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Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady joins D&C before he gets back to work after the bye

Nov 5, 2012|

Brady talks about the expectations for rookie quarterbacks and how he thinks he would have fared if he started his rookie year. Tom also explains how his priorities have shifted since he entered the league and how his life has changed during his career.

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It goes a patriot Monday. Our conversation with Tom Brady is brought to you by northeast electrical sugars gallery BMW and by staples. I'm joins us on the AT&T -- good morning Tom -- Wouldn't say -- -- -- their pictures of lovely wife in all the newspapers I'm fairly certain she's expecting. Are you'll Wear this. Are aware that yeah yeah it is slow. Aaron for -- -- today. Yeah this month. I've big question. And this is hypothetical you get the called Sunday morning. Do you have a scheduled this this is scheduled event or could you possibly get the call Sunday morning would you go and miss again. Went to type with limits such -- -- bill check. Question but you thought this through haven't you you've this. Will cross separately come but. You know there's nothing more important than that but there's also nothing more important in my job I got a lot of people that are count on the sell them. -- -- which are having. We don't you don't know you don't wanna know. Like to be surprised. We're going to be excellent halftime that the with a look at that you know you're like Vince Wilfork -- -- the messages from your wife and have time to see how you play in Europe and it says. I need you now. She's she's. You know and whatever happens it's meant to have and so. She's prepared she -- to do all the work -- You said that you be watching some football during the bye week and I'm wondering did you see Andrew Luck yesterday and are you impressed by how well this rookie is playing. The other their -- dolphins let it get to see. Most of that game and it's we are both those teams coming up here. But he played really well he's you know he's he's very good player. You know both those teams are playing well so that was -- one of the best -- to watch. We got up will come out this week so I try to work some of that too and now they weren't -- -- since that took place to play and yeah -- -- you know when there's another very good games so. It's been referred to get back of football feels weird you know it's hard to stop your mind from thinking about the game it's impossible to do that when all these other teams are playing and so. In just kinda get a little bit -- -- and then. It -- back to work today so. It you know it will be trying to get started on both -- Luck threw for 433. He was thirteen of nineteen in third down situations what are the challenges Tom of a rookie quarterback in the National Football League who's expected to play. And not stand there and hold the clipboard for season his watch what's going on what are the challenges the -- Well that's posting impressive part for any rookie whether -- a quarterback or any other position and it's and I wasn't in that position so. In -- on the press by the guys that come in play right away and and really improved as the season goes along because it's it's very different than the football which you play in college. The schemes are different players are different schedules different. It was just there's a lot of things especially at this point where we'll put gold on our thirteenth game of the year would increase fees and that's a lot of football moved from these guys but. Election on their maturity and that there would handle it and and that's what this struggle about it's it's a long season you have a performer and a weekly basis and you know there's a lot of young guys who played really well. Well luck is 23 years old come when you were 23 got in one game. He went one for three. The six yards. We just assume you know IQ wasn't ready -- -- you were fourth in the depth chart you're. I'm Michael bishop what are if you had been prone in rookie year 23 years old all those guys Bledsoe and freeze and bishop -- get hurt. Good would you have been successful would you think you would have been ready obviously no one. So what you and that of the when the next year notes other comparable to that have been accelerated and moved a year. Well actually didn't warn you you try to work hard every -- figure prepared. And you know how it plays out well I mean it's it's a game 53 to 53 guys so as a quarterback. You know you work a week to be prepared I still think that the same -- issues are still that it -- I was. You know whatever west -- you know you'd you work hard to prepare yourself. And when you're number's -- you've got to go out there and -- now. You know who knows what it would look like. You know but you're ready and so -- -- -- on the roster you have to be ready because. Everybody's counting on you and part of what our team is established over a long period of time just. The -- was injuries or whatever break we caught there was somebody that was always there to step in and civil. Fill the role and and and perform very well -- and that's really what coach Belichick is always stressed about a team that the more you can do. The preparation is most important you know he expects to see it on the practice field and then you go out there in the future opportunities you earn your opportunity you know what you get that you take advantage. -- is is there one thing that he had to learn is that one was there a light going off that kind of moment in your second year year. When you're 24 and and obviously went to Super Bowl but what. What happened. For you to allow you to understand how to play the position in the NFL. Let's say a -- -- progression of of challenges and in a lot of its failures and if you make mistakes and you turn -- to make them again and I still yet -- they have and I still I still think I have a lot of room for improvement -- trying to make improvements. You know as a player because. What you feel like Q he stopped improvement and it's -- and move -- because. You can never. You know be good enough and never will be too good in this game you. Yeah I think a lot of these guys quarterback finalist -- Nader Drew Brees or Aaron Rodgers he lives Roethlisberger means. They're phenomenal players but look we still make mistakes. And you know ultimately you're you're trying to play mistake free football but you're trying to be aggressive and you know when you play really well over the course of the season if things turn out pretty well for. But -- that's a challenge it's a challenge to do week after week after week so that you know you as a quarterback you're always trying to put your team in a position. And you know you can't do it alone and and the quarterback relies on every single player out there. And and we all do you trust in the guys figure thrown the ball to trust in the guys that you blocked their blocker for you and and those guys trust in me that's -- You know this game so now it's about you know the trust that you have for another. You know ultimately -- one -- they would do their job with a 100% of their energy and emotion and aggressiveness so that you grow up their play an opponent for sixty -- and try to win you know every player's many you can. I assume that if there is such a thing as a sophomore slump a second -- guy -- play falls off the are probably multiple reasons for that but I'm wondering do defenders get wise to your tendencies and and to a particular quarterback work. They know more about let's say what Andrew apple doing a certain situation a year from Nelson posted this week. I'm sure you know I think. You know sometimes what happens and -- that's you know a lot as you. You know -- the rookies in their right to keep tolerate the mistake from me just say oh what their rookie you know. And then the second here you know they're not a rookie anymore -- really tolerate mistakes but they're similar mistake. You know bit if you're second you're not expected make -- was -- especially -- intersection you're not expected to make those and then. People get parity make mistakes and then they go -- -- you know you you can't do it that's. You know a lot of positions so you know most sensitive with the rookies. You know their. They're very good players but I I know what the process but the process for you to get better in the process for you to understand the game where McCain changes and you know whether you're slumped in the -- certainly. You know gamers everyone's gonna have a bad game at some point you're you're American -- play perfect every single week it's just that part of the game and you know the better players that you play against you know the more pressure they put on used to play very well. And you know broke the less margin of error when you played really good team so. It's you know it changes from year to year and in Europe -- -- You know. 22. He'll understand the ups and downs and not ride the roller coasters. That's out there if you read rollercoaster you're going to be you know an average you have an average season. All I'm sure you watched. Pay Manning play yesterday as well and just just looking how is playing this year was coming back from a surprise he's playing at this level did you anticipate him. Playing with his right now for me anyways and I know you're heavily invested in -- my MVP is a mid season. It's it's Peyton Manning right now the way he's playing is is amazing. Yeah he's on he's he's always played amazing I mean he's he's been incredible player since that he's definitely excel. It never surprises that we just didn't get to feel last year that he wasn't out several we play against them earlier this season he played. A great game and so. That's a that's a great players do they pay in there -- consistent level of high performance and you know it's it's no mystery you worked his butt off there. You know I've seen firsthand he worked his tail off and wanted to let the -- -- prepared. He pushes his teammates that he gets the best out of in other great a great position right now. You know you know it's amazing Manning is like. Andrew Luck and they you know compared to you they had everything handed to them number one pick in the draft great bloodlines of fathers play in the NFL. And yet they still seem to have the fire that you have. I'd compare you -- Aaron Rodgers the summer of sixty minutes last night Tom but. He's got that same kind of chip on his shoulder you do and he would have to wait to the sixth round he just had to wait to the 24 pick at the end of the first round but he had to sit there in the green room. He had to fight for everything he's got these kind of that same edge that you do I don't know if you feel any kind of come camaraderie and the and a simpatico -- and Rogers. Yeah what he you know I think a big thing for him in and I didn't see that piece last night that he. And -- there with -- he -- on the bench for a long time. That's 22 and then you know you watch -- whole -- and you have a lot of confidence -- herself but I'm sure. You know it's I'm sure he -- -- well in practice to. And then you know when Favre retired and then he wasn't sure you're gonna come back and he was kind of in the middle of you know a lot of that stuff. So. I mean he's very mentally tough for him and that the times. Adopting to be around them you know I really enjoy it he. -- -- you know incredible player and athlete -- Leader and you know its commitment to the game and his penis you know what it needs to be met twice. And he's always got his team playing so well also so you know the it's a certain kind of person player that you know that's that's what this game lend itself toward. One of the interest in things as they show that Ballmer on knows the cameras and Simon public deal with the fans of the Green Bay -- those crazies with the cheese heads and one thing the blogs some where he's meeting the fans and it was really showed it is when someone meets him and says you're not as tall as I thought you were 'cause he's only six to. And then they show a guy goes and he turns the guys is I don't appreciate that he gets a this or something that you hear your own public when your boat ride your bike there on this -- matter of at a restaurant. It is bug you to this day. There's not a lot that really bothers me tell you the truth there are things really don't. I would think things really about the I would -- -- -- -- -- -- -- over the and I thought she wears. You know so you know 656. And you know people -- -- you know this little -- so. I don't I don't get much. Now there's there's not that much that bothers me right. But a big deal with -- for further you know quite awhile now too so I've had my moments. That you know at this point you know it's it's a good problem to have -- What's what's what's the one thing you would do if you could be anonymous for a day and just go back to be -- nobody will would you like to do. And all that is all the simple things I would say you know it -- -- It's it's. -- you meet people you want you know you don't wanna be a -- you know and because you know I remember those experience I -- -- young person and you know I got to meet Dwight Clark and I got to meet. Jeffrey Leonard you know that's you know giant baseball player and chili Davis and you know I remember each of those experiences very well right. And when you're on the other end of that you know for me I'm trying to go to -- today and I feel like I've always felt you know but. You know sometimes you just want to make sure you have right. You have enough energy to deal with being a nice person. And you know there's you don't know it would be nice person you know he sometimes you just wanna you wanna be yourself and you know I wanna be myself but I just -- you know reduce some surprise that -- just. But I don't -- much anymore I rarely. You know do things in and I think that's why the only thing you get a little bit. Accustomed to being a little bit of a loner. Because you know you you know I need during the football season I need my energy from my teammates and for the game and -- some people can go out and do things in you know. Being in public -- and really get a lot of energy from that you know for me it. It would have been draining so you know I just kinda. You know be more. You know lol I just I just don't do much and I wish I could I -- it. Could be out there in some -- you get a little bit anti social when you get to have Libyan anti social and and -- you just. It's it's hard to be socially and to introduce it aren't used to you know going out do more. It's sounds like you're saying you're wired a little differently than wrong. I would say yes but there was a time where I enjoyed it things that clarkin good to go down be the first period and traveling around and in. You know and enjoy it a little bit the limelight and then you know for me that. Where wears off and then you know now -- this is a career and it's a life and I -- family and there's a lot of commitments that are required to view that. You know that I really enjoy but I also you know those are the priorities so. You know there's more responsibility now just waking up in the morning there was when I was 43 -- 24 and when that's the case for me them. You know you've got to begin to prioritize and you know what are the things that are important for me today and especially during the football season my job is. Is you know there's there's nothing more important -- so. You know as a as the lead here as a captain of the team I have to bring new energy and emotion to the field every -- practice and I can't do that it. It'll be out at 9 o'clock at night error or go to bed at 11 o'clock and I think that's what -- -- these so. -- my commitment a lot of time and so that is my teammates and my football season. You know leisure veteran player and you realize you don't you know every years you're you're one step closer to the end and so. You know this is the year and this is that your you've got to think about because you know there's ever going to be in lecture. Tom final football question for me you talked earlier about wanting to improve every single day every single you work on something that you share what -- specific new ones that that you. Think you can be better at and you were actively trying to get better in that particular area whatever it may be. Well there's great the other different things at different times. You know when you're practicing it's more about the scene of the reasons. That that the techniques while working on my individual. Skills to work government coupons and the king written and it's done it's it's always driven media minute. I saw a great documentary. This this weekend on on the airplane. If it is cold I don't know how to pronounce the name but -- Japanese sushi chef. I would encourage you guys to -- it's really cool. But it he's 85 years old or think the guy ever wanna do is make sushi there's there's like you're driven decisions about products and -- might do -- -- Is this his lifelong commitment to like being a great to be really great at what he left to do. And he's 85 and still doing it as it's just amazing that you know the commitment that it takes to do that and if you think man if it's simple just in April of football ever you know make it a piece is usually how hard can that be -- it. You know when it but it's something that you just love to do you think about you wake up at night I think it about you know I think about my mechanics and I. Wake up for the -- may get a lot of what I can do better and you know of mice which means that my foot stretch I didn't you know spyware my army is and it would do what the front side of my body that's just. For some people may be crazy to think step but for me that's just that's what I've always -- to do and that's. Now that's so where my improvement always I would seek improvements from -- improved my mechanics every girl and make. Absolutely perfect. It's exactly where I want it to the world global. -- exactly the amount of velocity I want to put on the ball and those are the types of things that. You know I think about a mile off that's. That's what I was meant to do. And if the -- not being a quarterback in the National Football League Tom what would you be. What would your job -- what do you think it would be. I don't know -- I thought I was talking about mistaken about that this weekend in the tell you the truth say I don't know I've never been forced to think about those things. You know whatever I would have been -- I would bring this same. And characteristics to that profession I note that in my I was blessed with you know work ethic and that's something that is god given to me that. In I'm I'm glad and it's really easy for me to Clark to the gym for a -- -- it's really easy for me to go up to practice I don't ever. I don't ever despise those things that's something I really enjoy doing and so. You know unlucky that it -- workaday in my life say that your -- Brooke rumor has it that you may be introducing Aerosmith later today would like a rock star be something that would be on your plate. I would have absolutely no desire to do that. You know it's to be Iraq's starter in I let absolutely loved music but I would -- -- and I'd love. You know movies entertainment I would never wanna be you know and one of those professions and I got a professional and I wanted to be and there's. There's not even a close second right. Now there's other things maybe hobbies or things I'd like to do. Like golf that tonight. I would never wanna play those you know as a career I would you know I love what I do and -- there's not a -- in the world dispersants. So how did they who convinced you to introduce Aerosmith today. I don't know them introducing him I'm -- I don't know what has surprised I guess that's what I I just got back to be a part of this. Cool -- a commemoration that they're doing your comment has been. You know I thought could be just a very memorable thing to be part of you know feel my teammates are going to be there with Ian. Jonathan is going to be -- I don't know. It's Robert Kraft going to be there put -- -- -- different I mean these guys there. Legendary Boston icon and -- the greatest rock stars in the world so it's pretty cool to be a part of something like that the city that. It was my home is was -- whole -- -- either. I think it's our common haven't been at least -- come out so it's just a really neat thing for the city of Boston. I'd for the to go he gonna vote tomorrow Tom. -- -- -- -- -- It I'd rather not say. You know it it's. The way I you know I love this country won't be you know this is. The greatest country in the world we're in places like London and talked as -- my teammates like Sebastian Vollmer and I'm very to a woman from Brazil so. You know we -- you know if this great country and I hope -- make the right decision not developers or it's entirely extinct at -- start with you know it's. It's hard -- you know expect one person to change the lies the 300 million. You know the change starts within all of us I think that's. More than message at least try to talk whoever out talking to about politics. You know -- you were the ones. You know that make the changes about. -- always look on the outside at least set -- from football. Good conversation -- appreciated back to work we'll talk you next step patriot Monday. Thank our broader Tom -- with Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE he's brought to you by northeast electrical distributors. Gallery BMW and buy staples.

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