post game live what destroyed I operate an -- pats game. You're in the red zone and I told it's the weekend you gave me crap for this on Friday the F I said the game of the weekend from the early slot was a no brainer. Indianapolis Miami. UN locked you had other dolphins to come on their their half game back of that thing heading into a Sunday it did not disappoint. 2320 was the final colts end up winning. I gotta give you credit you said before the year. Andrew -- in this kind of blocked RG three debate. You said unequivocally still on your soapbox we were texting people and you said Andrew Luck is going to be. A bigger story that you did Andrew Luck not getting of credit. For moderate and well -- yards later he was awesome yesterday he has been awesome all year. He is one of the top story lines in the NFL and he led that team back at home against a very good dolphin defense. To get the colts to five and three. It's unbelievable well listen -- number one pick overall. Everybody did feel that it eventually he would be the better quarterback of the cute stick. I don't think anybody thought that you can have the better a better year than RG three you -- to go to that's still debatable mean a RG might still -- haven't. A better year statistically we -- good luck was outstanding yesterday but I two -- had an incredible. Year you look at one the -- are you didn't do much yesterday -- -- amazing years and -- -- haven't been a year I'm not so sure of that. But -- didn't think that he would be sitting -- five and three city URG three and have a better season this year is a rookie because he's got better talent around him. He's got a better team around him into -- inheriting a team that won him because there -- so bad. But you look at it five and three. Mean how Reggie Wayne even said at the other day did you think that you'd be in this spot before the -- they said -- now -- realistic about it. He got a pretty Bobby just sign back there to Indianapolis because he's an Indianapolis COLT. -- figure -- -- this young quarterback Peyton kinda beat -- mentor and help this guy out help this young team and the soccer win anything and yet they are five and three. And are fighting for a bit -- a playoff team they look like -- -- could sneak in. And in the fact that -- is doing it with Vick Ballard. As a starting running back yesterday. Donnie Avery that TA RTY Hilton due -- -- -- many new -- Reggie Wayne. -- they got another youngster Allen another another rookie -- Nixon yesterday brazile. -- to -- is 25 yards it's not outside Reggie Wayne he's not household names and every available -- a hundred yards receiving yesterday. Any of he had 88 giant wide receiver -- it's okay makes some sense yet success early. But he has been lights out and he was part of the story yesterday the other part of story was -- gone. Who has missed out a -- a time here now five games he's diagnosed with leukemia six weeks ago. After the colts lost to Jacksonville felt the one and two that's the diagnosis came after chuck agog at the new Seattle QB. At that what what we all say well lost year for Indianapolis. Fort once and McConnell left the team adversaries took -- forget the record. It's what he's meant to them an -- not heard it Joey we gotta have people here this that's what chuck O'Donnell who attended the game yesterday. Others thought he can come back in coach at some point this year. But he attended the game is T one's an emotional game variance is coaching the team right now the dollar still had coach this is chuck but got a addressing his team. In the post in the 2320 win yesterday against the Miami golf. A mansion. For the day. You guys live in an issue. And you weren't limited circumstances. If you know where they had us in the beginning. Very last one of them. But you refuse to live -- circumstances. -- you decided consciously. As a team. In his family. To live in a vision. And that's what you bring things home like you brought home today. And that's why you're already champions. And well on your way. I got circumstances. You guys understand I understand it. It's hard to beat them. That's okay. Then on live. -- two more daughters. Get -- can't -- there wins. Can employ Shetland -- several times. On dancing at two more wins. From war horse natural together. Think I know. And it's great job. Cutting about roof of that team buses despite the sixers got a sums it up here and our new excellent 3797. And paraphrase deeply drew for the colts it's true. Heidi regardless I heard against New England Patriots fan -- pull -- for the Indianapolis Colts now Peyton Manning's no longer there. A game that you still soda. Maybe don't view them as a threat anymore beat you guys don't. This and if -- through their great story you look at the schedule they beat Green Bay right that was that was the shocking game the rest of home. And up to impressive in its smoked by the jets but still -- five and three team. And you are rooting for the Indianapolis Colts isn't doing the patriots. You'll meet a couple of weeks when they show up here but right now you war. And it's unbelievable story of the great great speech. In -- it was goosebumps. What assessment and my daughter's wedding thing that's I think people start you know -- its estimates of their little bit emotionally because a lot of people even know somebody that's going through it or. Or you just put yourself in that situation but you -- for this of this entire organization -- demon. Well and the other part of that game besides chuck but gone on heartwarming story there in the team come back to win. Dolphins fall for for -- they got two and a half game circuit -- dolphins team gonna -- on Iran they still might be still might be a competitive team. But the patriots don't play a pick up the half the game here. -- the other AF CE scam I'd wanna mention was the Buffalo Bills because the bills were team that you thought was a threat. They go to Houston and looked just lifeless offensively. When he won nine your finals was a patriots and got a bye week. But you gain some ground here in the division jets don't placing its watch them lose and screw something up well with the dolphins losing in the and the bills losing. At the play game you make up ground that AFC. I don't opinion immigrants -- divisions in doubt that the Miami Dolphins can make this thing interesting at that still think there -- a tough game. You're one of those through governor down in Miami a few weeks looking ahead maybe to a Houston matchup at home that game ethic maybe could get a little. No threat they don't play well that a Miami period. But the Buffalo -- team via atlas going into week four right after -- three years at New York one and through going to pay to stick to one. If they can look at this is the threaten your division. Right this is the team to get a beacons -- the -- thinking going into that Buffalo Bill game up in buffalo blood during that game well you have during -- -- get down early and then all of a sudden you just absolutely. -- crazy that second half. -- that same feeling now. I don't think you do know Amanda gives walk right through this team McKee folk don't balk at the jets even elected and go low interest it was a two touchdown game one. Point the first half buffalo is up to touch as a boy this things this is gonna follow one of three now division loss now no way they played yesterday. They did okay in terms of trying to corral aryan Foster for time being but. They had no answer for JJ watt they had no answer -- to make plays -- offensively. The scare factor Buffalo's gone aid to state and I still well Miami now but it felt about buffalo that they might have a couple of options to. To give you trouble as -- patriots -- but the bills feeling as subtle league goes I -- -- four we not we can't it's a great point. Feel lot differently about the you know you'd you'd talked a lot about that Miami Indianapolis -- -- -- game of the week I still felt that the game of the week was this giants Pittsburgh game. And to be perfectly honest with you. I I still the same feeling that I've always felt in ninety seconds or talk about it more you can spell elite without Eli.

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