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D&C are fresh off the bye week

Nov 5, 2012|

John and Gerry recap the weekend that was in the NFL, including the Colts win over the Miami Dolphins. They touch on the impact of quarterback Andrew Luck and coach Chuck Pagano’s Postgame speech to his team. Kirk Minihane also returns to the flash booth to start off the week.

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You know expression you don't know what you have until it's on. I've heard that yes it was never more clear to me than yesterday I've switched cable companies in a new place. I turned on the red zone channel. And there today Joni Mitchell. Yes yeah -- parent whose guests are I -- so I don't care about Joni Mitchell I cared about the red zone channel. I didn't having Powell. -- so primitive watching just a regular game. Well at 1 o'clock now or thirty Dino is new neighbors know without real -- -- credit is cable company unleashed the crack. Indeed hello yeah. Right in the middle well no I didn't look -- -- try to become the first did you personally. 1 o'clock games -- good -- again the afternoon games I did I've done this lately but I actually changed the network broadcast. Because I filed the the -- giants Steelers game even between the twenties seem to be more interesting than the other two game in the red zone that they were on the red zone that was Oakland. Sampler and and remember the other afternoon game but the -- that compelling to me so I said watch the giants and actually watched. Plays that you know I watched two to three yard runs between the twenties so I'm begging for the red zone channel and turn your back -- yeah. After the guys who I've but I sent an apology little note to Scott and yes apologized cheating on it again the afternoon contests were not that compelling. You know the the Sunday night game -- great. That the giants steals game that's so much going on I'm by the way what does lupica in again I wanna know he's gonna scold me for saying Tom Brady's better than Eli Manning. Like he did when he was an experience and he'll be in his -- -- because I -- struggle when I told him that I thought Peyton Manning was better than Eli Manning thought I was gonna -- -- -- -- was like I told him you know that. Some some political in Libya we disagree on Friday he would take great offense you know until like cassettes but his wife for kinsey one. Tom -- better than he would be. We watch and and I suggest he is and I had the stats to back it up but he light. -- -- -- -- plays in the big moments to equalize or even the best man in order not even close not close. You know he's never pay him the best man and you just makes big plays in big spot a super doubles and but when you talk Peyton Manning might be the best quarterback in the NF room right now -- Manning's comeback victory was widows. Com impressive. Chicago. Blowing out Tennessee was impressive Atlanta's undefeated -- out of the -- in the National Football League now be hard pressed to -- Chicago Wednesday. They would lose to Atlanta I mean I with it. It's funny with the Atlanta and they talked about this before the game when he says that what Rodney Harrison -- -- it -- I said though Tony Gonzales and two of them with. And -- matters because they haven't won a playoff game break. Neither of them you know you've got the young gun quarterback in the -- got the greatest tight -- -- You know who's like -- Chinese and he's never won a playoff game and you're saying you guys. Have real unfinished business in the patriots. In 07 when they went undefeated. That was a Alcatraz -- an old girl was -- into the post season right that brought some added pressure it turned out. To be a problem they admitted their quiet moments would you agree that the patriots admit that when they -- 1617. Yes eighteen and -- It was oh wait they woke up. In the morning like -- Rodney Dangerfield and and that was to have Venus. On them this team is gonna have even more heavy news is they they have what it could have won a Super Bowl they have won a playoff game. You know they haven't done it in the post season Mike Smith hasn't. Many Ryan hasn't Tony Gonzales hasn't none of them has so they can do that they can go sixteen and -- they have an easy schedule. A relatively easy in the it's a good operations good teams that play the giants but they don't play any other winning teams have in the giants. If they finish sixteen and -- it's going to be to try to get to this. There was no question it had an effect on the 2007 patriots even though bill schooled them at them and made them by wrote to say all the right things about it we're not talking about we don't care about thirteen in the world and it just. Next week and the week after that week after that they took it one game at a time and it's all things bill wanted to say but you can tell that they were sort of just a little bit tighter as every victory -- Supporting its eighteen I don't mean now it it's it's a bad it is a bet it's a bad thing you couldn't finish the job of they were seventeen and 116 and two -- new Super Bowl. Just be a suitable lost that one of those. And a couple of those in their history but when you -- eighteen -- oh it is ways and you wears on new. They probably won't you know they'd probably want to probably stumble they are not blown teams you know they are just get by. Again I would defense and running game and timely plays in clutch plays or not. Like the patriots in -- seven and not killing teams not like that the bears did yesterday. Honesty points out in the paper today that if the patriots make it to the Super Bowl they will have a chance to become the first team in professional football history. To lose five super ovals the vikings the Broncos the bills the patriots have each lost four. If the patriots get there and lose to a I don't know whomever. They be the first team to professional football to lose here crumbles. Well the bills and the vikings laws or without winning one yes. That's talks but that the patriots will have will be read in Bible have a record all of themselves yeah all to themselves to was impressed was all that stuff wedge yesterday. For my money it's seemed almost on two separate levels the Andrew Luck chuck gonna show stood out most Larry -- It was awesome from a football standpoint from an emotional standpoint from leadership standpoint from a intimacy inspirational standpoint I mean this kid. Is unbelievable 433 yards two touchdowns he went thirty of 48 but even more impressive than that. He was thirteen of nineteen was Andrew Luck. In third down situations talk about coming up big when your -- -- -- the most 0960. X zero -- quit the tournament. Two rookies. Threw for 723. Yards combined zero picks and that's not because he's cautious that's not a team boats that. Like would Tebow didn't pro. -- right couscous he was afraid to throw bricks he wouldn't take no chances it tuck and run it throw it nine miles up into the stands. Luck. As big -- he's a rookie. And them rush doesn't that the -- sometimes he's 22 gutsy stands in the pocket but they are coming at him. From all directions he steps up in the pocket like ten year veteran delivers the Bob we've always got to go on we know is an actor nom but he has. The heart he has the head he's got the stones to play a position they are gonna enjoy in the you know Andrew Luck for an in Indianapolis for the next ten -- I think it's fair to say in spite of how highly tout that he was how highly. Are ranked and rated and scouted immigrated out prior to coming to the National Football League. Isn't he playing better than anybody thought he would is Abbas steps were not sure what they thought this guy would be. Russia could say that when he's the 25 ranked twenty -- 25 rated quarterback trailing Christian Ponder and Tony Romo. And and you know Matt Hasselbeck but he's doing it. That season averages 301. Average averaging 301 idea per game it's AMIS Tom Brady. Same as. Peyton Manning is exactly the same they all averaged 30 wanna game -- Kirk good morning are you very well there's that I test altitude passes capsule it's. The amazing into the from a colts perspective of franchise's all relieved that have been looking for quarterbacks for decades. They had Manning for thirteen fourteen years taking -- off naive disguise. 1015 years rate of thirty lawyers and placing it Clemens would Pedro Barbara Rogers -- -- -- but here's the -- it's not -- I think his play -- -- spectacular. Even those ratings -- -- Haven't seen MB pros may when you do seem and you put the ball has to say. That is in half a quarter to pro ball. The amazing that the one thing that no expected you know five and pretty right. Their five at three that tied that record sounds familiar -- paid out with some sort of tied with the Denver Broncos and Peyton Manning that tied. With the Pittsburgh Steelers they are in the playoff contention. And we we saw also on the -- got a speech and we can play it's amazing. But his thing about race in the Lombardi trophy yes and that's a little silly -- thank. Then rocketed to a this year. We've really got a discount them you know. 2345. Years from now at this get a quarterback and don't look back at the campaign that was sucked reluctance it was well thought out and that's exactly -- happen you're gonna see it that the NFL. Is my prediction the next couple years -- investigation. -- -- -- -- -- I think we know I don't think I know the colts did this on purpose we saw some of their games last year. They lost games on purpose they went in the tank and can you blame. Can you blame I mean they. They finished you know fifth. From the bottom seven from the water -- they're not in the top five and -- right now they're not the talk of the town they. When in the tank they got the best quarterback better than Dan -- better than RG three better than Sweden. They get they get the best guy out there and they're gonna have them. For at least 567. Years if he doesn't get hurt he does take some hits. He does stand in there you would like to see him turtle on occasion or probable win occasion but if he stays healthy and keeps doing this this was a great. Clutch performance. And by the way do you know all these quarterbacks these rookies yes there on the schedule here come -- out yet they are you you always make the point that. And I'll name one lousy quarterback on or -- ski. Who's picked them apart yes Russell Wilson -- lousy but you know autumn mediocre Mark Sanchez have -- Mark Sanchez is a lousy quarterback has become -- part. We got two rookies who can sling it. -- and -- hill common and I know Talib. The league's gonna short things up but after buffalo you -- at the colts. At home. And then two weeks later the -- Miami's -- good to see both these guys up close and personal. And unless -- is in brings hampering. Improvement to this defensive backfield -- would you be surprised about it for 23. Which would be surprised I. He's a -- or 33. Against this team are 50500. Gonna fix it could happen if I could. And it's impressive as as luck was in his 433 yard performance I think the most impressive thing today -- win the game was over -- O'Donnell who watched the game. From the coach's box made an appearance in the locker afterwards and it was his inspirational speeches team. I mentioned. Before the game. You guys live in an issue. And you weren't limited circumstances. If you know where they had us in the beginning. Every last one of them. But you refuse to live -- circumstances. -- you decided consciously. As a team. As a family. To live in a vision. And that's what you bring things home like you brought home today. That's why you're already champions. And dwell on your way. I -- circumstances. You guys understand I understand. It's hard to beat them that there. It's okay. Then on live. -- two more daughters. -- -- -- -- -- -- Kind of horse settle -- several times. On dancing -- two more wins. From a horse natural together. Think we'll talk. I think I know. And Avery yeah. I'll bet I did home -- -- -- it went to reject talk. -- colts -- Nam is it's fun to watch. That doesn't that seem like a speech constructed to be a pregame speech -- -- -- -- -- those things where -- the -- locker doors off and head outside and nobody did one before the game which I don't think was televised. And felt that although you -- an element of an adult world. And they may have had this week would be curious to see -- probably be one of the game pre games they show. Monday or Tuesday Wednesday Thursday. And I get nothing else to watch Tuesday night if nothing else on right up an -- and also Tuesday night hopefully it'll play it. And I -- decent -- let's check that Tutsi we can find them out of of a network. It shows that they'd announces that it games that show and if they do I wouldn't be surprised if they have ago wired pre game for the game. That must've been great pre game and it was and it was awesome post game. Love the part in elbows those things like that's slick you know to sleep no football guy and it's all the -- as two football. He's there at the abyss and he's thinking I gotta be there for my kids winnings. 6177797937. New text line by the -- 837937. At the AT&T text -- 37937. Tom Brady will join -- to 630 Boomer Esiason at 805 by the wager some items AT&T text line taking you to task. It says it's it's an albatross around -- Nadal on all that Travis it is in short. They called a dummy I I think no dummy. I I gotta check that amount by and that these text you know very often -- often wrong by the way but what could be the guy who has the old two excellent ball. And they get a read the bile that's come -- pretending you can feel the bumps if it is probably like a like a nunnery but to -- and. These people are saying and drop out of this morning David Ortiz complete. Oblique but money the Tex lines says fault lines are open we'll talk -- with the patriot Monday Brady's 630 -- rate of five your calls. Ninety seconds from now.

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