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NFL Sunday Discusses the First Half of the Pats Season

Nov 4, 2012|

The gang takes a look at the positives and negatives of the first half of the season for the Patriots.

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Our number two NFL Sunday Sports Radio WEEI we don't -- -- -- combined week. Yes the patriots are off this week they will play home the next couple weeks on -- -- buffalo here next Sunday. And we will be down at at Toby -- style of the -- relax and -- are somewhat our normal cast of characters are here. I'm Chris price from WEEI dot com is here former patriots linebacker Matt Chatham is here. Loper produces this program is here. Kevin not so much Kevin went home. Went to Baton Rouge to watch the LSU Alabama game and presumably is still drowning his sorrows based on how things last night. Kevin was there Shaquille O'Neal was there Steven Ridley was there half the state of Louisiana was there they sat. The all time record. The Death Valley last. Seventy. 1000 it would whatever in the number -- it was some scary number. But they -- they set the all time stadium record the Alabama game last night Kevin was there to watch so that's why he's not here to be back next week. And now we're talking well a lot of different things in the bye week which party talked about the patriots acquisition of Aqib Talib. Quarterback from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers what that means for the team going forward although he can't play next week in. Is an even eligible to be in the facility next week but that's what's been going on here today with -- looked at the patriots at the bye week. Where things stand I know five and three is probably less than a lot of people expected. I think the patriots probably knowledge that five and three is not what they were looking for but when you consider the fact that the three losses -- by a total of four points. Realize how close this team is to being you know one of the if not the elite team in the AFC they're close but they're not there. Really the only loss I think it could be described as ugly with Seattle. I think -- you know if if if you're reading them on his -- You know losses the loss but you know if you're sitting there looking at -- which is the worst -- you could save Seattle where they really just they would be didn't really look themselves I know they have the fourth quarter lead but it just. He never really appeared to be in good rhythm you know they have been warning people to keep Brees you operate for a lot of demon that was big defensive backs relief. You know that it did a number -- going of what receivers but you know. About the Baltimore loss. You can explain away in Arizona lawsuit. The army unit the abuse but the Arizona once have renewed its appearance and Oki went into law and his ability in the -- mr. Hugo opium three losses by four points at the midway point of the season. That'll happen the guys I in my view from -- with you a little bit on father's proposal works for your offense wasn't as proficient -- -- model they were proficient pitches to punch and felt like you know as broad as just -- because as we can -- while ordered defense attempts touchy. Mister -- 400 yards -- some -- office on maggert you know so. I felt like I still you know I'm not trying to pick the scale but they beat Baltimore they just -- -- correctly that Google went through an agreement so. But the Euro zone a game I would say you know there were some conversion issues -- were some a lot of missed opportunities on the situation losses. They just didn't move the ball as well to my recollection is -- some but I I think. You know throw records out the door and just understand the leading the division comfortably. They've got a stretcher of I hate to say -- a scoreboard watcher but there are some some. Winnable it's agrees it's a good stretch it's a good strategist especially coming out of the bye week when they've shown an ability to to self correct and self scout. I think you don't we can all we always do this every year Belichick put an extra week to game plan is always one of the best coaches in the league but again when you look at this team historically coming out of the bye week. They've managed to do a really good job. Minimizing -- deficiencies not saying that the deficiencies are going away completely but learning -- this is what will really good at this or -- it let's find out where you'll find a way to minimize what -- -- -- and -- I think that'll -- interest and watch for reform from a defense of perspective to what is the -- -- in the pressure -- and things that people. Because they may start to settle into group here with a few growth can we played this half a dozen coverages and -- Manipulated to those coverages and other half dozen different ways. The bye week a lot of is uses filtering is throwing some of those out and saying okay here's organizers. Nothing -- -- personal -- look at who sports to settle into those spots here for the next few weeks. I don't know personal those were his locker room and either -- what know how forward strong you know and him win -- if he comes back. That you're and that's one of the things today I really a number and dodger brought that up because you do look at the -- you look at tuning in I think. When you look at the safety position and you notice stated that that is a position that relies on. -- together as a team. Religion in these are two guys these outlying -- doubters that these are two new guys who haven't had the opportunity to play together as a unit and I think that's hurt them a little but when it comes to coverage. -- -- for me is just a fascinating guy because. This is a guy who's really struggled this year I think and a and other a lot of -- whether it's help whether he's not. You know where he wants to be physically but -- there's some issues there there there have been some issues that are -- the course the season I think different looking guys war. BB. You'll be wanting to take a Mulligan in the first half the season he might be one of those guys yet and I think it'll be interesting to watch. As much as individuals and play well and I agree with you I think strong is literally up and down -- as though was a little bit disappointed because I think he still has one of the rest players back there when he didn't have a great first half. I think it'll be interesting to say. You know this is we need continuity we need the same to gut -- for guys really you're gonna have a fifth the rotates and based on packages but -- we -- a month straight. Are released for four weeks straight where we get the same for there and figure out. Who we are -- we're going to be in -- -- world that we RAR reader. Digest condensed version bumper sticker society we like things in short little give bullets that we can consume quickly and easily. So this one is a simple question. -- the patriots problems more pronounced on offense -- on defense not easy quick answer is all -- on defense. Match at a quick answer is necessarily the right. They want. The promise of a question. I have a problem with teams from from my normal standpoint -- I would actually argue that of the three units the one that has been needs to make the biggest jump to effect this teams from. I think the special teams of the three units -- probably underperformed as much as any especially when you look at. That the ruling great part to -- or imitate -- anywhere from two loss appointment a big difference in the jets' game but. They had the one big kick return for a touchdown. In the absence of that -- wanted that last music returns well and we're moving in the second half the season where feel positioned first matter of the unifil can't take this to go away from team. They're gonna -- coming -- with and in. -- no signal that the kickoff was. A kickoff return was a great play but it was a mettler by the jets. And the jets had six players to one side of the kicker in -- the other side. In the -- to the to the overload I've been on the team I've been I'm like -- -- -- to implement Poehler was a guy that wasn't lined up correctly. So to build the page to -- a great job they blocked and applaud Iran to decide whether -- there was a numbers different but you can get better replace so if you throw that out as an out wire. The production from that group were field position would matter because a pitcher to break off to the rule ignores that -- make them -- yards every time is not a sustainable sort of course. So I would say they're. -- return games both of the par turned in with you what we -- Julian who is one of the bill. The season average leader and it was those tendencies and -- couple years ago where one of the highest public turn averages of the missed this franchise's history for punt returner. Yet they haven't got him going. And a kick return team that's been broke giving you would be on the one played which Jackson an average drive start average a little bit. So it back part of reviewed the season you can get away with in the first topic as melodic you know -- backs and it's not as -- through and has magnified when it's not good at that time of year. Which really need to stuff down and down the end of the season because you're gonna and you're gonna come of those groups situation remarkable one -- You know make Tom Brady and offense -- York. It's nice to make -- a 65 or sixty because you started that final two minute drive out with a Nash returned with a 35 as opposed to sixteen in this. You guys know better tonight. I mean one of the hallmarks of Bill Belichick team is he's willing to it to him. A lot more resource is to special teams than most coaches in the NFL we -- Tedy Bruschi and Rodney Harrison and we've seen. You know he he uses. Starting quote unquote players in positions a lot so what's the problem with the special teams is it while not allocation of resource right well. I have to be totally fair or some of the wrestlers trees -- from banged up for a lot of the season. -- missed one game probably Slater I believe his missed one -- just one game but there's been some. This is never knocking at your list of the case of special teams are you always -- general had a corps of 567 guys are communal forty minutes. And then there are some movement on the fringes because we're the part of the -- of economy -- right. And I you know I've made this example early in the season where Brandon Bolden was too before he got his carries for his big series game as a running back. -- -- rolling nice job as a cover guy and blocked pretty well actually is the second returner back there and some of the situation. You know he goes down -- Marines pushed into that role. And Shane -- hats are really great game I was really high and the skies for as a carrier of the football on some of the -- the dump off passes got the production you have on the offense. What he's really blown it on a handful of kick return plays were he just looked lost and -- has got to block and when would you look at the but the play the -- -- -- blown up on. The stream bringing blocking don't want his direct on the -- -- wasn't lost -- I turned it did target chain you'll figure it out. But he's a young guy and those things really matters you sort of head on this -- the season is important note that because these are the positions -- -- -- Bobby Carpenter gets released last week. Jeff -- opinions up now he's is kind of of course Busch teams -- you get a guy who's probably gonna be there every week to the same role over and over and over to. It's good in that group as much as it eager to get some continuity because you want that -- blocking or 78 guys that helped open the pass for whoever it is your turn its back. This thing for me about the kick return unit is did they haven't mean -- added we're going on this this is the second straight year. Where I think people really struggled when it becomes too cute weathered the returner whether it's the courage or whatever it is and I think. We we can make light of it sometimes but this is really the -- of Ellis -- they haven't had a consistent secretary present Specter since. They don't -- a way to that of Philadelphia in I think we're starting to see yet more more -- decently in the season when. You know. A drive that should go 65 yards goes has to -- 85 yards or ninety yards or something like that I just. Scott O'Brien talked about in the offseason -- the pre season as well about being able to find that -- being able to find a guy who can be consistent kick return they've gone from. You would head cattlemen's. A forty billion they've run through these guys are meeting even during training camp are releasing iron and industry punts and that's a sum total different but I think deep the need to. Go out and find themselves consistent presence at the character right sometimes when I watched him I was looking for problems. I have a hard time sort of focus in on the court as you see multiple three guys to him -- -- -- it's like to returner and that's an environment. One and again I'll get -- Turner's anyway and your better. Well but what a -- what's important is you know again you know how badly I -- broad brushes so what do you do as much as saying this particular problem with the offense has particular problem with the defense. Same specialty discuss this team has great coverage units so. The really good in the the kickoff coverage portion of the game of the and one particular during the jumps on my I think it was jet ski but they're really good in coverage have been both upon gaming kicking game. What the overturn game and sort of reciprocating yards for the offense that hasn't been going -- it's a part of the season is those policies are we hear what doesn't matter as much. We're in the second half they got to pick that up and and an improvement in that area will be just as impact full as a improvements in the secondary whatever part of the game.

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