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Boomer Esiason checks in with D&C

Nov 5, 2012|

Boomer begins his weekly visit with John and Gerry by updating us on Hurricane Sandy’s impact on his family and the New York area. Turning to the NFL, He gives his take on Andrew Luck, Chuck Pagano and the still undefeated Atlanta Falcons.

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Welcome back it's a patriot Monday wake up -- up -- Boomer Esiason has brought you by the surprisingly delicious -- one coffee it's just 99 cents any size and only at Cumberland farms got morning Boomer -- how -- I got a Demorrio part of this morning at all along we countered you could probably won't sergeant I'm sure has been personally how's your -- residence and your family. Holding up and Olivia. Problems. Well you know -- we still don't have power and I don't expect more -- for maybe another ten days and we were and an area where there are a lot of tall trees and Chestnut Hill want to start applicable from Boston where you can. Kinda compared to a lot of these trees about 5000 of them have come down power lines all across the northern -- -- on where I live. But you know what I have my house my family is totally healthy and everybody's -- you know markets are up in Boston so. All of that's what is good but there are other people are here that are doing hurting Staten Island breezy point. How Long Beach down amount of squandered jurors be anywhere across the the state New Jersey the devastation is really quite amazed you country got four yesterday in north of Pittsburgh in the New York giant game and then on top of all of that. -- fortunately for Michigan and have a family friend -- we lost a real dear friend of mine on a Monday night he got hit by a falling tree evacuating -- apparently. From his home -- you know we buried in this weekend and you know people could hear the -- you know -- that is brother gave. As he got a standing ovation from over 2000 people on the church guys and I. If everybody had that Brothers kind of way of thinking and doing things. Typical we'd be a lot better off down there. Lot of sad stories to be sure boomer most impressive win you saw yesterday Peyton Manning's comeback -- the Bengals. The Steelers weird traveled they went in New York or Andrew Luck chuck McDonald show an -- Well they were prepared to look shut the car shows companies will not certainly I thought about the Miami to win the game yesterday actually was the only game I got on believer not. But you know Andrew -- doing what he did phone for as many yards he did -- rookie record in the single payment in kind Peyton Manning. Promote 300 yard game of the season with a with an -- before. I mean how lockyer the Indianapolis Colts fans to be able to compete many potential -- and hopefully make a career greatness doubles either but. The talk about opening use you know for anybody who -- anybody's ever dealt with cancer. To see him in now -- room after the game to talk about it is that daughters' weddings and things nature just gave me chills. So I would say you know that was really impressive I thought that they Pittsburgh Steelers were going to be in New York charged with the Steelers now. Or what you -- -- you hate them these -- that we know and love or hate. They they're coming back side defensively big fans don't exactly what you know he does in games in which state when he extends plays and makes grows and stands in their in the face of the pass rushes as brave as any quarterback in football we showed yesterday. And the giants you know you know many how to play that well the last couple weeks and not a winning game in Dallas state they they wanna game at home against -- were able that you take a look at the stats and -- the yards and opposing offenses -- putting up against that defense. It wasn't shocking to me that the Pittsburg Steelers beat the chargers. Speaking of shocking and one of the I think everybody's gonna -- now for the colts -- boomers have to watch that -- -- speech after watching that team it's a fun team to fund quarterback. They are. Five and three acute I've checked it three times they are tied with the patriots have had five and three are they a legitimate. Playoff team. I think very broad area. In other potential. While court in the obviously market overtake -- -- -- is going to be important to team you know Turkey's -- team not contact your back kind of worker program by. It's really it's a great story you know is Google RG three is that in Washington as exciting as he's been. Andrew Luck has been in you know every you know him every bit as good and it has a little bit different and RG three urge you to read as a lot of the topic of this collection I would power RG three to reaches a tremendous run with the football. Into lots more to classic drop back guys got a great -- to make every -- And yet they are watching him throw for foreign drug suspect Omar -- control for 500 and a good thing about that it's on the to get my name Monty they confided that one. I think -- helplessly from that standpoint but. You -- -- the story be a good story that's starting to take place and and really quietly under the radar that nobody I mean nobody is talking about. That's what we're channel two -- on Tampa. You know Josh Freeman the last four weeks all of a sudden become -- the quarterback but he was two years ago. And you know now -- boundaries you know significant structural change in that organization. With Greg channel taken over for -- Morris he's become the player that he was two years even better than it was two years I don't think I'd say about them. Is that if you want -- the only quarterback prejudice about Joseph Flacco yesterday in the NFL today. You you know you gotta you've got to make the commitment academic commitment metal economic commitments physically can't -- out on the streets at night you gotta make sure that you take care yourself. And that your teammates believe that you do really care about what you're doing on the field and hopefully eastern Mark Warren and he's going to be serious. You -- -- -- Watson back to the cold one more time colts Miami game that most impressive thing to meet boomers these guys they're fearless. These rookies I just look did the math that 286 times for 723. Yards and no picks this up up. Andrew Luck especially them the rush doesn't bother him you know double coverage doesn't bother -- we mix some -- pros and and and but but he he doesn't appear to be intimidated or afraid of anything and he's a rookie. Right now there's the business that is pretty good thing India felt that these guys don't know what they don't know yeah and and usually what happens in the second. And here is Christian Ponder respond via the standard and finding out his point Gabbert finding out. Arsenal it is darker and about these things yourself oh my god you know they've figured me out and they're defending -- better. And how can I handle the adversity now Kim Newton hasn't handled most of that. This year as well it's starting to handle it now and -- understanding that it's a tough go for all of us. But -- it's really it's amazing watching them it's amazing watching Brandon -- yesterday at a pretty damn good game against Baltimore that they had to sell for five -- -- so. I think the quarterback position. In the long haul is going to be in great hands there's some guys that are you know stop for him struggling now like Eli Manning struggling -- You know guys like that that it had great careers thus far at this point -- just goes surety NFL. It is on forgiving place is there is a professional sports you. Win one game. -- right now and aren't as a result the charts first time I yesterday that he's thrown. A second after an interception threw two of them by like he normally does just overcomes it just goes like on the football protocol. I was talking yesterday that can Marino and natural world here we're talking about you know what Peyton Manning means the position of quarterback maybe. By far the smartest quarterback who's ever played the position probably one quarterback who's been -- to do ward. Any other one. At the line of scrimmage the way now he's put his offense and out there in Denver in the way he's running at least. Reasonable level player because he's playing with all the record books poverty and want them. Does that all the players that their plan would. But more more more impressive than anything else I think that he is a shining example for young guys like Andy Dalton -- -- hill and Andrew -- to try to live up and -- be more like because. He's a guy that you know is really domestic situation moved the whole family to Denver he support that the community now. He said yesterday in an interview which haven't short in the pregame show. It's got to be all end and that everybody have to know that your ball -- hand and that's what you hope young quarterbacks heed that advice either. -- one try to be just like him. Boomer is the only unbeaten team flat out the best team of the National Football League or do you have somebody ocean like the nominee. We don't I won't participate at an undefeated teams not the best game. I don't think they have the best defense that he's ready to belonged to San Francisco or Chicago. I'm not so sure that their bill operatives -- could. I'm I'd there're some more dynamic operatives out there I think the patriots come to mind and certainly the Green Bay Packers come to mind. But I think you know there's competence and swagger that they you know Michael Vick said this week he's got this -- back and everybody who's ever played the position. Knows exactly what he's talking about it when I watched the Atlanta Falcons and I see Matt Ryan actually a guy that is supremely confident that he can get it done. When the game's on the line and they can they can beat anybody so. From the standpoint of confidence and expectations are it was the other the number one team in the NFL. That they're doing that much differently than the patriots in those seven pitches just you know burn down the villages and killed everyone in the but it could -- that what this team is I -- to the one that total of four home games by a total of seventeen points. And did do you look at them as a potential 161718. -- -- team. I I I -- they may have some trouble wanna go to. When they go to I think get awards is not apply that there's still. Giants I -- over the Jackson the only winning team team with a winning record alt left yeah. A lot of videos are gonna -- they play Tampa -- I'm not sure but. I'm having looked at their schedule I would just say those you know they're not overly impressive yet did not put up huge numbers -- not when he gained 34 attacks. -- what is impressive on how to solve this is Mike Smith's record when they have a six point lead in the fourth quarter or better they don't lose again. That -- 43 and now at this point. Under Mike Smith some where he's ecstatic. That I saw last night on NBC and you know when you're finishing games like that and you believe you can win. I think -- -- checked and Bill Parcells and Tom Coughlin every single one of those coaches will tell you. That that kind of mindset is a mindset that all coaches tried to aspire to. And right now Mike Smith has going on down Atlanta so even in close games they think they can win. But again you know you guys don't just like I don't do it and an NFL fans know that's. That it's great to be ignore right now but it ain't about now it's going to be about December and January so what team. That's -- -- 500 maybe Detroit maybe maybe if Philadelphia wins tonight is going to be the second half on here and somebody's gonna insert themselves. Into the playoffs. That is going to be held opinion to beat and I think that any one of these quarterbacks whether it be matched up murderer. Tom Brady or Peyton Manning Ben Roethlisberger. Are gonna have to warm rode into Atlanta Karen -- and -- used an appearance -- actually if you wanna make it a suitable. If you're quarterbacking the New England Patriots and you can only have one of the following three weapons which -- do you choose Welker gronkowski or Hernandez. While why do you attribute that to meet these hypothetical I want all three of them comfortable -- -- -- go all out one. Well in all of them I've -- -- -- Walker's got over the last five years she's one of my favorite football orders that it ever you know in this era especially because of the toughness in the the dedication that he shows that his craft and I no longer is impossible to cover. But because of what west Don and how he's done it in what he is. I think you know they said that you know once Taylor revolutionize the position if you ask me and I watch you know I played with -- -- that it was like re Wes Welker. A watch what Wes Welker doesn't watch what Victor Cruz does now on the slot. I would say that you know given the days of the NFL in passing in the way that they cover people. Wes -- in my estimation revolutionize the slot position and maybe just maybe. You know clock will do that you know post two -- -- local or post Antonio Gates Tony Gonzales or even challenge our department. Did you make any difference what came -- make a difference for the new Wii and patriots Greg Shia did one of. Well at least they -- -- -- -- lol yeah you know and again you know I know what they're banking on here. They're banking on the -- on the back on the organization you know they've they've talked -- can handle -- market thought -- could handle. Chad Johnson this -- to lead -- is. That we had very different sort very very different but you know hopefully up in Foxborough he's not gonna get himself in trouble does not market itself in trouble without their -- guys. Well you could sneak -- into the cities in the -- Maybin. We'll always so far -- -- you know maybe you want her out how to get there that's all I'm looking. That's I don't Gilbert is the rustic. You know that that's what you're most resistance are what you called roll of the dice man and -- and -- roll the dice and your hoping that your support system. Whether beat Tom Brady or whether it be since the lord Mayo or Vince Wilfork or somebody like that you gotta hope that they can have a profound impact on him. In terms of a positive -- to get the most out of them. I know this is going to be the the soap opera subplot going forward and if Dallas keeps losing buddy Sean -- gonna end up. In Dallas next year. Good about that about the fact that you know he's going to be at Dayton. It's insane when you think about it and I can imagine John Payton wanting to leave -- alone -- wanting to leave Drew Brees. But at Jerry Jones makes a big enough platform I would think it would be hard for him to turn down. Let's else's that's his family is in Dallas at that I think that he and his wife took split. I noticed kids -- -- arm I'm not from a social about a serious boost personal -- buy America only go by what I've read but. You know would have would be hard towards -- Drew -- when the guys yes -- -- about it I have been. That pick what he could do -- -- isn't isn't in Dallas the perennial under achiever couldn't. A good coach -- there and get more out of Romo and get more on this team. You have guys I would say that needed. I don't want to be deficient head over the statistics -- now I don't wanna. If it's on the in Iraq I'm a big fan of Jerry Jones I think that he market is he better than anybody in football. But another out to be quiet. The leadership you guys actually -- that in the point one and Bob Kraft he recognized. Many years ago that you know. While he's agreed on -- great businessman and loves the game of football that it you -- -- the NFL's best coach bring a man and let him build build product that you would have when he. A you know winning an uprising that's -- -- -- I think Jerry Jones is wait too involved. He's the general manager the -- not gonna fire the general manager of the general manager has a radio show. The general matters talking every week about you and the players all of this stuff it's very hard coach. Under those circumstances you can ask any NFL coach and I think that's why it. Sean Payton probably likes it in the -- ones because. You know that owner down there it's crazy it is probably a more all these code itself cars and by basketball teams and things of that nature just what's open. Run by itself so. I would be careful what you wish because sometimes greener pastures on over the hill. -- less and where we begin and you I believe midweek were in favor of holding the New York City Marathon in retrospect a good decision not to hold it. Well if your -- -- understand where I'm coming from you don't have not for profit foundation that you guys know very well. And over a 115 runners running in the New York City Marathon. The Friday before the marathon we started getting calls office regarding having and are you having are you still gonna have a business over the beyond. At that point we're telling people from all around the world not just around the country around the world. Yes we're having the New York City Marathon and then. As latest Tuesday right after right in the midst of the storm you know Michael Bloomberg our mayor down here to announce that perhaps here and now we as a foundation -- the people who are running for us from the foundation yet we're having it. Yes you should come to New York. -- and her own money to come here to New York. And then on Thursday he cannot emphatically that yes we're having it to anybody who didn't get -- -- -- -- one thing was coming on Thursday yes you should come here were having at -- setting -- projected Jack Jacobs Javits Center. The setting up the staging areas and that and unfortunately and also the on the same thing petrol Clark. So we had people coming here from all over the world all over the country spending federal money to get here. To the tune some people 1520000. Dollars to get here and to stay here and to support New York. And then on Friday of course the public pressure the New York Post everything else got the soul. Negative that I don't think Mayor Bloomberg had any choice but to cancel it. Arm and he canceled that I think for safety reasons I think he brought to the -- protests and people throwing things at honors. And they -- ended up happening here at the robbers beat Kindle fought the new York road runners be Kindle product. And and the thing that I say about that if they would cancel that on Tuesday or body part to the storm would have been ballot that I would've understood that. But the fact that he said they had a lot of network tell people to come here and now they're spending their money to come here to run in this race. -- market we screwed another segment of the population unfortunately in the proper way I think we New Yorkers want to probably. People thought of as being good neighbors and and we wanna help by the people that that we need to help here but we also don't want to anybody else that for years and years and years on the new York and supported us so. And then the physical runners. Don't have the best interest of Staten Island New York. Indeed been in the back of their minds has its faults too because most of these waters are calm here. Or running for charity you know they're our group that are trying to win -- 21 applies. But 90% of the other runners are here for different reasons the most of those people are -- blue collar people. Aren't running because their mom died of breast cancer or their wounded warrior award that money for cystic fibrosis because. They're door burst on just came to a double lung transplant and a lot of those things don't ever stop they don't pick it pay off. Not restore public chuck O'Connell at the -- they had to get it -- the third -- got to fight leukemia. So I think there was a real sentiment that was sort of anger that was sent the wrong way. And I do understand why I'm Mayor Bloomberg did ultimately cancel it but I just wish you would dominate weaker. Well no doubt about it so crazy tumultuous week go for you won so many levels that we appreciate the time this morning normal talk to you next -- next patriot my always my -- size -- -- Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T hotline Boomer Esiason sponsored by Cumberland farms DC you'd digital federal credit union and but little deputies.

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