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Logan Mankins, Patriots OL, on the bye week

Nov 5, 2012|

Logan Mankins joins Mut and Lou to talk about his recent bye week and the current status of his injury. The guys also get into the offensive line and their preparation for sunday's matchup against the Bills.

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Our too much -- ID three point seven WEEI your phone calls at 6177797937. The new text number is 379 -- 37 of the text. People figure out -- -- text number all of the flow we okay burger and it. Patriots they buy a week they went to London beat the rams off banality buffalo in the back to back here to start this unofficial second half the year at about -- coming right in the middle of the year joining us. Are patriots Monday's Logan Mankins our interview with Logan Mankins brought key by Verizon the official wireless and telecommunications provider. All little England patriots before getting into what the Logan Dugard during the bye week are you one of the guys going over to -- come out with that Tom Brady for harassment today Logan. Nope not gonna NATO and here's this stadium. With the way it's still in treatment accurate and the city that the quarterback going to handle three Aerosmith concert. -- -- this year but this summer -- it's Patricia. But if it. Was. Trying to think now we'll see this it was one year old school country artists. Might sneak over there for free half hour show. A bit different and -- you know they're. Let's. -- two -- -- my -- it's over now it was nice. Our -- the bio weeks have been nice to have -- you don't wanna have that week for week five bye week you know week eight week nine. That we can't even that's not series circuit -- that Khatami for the steam out the. -- are elected by a week later in the year you know you're. The -- getting worn down and then you're the next week right there in the middle of the scene and then take their final push so it's nice to have it later in the year. It's also an opportunity to to kind of evaluate the other team we're halfway through eight games to see what you can work which can improve on I mean after. Weeks three weeks four -- it's accused of trying to put things in a -- as far as a valuation what's working what's not it's also good timing for as well. There we we have a the number of game now to see what we're what we're doing well on over not doing so well so wherever a lot of it to look at. To study are still in the well we can do better. We had job at the stadium early in the year and and we can get into the injury be at a pretty significant injury last year the played with. I you missed a couple of games this year how tough is that in to watch your team watcher offensive line from the sidelines and not as part of the action a couple of games. Yeah I think. You know that's been really hard and and actually don't think there's anything worse than. You know hurt. Have an injury -- you can be out there with the guys practicing or playing. Either against Cleveland to go to a game plan out your. Stay here at fox -- so that's really and we've been working on a hard and get ready to go here and try to finish at the season. -- one of these come into the -- lot of people looking at this team and say well this offensive line is a lot of changing you know -- is one -- the the best in the game you've been out some games and haven't skipped -- -- it's been one of you know I don't wanna see surprises the two guys played real well. They'll -- Governor yearly had to get together and -- good we have. But a new guys play and then that it different positions than they were from last year so. It's been up and down we haven't played particularly. Improved every week and actually wanted to do get better each week in. Hopefully by the indices and will be played really controls. Well without Brian Waters come back it to loosen things around a guy like Ryan when Dell has stepped in and look at so the numbers he split every snap. Logan it's senator this year give me a quick scouting report on what he's done at center and how you see him ladies first day games. All right he's done a great -- -- you know here agree camp and that's what you wanted to and he's that he's been here he's just improved every year. And now he's playing really good football he's. Is there a little shall sort it out there on the field trying to make all the calls -- so in this fight doesn't make it from -- and everything and he's got a really good job. And the calmer usually on the same page so and he played really good he plays hard. He's very aggressive. He's he's everything we want the senate. Know a lot of people have high expectations that this offense coming in -- year we're talking what they can do and nervous talk about 2007. One thing -- did not expect was for you guys right now we approach 150 yards per game fourth in the league. In rushing the football know Steve has been a big part of that's who has -- everybody contributing. You talked before about loving to run block for this team is up at a surprise near might have for the season -- -- -- -- you know what we can run this football put together season like this. -- -- Every year we wanted to do this just sometimes. We. We didn't and ought to -- -- the players don't do a good approaches -- and -- on and so I think this year we've been pretty productive than. It goes down to the -- the exit then outstanding -- is written great breaks a lot of tackles. The lines pretty good job the president and this. We've had a lot of the longer run this year suit so next event receivers in blocks and done a fuel -- Just been a good team effort. What everyone's doing the right thing it's been pretty good. The other guy part of that running game in the week and see a lot of because the injury last year where Shane Vereen Logan I'm curious when you saw. You know what you're able to see from early this year last year before the injury is this a surprise that he's come in and in limited snaps made some of those big plays downfield he talked about. Yeah that he can't doesn't it's up and in other thing about it as his quick in his explosives and has good vision and you -- a little crease and he can make a big play out of it. That's sort in the short in longer run than we have in the action those that's really felt. Now one of 62 with a biweekly talk about evaluating your team you guys make a move with -- excuse me. Make a move to pick up the -- to leave the -- from Tampa Bay to improve that's secondary to corner position. This and the guy brings a lot of baggage Logan I mean if the set this guy straight a little bit walking Intel on the major way. You know I don't know I haven't met him yet our our little local a lot of other important what -- -- so. We'll see when he gets here and you know when you bring players and it's up to them that they wanna do put in the -- as. They can look the leaders are under NC I would do things that. They -- believe he would do things their way it's not gonna work for it. I'm sure. Bill does homework and bring him to -- -- want to play and -- to win and so. If you want to play want to -- this is the place become -- just doing you're supposed to do with the coaches that can view and you'll be successful. New terrible first impressions how long -- before you sit there it's okay this kid has -- -- But this kid has everything to maybe the baggage brings with a. For -- to start -- practice. We'll see how hard someone works to practice and they're working hard out there and put -- time with the coaches study in. If they're doing all the the little things it takes we know that they're here for the very reason and if they're just. Not working harder and that's taken the social and pretty obvious so. -- really wanted to beat good players you can tell redolent. And the last followed -- talked about would you talk to him in the past Logan you know as a leader on this team it was if somebody -- Dick. It is in new player no matter where it comes from rookie free agent street got. They talked to somebody sorting give them up it is the way we do things about here so when we do things here is that conversation have any time a new player comes and. Not right away. I think you give the benefit of the doubt little seat or you try to see if they're willing to do everything and then. I think people. People know -- -- and now willing to do that they're not gonna let unleashing and -- -- the thing and then they're not willing to do wouldn't. There -- an importer look at her job somewhere else so so it's up to the first the player and that they wanted to do it then. This team is willing people around and you don't wanna do it will find somebody that wants to. Our last guest for the bills they were sit through one and kind of like the sexy pick I think the challenge you guys all off season with some of the most that they made you guys are warning to a New York come up by a week and let teams really struggled lately in particular -- -- you know Mario -- vessel that has lived up to the hype you see a different team. In this bills team the way they are set up right now is there were going into week four. Earlier the reaper. -- went a different direction -- they have they've been -- a few games here and we didn't win and that. There's still a dangerous team that they they recorded altogether on any Sunday at a disputed in London. That so we're expecting we're expect in the it game problem they've still got a lot of all the players so. We we're just getting prepared for them like any other team and hopefully we play this game and hopefully they don't -- a we'll get so we don't know what the winter I know that they play good Burnett to play really. You made the trip to London but did not play -- close slogan you expect to play this week. There I was close. To sort of injury that needs Reston. We'll see but it tested out this week a little bit and see what happens and hopefully we can. The ticket and on the shelf on the no need to get back out there. And you made the trip to London and the conversation out about the game was great Wembley Stadium was great but that the the NFL is talking to the city of London about bringing a team their full time. As someone who plays in this league. Could you imagine and a logistics and I'm gonna try to imagine would be like but could you play. For a team that was based in Europe want database than in London based in Europe Logan. You know I don't I don't know how they would do that -- David. The players at the live over there I -- retired players and over there and by Stanley and that it hit the ball over -- -- single. -- different story about. You know I don't know. There wouldn't be terminates but I met in the -- that's where that. To think right after free -- -- OK they put a team there in the tiger I don't where you play four games they Eric of war games and you're like as how you recruit free agents delegate at. How would you convince a guy yet -- base yourself -- to gonna play. Eighty your home games -- to be tough to recruit guys. Yet. And -- a lot to look into it I don't know. I hope they plan to do everything that came with a little over there -- they lived here and fly over there are games. What the whole planet -- would the the difference there -- Not get John -- Tom does on this morning said he watched a lot of football on during your violent did you watch any Sunday football. That another out doing yard work get ready for the winners so. I stop that turned it on for about five minutes and then to hear that more steps I should be doing so sit back up -- around much or. He did is chores I sat watching ads on all day I need her to. Leave claimed green reader wrote. Sunday to delist Logan Mankins Logan best a lot let's get back to work and they'll talk to down the road. Get loaded up I need to Logan Mankins joining us here on the eighteenth the hotline says that the close applying. Against the rams and now hopes to play this week -- to be on estimate that was like detail in your career and it was like a team in Tuscany. Over there in Italy or something like that my wife would be pissed if I didn't sign with them let me go to school -- for a year. But I understand if you get three or 45 kids put. He played a subtle Tuscany -- whatever plates per year no question about it -- fun way to finish your career for you when it. All right about London and their talent we're gonna believe -- division. Some it is those teams ranked team in London treated Paris -- you miss middle what you were here that do we expect it was humble little Goodell came out with this idea. To me it makes zero cents an ass -- he made that trip over their consequently it was great end of the facility was greatly atmosphere is great. How the hell you gonna tell a street freeagent America. Yet we're gonna sign and you can be based on Europe. Got -- -- when teams were in Canada in the NBA gala go to Ronald that raptors team they're still there at oral London. Based over there half the year 68 months it's held training camps can be -- London delegates like I said depends where you are new career. Take it -- at the pay you more who knows you make more money you wave comes over she's on a vacation. She's hanging out the kids to learn Italian it's a beautiful thing everywhere it's it's a win -- It's a vacation you're working your family's excited. Actually played and -- what this is like hell why talk and these guys about you know what it's like -- an eagle on the country and play. These are the travel back to America for World Series gamers like that as he's able to come back over here. Ridiculous when you hear more more pro football -- the story again they're talking this weekend about get a team to one. Which -- blows my mind they care about that. Gotten a good -- -- Logan if you missed have a later on WEEI dot com on demand. The conversation with -- able to -- on a second break -- and Carlos we get back to your phone calls 93 point seven WE yeah.

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