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NFL Sunday Puts the Rest of Season for the Pats "On the Grill"

Nov 4, 2012|

The Pats aren't playing this week, but the guys still put them "on the grill" and discuss what the Pats need to do for the rest of the year to be successful.

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As a staff this week and as teams to try to find things. Waltzes to identify and then. Helped plan for how to work on things -- -- -- we can improve along with the situations techniques plays. And it changes scheme whatever happens to be. You know knowledge I mean obviously reckon -- -- today vote. We can do some things -- it also have a plan going forward. But longer we have practice next week. I'm in the coming weeks things that we feel like equal or if we improve long -- a football team and certainly -- number those. Its -- work on this week has closed you know of course turn our attention buffalo. And again if the bills so. -- they're productive -- force that we can use. Patriots head coach Bill Belichick here on NFL Sunday presented by -- natural casing francs. The official frank and sausage of the New England Patriots look for the Campbell box that your favorite -- tea. Celebrate something this is on its -- gonna sound ludicrous to the extreme. I'm sure that Matt slapped me about the head and shoulders for a we're doing it this way it's something I hope the patriots do in the second half of the season going back to a Bill Belichick just sent. Helped Josh McDaniels is less creative with his play calling. I'd like to see a little less of rehearsals per citizen I'd I'd like to see them you know. -- on third and one run the football once and while that's sort of thing but -- back to basics -- and I agree with you I think there's something to that I think that the trade. The trying to to smarts of times and I think that there is in place for that occasionally. But I think that they have leaned on a little bit too much over the over the first after the season there at their best. I think when -- back to basics and do the simple. Often -- I don't know how -- admittedly would go to an anecdote you'd only broad brush of where we're talking broad brush here but I actually did sometimes they try to helping the. I I agree it's certain points about what would be hardest. You know I take the counterargument I take if I'm Josh from severe or do you just say that I look back to some the most successful series last week. It was sort of the bizarre stuff it was the double pump screen to the west that they had set up that on the screen a few times. There were on the -- green everyone bites and in my -- tomorrow on the flat. They had series where they -- -- there's sort of trend busted themselves over and over again and spreads out were they were doing everything Woodward that you wouldn't do. Some of the bulls are so -- -- mentioned the third 13 one was the touchdown -- ward from once that are sharply which to me you don't do what the cut short and so you kind of -- -- -- -- -- -- that is would you rather not have Dutch council. I do agree to a certain extent of some sort of four minute situation reflect. You know but the goal here is not -- touched on display just keep the clock and -- and yet -- Daschle may be but you know that's three for a soul I think they've actually settled down some situations remember the good the last few weeks -- as abroad bush comic yeah probably but I think they've addressed. So little weirdness housing mess we're -- critical situations I think they've actually. Benefit from being creative and some spot production still darn it. So maybe -- just settling into a better reds don't package to rent reform and a package -- two minute package and some of the more unusual things illness are composed. I think there is something to the idea of them putting something out there and letting opposing defense of coordinators think about it in putting that possibility in the back of their mind but I think. At times they like materials by each pass attempt type thing yeah yeah and I yelled out the clock in -- I think there is something to -- anything that's good and I think that makes opposing defense of -- thing but he just think that they pushed into one of the things I don't did wanna talk about is this is a team. Going into the bye week the patriots that is that a played the last three games. In three different time zones on two different continents in the -- still managed to what's to be competitive you know two point being competitive but the rest the way. All their games in eastern times. From here on out. Interest you know in -- think that says Francisco here and replace it Francisco here they play in the -- the road games are you know in New York reminds me in Jacksonville relatively short flights. I think it's it's a very nicely for everything from -- to the bottom of the so am I gonna do an entire three hour NFL Sunday show when they play Jackson that's not gonna talk to support December and as I did it for Christmas it's gonna be the -- Definitely out of my gut it that we -- we -- talk about the Jacksonville Jaguars in the I just couldn't care less about. It is actually time believe it or not to take you on the grill. This week's on the -- was brought to by the cam natural casing franks -- for the -- blue box that your favorite -- believe it or not. Although they don't have a game today we are gonna put patriots on the grow. Kind of a simple bumper sticker version of what you think this team has to do in the second half of the season to improve on what you've seen in the first half Ivan three. OK not great probably not as good as you want it but what are the what does the team have to do to be a better football team in the second half and in the first half. And and look at a ticket beyond the obvious just get guys healthy because every team in the NFL as that issue going forward and Chris what I have to -- I think he need to do. A lot of the same things they did after the bye week last year -- that the figured out and we talked about this earlier figured out how to minimize -- overall deficiencies in -- people over those in the league again. That's not to say that there are going to be you know they're -- there can be eliminated going forward but figuring out ways to. Cover up problems when it comes to pass defense. Figuring out ways to improve your -- dolphins figuring out ways to get more consistent in the red -- Use the bye week in this is again broad brush here used to buy we toured the image to figure out some of these issues so you don't have them they're not as big an issue going for. I'm I am getting used the injury thing the bill mentioned not to do but in a different context an apartment you mean people healthy. But I think it important to keep and I am moving forward -- on the real issues is -- -- -- So I think it's management personnel from her now you mentioned -- who's dealing with something which contribute dozens of early we started actually look a little healthy he didn't need to address with both of these tight -- say they're they're not a 100%. Are you right there on the result that. Faux controversy here in your what was walker his -- -- percentages of electric stuff I think the idea that. A lot of these guys who look up and on the roster of the important partisan writing in December with the best version of view. So you know the idea that you know you don't need a guy that you but it was my -- today -- one obvious pieces really went into the office to breakdown persons. In west Miami 2% of the plays -- -- You know you don't resentment over the place you can still get and the twelve and it actually down from last year it which is right and accidents which -- the controversy was nothing you can still -- -- -- -- to catch six depend balls with those kind of play -- percent. -- don't wanna blow thirty some old guy out. So that he pulls soft -- thing in the first week of December so I think as much as managing we got you got good players got some issues you've got a couple guys with. Hearing injuries injuries that are manageable additional blog in a book -- our situation we're sitting here in the second week Syverson just loss was Walter. He just lost wrong with the back just lost. Hightower with the re injured whatever -- for announcers are so getting through and it's basically best use of the -- personal you guys use the depth drafted well. Did some savvy backup situation you saw just for baskets and snaps last week he stalk her which got there the can takes reps on the edge you know lose one key piece. And I have to be critical because the guys two and 99% of the snaps I think it's it's interesting to see what group arrives the mouse game with. Is all additions to what you did in December as opposed absence of track and may be able to control in that -- do you think the restaurant and it is back to quickly. You know he had a re injuries so if it had been something that happened in -- game it's on -- public at a set -- the guy steps and whole practice field. Or has someone else steps on his ankle stop the -- you know if it was just simply use them because they actually did his -- percentages first week back the public 40% yeah. And in the next week seventies a solitary we come back we're gonna run him in the ground that they did -- so. Someone -- wants to to keep an eye on is is wrong commitment beat up but he's a guy stays on the field for 95% of the snaps and -- like that so he's a guy that. You know they have enough weapons were they don't necessarily -- that I mean he's obviously problem -- personal almost. -- its -- that can probably handle it. Result in a -- point three years old -- -- so he knows managing principal for people lose a -- like that managements of these guys make entry ride December with the four group. Still Angel if you wanna handoff performances in the meantime. Manager which got in right with a as a follow up to your point is just a quick aside here and on and on TV when I think the patriots have to do in the second half. Is there any player in the NFL who takes more vicious shots and Wes Welker. Is there anybody who seems to get -- last at least once a week in -- out of its eyes lit up. Not at that size he takes some I always wonder if you know that there was a guy. Billy Jenkins -- -- houses since it was for cup -- rookie small guy it was a hard hitting safety. A big Billy ball pickle and justice party will do but sometimes. Little guys hit the big price. They bounce off pretty far image and to not take the brunt of it does sometimes you know I don't know it's it's guys to take their hits. But the just absorb whatever for canals of their body -- out his thinks that's one of these about what I Welker and this is gonna sound strange knows how to get hit it exactly. You knows how to would absorb a hit or you don't -- you kind of glance the blow you know of course we saw the really bad. You know. Belt off passed earlier this year couple weeks ago just got killed you know take that kind of him but he does a good job of glancing up we'll look back to like via. Now rams receiver. A -- holds them so those guys' -- congress both guys are great it's sort of getting hit and getting hitting Guinean Downey junior to their outlook electoral yards on the field. Wes is really go to that so I think you know managed his body as well I'm not taken sort of the wrecking ball each and every week is a big deal you talked about early on the the full story about Wes Welker in his playing time in is easy -- part of the offense. Another full story. Was the plight of the Patriots offense. And it was some people I know I ever wrote this I don't know if he's I wrote this this week that's absurd his mr. but it's it's it was in in hindsight it was a mistake to meet broad -- judgments on the patriots offensive line based on what we saw the pre season in the training camp because. You go back -- you look at the personnel. Robert Gallery. They were mixing and matching and finding combinations that work that's chipped in Cuba I don't think some people rightness of people calling in and just understand what to look at that time it was sausage factory. They're mixing smashing they're probably running covered -- that protections you know run. They're trying guys in different spots. Perceive people makers of places this player you know the season. When they are the beat paired with a -- they've been practiced with its its mix and match practice mean. The ruling was no concern and insult people but you've got the most sort of venom about. -- guys that. You know what -- of one and two or three bad plays a pre season game that becomes the highly for the week in the -- -- -- almost -- just want to put 55 others. The people voters in most things are going back out of it but I guess my point of view is actually comparable to watch the of the 55 the Taliban on the opposite the or guys on. Pre season rosters should look like they can't play. That happens every year in that the teams generally weed them out but I think the focus was kind of on. Marcus cannon and Donald Thomas and and meet our electric the three of those guys do some really good things in the patriots to a good job of making sure the older plugged into once they can do -- expose them put them on an island for. For 65 snaps you don't expect that so. They used improperly they came together you know the soft suspect party's over now rupture point football games that ruling government concerned. Well and it gets me back to my point which is which was a you kind of really really good offensive line coach here may be as good coaches there is in the National Football League. In Dante Scarnecchia but more importantly. -- wanna see them keep running the football the way they are so far this year. I wanna continue to see Steven -- be crucial part of this offense I wanna continue to see the balance that this team has had. Because while it's been fun over the years deceit Tom Brady put up these tech mobile numbers I think are better football team the way they run the offense this year. I think one of the cool things went when I look back and again I'm only economically it was Mike -- who did appoint a percentage stuff and his group halftime steps for the year. But I checked out but they had. I was surprised to see you Stephen earlier as it would be carried the -- number City Council four -- seven yards rushing in the production sectors. I try to get the sense it's been sort of a balanced group. There's been weeks were some guys have been -- a little more than others but that he's actually sort of the dominant production out of -- -- I think there were some weeks where. There were running a lot of up tempo -- anything people -- -- get more comfortable with had back there you know in that package. But we've seen them go up -- lately in the views more Ridley is well they think -- he's grown into that role a little bit more is the season -- -- -- -- -- -- few valuable was happened to match the actual statistical reality and what's interstate to say how this again in the group for the people there that are very concerned about the patriots ability to draft. And develop a moment kind of things with people on the secondary. Remember that the two groups remember the tight in group and how I've lived here through that time -- there was a lot of bitching about whether or not this group could evaluate tight -- we're never gonna have another -- when a coach in elders never. They had invested a first round picks and you know I defend these guys because Daniel Graham was a -- would depart for the team he was not. He was not Antonio Gates he was a different kind of player but he didn't have Bakken production but he did a good -- the team but I think there was a feeling that. You're investing you know Benoit is not wanna be good player -- you know again not Antonio Gates. There was a feeling that you know and impart those guys they do some draft picks on some Jabari -- are for -- would be tried a lot of the position running -- small Meehan said it was like big receiver and -- -- There are always trying to address the middle of fuel thing you don't you just can't evaluate ideas -- just can't hit on the issue of bill Mosul things about defense analyst but he just can't evaluate -- -- -- problem. And it hits on two guys and one year the beast with two test in the NFL and said about the running back group you know but the feeling with. Most recent first or thrown it was -- you know do you finally invested a top pick on the guy we've we've been telling you for -- to do we can't just give retreads like Corey Dylan rushed to a you -- investment and you missed on that can you can't you can't evaluate argument. Or that now they got a big booklet they have the future for right now here with that with this group of of marine. And -- emboldened with an as an undrafted guy in game you always -- for what it looks like that -- to move for her for the next three or four years. And the future's bright from a group that group bring back the running game and invest there. I think you know it'd -- NFL team there's always going to be one group is down because your work under cap to work 45 guys there's always going to be group that's less than operable. And I think that's the group now words you know one or two guys in a -- bottom guy that I think every NFL analyst for scout was said that was a really savvy Smart move. It was the right call and it can work out so I think there are situations like that work we might be a little of it now. What something's gonna come populist -- this it always does. And you'll never have a perfect senior never gonna have every group that's that's great so we'll just see -- plays out I think -- maverick ways to make work. On the grill has brought to you by -- the official Franken sausage of the New England Patriots KM. Celebrate something.

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